Teen beauty has anal and gives a footjob

Teen beauty has anal and gives a footjob
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The day I learned to masturbate! It all Started on our family holiday, we being British decided not to leave the county this year as my parents were tight on cash due to the resent recession; so instead we decided to go to the Lake District.

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I have a average size family, me ( Emma ) my older sister (Anna) and my mum and dad, i was 14 at the time and anna 15, i have long brown hair that goes down to the middle of my back i have small breasts ( i was not even in a bra at 14 ) and am 5.5 high and about 9lbs; anna on the other hand had started to mature, she like me had long brown hair and it two went down to the middle of her back however unlike me she had just started to develop breasts and could fit into a very small bra i think about a size b, she was taller than me at 5.8 and was about 10lbs.

Now that we got the boring back story sorted, i can go on, me and anna are the closest siblings alive, we share a bedroom and undress in each other's presents and even occasionally, if one of us is in a rush, share a shower.

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We are so close that we tell each other everything, all are secret cruses ect ect. So naturally sharing a room with my sister and having such a close relationship i didn't ever have the urge to masturbate and neither did anna for that matter! so how? You may wander did two young innocent teens come across masturbation?. We had just got back from the longest walk in the lake district and all of us were just so tired we all decided to go to bed to rest, we had ordered a two bedroom hut because me and anna always end up sharing a room, so me and my sis staggered across the thresh hold of the room and collapsed on our beds.

Me and anna woke up about 3 hours later and we ached from head to toe so anna had a good idea of a massage!

But we were two young to use the complexes free massage parlour, so i said to anna why don't we massage each other?

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it's not like we don't see each other's body's, so she agreed but only if she got her massage first, so she slowly striped down revelling her budding breasts then proceeded to remove her trousers then finally her panties, it had been a while since i had had a "look" at my sisters cunt and i noticed she had more hair there than i could remember her having i shrugged it off and proceeded to rummage through my bag for the lotion whilst anna laid down on her stomach.

Once i found the lotion i sat next to anna and pored the lotion onto her back she gave a little squeak because it was cold, I then started to rub it into her neck and shoulders firmly. I could feel her mussels relax and she gave out a loud moan, i then proceeded slowly to her back and applied some more lotion, this time she didn't react because she was used to the feeling of it, i pushed slow and hard with my thumbs into her back and she gave out a moan that i thought would wake mum or dad but they were still fast asleep in the next room, anna now was in heaven and she seemed to be fidgeting a bit on the bed, thinking nothing of it i carried on to her lower back where she seemed to almost shudder as i rubbed my thumbs into her spine i then, nervouslypreceded to her ass cheeks she seemed to like this allot and fidgeted and moaned more.

I then went onto finish off the massage with her legs and feet, me thinking i had finished the massage undressed and started to walk over to my bed, then i heard anna say, what are you doing!? you haven't done my front, moaning i got back up and rubbed some lotion on my hands i then started on her neck and shoulders and then, not wanting to be miss guiding, worked around her breasts, this however made my sister do what i never expected, she grabbed my hands and placed them on both her breasts saying in a cheeky tone you missed a bit, me not knowing whether this was a innocent gesture or not, decided to carry on massaging her breasts, i remember her nipples getting hard in my hands and she seemed to like me touching her there so i rubbed my finger around her nipples witch made her give a moan that made me feel strange for some reason, not wanting to miss my chance of a massage i moved on to her tummy.


I actually started to enjoy massaging my sis i liked the faked that I had so much power in my fingertips and it also made me sort of feel nice inside, i then, after her tummy, worked to just above her clit and started to massage around the rest of her vagina almost certain she would understand why im missing "this bit", but no she gently placed my hand on her slit and said stop doing a shoddy job, i then repeated you better show me the same service im giving you then, not knowing what i had just got myself into, i started to massage my sisters slit, she moaned louder than ever; but still my parents were in a heavy sleep, i realist that i was making her feel "good" and this is what some of the older girls called fingering, i wanted to make my sis feel as "good" as i could because i knew this was her first time, i started to feel a strange feeling in my slit whilst i was playing with my sisters clit although i didn't know why, I explored all of my sisters slit and by the end she was practically screaming!

she then tensed up all her body, not knowing at that time she was Cumming, i stopped and ask whether she was ok, she lay there for a while then said ok?

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O-k? I'm over the moon! Pleased she was fine i hugged her, she then went on to ask a question i could not answer, how did you do that?

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me not knowing what to say shrugged my shoulders and said I've never done that before. We sat there in silence for a while then anna said in a shy tone i would really like to do that to myself some time but what did you do? I replied in a simmer shy tone and said i just massaged you.


She then said well then let's see whether we can re create the results on you i replied in a giggly tone finally my long awaited massage, we both laughed and i lay down on my stomach whilst anna started to put some lotion on her hands. PART 2 COMING SOON PLEAS COMMENT. ALSO ONCE BOTH PARTS HAVE BEEN FINISHED I WILL UPLOAD A COMPLETE VERSION