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Oklahoma redbone thot sucking dick for blunt
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It had been two months now, since Marci had experienced the 'haunting' of being 'taken' by me in Austin Texas, but it still lingered at the edges of her daily consciousness as a nagging distraction. Though she had tried valiantly to suppress, block or deny those thoughts and feelings that threatened to intrude upon her self-determination to ever need or be consumed by me again, she had to admit mixed but strong heartstrings to the vivid memories of that night and threads to our past.

Marci being a sensual creature is always in tune with her body, as a young woman. The telltale signs of arousal are there, her flushed condition with the resultant 'heat'.

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the tingle or itch of her pussy. If she dared to touch herself.there are no doubts about her being 'wet' with latent desire as well. With a sigh of resignation, she realized that like all the other recent nights, if sleep was ever to find her.she would have to breakdown and pleasure herself in order to dim the turmoil of thoughts lingering in the back of her mind.not mention, tire herself out so that sleep might come.

After a month's worth of successive nights of this. she'd also given up on the idea of ever satiating the gnawing desire. She breathed in deeply for a moment as if girding herself for what must follow, while stretching out fully onto her back with legs slightly parted and arms beside her.

She moves her right hand to rest and pause briefly on her stomach before moving to lightly caress her belly button with her fingertips. Slowly she works her way along the flat of her stomach upward, her thumb reaching further up to caress the underside of her breast while the little finger kept its teasing contact with her belly button. She shivers slightly as her skin prickled, capped off by a noticeable intake of breathe. As if without conscious thought, her left hand moved of its own accord to glide over her left hip to the sensitive juncture of skin between thigh and pussy.

The fingertips of this hand tracing a circle around her pubis mound. pleased by the overall smoothness of her skin as shaved. All that remained was a small tuft of blond hair above her sex. She bit her bottom lip as she slightly flexed her hips up and down, while her right hand had come up to feel the heft of her right breast and caress its underside. She brought both hands up her body then, seeking to build her overall arousal better. and eventual climax through particular attention paid to her breasts.

Taking a nipple in one hand between forefinger and thumb, she squeezed it while lifting the other breast up with the other palm. The nipple between her fingers responding to the pressure began to delightfully ache. squeezing harder and twisting it a little produce a sharper pain. But a 'good' kind of pain! She thought. Her reason suggested that she should stop, while desire countered that she could take more.

that she wanted to take more! Her internal battle subsided briefly, before her other hand moved from merely hefting the other breast to a grasp of its nipple as well. The sweet torment began again, only this time with both nipples delightfully aching from being twisted and pulled, the rise and fall of pressure over and over again.

highlighted by the pain of her bitten lower lip. Marci's desire continues to grow along with her mounting sexual tension.


Her pussy cried out to be touched, so she raised her left thigh crossing it over the right, and squeezing them together to offer any kind of pressure to it in the meantime. The delicious pain and pleasure of her breasts became too much.

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She used her tongue to wet her lips now dry from her sharp breathing . almost as if all bodily moisture has disappeared in favor of her pussy. She released her right breast.


sending that hand down her body to push between her crossed thighs. The instant her probing index and middle finger hit the top of her damp pussy, an involuntary prolonged moan escapes from her. as finally they met her so sensitive bud. Both fingers searching and reaching. and pushing down. Her juices coating them in sweet slickness as her labia parted and caressed them back.

She curled them up through her folds, pressing her clit and delivering a delightful mix of pain and pleasure through aching sensitivity. Overwhelmed with both pleasure and a need for completion, she twisted onto her side, her right hand of three fingers shoved in as far as possible. stretching herself as far as possible, but unfortunately unable to reach that bundle of nerves deep inside. That would take longer fingers than she possessed! Her thighs squeezing tight together, their weight and pressure adding to the 'frigging' of her fingers.

With great anticipation, she twisted, both squeezing and pressing down harder and faster with hand and thighs as another low guttural moan escapes from her lips. But yet her climax is slow to mount! Then she hears a noise, looking at the door, she sees me standing there naked. I let my gaze slide over her. She lay partially on her back, her arms open, breasts high and nearly bared by the satin sheet just clinging to her curves.

Marci's right knee is pulled high and bent inward, pulling the satin sheet down and exposing her leg to mid-thigh. Greedily, I let my eyes trail up her leg. The light from the outside street bathed her exposed flesh in a silver light. She murmured, " John, what are you doing here?" as she rolled a little farther towards me, the top of the satin sheet dragging lower still, to coyly unveil the tip of one full breast.

It is an elegantly indecent pose. I'm standing over her admiring the view. The dim light from the street light glistened on her which increased my feeling of power and control.

She can see in my eyes that I'm savoring the moment. Her eyes are fixated on my large penis standing from my groin like a large piece of forbidden fruit ready to be picked and enjoyed. She can see that it is full of blood; she can even see the blue veins running through my hard shaft.

My huge cock is something she fears and craves remembering the pain and pleasure. I took my cock in hand and slowly lowered it towards her wet pussy.


In the dim light, she sees me slide between her legs and my cock inching towards her pussy. She is both scared and trilled at the same time with the anticipation of knowing what is going to happen next. Meekly, she starts squirming. The she feels the broad head of my cock nudge her cunt, prodding, digging its way into her waiting slit.

She feels her labia being spread by my flesh and she watches as I begin to push my huge dick into her, causing her to gasp at my size. I spread her apart with difficulty and with pain. It pushes into her, lubricated by the juice that is already dripping out of her. The hot slithery sensation is delicious, dark and dirty.

As the bulging cock head passed the entrance to her tight cunt, she feels both terror and overwhelming joy, it brought her waves of panic and then pleasure. She feels my hot hands as they manipulated her hips, toyed with her nipples.

Before she can muster a faint protest, my thick cock sank into her wet lips, and I drove myself deep inside her. She can't believe it when the entire thick tool entered her throbbing pussy. She feels the immense pressure of me invading her, forcing her open, taking total and merciless control of her. It is good, so incredibly good. Part of her wanted me to just ram it into her all the way, drive deep into her, and drill her senseless.

" Aaaah! aah! ahhh!," she screams like I'm hurting her but not quite. She knew I liked it, I smiled as my cock thick and hard throbbed inside of her. " Son of a bitch, Marci, you have one tight pussy." I bellowed. I begin to slide my cock in and out of her. Slowly, at first, I continue to thrust in and out of her.

Then, I begin to thrust harder and faster. She sees the cords of my neck muscles tense as I fucked her, my ass tightening with each thrust. She feels my chest hair ticking your breasts. Her face is buried in my shoulder; she can smell the light fragrance of my expensive cologne. I begin thrusting my massive meat inside her. Stroke after stroke, I buried my cock deeper. It is all she can do to resist screaming at the top of her lungs. My thrusts decreased in intensity. Rather than long hard strokes, I only slightly move my dick in her pussy.

Unconsciously, she raised her legs high in the air to allow my cock full access to her cunt. " Damn, Marci, I'm going to cum in you so deep. Don't fight it. You know you want it. Just let it go, baby," I whisper. I increase my thrusts again. Faster and faster, I drove my manhood deep into her. The fire between her legs is intense, she didn't fight it. She surrenders completely to me as I continue to ravage her.

Finally, when she thought she couldn't take any more, she feels my pelvis rubbing against her. Each time I entered her, I made sure to grind up against her ass so she can feel every inch of me. The sound of her moaning mingled with my balls slapping her ass with each thrust made her grip me tighter. She can't stop the animalistic grunts and groans that fought their way out of her mouth each time I sank into her.

She tries desperately to resist the passion that is building up inside her but it is clear that her body is enjoying every second of being ravaged. It is then that I suddenly pull out of her and she feels a twinge of regret at the absence of my cock.

She looks up and she sees my hands stroking the length of the monster as it glistened with her juices. She is confused as to why I stopped fucking her. I grab her left hand and place it around my pole.

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She can barely fit her hand around it. I move directly in front of her again and it is clear that I want her to guide my cock back into her pussy. The heat from my throbbing steel cock is so intoxicating. Her pussy is sizzling with desire and it is like a gravitational pull is drawing the mushroom tip of my huge rod ever closer to her snatch. Her hand is trembling as she tugs my cock and brought the head to the entrance of her dripping cunt.

" You know you want this big dick inside you. Stop wasting time." I whisper in her ear. She is my slut now and we both knew it.

She brought the tip of my cock to her warm slit and moans as it begins to sink inside her. I didn't move forward as she hoped I would. I'm going to make her want it. She had to surrender all of herself to me completely. Once a quarter of my cock is inside her she removes her hand and took my entire length deep into her pussy. It is like I'd grown bigger this time as her walls are stretched to capacity by my juicy snake. I took my time building up speed, slowly sliding back and forth, until she can't take it anymore as I start slamming the length of my hardness down into her pussy, her body smacking against my waist as she threw her head from side to side with lust.

With that I grabbed her thighs and jack hammer my steel hard shaft deep inside her, causing her body to jerk forward in a matching rhythm to each of my thrusts relinquishing all free will to me.

She wants me to fuck all resistance out of her. I begin to pick up the pace even faster, she found herself moaning as I slam into her.

There is nothing loving or gentle about what I'm doing to her, I'm giving her the hard brutal fucking that she was hungry for since Austin. I claim her pussy as my own. I'm fucking her like she is a bitch in heat and she is completely powerless to stop me.

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I'm displaying that power, as I continue to beast fuck her. She is in bliss, she is too far gone now to ever turn back. I grind my hips against her and begin moving my cock in a circle, hitting her clit at just the right angle and causing her to gasp with delight. " Oh yessss." she purred. " Just like that.yessssss." she moans.

She wants more and more of me inside her, she is consumed by the thought of what I'm doing to her, she is more turned on now.

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"Ooooo!" she moans again before she bites her lip. She looks between her wide-spread legs at me fucking her. I work her pussy long and hard with my massive prick and it is having an effect. She is beginning to lose control. She knew that she had fallen prey to my massive cock.

Her eyes rolling back in her head as she is fucked into oblivion. Her ravaged pussy milking my cock with each thrust. Suddenly, without warning, she feels her thighs and legs tighten and then, her vagina is tightening on my massive cock and she is sprialing over the edge into a shattering orgasm. Her fists clenched, her teeth locked and her pussy clenched as she thrashed around feeling the warm waves of ecstasy overtake her.

A thundering orgasm causing her body to shake! She screams as I continue to hold her tight against me. " Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screams arching her back.

Marci's eyes begin to see lights and strange colors -- red flashing in her brain and then blues and red again- mingling with the electric shocks that her body is experiencing! Her mental lapse is broken and she is returned to reality by the sound of my gruff masculine voice. " I'm going to cum inside you, you dirty whore." I said between clenched teeth.

I grab her hips, moving her against my cock. I keep slamming into her while looking into her eyes as I'm getting ready to cum. She continues writhe with a rhythm that matched mine, accepting my cock inside her and the inevitable fact that I'm going to cum inside her again. I look into her eyes glaring as I shot my cum inside her. My cock jerking as it erupted inside her pussy. The first couple of pulses of my sperm shot deep inside her. String after string of hot sperm bathed her vagina!

Marci feels me pump my milky seed deep inside her. I keep working my cock within her until every bit of the thick white goo is blasted inside her. As my orgasm subsided, I keep my cock inside her for several minutes, making sure cum dripped out and down her thigh.

Finally, I pull out. Her legs are trembling in the aftermath of my assault on her pussy. Lightheaded she took a deep breath. I then stood up some cum is still dripping from the head of my penis.

He was standing directly over her surveying his captured pray and enjoying the power that he had over her. She laid there spread eagle with her cum filled cunt, she watched silently as I walked out of the bedroom into the bathroom. She isn't even sure if it is possible for to get up. She gets up slowly, her body is now starting to feel numb.

Marci comes out of the bathroom into the bedroom, I'm standing by the bed. She looked at my still half-erect cock. " Oh, John! I just can't resist tasting it," having said that she kneels in front of me.

Taking it in her mouth and starts to tongue and suck my cock. She pulled off of it and looked up at me and asked: " Oh look, it's hard again John. When she got done sucking on it, will you fuck me again?" I pull her up and push her into the wall.

She feels my breathe on her neck, as I press against her. A hand slips around, brushing against her front, and she jerks. " Stand still, Marci." It is a massive turn on for her when I take her from behind against the wall or doggy style like a bitch in heat. My hand dips down, sliding over her breasts, stopping briefly at the waist. She feels my breath on her neck as I bite her giving her hickies. I'm silent as my hand slips down to her mound. She lost her train of thought.

My hand cups her mound, an approving murmur coming from behind her. She shivers at the touch, trying not to make any noise.

Undeterred, my hand rubs her pussy. A moan escapes her lips. Another approving murmur sounded behind her, and she blushed, feeling the heat mounting. I press into her back, feeling my hard cock against her.

My other hand had slipped around to her breasts; the hand on her pussy is driving her crazy, making her forget the situation. " Somebody's wet," I said. Marci gasped, taken by surprise as my mouth closed on her neck again, sucking at the sensitive flesh. She jerks, solid in my hold, and moans as she feels my teeth scrape lightly.

I continue savoring her, tasting her, feeling her. She writhed helplessly, any resistance slipping away. Again I take her by surprise, hauling her down to the floor. Her mind is scattered and distracted by her arousal, but it crystallized for her that this was going to happen.

My grip is tight and she is wet. She looks over her shoulder at me as I guided her down onto all fours, the carpet underneath her. She watches over her shoulder, as I took my position behind her. Her muscles in her back tense under my touch. " Head down, ass up," I commanded. She obeyed without hesitation, resting her head on her forearms.

Several long moments passed. Her cheeks burned red as I gazed at her pussy. She feels my hard cock push against her pussy, she held her breath, waiting. Marci is so wet, so slick, and I slid easily inside her. I feed more and more of my length into her, until my hips press into hers. She whimpers, feeling dirty and depraved, about to be fucked again. My hands settled on her hips. " Do you have a boyfriend?" I asked. " No, John, I only want you." she admitted.

I chuckled. My cock slides back, her cunt grasping tightly to it. I start a steady pace, back and forth, stirring up her abundant juices. She tries not to moan too much, biting her forearm, but I knew the effect I had on her, chuckling at each escaping sound. My grip tightens on her hips as my pace increases slightly.

She whimpers as she focused on my cock. The constant back-and-forth of my hardness is all she needed, all she wanted. And then my fist curls in her hair. I yank back hard.

Marci cries out, and then cries out again when I slam hard into her, throwing any patience to the wind, pulling out until my head is nudging inside her and then slamming back inside her. The room is filled with her yelps and squeals as I fucked her.

We settled into a consistent rhythm, my hips snapping back and forth. My fist is pressed into the back of her head as I held her hair, using it to keep her in place. She moans as she feels the stirrings of an orgasm. My balls slapping against her, the sound making her even more aware of what is happening, of me taking her again, my possession of her. My other hand moves from her hip to her cunt. As she is distracted, savoring the sounds of her defilement, my hand found her clit and rubbed softly.

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She gasps, pushing back instinctively. " You like that?" I grunted. She moans something that hopefully passed for yes, and I keep stroking her there. Marci feels the edge approaching, and gave in, cumming hard. She sobs in the throes of a second most satisfying orgasm she has had in a while, throwing herself back against my cock.

I had stopped moving, enjoying the view of her fucking herself on me. I start back up as she came down from her high. She groans, and I tighten my grip on her hair. " I'm gonna cum," I said. I pick up the pace again, thrusting hard into her, one hand in her hair, the other grasping her hip.

She is moaning, hearing the wet thwack of flesh on flesh filling her ears. I chuckled. I immediately brought my hips back, before snapping them forward, driving my cock deep inside her. She moans, and is rewarded with another thrust, and then another, then I'm fucking her again, and she is cumming, wailing as the pleasure overtook her.

My cock drove deep one last time. She is acutely sensitive, full of cock, and then groans as it jerks and erupts. I held on tight as I came, filling her womb with my potent seed again. The grip on her hair slackened as the spurts continue, until I had moved the hand to her back, caressing her, soothing her. Partway through my orgasm, she joined me in ecstasy, spurred on by the feeling of my load inside her. After I finished, I stayed inside her for a few minutes, savoring the feeling.

My hands kept stroking her as we basked in the afterglow. With a grunt I pull out; the sound of my departure is wet and slick, her juices sticking to my cock, her cunt reluctantly letting me leave.

Marci kept still as I left the bedroom. When my footsteps died down, she slowly and gingerly got up. She glanced down to her pussy; my cum is now beginning to trickle out of her. Still in the haze of pleasure, she reached down to scoop some of my seed into a crooked finger, and licked it. A few more tastes of the spent cum, and she is satiated enough to leave the bedroom, naked.