Excited pounding of hawt beauty

Excited pounding of hawt beauty
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1:59 AM I am Samuel minshew and my story stats with a young, tall, pale, seemingly flawless beauty… a vampire named Lexi Anne Smith.

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She was a reserved young woman who was a grade ahead of me and was set to be valedictorian or something like that. All I know is she saved my life…and now I'm in her servitude. She was roughly 5'11 must have been 140 pounds no more, had platinum blonde hair.

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She had hips the men drooled over and ass that wasn't too big not too small…kinda athletic. Her eyes were blue, a icy crystalline type of blue.

She spoke like a college vocab teacher, If that's a thing and spoke french. Now about me. Im 5'8 135 pounds soaked, dark brown hair blue eyes, darker than hers but my left eyes is 12 brown.

I have an athletes ass and like most kids my size im a twig. I worked out for a few years but muscle definition never took but I was no small fry or slowpoke.

I loved to observe peoples habbits.


As did lexi and that's where we met. On the quad of our highschool watching some preps discussing a prom escapade. "disgusting isn't it, like a putrid vile swarm of maggots fighting for a carcus?" Lexi asked me indirectly. "I suppose, more like a mob of zombies to my eyes. All of them so engulfed by one 'sexcapade' at some dance." We watched in humor and awe as they walked from truck to truck picking up more people in the conversation. "All of them no good two faced biased fool who quarell and obsess on the smallest, dirtiest, most intimate business of others." I spat in a venom laced tone.

Lexi's head cocked at this and I felt a chill run into my brain and time seemed to stop.

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This girl was in my head picking my mind like a cherry tree! I felt her find what she needed and she spoke like a caring mother would. "Your sister.they filmed her havimg sex and on top of that hammered…then spread it around the school…all because she was smarter and prettier than they are…superior in most ways.

Wasn't she Samuel?" I saw time go back to normal pace and I sighed knowing that the week after the incident my sister took her life in a car wreck off old monrovia pike and was chared&hellip.no bodily remains…all of her was incinerated in that old 07 1500 silverado. " God yes she was…she was the most precious girl in my world and I still fight for her…" I was sobbing now as images of her pickup were tatooed in my mind…the ink now only four months old made fresh as ever.

I held her class ring in my hand.a medical student to be and a caring yet no fucks given to those who scorned her individual. A cold hand clasped mine and lexi teold me of how it was good I fought for her and how brave of a brother I was. We walked from the quad to my Cadillac and I offered to take her home and she agreed some what too eagerly, but I shrugged it off and as I reached for my keys I hear a gruff voice say "your sister was a good lay minshew!" and I whipped around to find Jordan Stetson, the schools poster boy towering over me.

"why don't you jum from your ego down to your IQ jordan?" I spat out at him. Now enraged I clenched both my fists in that empty parking lot with one witness to what happened next. Jordan swung firs and connected with my temple and I staggered back dazed but not phased.

I landed a kick to his ribcage breaking one and I thought I had won as he nelt down screaming. My final words before I blacked out were "I hope your dead mom is proud of you-" I was cut off by a switch blade to the chest and I blacked out.

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That was Friday I awoke Sunday hooked into life support with 10 plus people crammed into the town hospital ICU room. "What is going on here?" I weakly asked my father who was clutching my right hand.

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"You were stabbed Friday and lost a lotta blood son, you also have a deflated lung and you…well you wont be leaving here alive from the way things look buddy." I looked around and asked to everyone, "Whats my given time before I die…?" a doctor piped up and told me that I have untill this coming Saturday to live due to surgery failures.

Lexi was beside my mom and I asked her what happened to jordan and she pointed to the corners across the way. A police man saw the whole thing and fired at jordan hitting him in the chest with a .357 magnum. I looked down and told everyone there that I loved them so much and I took my closest two friends and told them to never quarell over the petty shit in life. And as I said my farewell before they tried one more operation lexi came very close to my neck and whispered a sentence ill never forget.untill the day I die(irony imbound) "Sam I know we just met but I can save you from death, old age poverty, anything.

All you have to say is yes and youll be here for a long time. I see so much promise in you as a warrior and a king." I could barely talk at this point and I tried to wrap my mind around the womans offer of all these things. "y&hellip.yes please I don't want to die." I meekly said and I felt a sharp pain in my neck and an icy cold power flow into me.and my life fade out yet I stayed there "alive" but warmth about me.

As I looked at lexi I saw her bloodstained lips and her fangs&hellip.then it all faded to black. I awoke the next day in an unfamiliar bed with lexi towel clad and in my eyes stunning. "Where am i?" lexi jumped and hissed at me for not being more noticeable. I laughed weakly and asked her again where I was.

"My place, well my mansion or what ever you call it.but you're alive and healed completely." I was some what stunned and I asked how I was alive and her words sank in deep." I turned you into a vampire of royal blood. You by all rights are royality now and I have forged a corners report and faked a doppelganger in your place to keep up that you are dead." I looked at her stunned shocked and upset.

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"th…thank you…but my friends…my family." "you wanted to be saved samuel and there is a price…but you can now save them from almost anything just never let them know who you are that is." As I came to grips with this new revelation I looked at my self.i was rather pale but then again I was a vampire now…and my reflexes and senses were jacked up to the max and then some. " you're free to roam as you please.

My king." She seductively walked away in only a tank top and nike spandex shorts, swaying her ass as she walked away, yet it was those words made my hair stand up and my blood rush. The sight I came to in the main forayer was something like a movie.


Servants in some of the finest tuxes and maids out fits I had seen. Mostly all designer brands. But I digress. I explored further into this mansionand found the garage, I fell to my knees at what I saw. Seven cars; A lykan hyper sport in black and pink (lexis most likely), a lamborghini elemento sesto, a masseratti gran turismo, my Cadillac re painted(brushed steele) and with a 6.2l twin turbo engine and 3 8 inch subs, along with four military style mercades G class 6x6's.

As I gawked in pure torque and motor lust I didn't know prying eyes had fallen on me and like a cheeta, stalked me. "ohmigawddddddd!!!!!!!!" I fan boyed at these imports and my new ride, like a kid at a toy store I drooled madly and inspected them intensely. "Some one looks like they see the reflection of some hot ass in those motors!" A sultry voice said from behind me.

" Just admiring the toys miss." I felt that same chill up my spine and into my brain again.


She was an older looking woman.mid30's must have been the mother. "Which one of my kids picked you up sweety?" She asked in a worried tone. "lexi save me.i was stabbed to death and she gave me her gift." I lifted my shirt to shown her the gash in my chest and the scars from previous fights. " My my she has quite the eyes for you mister…?" "Minshew, samuel minshew." She extended her hand and I took it and kissed the top of it.

And like most women I did this to she blushed and smiled. " the pleasure is mine Mrs.

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Smith." " Oh please call me Emily!" Emily led me through the halls of the mansion showing me the kitchen, gardens, sauna and weight room. " Wow emily! So those other three rooms were what exactly?"

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