Hidden camera to a friend from work part

Hidden camera to a friend from work part
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I sighed, it had been a rough day, I just won a major case and decided to go to the local club, Cherry, to celebrate. I work at Sterling Law, one of the best attorney's in New York City, and I am one of their top associates, which is unusual because I'm so young. I untied my dark blond, shoulder length hair and let it fall; I still had my sexy, little black dress on from work. I stepped through the club entrance giving the bouncer a look, daring him to stop me.

I have that cold, superior bitch thing going, and hate it or not, you have to agree I'm a knockout. I went straight to the bar, having just finished the case with Mark, a sexy first year associate, I needed a drink. The sexual tension was unbearable, and I needed release.

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Thank god for Cherry, it was full of young men eagerly looking for one night stands. I sipped my drink eyeing the crowd, so far nothing to my taste, I decided to dance to kill time. I moved across the floor, swinging my hips to the music, hands grabbed at my ass but I was too tired to care. The feeling of flesh against flesh, the musty stench of cologne, I was getting turned on, Jesus, I needed to get laid. "I can smell your sex from across the room baby." My breath caught, I could feel him behind me, his breath on my exposed neck.

I turned, "My sex? Really smooth, you use that pick up line often?" To my surprise it was Mark.

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He stared at me idly and started running his finger across my neck. "Get the fuck off me." I stammered, don't get me wrong I was turned on, but this guy was only a first year associate. I was a professional and had a reputation to uphold. He just smiled, god was he hot with his curly black hair and stunningly stabbing eyes.

"Cut the crap baby, I noticed you staring at me today; undressing me with your eyes, really inappropriate don't you agree? The term sexual harassment comes to mind." He was whispering in my ear, toying with me. His hands were around my waist.


I made a halfhearted attempt to break free. "God was it really that obvious?" I muttered. This guy was cocky; no one talked to me this way. "Yeah, it is. Not that I mind." His hands were on my shoulders, slipping the black straps of my dress off. "Hey! Stop that, what if-" "Don't put on the modest act all of a sudden, plus its dark and I'm so fucking turned on right now." He almost moaned the last part, his right hand grabbing a handful of my tit, the other hand grabbing my ass, pushing himself closer to me, rubbing a noticeable bulge against my crotch.

"Damn your pussy is on fire, when's the last time you fed it?" Snap out of it, I told myself, pushing him away. I angrily exited the club, he just smirked and waived, mouthing bye bye. Boner in plain view. I sat in my car; I couldn't believe I let him touch me like that. The image of his bulge against my crotch, my pussy started throbbing.

"God, don't get horny from that." I said to myself, but it felt too good. I slipped a finder under my dress and started masturbating, tiny moans escaped my lips.


I almost forgot I was still in the parking lot until I heard a tap on the window. My eyes snapped open; Mark looked down at me laughing. "If that turned you on, you have no idea what my cock can do for you." He said through the glass. I could feel myself turning red; I had never been in such a compromising position before.

He opened the car door, indicating me to slide over. "But it's my car." I said pathetically.

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"I always drive, honey. My place or yours?" He had started the car and was looking at me. "Mine." I finally said. Was I really letting this happen, letting him take control of my like this? He pulled up to the apartment building with a screech, handing my keys to the doorman, he indicated for me to lead him up to my apartment.

I was having second thoughts, I meekly pressed the elevator button and we got on. He started pulling my dress down, exposing both my tits, then massaging them. "I-I don't think we should be doing this." I finally blurted out in between him twirling his tongue expertly around my nipples. "Yeah, well you have no choice, after all you made this happen, now you have to deal with it." He was pointing at his erection. He continued groping me, "I'm tired of chicks not taking responsibility for their actions." 'What?

It's not my fault you got an erection." I said angrily, trying to push him away.

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"Oh really?" he whispered, putting his hand on my pussy. "You're the one who dressed like such a slut, purposely leaning in, giving me a perfect view of your cleavage. You're nothing but a T.E.A.S.E." "I am not a tease." I said through gritted teeth, he was bringing me close to climaxing. The elevator dinged and he stepped out, impatiently waiting for me to follow, I stepped out wobbly, readjusting my dress.

He smiled at his handiwork, seeing my frustration at not being allowed to come. I opened the door, and led him into my costly apartment; he barely let me close the door and turn on the light before he grabbed my hand and led me into the bedroom.

He started kissing me roughly, pausing only to take of my dress. He smirked at my black lacy bra and matching panties. I looked away embarrassed under his gaze. He had taken off his shirt and I was awed to see the toned chest and arms, he quickly slipped out of his pants and there was the noticeable bulge in his boxers, begging for release.

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He slid on top of me, spreading my legs, kissing me. Usually I was the ones calling the shots in the bedroom; the sudden role reversal was unnerving. He made his way down to my pussy, licking everything in between. "Oh, just fuck me already!" I moaned, the one time I meet a guy who does foreplay I'm already too hot to care.

"Turn over. If you're as horny as a bitch I'll fuck you like one." I didn't have time to take offense as he turned me over; he had taken out his cock and started tracing my slit with it through my panties.

I moaned. He ripped off my undies and slowly inserted the warm throbbing piece of meat into my slippery pussy. He grunted as my malnourished lips squeezed him tight. "Damn," was all he had to say. He roughly started riding me, with each thrust my clitoris and rock hard nipples rubbed against the cotton sheets. The effect was pure orgasmic. I screamed as waves of pleasure ran through my body, I was left with a tingling sensation all over, my body shuddering.

He was still plunging away, grunting, he grabbed a handful of my hair causing me to wince painfully. He ignored my protests, and started slamming harder; I could feel another orgasm building.

He lifted me up from the bed, turning me around and shoving me against the wall, still pumping at my cunt. God was he ever going to come. I was panting again, clawing at his back in pure ecstasy.

He finally let out a loud groan, and collapsed, me falling on top of him. His penis started twitching and spurting out semen, it slipped out of my pussy and spurted all over my stomach. It was already soft, and I hadn't reached my second orgasm, he picked me up and threw me on the bed. I couldn't believe he still had the energy. I was exhausted and could barely say, "Holy shit," before I passed out, he snuggled closer to me and we both fell into a well deserved sleep.

I wasn't even going to think about work tomorrow.