Handsome homo receives BJ before spreading legs for raw cock

Handsome homo receives BJ before spreading legs for raw cock
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Elizabeth's mother works nights and she has just left for work, leaving Elizabeth at home alone. At 14 years of age, Elizabeth loves the freedom of not having her mother around. Having the house to herself, Elizabeth goes upstairs to take a shower. She undresses in her room and walks to the bathroom in the nude. Leaving the bathroom door wide open, Elizabeth steps into the shower. She doesn't hear the men as they break into the house downstairs, through the back door.

There are five men, Steve, a 39 year old biker, Jim, a 45 year old bum, Josh, a 38 year old roofer, Olof, A 40 year old drug dealer from Iran and Frank, a large 42 year old ex-warehouse worker. The men sneak through the house, towards the stairs, knowing that their prey was all by herself for the entire night. Jim has brought along a rather high end video camera he stole from Best Buy. Going up the stairs, the men take up a position at the end of the hall, looking directly into the bathroom just in time to hear Elizabeth turn off the water.

The men wait and watch patiently. Jim readies his camera as he hears the shower curtain drawn aside. The men watch eagerly as they see Elizabeth step out of the tub with one foot.

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As he small foot touches the floor, Elizabeth emerges from behind the wall, allowing the men to see her young, naked body. Her small breasts and smooth, young thighs are glistening wet as she draws her other foot from the tub. Jim is getting a hard on as he films Elizabeth's lovely little body as she stands before the mirror, raising her arms as she pushes her wet hair back, out of her face, displaying her young, budding breasts quite nicely.

The men watch as Elizabeth grabs a towel and dries off her gorgeous little body. When she is done, she tosses the towel on the floor and turns to the mirror. Elizabeth knocks her comb onto the floor. She turns away from the men as she bends over. Jim zooms in to get a great shot of her ass, getting a glimpse of Elizabeth's young pussy between her thighs. Elizabeth is totaly oblivious to the men as she picks up her comb and turns back to the mirror.

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She picks up the hair dryer and dries her hair all the while standing there in the nude. Seeing her ready to leave the bathroom, the men duck out of sight. Jim holds the camera around the corner, using the directional viewfinder to film Elizabeth, getting a full frontal nude shot as she walks down the hall to her room. His mouth waters at seeing her blond pubic curls.

The men wait a couple minutes to let Elizabeth get settled. Jim leads them quietly down the hall to her room. With the camera at the ready, Jim turns the corner, into her room, finding Elizabeth lying on her bed. She has put on a t-shirt and panties. Elizabeth is taken completely by surprise at seeing the strange man in her room with a camera. After a brief hesitation from sheer shock, Elizabeth quickly gathers her bare feet up, under her, pulling the sheet over her protectively while yelling at the man to get out.

In her state of confusion, Elizabeth doesn't know what to feel. Then the other men come into her room behind the first and Elizabeth's eyes go wide with fear. Steve rips the sheet off Elizabeth.


Elizabeth screams at him to get away from her. In desperation, she tries to bolt towards the end of the bed, thinking to brush by the man with the camera and hoping to get away. Elizabeth get only halfway to the end of the bed before Steve grabs her legs and pulls them out from under her, causing Elizabeth to fall on her face.

Jim is standing at the foot of the bed filming it all as Jim half lays on Elizabeth's waist while fighting her wildly kicking and struggling bare feet and legs. Elizabeth is putting up a hell of a fight. Olof rushes over to grab her wrists and holds her down as Steve fights with her struggling under him as he grabs Elizabeth's panties and pulls them down, exposing her bare ass.

Elizabeth goes wild with fear, putting all her strength into her struggles, yelling "NO!" and yelling at them to stop and not to touch her as Steve manages to get her panties down, around her knees. Frank moves in to help as Steve forces Elizabeth onto her back, displaying her intimate pubic curls. Frank pulls her panties the rest of the way down her legs and off her kicking feet. Steve keeps Elizabeth's waist held down as she continues to struggle and scream.

He studies her young pubic hair as he caresses her smooth, young thigh. Olof still has her hands pinned above her head and Frank has pinned her ankles down. Anxious to unwrap the rest of her, Steve relies on Olof and Frank to hold her down as he lifts Elizabeth's shirt off her young breasts. With Olof's help, Steve manages to get Elizabeth's shirt off, over her head, leaving her completely naked. Jim is filming the whole thing as Elizabeth's naked body flails around on the bed, desperately trying to win free of her attackers.

Steve leans over and forces a kiss on Elizabeth's lips. Now that things are under control, Josh moves in to hold one of Elizabeth's ankles down as Steve begins kissing her neck and then lower, down her chest. Elizabeth is sobbing now and wails out "NO" as Steve's mouth encompasses her sensitive nipple. Elizabeth stops struggling as if this relatively minor violation of her body has taken the fight out of her. She lays there sobbing as Steve licks and sucks on her nipples, first one, then the other.

Josh lifts Elizabeth's foot to his mouth and sucks on her toes while Frank begins sliding his hand over Elizabeth's smooth leg. Steve begins working his way lower, kissing Elizabeth's belly. Feeling his mouth getting close to her pubic region, Elizabeth lashes out with new found strength, struggling again madly, desperately.

Steve smiles as he rubs his nose in her soft pubic curls, he likes it when they fight. Olof grabs Elizabeth's discarded shirt and ties her wrists to the underside of the bed. Frank takes Elizabeth's other ankle from Josh and forces her struggling legs apart, revealing Elizabeth's young, pink sex.

Elizabeth is filled with shame and she feels despair sinking in as Frank pushes her legs back, over her and hands them off to Steve who holds them spread wide in the air, leaving Elizabeth's virgin pussy wide open and vulnerable. Frank leans over. Elizabeth cries uncontrollably as he lowers his head between her open thighs and burries his face in her crotch.

Elizabeth Whimpers and sobs as she feels the mans tongue licking her young pussy. She gasps as his tongue slips inside her, feeling his long tongue probing her depths. A small moan escapes her lips between her sobs as he licks her sensitive clit. As soon as he has had enough, Frank sits up and takes down his pants.

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Hearing him unzip his pants, Elizabeth is filled with despair and fear. Frank slides his hands along her legs and he takes them from Steve and spreads her legs wide to either side of his wide girth. Frank is a good three times larger than Elizabeth and he has to stretch her legs apart to fit between them. Elizabeth is finding it difficult to struggle as Frank lifts her hips off the bed.

Elizabeth's eyes go wide in panic and she catches her breath as she feels the tip of Frank's massive cock against her opening.

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She screams out "NO" as loud as she can as Frank forces the swollen head of his cock between her labial lips and into her tight, young vagina. He shreds her virginity as he presses his long, thick shaft deeper and deeper into Elizabeth's small body. Elizabeth stopped struggling.

All she can do is gasp,arching her back with her eyes wide open in pain. It hurts so bad, but through the pain, Elizabeth still can't believe how she feels so violated and ashamed as she feels the man's thick member deep inside her.

Frank lifts her legs up and places her feet on his shoulders. He leans over her and begins pumping into her small, tight body. He starts out slow and steady, amusing himself with the look on Elizabeth's face and her pitiful moans and gasps.

Then he begins thrusting harder into her harder and faster, slamming his hips into her thighs as he drives his enormous cock into Elizabeth's tight pussy again and again. Elizabeth's moans sound more like loud whimpering as her body is jerked back and forth with each thrust. He fucks Elizabeth for several long minutes before climaxing inside her and filling her with his cum.

Just as she thought she couldn't feel any more violated, Elizabeth feels the warm gush of the man's sperm flood inside her. He gives her a few more thrusts before pulling out of her. The fight is taken out of Elizabeth and she lies there, in pain and shame as Josh moves to take Frank's place between her legs. Josh's penis isn't nearly as big as Frank's but it still hurts as he easily slips his cock into Elizabeth.

Josh fucks her missionary style, jamming his cock into Elizabeth until he shoots his load inside her. Next is Steve. His cock is bigger than Josh's but not nearly as big as Frank's. Elizabeth moans as he enters her. She notices that it isn't hurting so much this time. While Steve is pumping into her, Olof whips out his cock and forces Elizabeth's mouth open. Inserting his cock into her mouth, Olof begins rubbing it back and forth across Elizabeth's tongue. Elizabeth nearly gags from the awful taste of his sex.

It only takes a few seconds before Olof shoots his cum down her throat. He yells at her to swallow it, threatening her not to loose one drop. Fearfully, Elizabeth swallows as best she can and manages to get every drop of his bitter cum. Steve explodes inside Elizabeth and pulls out of her. Olof then grabs Elizabeth's legs, rolls her over and swings her legs off the side of the bed. Jim is still filming as Olof lifts her legs to either side of him and thrusts wildly into Elizabeth's young pussy.

It doesn't take long for Olof to cum inside her. he drops her legs and moves aside. Elizabeth is wondering if it over. She is numb inside and out thinking things can't possibly get any worse.


But it is still Jim's turn. Jim hands the camera over to Olof. Getting behind Elizabeth, he takes down his pants and lifts her legs to either side of him. He plunges his cock into Elizabeth's wet pussy and works it back and forth a few times. Elizabeth is hoping he cums quickly but suddenly he pulls out of her. Elizabeth is hoping it is over then she feels the tip of his cock against her ass hole.

Elizabeth panics. She's too exhausted to do much as Jim presses his cock into her small ass hole.

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She cries out, pleading with him to stop as he almost casually works his cock into her ass, inch by inch until the friction gives way and he slides the entire length of his cock into her small ass.

Elizabeth is crying and moaning. She doesn't have the energy to scream or she would as Jim pounds her tight, young ass mercilessly. Elizabeth nearly passes out. She wishes that she would, but the darkness would not come for some reason. Jim pounds her ass for a few minutes before filling her anus with his cum.

He pulls out of her and carelessly tosses her onto her bed. Elizabeth lays there broken in body and in spirit as the men go through her things, taking souvenirs of her panties and other belongings.

Before they leave Steve makes sure she is still conscious and he tells her that he has many friends who know who she is and where she lives. He tells her they know all about her family and where her mother works. He warns her that if for any reason he or the others here get arrested that she MIGHT live to be sorry. And as an after thought, he tells her that she will come when any of them call and she will perform for them at any time anywhere they choose or the same fate will befall her and of her family.

It took four weeks for Elizabeth to fully heal from her rape. It was then that she saw some of the men who raped her on her way to school. They called her over and out of fear for her life and those of her family, Elizabeth allowed the men to strip her and fuck her long and hard. They fucked her so long that she missed the whole day of school.

It has gone on like this now for the last several months. Elizabeth has become the property of those that raped her.