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Bbw pawg samanthas fishnetbodysuit arsch asshole verehrung
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It was a warm summer day mom was in the kitchen making breakfast, Cameron and Candice my sisters were walking in and said good morning.


Cameron said mom can you do a favor for me. Mom said yes I can, and then said Bobby can you do the laundry today I said sure and ate my cereal.

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It's been weird since dad left 4 months ago, Mom Cameron and Candice missed him, but mom still hated him. Mom went out to do Cameron's favor and left me in the house. I went to go get the laundry in each room. I then went to Cameron's room to get her laundry I heard moaning from behind the door. I wondered what my 16 year old sister could be doing. I opened the door and saw Cameron rubbing her pussy and squeezing her tits.

Her coos got me rock hard. I looked around to see if my 18 year old sister Candice was around. She wasn't so I whipped out my cock and jerked off.


She rubbed her pussy then licked her fingers and mummered I need a hard cock. I felt so horny when she said that. Her tits were great she had medium size juicy tits and that was big for her age. I knew I was going to cum and it was going to be great. As I stroked harder I creaked on the floor boards and Cameron looked up. She yelled Bobby what are you doing, I stuttered trying to explain myself.

She saw my 8inch and in a sweet soft tone she said. So you want to cum and she grabbed my dick.

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She got on her knees and sucked my dick and I moaned so loud. I closed the door, and thought about Candice walking in. Cameron sucked great her mouth was warm and she knew how to suck my balls she swallowed them whole.

Then she got up and bended over her dresser I took my cock and shoved it in her butt. She moaned real loud I thrusted hard in her butt she yelped as I pounded her ass.

I grabbed her big tits, theyey felt so big and soft and her nipples were brick hard. She turned around and said Bobby can I get fucked in my pussy now. I said of course in one motion I threw her on the bed and stuck my fingers in her pussy.

At one at a time I stuck my fingers in her pussy. Each finger she moaned and pleaded for me not to stop. She was ready and I couldn't wait I stuck my dick in her pussy and it slid in like a hand coming in a glove.

She screamed loud and it was a mixture of pain and pleasure. I pushed in and out as fast as I could she screamed yes OH FUCK OH FUCK yes yes yes her tits bounced up and down and it got me pounding her twice as fast. I felt something trickling down my dick and I knew it wasn't cum so I looked down to see blood leaking out her pussy.

I said are you okay and she said in a soothing but direct tone. Yes yes just take that cock and fuck me with it. Teach Me how to take that cock she said. I turned her around and fucked her doggystyle. She yelled even louder and her tits made the hottest noises ever.

It was a constant slapping of skin. My balls slapping against her skin and her tits slapping against off her chest was music to my ears.

I then went in balls deep and held in the load of semen that was begging to cum out I stuck my dick in her pussy and stayed in her pussy and I squeezed her tits. She yelled so loud I was surprised Candice diddnt hear. I came in her and squirted one of the biggest loads I've ever had released in my 17 years of being alive. I slid out of her pussy and fell on the bed. She layed next to me and whispered in my ear you were my first and I loved it. I said thanks and she said how'd you get your cock so big.

I responded well I just jerked off a lot and ate healthy food and also stretching techniques. She smiled and said keep doing what your doin, and then she said something that rocked my world, she said Bobby can I be your cum bucket and as she said this she squeezed my balls and I coo"d and tightened my legs. She said ohhh someone's sensitive. She then got on her knees and put my sack in her mouth. I laughed and I said yes. I looked at her and said Cameron (she looked at me with her innocent blue eyes) can you convince Candice to fuck with us.


She said what you don't like my pussy. I said no it's just she's older and hot and both of you together would be awesome. Then Cameron looked at me and said Bobby we both know you'll never be able to last.

She laughed and I said oh looks like someone's not getting my cock. She got on her knees and said no no no please, I'm sorry you can last you just fucked me for 14 minutes I was joking.

She got over me and started kissing my neck saying please and started stroking my cock. I said okay and asked her a question that started it all. I asked her can I fuck you till you cum. She said yes and I said lower your butt down she did as I said, and I stuck my hard cock in her pussy, and she went up and down on my rod harder and harder every time she came down. She yelled yes OH Bobby itssss sooo biggg more more.

I did as she wished and went as fast as I could. She said I'm cumming I'm cumming I'm cumming and squirted all over my dick and fell on me.

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We layed there catching our breath then she whispered in my ear now it's your turn to cum. She layed back on the bed and said give me all you got do what you want. I pounded my cock in her pussy and yelled yeah now your going to get it. She pleaded fuck me Bobby please please let me have it. Her pussy felt so tight it felt like a glove. I penetrated her so hard more blood came out and she yelled Bobby please make me your bitch cum I want you to just cum in me, my filthy pussy can't take it anymore.

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I was about to cum, and then Candice walked in saying who's screaming, as she saw what was going on I pulled out and busted my load all over Candices face I was surprised how far it went, and it landed right on her face and right on her chest.

I was frozen and so was Cameron. .

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to be continued. Please comment what you think

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