Dangerous Porn Star Gets Public Fuck

Dangerous Porn Star Gets Public Fuck
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This is not a true story. It is not a fantasy and I will never act on anything like this. I also advise no one else act on things like this either. Keep your thoughts only as thoughts I like to write stories like this, but I'm no good at it. It's all in good fun I'm Gre9ory. My household consist of just me and my mom.

It's been that way since as long as I can remember. I don't know my dad. All I know is that he's black.

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Mom never mentions him. She won't even tell me his name or age. My mom is a fat lady.

She's both fat and not so attractive. I know since she's my mom, I should think she's beautiful, but she's a little below average. For some reason, she barely talked to me.

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She was a good mom and very sweet, but we never had a conversation. And I do mean never. The most she'd ask is about school and how my day went. After that she'd go to her room. All she did was work. I don't know if she was happy or sad, happy or lonely. Everything was a secret with her.

One day after coming in from playing with my friends I decided to try and take with her. She was in the kitchen making dinner so I went in there. Me- Hi mom Mom- Hi She barely looked at me. Me- Do you need any help? Mom- No. I got it Every thing that ever came out of her mouth was dry.

Me- Thank you mom Mom- Hm? She glanced over my way but quickly looked away Me- Thank you I walked up behind her and gave her a back hug.

Mom was short. She was 5'3 and maybe 200lbs. I was already 5'4 so we stood almost the same height.


Mom- Why? She asked softly Me- For being a good mom. I love you I hugged her tighted and kissed her cheek. She breathed heavy hugging on to my arm. She let out a soft sigh with a moan. I didn't think nothing of it. The next day was the same thing. She cooked and barely said a word to me. I decided to hug her again and thank her for cooking.

This time I was shirtless. I had on just my basketball shorts. A few seconds into the hug she squeezed me tighter. Again. she let out a msigh with a soft moan. I just thought she was stressed or annoyed. I didn't see much of her the next few days.

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I saw her before work and that was it. I was always asleep before she made it back home. But one night I caught her coming it. I was a little after 10pm. I was laying on the sofa watching tv. She looked exhausted and done with life.

I wanted to make her feel better. She's always making sure that I'm ok. Me- Mom. There's leftovers in the fridge. How about you go eat and I'll run you a bath. Mom- No. It's ok Me- Mom go. You're tired.

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Let me help you She sighed. Mom- Ok. Thank you honey She went into the kitchen and me into the bathroom. I ran her a hot bubble bath. The water cooled a little as she ate. I excorted her into the bathroom then left her to relax. I went back into the living room and searched for something else to watch.

30 minutes later she came into the living room dressed in her night gown. Mom- Hey. What cha doing? Me- Just watching tv. Mom- Mind if I join? This was a first. She never spends time with me.

Me- Yeah sure.

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Here you can take this sofa. I got up so that I can lay on the floor. Mom- You can lay with me. I don't want to kick you off of the sofa. Me- How? Mom- Maybe you can lay on my chest like you did when you were a baby. I miss that She smiled. Me- Ok I guess I was in nothing but my boxers so this was going to be a little weird.

She grabbed the blanket from the loveseat the laid on her back. I nervously laid on top of her positioning in a way that wouldn't be so weird.


My hip was in her crotch. Me- So what do you want to watch? Mom- Whatever you turn on is fine I wasn't sure what to watch either. I just spent the last 30 minutes flipping channels. I grabbed the remote from the arm rest then started flipping again. There was nothing on that looked worth watching.

But then I flipped to a porn. I wanted to watch it so I pretended to drop the remote on the floor so that I could watch a few more second of it.

Me- Oh goodness. Sorry mom. I turned over. My belly was on hers. I reached for the remote realizing that it dropped a little far. If I stretch a little I can reach it. By the time I was starting to get a hard on from seeing and hearing the porn on the tv.

My dick was poking my moms thigh and it was starting to hurt. Me- I'm sorry I reached down to fix it and that's when I realized, my mom wasn't wearing any underwear.

Was that on purpose? I tried reaching for the remote again but I had no luck. Mom- I know the problem She reached down and slid her hand in my boxers. I was shocked that she had really just touched it. She pulled it from my boxers and put the tip right at her hole. Mom- Okay. Now try. She smiled. I leaned forward and stretched my arm. I grabbed the remote, but was startled when I felt my dick her slide in her pussy. She moaned. I looked at her and her eyes were closed.

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does she want me to slip inside of her. I scooted up so that I can get a little bit closer to the remote and that's when it all went in. We both let out a noise. I grunted and she moaned. "I got it." I whispered as I slid in and out of her.

"You sure do." She wrapped her legs around my waist stopping me from getting up if I tried. I closed my eyes and moved to the rhythm of her hips. She was fucking me like I wasn't her son and I was loving it. "Uhh." I grunted picking up speed. Her feet was now on my ass and she was pulling me in deeper. She wouldn't say a word. She would only moan and occasionally let out a scream. I laid my head on her chest and just enjoyed this moment.

I fucked her harder and she started to cum. She held my slim body tight and covered my dick with her juices. After she was done, she laid there panting.

Me- I'm sorry about that Mom- Don't be. I was an accident and accidents happen. We both got up and cleaned up, never talking about what just happened. For the next few days, everything was normal.

It's as if it never happened. Mom would work, come on and sleep. It's been almost a week and the conversation never came up.

Maybe she was embarrassed. I decided to bring it up. I wanted to ask her was she ok after what happened. Me- Mom Mom- Yes She just walked in the door after work Me- Are you ok? Mom- Yes. Why? Me- Well because after what happened the other day, we never got to talk about it.

Mom- It was an accident honey. Remember accidents happen