Was ist besser fliegen oder ficken

Was ist besser fliegen oder ficken
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First a little background. I'm a man in his mid forties. I met the mother of my oldest kids when in me early twenties. After dating just a few months, we decided to move in together. At first, everything was great. She seemed to be a really good woman, not pretty at all, but she was good to me and was adventurous in bed.

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Before I knew it, we were talking about having kids. Even though it was too soon, we decided to chance it and not use protection any longer.

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Soon after, she became pregnant with our first child, Anna. It didn't take long for things to start turning bad soon after though. Over time, she began to show her true colors. She thought only of herself and what she wanted, no matter who she hurt. We began fighting most of the time. When Anna was a few moths old we had already pretty much stopped having sex, except for the one night that she went to see a male dancer review with my sister.

She came home drunk and horny. Hey, I'm a man.things happened. After that, though, we went back to being more room mates than a couple. Wouldn't you know it? Just my luck, the one time we hook up and she get's pregnant again. With my son Cain. Now, even though we were having problems between us, I have always loved kids and wanted to be a father.

So this was not a bad thing in my eyes.


But the relationship between their mother and I was doomed before it started, I just didn't know. She ended up cheating on me and getting caught.

Long story short, she left with my kids, Anna, who was five and four years old Cain. Being in the State that I lived in, getting parental rights was only for dads who had enough extra cash for a good attorney. Unfortunately, I was not one of those. Even still, I fought for years, spending money that I couldn't afford to spend in an attempt to see my kids. She deliberately kept them away from me out of spite.

Even though there was no help from the State, I still would get to see them on occasion. Their grandma would call me to come see them on the few times she got to babysit them.

Or I would see them outside on the playground at school. I even got to get a gift or two to them sometimes. After a few years of this, she moved them to another town and I didn't get to see them for a few years. Then it seemed that I would have a chance to get to know my babies.Their mother got in touch with my mom and set up a time and place for me to finally get to see and spend time with my kids. On lt to find out that it was a setup to try to finish turning my kids against me.

The first meeting gave me a clue when they prompted my daughter to "say what you want to say to your father".a direct quote.Then came a diatribe of venom from my daughter, now twelve, that was completely made up. When she finish and I denied all of the hate filled fictional crap that was obviously fed to her, the assholes tried to get my son to do the same.

The little guy flat out refused. Needless to say, only about a month of this horror show went on until I had had enough and walked away. Now for the present.Years later. Much changed for me in the years after those events. I was diagnosed bipolar and had to get on disability. I was through with relationships as I had tried many times to have a normal romantic relationship, always ending in disaster.

Not because of me being bipolar, as I was always managing my symptom, but more because of the women that I dated would expect normal from me: not going to happen. Not that I lacked for female companionship. I have been sexually active from a young age and have always been a seriously horny guy. Along with the hypersexuality aspect of my condition. I had quite a few friends who would stop by and have some mutual rewarding.

One day, out of the blue, I get a call from my daughter. She had been in touch recently, but only brief calls and visits. This time she needed some help. Her and her boyfriend were losing their apartment and needed a place to stay. I was reluctant to let her move in as I loved living alone. I had an active social life and didn't really want two people cramping my small one bedroom apartment. And I didn't really like her drunk waste of humanity that she had chosen as her "true love".

But I really love my kids and couldn't see her on the street and agreed to let them move in. Everything was ok at first. I did my best to be nice to her asshole boyfriend and enjoyed getting to know my little girl better. Then one afternoon, as they were getting ready to shower together, Anna walked out in just a short t-shirt and panties. I couldn't help but notice her long legs and the tight little ass peeking from under the hem of the shirt.

I could not take my eyes from that fine rear end. Then she bent over to get something from beside her made up bed and I was treated to an underside view of her perfect little a cup sized breast. I had to look away quickly as she got up and went back to finish showering. I was a bit shaken up. I was just checking out my daughter. I felt bad about it too. But there it was. I surfed the net to find out just how fucked up I was, trying to find out if other fathers have had to struggle with unwanted sexual thought about their daughters.

Then I was shocked even more to find that not only was I not alone, but these thoughts seem to be a very common fantasy.

There are a great many stories, confessions, porn videos, etc. all dealing with incest as a fantasy. Some were sites where there was a thing talked about called G.S.A. or Genetic Sexual Attraction, where close relatives not raised around each other have a fifty percent chance to feel a sexual attraction to one another.

With this knowledge, at least I knew that I was not a monster and I was not the only one. I was so relieved that I forgot to close the window on one page where I was reading an article about a father dealing with his sexual attraction to his daughter. Anna saw it. As soon as her boyfriend left on an errand, she confronted me with this discovery. I explained that, yes, I did find her attractive but had no plans on acting on it; indeed, I was mortified that I felt that way.

She seemed to understand and the matter dropped.


They only stayed a few weeks after that. They got an apartment, but the drinking had already doomed their relationship. They had fights of varying severity up to her calling me to come save her. I'm not a tall man, but I was a bulky fellow, much stronger that I looked, as her asshole boyfriend found out.

I walked into a house full of late teen to twenty-somethings. The crowd seemed agitated. I saw why as I stepped into the house. There was Anna, crouching in a hall, her boyfriend with his entire puny little body on top of her, preventing her from moving and yelling at her. I ran in, grabbed him by his upper arms and threw his down the hall.

I had to ease up so that I didn't bounce him off of the far end and seriously hurt the dickhead. After that, his little cronies decided that they would stand aside as we left.

Smart of them I think, as I was in the mood to do more than just calmly walk out. Soon after, they were through and it didn't take her very long to find a new boyfriend. After all, the reason I had trouble not checking out my own daughter is that she is a tall girl in her early twenties, long wavy dark red hair, perky little breasts and the most perfect little ass any woman has ever had the fortune to have.

This one wasn't a drunk, but he was a pretty boy with a rich daddy. He also ended up hurting her, resulting in another scramble to find a place to stay again. By now, my social life had changed. An old girlfriend had looked me up on social media and we had began an affair since her present relationship was in the final stages.

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Things got more serious as we both found that the years had changed us both and that not only was the sex good, we kinda liked the person that the other had become. So, he finally ended things with her then boyfriend and we moved in together. Her five year old daughter took to me right from the first and before long, it was as if I really was her father. When my daughter called and asked about staying with us, I talked about it with my girlfriend and she agreed to let Anna stay with us.

It didn't work out very well. She was young and a bit wild, so she and my girl butted heads quite a bit after a while. This caused tension and arguments and before long, Anna moved out. Even though she had been acting out a bit, I could still see the good heart that my baby girl always had. Even though she left the house, she stayed kind of in touch. We would chat sometimes, with her usually talking to my girlfriend more than me. Things between my daughter and I were getting better as time went by.

She started telling me things that she thought would shock me, like how she is attracted to women as well as men.

She was really surprised to find out that I did not find this to be a bad thing. In fact, I was happy that she could have even more fun than most. I guess that her mother couldn't accept the fact and tried to make her feel like less fo it.

Not me. I feel that as long as the partners are both for it, no one is being forced or hurt (against their will at least, heh heh) and it's completely mutual, who should really care what they do with each other? So, after she found this level of belonging she started opening up even more. But she would also start to pressure me to be more open with her.which was a problem for me.

I could not get the picture out of my mind of that perfect ass bent over and the pink nipple hard as a rock.I really had tried to keep the thoughts away, but Anna is BEAUTIFUL! And I'm not just saying that. She has tons of guys trying everything that they can to get with her. But she still doesn't think that she is as stunning as she is. Standing about 5'10" but only weighing about nintey five ponds soaking wet with dark red wavy long hair.

Firm little a-cup sized breasts, just the perfect size that I happen to love with such amazing shape to them. Slim waist and slim hips above the most perfect little ass you could ever imagine to see. Combine that with a pretty face and the softest hazel/brown eyes, pouty full lips and a sweet personality and you see what I was trying to resist. I had just gotten the her back in my life and I was not going to admit to feelings that I knew would drive her away and probably hate me. She had never shown any indication that she felt that way at all and I love her so much that I had to hide what I really felt inside.

I even managed to not let these feelings get in the way of decision making either. Still, she wanted me to open up more, and I did try. I sort of admitted to liking young girls once as we sat in a hot tub. As a girl of about fourteen walked by in a tight one piece swimsuit I said "even though I know it's supposed to be wrong, I have found myself checking out girls like that.

I would never try anything with a girl that age, but I do look" as I nodded at the girl walking away. Surprisingly, she didn't look at me funny or anything, just replied with, "we all like some things we aren't supposed to" and smiled. I thought that she was referring to her liking women.

Now I knew how she felt about me accepting her bisexuality. After all of this, she found her pretty boy boyfriend was cheating on her and wanted to know if we could let her stay with us again. My wife agreed, but was kind of put out with how things had went before but was ok with her coming to live with us again. But now, my son Kenneth was staying with us now. He had been with a controlling religious nut chick and had recently broken away. We were trying to help him get his life together.

We made another room up in our basement as we were starting to outgrow the two bedroom house that we were renting. She moveback in and again, things were a disaster. She wanted to party a bit too much and it started to effect how my wife's six year old behaved. On Father's Day that year, she pushed and pushed for me to open up to her. She said that she felt that there was something between us that wasn't right and she wanted to know.

I really did not want to confess how I felt about her. I was terrified that I would turn my daughter away from me if she knew the truth. And I don't fear much. But I have tried to always be honest with my kids and she really did seem to want some show of trust, when trust was the one thing I was in short supply of since I lost my mom. So, I told her that I was attracted to her.

She said that she had kind of figured that out, but wasn't sure. She shocked me to my toes when she did not seem disgusted by my confession. She didn't seem happy about it either. Just accepting. Again, I was shocked; I really thought that she would hate me for this.

That same night though, she wanted me to cover for her as she wanted to sneak out of the house to go hook up with some guy. I was devastated. It seemed to me at the time that Anna was using the information that I had just given her as leverage to get me to lie to my wife, something I try never to do to cover her sneaking out to see some guy she had just met. So, heartbroken, I give in and suffered in silence as one of the most important people in my life used and hurt me.but at least I was used to that kind of thing.

I know now that she had no idea how much she hurt me with that. She was just young and thinking only of her own wants and needs. But we were all kind of like that when we were young. Still about killed me.I shut down my feelings as well as I could. I had to as they were so mixed. I loved her so much that I had to let her go. But thinking that the girl that I loved may be a bad person hurt. I didn't want to cut her out of my life.I had just got her back and was getting to know her.

What I was finding was awesome and the thought that I was being fooled by my daughter like I had been fooled by her mother had me ready to run for the hills. Later we talked and she explained that, like me she is bipolar and has manic states where reason can be displaced by hypersexuality. She didn't mean to hurt me at all, she just couldn't help herself at that moment.

Been there, done that. During this heart to heart, I did let her know how her recent behavior could hurt her and that we were only trying to look out for her. Her actions recently had been getting wilder and she seemed to be getting in a spot more and more, like getting her license suspended, then getting caught driving on a suspended license, etc. Maybe due to my recent display of trust and honesty really effected her, because her promised to be a better person, and she has really done just that.

While we talked through that and got everything strait, I asked her if she ever thought about what I had confessed. I was curious that her reaction was not disgust and rejection. She admitted that she had thought about me that way before, but didn't think that she could actually do it. I told her that I completely understood that she didn't feel the same way and that I was just glad that she didn't see me as a monster and run away from me like i thought that she would.

She said, "no dad, I love you and the fact that you never tried to do anything about how you felt says a lot about you. Good things. I love you." And then she hugged me without holding back at all. All love and acceptance. My heart kind of exploded in my chest. Looking back, that's the moment that I think I started to actually fall in love with her. I knew deep down that she had a good heart.

She may have learned some bad things from her mom and step father, but they couldn't change her nature. She really is a sweet person. Soon after, she moved back in with her ex-boyfriend but this time, she kept more in touch.

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I was really happy about that. We really started to connect better. We both realized that we were much more alike than different. The more we talked the more it became apparent. Not just similar likes and dislikes, but in general outlook and attitude. She loved that I didn't care that she was sexually adventurous. I loved that she knew that I was a bit twisted in what I liked also and that she didn't love me any less for it. We didn't talk much about how I felt about her, but it would come up once in a while.She told me in no uncertain terms that she was not trying to lead me on and that she didn't feel exactly like I did.

But she also said that it may not be a lost cause because she really does love me. And I finally knew that she really did love me too. She and I were finally close to one another. She did flirt a little after that with the understanding that it was just flirting.

She even sent me some sexy pictures with the promise that no one sees them. After a bit she even trusted my self control enough that she sent me some semi-nudes to "help" me through my unsatisfactory sex life. I told you she was awesome. She would sit close to be more often, we touched a great deal more, not sexually, just enjoying being close to each other.

Then it happened. Anna brought over her new dog and some laundry so that she could she could do a few different chores at once.

I wanted to meet her new dog (I've always been a dog person and our landlord wouldn't allow pets) and she could get some clothes washed and visit at the same time.

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I had no idea how fantastic and life changing that day would be.While her first load of laundry dried and I rested from laying with her not very small puppy, we took a rest together on the couch. I started running my fingers over the exposed skin lightly where her shirt didn't meet her shorts.

Nothing sexual about it, I've done it since she was a little baby to help her get to sleep. She just was hooked on it and I love the way she feels, so I kind of just do it unconsciously when she's close and has an exposed part of her back to me in a relaxed setting.

Just a nice thing you do for a loved one, like scratching their back. She ended up stretching across my lap to give me better access to her back, even going so far as to undoing her bra so that I could reach more skin. As she lay there enjoying my touch, I couldn't help but look at her perfect little ass. Right there in front on me. Then I noticed that there was a gap in the crotch and I could see her panties.

Her near topless on my lap and now this.well.my hand drifted. Honestly, I did not realize that I was rubbing my daughters ass.as well as sliding a finger over her panties where her pussy would be.

I cam to my senses and realized that I was feeling up my daughter! I snatched my hand away and apologized. Sorry baby, I didn't mean to do that." Her reply stunned me though."That's ok daddy, it felt nice." Anna always dressed kind of sexy, but now I noticed that she was dressed even hotter today than average. Maybe she was about over her aversion to incest? Looking at her lying there on my lap, half naked and now she had let me go way further than I had ever dreamed of.I don't know what came over me, but suddenly I just HAD to taste my baby girls pussy.

Without even any warning I grabbed he by her hip and flipped her over onto her back. She looked surprised but didn't resist me at all. I slid off of the couch and knelt between her legs and kissed her thigh right near her pussy.

Her only reactions was a gasp, so I just went for it. I started to run my tongue up her leg as I grab the crotch of her shorts and panties aside exposing what I wanted most right then.As bad as I wanted to taste her, I wanted her to enjoy this too. Si I ran my tongue up one side of her pussy and down the other. I played with her pussy lips and kissed all around her pussy before getting to her clit. When I hit that, she lit up a little. Her breathing started to get heavier. I was going down on my daughter!

And she was loving it! This really was a dream come true. I slid over her clit and got my tongue deep inside her. Wow, but she smelled and tasted so good. Now, I really like eating pussy, always have. But my daughter was just flat out the best tasting and was definitely the most fun to go down on. Having that perfect ass in my hands while I taste her and the way her body felt as I ran my hands over her was pure magic. I ripped her shorts off and dived back in. This was fantastic.

I couldn't take it anymore. I had to feel my cock in my daughter. I lifted up and took my time sliding my shorts off to give her time to object. She looked at me with pure lust in her eyes. She was at that moment, the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen in my life. No lie. I slid my rock hard cock up and down her slit for a second or two, them grabbed it and lined it up with her opening.

I watched her face as I pushed it deep inside. Her mouth opened wider then her eyes rolled back in her head. Seeing my baby girl really enjoying what I was doing to her made me harder than I have ever been. We fucked furiously for a while that way, then I realized that I wasn't going to be able to last with such a hot woman and I just had to take her from behind. I got up and kissed her sweet pussy and told her to get on her knees.

She faced the back of the couch and presented than SO perfect ass to be. Noe my dick was so hard that it almost hurt!. I slid into her from behind and just went for it. I pounded her hard from behind and she met me with equal enthusiasm thrust for thrust. It didn't take very long before I knew I was close. "am about to come!" I told her. She straightened up so that I slid out and I immediately put my cock on her slit and pumped twice and blew my load all over the beautiful ass of my daughter.

I reached around and pulled her to me and held her close for a few seconds. I had never felt like this in any way. As close As I ever came to believing in magic right then and there. We didn't even talk very much right after. We didn't have to.

The way she looked at me and touched me told me everything that I needed to know. We both found something that we didn't know that we needed.