Big boobed gets quickie in changing room

Big boobed gets quickie in changing room
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This story begins early one Friday, the house was pretty quiet and Amanda was just getting up. It was just passed noon.


Amanda was about 5'6" and weighed about 110 pounds. She was 17 years old. Next to her, asleep in bed was her 18 year old boyfriend. He was a little taller than her and quite good looking. Amanda stretched and got up out of bed, she headed for the bathroom where she started running herself a bath.

She brushed her teeth to pass the time. Then she got on the toilet and started to pee. Soon enough she needed to take a dump and started to take a shit.

She sat there quietly as her bath filled up. Suddenly the door swung open, it was her boyfriend, Sean. He jumped. Then realising it was Amanda, he walked in and closed the door. There was no lock on the door. Sleepily standing there, saying good morning. He went over and kissed her, softly on his lips. Feeling turned on by the situation he kissed her again, more passionately this time. Sean slid his hand between Amanda's legs and fondled her clit for a while, reaching up to his mouth every so often to wet his fingertips, tasting her delicious pee every time he did.

As she got wetter, Sean slipped two fingers into her warm pussy, slowly rubbing her inside, and pushing his fingers in an out slowly. Sean then lifted Amanda's both legs up a little higher and dropped to his knees. He began to lick her piss-soaked pussy, lapping up every drop. Without warning, Amanda let another gush of pee loose, right into his open mouth, which he immediately swallowed, sucking on her juicy cunt, begging her sexy pussy for more.

Taking control, Amanda got up and knelt on the toilet with her ass up in the air, and motioned him to lick her asshole. Sean leaned in, quickly licking and sucking her dirty butthole like crazy.

Licking all around her hole and pushing the tip of his tongue inside as far as he could. After ten or so minutes of ass licking, Sean got to his feet and began to push his cock up the young girl's pussy. Slowly at first he fucked her, picking up speed, slapping her ass as he did. He pulled her thong off her ankles and put it into her mouth which she seemed to enjoy, sucking at her own juices. Seeing her lust, Sean pulled his cock out of her cunt and pushed it down her throat.

Amanda hungrily began to suck his cock, forcing her own head down on his cock, all the way until Sean could see her tongue popping out and licking his balls.

He then grabbed her head and held it down as tight as he could, forcing Amanda to gag, but still not letting go. Desperate for air she jerked her head back, gasping. Returning to the original position, Sean placed his cock at the entrance to Amanda's asshole and began to push his cock into her, slowly, inch by inch as so not to hurt her.

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But he could tell by her moans that it wasn't pain-free. After about two minutes her ass seemed to be ready for more and she pushed back onto his cock, burying the final inch up inside her.

Sean fucked her faster, though not too fast. She seemed to enjoy it a bit slower, as did he. He watched as Amanda grabbed her own panties again, and stretching them, so she could lick along the string which spent its time rubbing off her asshole.

Sean pulled his cock out of her bum and gave it to Amanda to suck, which she did beautifully. She seemed to prefer the taste of her own asshole over that of her pussy, and she swallowed his cock the entire way down her throat.

Again, he returned to her asshole and kept fucking her hard as she tongued her dirty panties. Sean picked up his boxers and wrapped them around her throat and began to pull hard on them, making it hard for Amanda to breathe.

Hearing a noise, Sean spun his head around, and his jaw dropped when at the corner of the door he spotted Amanda's mother, Mary, leaning against the wall with her hand down the front of her jeans, obviously playing with her pussy while she watched her daughter getting fucked in the ass by the sexy young man.

She began to strip in front of him while he kept fucking Amanda, who was oblivious to what was going on. Wearing only a tight thong and a bra, Mary walked over to her daughters boyfriend and began to kiss him, slipping her fingers into their mouths to make them wet.

She began massaging her own asshole. Amanda, still oblivious, panted and moaned as Sean fucked her tight ass.

Mary then bent over the bathtub and pulled the string out of her ass. Sean licked his fingers and began rubbing her asshole, slipping in a finger, then another. He fingered her ass while she began rubbing her clit and Amanda did the same as he fucked her sexy hole.

Looking around she jumped at the sight of her boyfriend fingering her mother's ass but in a way it made her even hornier, and she rammed herself back onto Sean's huge cock, making herself come right there and then.

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Pulling away from him, she sat back down on the toilet and took his big cock in her mouth and sucked him slowly, while still trying to catch her breath.

Using her hands, she then guided his cock towards her mother's ass but Mary turned around and said, "I wanna give it a little suck first". After tasting his lovely cock, she turned around again and let him push his cock slowly up her arse. Her ass wasn't as tight as Amanda's and he was able to begin fucking her hard pretty soon.

Amanda, already horny from the sight of her boyfriend fucking her mother, was rubbing her clit furiously. Sean grabbed Amanda by the hair and put her head just over her mother's ass. Sean pulled his hard cock out of Mary's arsehole and put it straight into Amanda's open mouth.

Amanda sucked on it like there was no tomorrow until Sean had to push her away and focus on Mary's asshole again. Amanda then unhooked her mother's bra, pulling it off her, letting her tits bounce as Sean fucked her up her shithole. Amanda grabbed one of her mother's tits and began to suck it lovingly.

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This was enough to send Mary over the edge and she exploded with a massive orgasm. Dropping to the floor, Mary took his throbbing cock into her mouth and sucked it till he was about to come.

As she could feel his cock tensing, she stuck it in her daughter's mouth so he could fill her hot mouth with shot after shot of his juice. Without saying a word, Mary got up, picked up her clothes and walked out of the room. Sean and Amanda, stunned, looked at each other and began kissing.


Amanda, getting an idea, got up and walked out of the room. She came back five minutes later and said nothing. They both hopped into the bath, which by now was a bit cold and cleaned themselves up.

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An hour had passed since the experience in the bathroom, and a knock came at the front door. They heard the door open and steps up the stairs. Greeting them with a naughty looking smile, Amanda's cousin Emer walked in. She looked kind of timid, but with a little encouragement from Amanda, they both started to strip down to their underwear leaving Sean shocked.

The hopped onto the bed without saying a word and got into the 69 position. Pushing each others panties to the side they began licking on each others pussies. Without hesitation, Sean pulled his clothes off and got behind his girlfriend and pushed his cock into her already drenched pussy.

Emer kept licking Amanda's pussy and every so often would let her tongue slide over Sean's dick. Amanda was finding it hard to keep licking Emer's cunt but she kept it up as Sean fucked her hard from behind. Emer used her fingers to make Amanda's ass wetter, and slipped her fingers in. She then pulled Sean's cock out of Amanda and gave it a quick suck before pushing it up her ass. Amanda was in heaven.

She was getting her ass drilled by her boyfriends huge cock a getting her pussy licked all while she drooled over Emer's sexy pussy. Soon enough she came like crazy, and her come ended up filling up her cousin's mouth, which she had to keep swallowing to stop it from covering her face. Sean slowed and let his cock pop out of his sexy girlfriend's ass. Emer took it in her mouth before he went around to the other side and started all over again.

Amanda had already lubed up Emer's ass with her mouth, so he went straight for it. He fucked Emer's ass harder and harder while Amanda ate her cunt. Emer began coming again and again into Amanda's mouth. Sean couldn't take it anymore and came eight or nine times up the girl's ass. He pulled his cock out and Amanda grabbed it and began sucking on it hard, making the most of it, considering it had just been rammed up Emer's ass.

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When she saw his come dripping out of Emer's hole she stopped, put her mouth to Emer's asshole and sucked every drop of come she could out of her ass. All three the just collapsed onto the bed, and fell asleep, dreaming of what would happen when they all woke up.