Sexy Hermaphrodite stroking her cock

Sexy Hermaphrodite stroking her cock
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O'Connors' Cove Pt Two : Five minutes By Jax_Teller The night stars were coming out as we got back to the marina and the crew went ashore, leaving the deck hands to tie up the Cabin Cruiser.

I could have stayed on the boat for the night and had considered doing just that as it was very comfortable, but I wanted to check out the resort for myself before going to bed. It was just the old work ethic thing going on.


My assistant Diane walked with me inside and everything was in order. I went by the main desk check in and accommodations and asked the manager on duty if there were any problems and she told me not at all that it was a normal Friday night so far.

I thanked her for doing a wonderful job at a difficult hour and went off to my person lodging at the resort using a private elevator to the third floor penthouse of the resort.

I asked Diane if she wanted to join me for a night cap. I had never drank with her before and all though she was an employee, I also considered her more than. She said that she thought I'd never ask.

As we entered my private penthouse, I went to the bar and poured a sifter of brandy. I turned around to hand Diane her glass and had removed the wrap she'd put on when we came ashore, and was reaching out for her drink. I hesitated for a second as I saw the bikini that looked so average compared tot the others of the day and it seemed so tempting and alluring. I sat at one end of a couch that faced out over the cove and Diane sat at the other.

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There was a moment of awkward silence and then we both looked at each other and began to talk only to stop at the same time. I told her that she looked magnificent in the warm glowing lights and she thanked me immediately, and I thought just for a second that she was blushing.

She turned to face me and direct as she usually was asked me if I would like to make love to her. I didn't waste a second in answering yes and oh yes. She giggled slightly at my response and she moved closer to me on the couch, and turned so that she was laying with her head on my lap looking up into my eyes. I asked her why now, why today? And she said that she'd wanted to before, but that she'd resisted because she worked for me.

Today she saw me relax and kick back, and really get nasty with the women on the cruiser. She told me that even though she had no hold or claim over me she felt jealous watching me fuck those two women right out in the open in front of the world. She also confessed that it turned on at the same time and had thought to join in but wanted to be with me privately first to make sure we could work with each other after words.

I leaned down and she raised up to meet my lips as I began to silence her with a kiss. When we broke the kiss she got up and put her hand out to mine and I took her hand and followed her to the bed room.

As wild and kinky the day had been, so was the intensity and normalicy of our making love that night. It wasn't fucking, it was making love to someone I truly knew and respected. We started slowly getting to know every inch of each other, tracing the lines of her waist to her neck through her very real perky breasts. The way Diane took my cock into her mouth spoke to the urgent need but taking the time to enjoy it.

Once I slid on top of her and slipped my cock inside her, we built a pace slowly. Every increase was matched by the other as if on goal. When I felt my climax approach I didn't even think about her climax timing, I knew we were so in sync that we would come together. When we did come it wasn't raunchy but tender and life affirming. In the morning we showered and went down to the restaurant of the resort and there was Nikki and Jenny at my table. Diane looked at me and at them and said this is going to be fun.

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I looked at her to gauge whether that was sarcasm or real interest and I saw the lust in her eyes, hell, in her whole body. She was confident and had a glow about her. We all had a wonderful breakfast and agreed to meet out in the cove later on. We went down to the marina, to the cruiser and did another days worth of PR and took breaks to have fun in the sun too.

I was watching a deck boat with 7 people on it and they were having sex two guys on a girl and girl on girl and then they switched and the switched partners again. Diane nudged me and told me, that we needed to go to the cabin that she had something to show me. I thought for a minute she was coming on to me, trying to get some one on one time, but then I saw the business oh shit look. She turned on the large flat screen tv and tuned it to a television station that was an hour away from here but was the closest.

I saw images from the cove and there were some blurred nude folks and obvious folks fucking, and then my picture came on screen and I was introduced as the backer of the sex fest. For a second I thought this was going to be negative for me and the resort and then I realized it was free advertisement. It was surely meant to be a scathing negative report and they tried to shame me, saying I was promoting the sex fest and had hired prostitutes and strippers and that the local folks were afraid for their children.

I laughed and Diane looked at me and pointed out that it was one of the town folks who had been interviewed and that he was calling on all the good Christians to boycott the resort and not do business with the whores of Babylon.

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I laughed once again and Diane said you know next season we should have a seasonal opener at the resort called the sex fest. I said you know that might not be a bad idea. The folks in town would squawk and the louder they squawked the more free press we'd get.

I didn't want anyone who was offended by sex to come and I didn't want to turn the town's children into whores and servants of the dark magic, but I did want there to be a safe place left in this world where free expression and kink were allowed and even welcomed. The five minute blurb on the news made for lots of talk on the social media sites and I even ended up hiring an individual just to do social media.

The towns people calmed down and those who had businesses were busy and to this depressed area it was long over due. The town looked the same as it did before the recession, restaurants open, businesses busy with regular hours, folks working and even though I was the subject of a lot of Sunday sermons, I was hailed as the one who brought life back to town. Diane and I got married at the Resort over the winter season and she made me sign the prenuptial agreement, that said we each keep what is ours coming into the marriage.

She turned out to be quite the sexual dynamo. There was a lot of things she'd never done but we crossed things off the list almost every week. In fact it was the week after we got married that she picked up a woman and surprised me with her.

I came into our penthouse and Diana was bringing a drink to her guest Sarah. Diana knelt and told me that Sarah is submissive and is without a Dominant at this point. She told me that Sarah was a lot like her but wilder. I thought about that while looking over Sarah from my seat. Sarah was a beautiful woman at least ten years younger than Diana and I but was all woman, not some little girl.

I asked Sarah what some of her fantasies were. She replied that she liked being spanked and having her hair pulled, forced orgasms and humiliation, to mention but a few. I told the ladies that I wanted them to go into the Master bedroom, disrobe and make love as a lesbian couple.

I told them I would be in to check on them in a few minutes. Diane looked disappointed, but did as I requested. I had a phone call I had to return as I had promised, but I was going to make it quick.

When I finished my call, I went to the bedroom with great anticipation. I was not disappointed as I walked in and watched them in a classic 69 position having loud rude oral sex with each other. By the time I reached the bed I was as naked as they were and my cock got there before I did.

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Sarah was on top of Diana and I slid up to her but watching Diana eating her pussy from below. I slid my cock up and down Sarahs' ass crack and down to her pussy. Diana took my cock in her mouth and sucked it until I pulled it out and put it into Sarah. I grabbed her a beautiful hips and watched as my cock disappeared into her cunt. She was tight and sliding out was as good as going in to her.

Watching her continue to eat Dianas' pussy while I fucked her harder and harder was quite the sight.

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I knew it was something that I might be able to reproduce in the future, but would never be any better than this. I felt Sarah getting wetter and looser and her moans got louder and she started bucking back onto my cock. I knew she was close to coming and I picked up the pace ramming hard into her. I felt her release and orgasm, and she got very wet and shook violently as she came.

I felt her pulsing and squirting as I pulled my cock from her. Diana was licking furiously at the pulsing come that was splashing in her face. I leaned back on my heals and watched as Sarah wound down from her orgasm and rolled on to her back.

Diana rolled with Sarah and kept lapping at Sarahs' pussy. This was my clue to mount Diana and I could tell that Diana was all ready close to orgasm when I entered her. Diana was so wet, the sound of my cock going in and out of her made obscene sloshing sounds.

I almost hurt my cock as I slid out slightly more than I wanted because she was so wet. I fucked her hard and fast as I could and felt her pussy spasm around my cock.


Diana came hard on my cock, and I pulled my cock out and spewed my load all over her gaping hole and on Sarahs' face below. That was the first of several days of the absolute best sex ever. While fucking Sarah was fun the dynamic unfolding of dominance and submission was just opening my eyes to another world.

It was a great time for learning about myself and my mate. The Cove was jumping and life was as good as I could think it would get. The End Pt 2