Hentai poor housewife get abducted at fucked

Hentai poor housewife get abducted at fucked
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In a small London council estate, crime is as common as the sunrise. Muggings, rapes and assaults happen daily. The police have grown lazy in their futile attempts to crack down on the criminal plague.

If you saw trouble all you could do is keep your head down and walk the other way. Eastwood school was a breeding pit for criminal scum. 95% of students would go on to become the scum of London.

The other 5% would go on to become their victims. Daniel Green was one the 5%. Along with his friend George. They weren't afraid to walk around the crime ridden hell hole. But they knew to stay out of trouble. Daniel was just finishing his final class of the day with George. Maths was their favourite. They were the only ones who actually did any work. Mr. Richards didn't waste any time with the slackers. He focused on Daniel and George.

They were the only two actually commited themselves to getting some decent grades. As the two of them left the class they kept a low profile walking through the corridors. Any one these assholes would beat you to the ground for looking at them. As Daniel and George left school, they noticed an old man being held at knifepoint by a pair of hooded thugs for his wallet.

"Shouldn't we do something?" Said George. "It ain't worth getting stabbed over!" Said Daniel quietly. George lowered his head and said "I hate that we have to let this happen. I wanna help people!" "I know what you mean if we could make this place safer I'd do whatever it took. I'd do anything!" Said Daniel.

The two looked back and saw the thugs punch the old man in the stomach. The old man fell to the ground clutching his stomach. Daniel went home to a small council flat. He walked through the door and sighed at the sight before him.

His mom was lying on the sofa naked. There was an empty vodka bottle on the table. Above his mother there was an older man fucking her hard. He was fat and had a long trampy, grey, beard. He was holding her by her shoulders as he pounded her hard. Daniel's mom looked bored as she stared at the ceiling.

She looked at Daniel as he walked in then looked away. "Another desperate prick from the pub?" Daniel said to his mom. The man jumped off his mom and said "You watch your mouth you little shit!" Daniel's mom sat up and said "Hey fatty if you wanna finish you leave my son alone! Daniel go to your fucking room I'll be done soon." The man rolled Daniel's mom onto all fours and said "Run along and play kid, me and the whore have work to finish." Daniel rolled his eyes and went upstairs to his room.

In his room was a flat screen tv. Payed for with his moms pussy. On the left were weights, boxing gloves and a punching bag. Daniel sat on his bed and cracked open an energy drink. While he watched tv. It was hard paying attention to the tv with the sound of his moms moans echoing in the house. George had a small 2 bedroom house which he lived in with his mom and dad. He walked in and sat in the from room with his mom who was stoned and his dad who was watching the football.

George had to prey that his dad's team won or there would be trouble. In the final half, 5 minutes extra time had been given and the score was nil-nil. 6 minutes later the whistle was blown and it was 1-nil to the away team. George braced himself for what was coming.

"FOR FUCK SAKE!" His dad yelled. "THAT WAS A SHIT GAME! WHERE WAS THE DEFENCE!" George's dad stood and began shouting at George's mom. Then without warning his hand flew across his wife's face. George's mom fell to the ground and tried to shelter herself from the punches that followed.

George jumped up and tried to pull him away. George's dad swung his elbow making contact with the side of George's face. George stumbled backwards holding his face. His dad spun round and began peppering George with punches. George collapsed on the ground but the punches kept coming. His mom lay there crying as she watched her son being beaten.

2 years later. George was in the gym lifting weights. Since his 18th birthday, he'd taken more pride in his appearance. Buying smarter clothes, trying to build himself up in the gym. He hoped that by becoming stronger he'd be able to stand up against any trouble that came his way, most of all his abusive dad.

As he lifted each weight in his hand, images of everything he'd scene flashed in his mind. His dad, muggings, robbings it all flashed in his mind. It motivated him. He began training harder. Sweat dripped from his head as he lifted each weight in unison up to his chest and back down again.

Daniel was in the boxing gym pounding the punching bag with every ounce of strength he had. The bag swung back and forth. Daniel grunted as his gloved fist made contact. The impact echoed, making everyone stop and turn. sweat ran down Daniel's chest as he continued throwing punches. For a moment it was like the world vanished. All that existed right now was Daniel and the bag, his enemy. He doubled his efforts and pounded on the bag.

His grunts became heavier, the sweat dripped faster. It was time to stop, so he gave one last solid hit. The impact made the hook holding the bag shake, dust fell from the ceiling an landed on the floor in front of Daniel. He stood still for a moment trying to catch his breath. He gasped for air as he made his way to his gym bag.

Daniel went home where he found his mom sat watching tv. "You not gonna whore yourself out tonight?" He asked sarcastically. "I don't see you complaining when I get you all your shit! Like that tv and that punching bag." She said aggressively.

Daniel had nothing to say to that so he just sat in silence and watched tv with his mom. It was late at night when Emily left work at the coffee shop. She was short at 5'4, she had red hair and larger then average breasts. She was 18. She walked through the skate park. It was a field of green with ramps and skid bars dotted around it. There were no street lights so the whole park was almost completely dark. Emily hated walking through here it was too sketchy. But it was the fastest way home.as she passed one of the larger ramps, she noticed a group of guys all stood in a circle.

It was too dark to make out there facial features. "Oh shit!" She whispered to herself. She lowered her head and quickened her pace.

It was no good, they noticed her. One of them stepped in front of her. She tried to walk around him but he grabbed her arm and pulled her back. He pushed her into one of the guys behind her who dragged her over to a nearby ramp.

He pulled out a knife. Emily looked around and saw 4 guys all ganging up on her. Each one had a knife. Her captor held the knife to her face and said "Be a good girl and I won't shank you!" Emily nodded. "Strip!" He said. Emily reluctantly reached for the top button of her shirt. "Hey guys!" Everyone looked up to see a shadowy figure.

"Is that anyway to treat a lady?" He said. He leapt from the ramp and landed on one of the attackers. The attacker groaned as the weight of the shadow pushed him to the ground. Upon making contact with the ground the shadow rolled forwards off the attacker and rose to his feet.

Another attacker went at him with the knife but the shadow caught his arm and twisted it. With the arm locked, the shadow flicked his leg up behind him making contact with another attackers jaw. The attacker fell to the ground unconscious. The shadow brought his leg back and knocked his his captured attacker out, bringing his knees to the thugs face. Another attacker tried to catch the shadow in a right hook which he ducked under and head-butted the attacker in the face, followed by a strong kick in the gut.

The attacker stumbled backwards and collapsed on the ground. The final attacker tried to stab the shadow in the ribs. The shadow spun round avoiding the attack and planted his foot in the back of the attackers legs.

The attacker fell to his knees and the shadow pushed his head into the steel ramp. The attacker fell to the ground unconscious.

Emily watched in astonishment as one man took down 4 thugs with his bare hands. The shadow then turned and faced Emily and walked up to her. Emily felt uneasy as he approached never taking his gaze off her. As he stood directly in front of her, Emily could clearly make him out now. He was wearing a black skin tight suit. Emily thought he kinda looked like spider man. On his back, two small swords were strapped together in a cross blade position. On the chest of his suit was an image of two swords in cross blades position.

His eye looked like the lenses pf sunglasses a far red colour. "Are you ok?" He asked in a deep stern voice. "Yeah I think so" she stumbled to say. She couldn't take her eyes off him. "Go home!" He said. Emily needed no further encouragement, she took off running. In the police station the next day, inspector Morrison was finishing some last minute paperwork when the chief inspector came in and dropped a newspaper on the desk in front of her. She picked it up and looked at the headline.

"CROSS BLADE VIGILANTE STOPS ATTEMPTED RAPE!" Beneath the headline was an image. Of the attackers all tied up together beaten and bruised. Morrison looked up at the chief inspector's angered expression. "You need to get this guy off the streets now!" He said harshly. "Yes sir!" Said Morrison with determination in her voice. With that the chief left her office. Emily was sat in an interview room with her mom. Morrison walked in and sat at the chair opposite Emily and placed a folder on the table.

She was wearing a grey suit with a pink shirt. "Emily don't be afraid your not in trouble. I just have some questions. Do you think you could answer them honestly?" She asked in a sympathetic tone. Emily nodded her head. "What can you tell me about the man who saved you?" Emily answered honestly. Explaining the whole incident and every detail of the masked man. Morrison wrote down every detail and questioned Emily for another 15 minutes.

"Thankyou Emily you've been very helpful, you can go now." Daniel sat at the kitchen table opposite his mom reading the newspaper. "Cross blade, I like that!" Said Daniel. "Daniel I've got company coming later today. You know what that means." Said Daniel's mom. "That your gonna spend the night crying with a bottle of whiskey?" Said Daniel. "Fuck you! Just make sure your not here from 3 til 4!" Daniel rolled his eyes and went up to his room. As soon as she heard his door close, Mrs.

Green started crying. She was so sad at the state of her relationship with her son. She loved him with all her heart and couldn't bear to think about the pain she'd caused him. She wiped her eyes and went too her room to dress for her "Guest". She just prayed that Daniel went out before he saw her outfit. She couldn't stand the disgusted look he'd give her when she dressed slutty. Daniel in his room. I swear I just heard mom crying. Why is she crying. I regretted what I said as soon as I said it but I didn't think she cared.

I thought years of pain because of this city had made her numb. I want nothing more then to fix our relationship. But there's no way we can be close while she does what she does. I gotta get some air. When your in pain the best place is home. Home is where family is. And since my mom will too busy for me, the only other family I have is George.

I grab my coat and head over to his place. I don't need to worry about his dad. George says he's gone missing. Again. Honestly i couldn't care less, he's an asshole. His mom is as much a victim as George.

I see George wants to help her as do I she's been kind to me over the years. I arrive at George's place and knock the door, which is answered by George's mom. She gives me a smile and a hug. Before telling me that George is in his room.

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I go in and find him playing FIFA. I give him a fist bump and grab the second control. Ten minutes later in losing 3 nil and I'm getting pissed off.

"FUCKS SAKE george your game is fucking broken!" He laughs and says "Really? It feels fine to me." I'm pissed off and he's laughing about it which is making me more pissed off. I swear I want to strangle him sometimes. Before I can dk that George's mom comes in with sandwiches and drinks for us. I love his mom she's a great woman.

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She gives me a sweet smile as she hands me my plate and leaves telling us to play nice. Me and George spent that whole day playing FIFA and laughing and joking. It was great, it took my mind off things. Eventually George's mom drove me home because she it was dark and she refused to let me go home by myself.

When I got home, I saw mom asleep on the couch wearing nothing but her panties. A sight I've seen a hundred times but still makes my eyes bleed. Metaphorically. I grab a blanket and put it over my mom while trying to avert my gaze. When she's covered I watch her sleep for a moment. She looks so peaceful. This is how I want to see her all the time. I kiss her on the forehead and leave her to sleep. Once in my room I settle down on the Xbox for a few hours.

Narrative Morrison returned home from a hard day's work at 8. She kicked off her shoes and hung up her jacket. After finishing some lasagna for dinner, she decided to take a shower. As the water grew hotter, she started undressing. She pulled the hair band out of her hair and her long blonde hair hung seductively past her shoulders. She undid the top two buttons of her pink shirt, her breasts heaved trying to get out.

She slipped of her shirt and her large round breasts were barely contained by her dark blue bra. She hooked her thumbs on the waistband of her trousers and pushed them down revealing her matching panties. After pulling her panties and bra off, she stepped under the water. The warm water splashed on her face as she ran her hands through her hair. The shampoo ran from her hair down her chest. She rubbed her breasts as she washed them.

With her breasts getting attention for the first time in a long time, she felt herself getting very aroused. Nearly reaching 30, she put her career before her social life. Her hand slowly fell down to her pussy. She rubbed it slowly while she fantasized about her ex husband who may have been an asshole, but he was a great fuck. As she came close to Cumming she began rubbing her clit faster. Her legs began shaking as she came like an explosion in her loins.

After her solo session, she dried herself and lay in bed watching tv with a glass of wine. Emily walked into her room and was about to get ready for bed but she had a feeling she wasn't alone.

"How do you feel?" Emily spun round to see crossblade stood in the dark corner of her room. Emily stood paralysed with fear. Unsure of what to say. "Fine!" She mumbled. Crossblade walked over and said "don't be afraid! I'm not gonna hurt you! I'm after the scum that haunt this city." Emily understood but she couldn't shake the fear. "I want you to tell all your friends about me!

Tell them in here to wipe these streets clean." With that he opened Emily's bedroom window and climbed out. As the weeks went on there were more reported sightings of crossblade. Saving people all over the city.

There was no clue to his identity or motivation. Nothing was known about him, just that he had a deep desire to help people. Just as she was told Emily spread crossblade's message. He was quickly becoming a legend. This was very bad news for Morrison as the heat began to build on her. She was pressured more every day to take crossblade down. She was going over all the information she had when the chief came in. "Morrison, murder in the castle estate off you go!".

Morrison got down there and immediately recognized Emily's body. A wave of emotion hit her. At 18, Emily was far too young.

According to the M.E, cause of death was a gunshot wound to the heart. This was big trouble for Morrison. Not only was she given the responsibility of finding crossblade but also finding Emily's killer. George was sat watching the news while he ate breakfast. He paused upon hearing the word murder. A picture of Emily his eyes were fixed on the screen as the details of the horrible crime were explained.

He felt a surge of anger hit him. Someone would have to pay for this. It was late at night. Crossblade was stood on the roof of a building looking down on the streets.

He had to make up for his failure to protect Emily. The best way to do that was to make sure that what happened to her never happened to anyone else again.

He found his target. Joseph Clinton. He was arrested a week earlier for the possession of an illegal firearm. He would be able to tell Crossblade where Emily's murder weapon came from. Crossblade jumped from the building, sliding down the wall of the next building. He landed in a dark alley and waited for Joseph to approach. As Joseph came into view, Crossblade said "Hey!" In a loud whisper.

Joseph looked down the alleyway but saw no one. Crossblade's black suit made him a shadow in the dark. Joseph knew going down there would be a death wish in this city but curiosity got the better of him. He wandered down the alley until he was grabbed and dragged around the corner. There was terror in his eyes as he looked into the eyes of his captor. "WHERE DID YOU GET THE GUN FROM!" Said Crossblade in a booming voice. "I.i dunno what your talking about!" Said Joseph.

Crossblade pulled out one of his swords. "If you don't tell me, I'll cut off your fingers one by one til you do!


When I run out of fingers, I'll find something else to cut off." Joseph was so terrified he squealed like a piggy, telling Crossblade everything he knew. Crossblade hid behind a tree looking at a house that had been sealed up tight. The house looked run down, it had a steel door, there were bars on the window and there was a garage on the side.

Crossblade watched patiently as he saw someone leave. They put in the bag what looked like a magnum. This was the place. Crossblade walked up and knocked the door. A small sliding window opened and someone peeked outside to see Crossblade. He gave Crossblade a funny look before saying "What the fuck do you want!" "A gun!" Said Crossblade. "Piss of man we don't sell guns here!" Crossblade pulled out a big wad of money and said "Then I'll take this money to someone else".

Crossblade started to walk away before he heard "Wait!" Crossblade looked round and the steel door opened. Crossblade walked inside and was immediately in the face of the houses owner. He looked like a crackhead. He was, pale, had bags under his eyes, stubble and scruffy hair. "My name's Ian! Never use that name in public!" Crossblade stood still as a statue staring at Ian. "Come with me!" Said Ian. Crossblade followed him into a room fogged out with weed smoke.

To his left was a sofa, at the end of the sofa was a naked woman. She was a beautiful brunette about 5'8. Her long brown hair was messy and sweaty. Which meant either she just got the fucking of her life or she was coming down from a bad trip. Her tits were solid C cups. She was completely naked except for a pair of nylon stockings she had on. She could barely move, she was moaning, her breathing was heavy and she couldn't keep her eyes open.

Crossblade quickly deduced that she had OD'd. "Is she ok?" He said without any concern in his voice. "Don't you worry about her!" Said Ian. "Sit down and I'll show you the merchandise!" Crossblade sat on the sofa next to the woman and looked around.

On the table in front of him were a row of handguns, all different makes and models. Around the house, weed plants were being grown in pots. Ian began showing Crossblade each gun and the story behind it. At the end of the presentation, Ian said "So which will it be?" "None!" Said Crossblade. In an instant, Crossblade pulled a knife from the strap on his leg and plunged it into Ian's hand.

Ian screamed for a second before being punched in the face. Crossblade flipped the table on top of Ian and jumped on it. Ian was unconscious. Crossblade pulled his knife out of Ian's hand and handcuffed him to a pipe. Crossblade picked up the phone and dialled in a number.

"Inspector Morrison, who am I speaking with?" She said down the phone.

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"This is Crossblade!" There was a moments silence as Morrison had no idea what to say or do. Crossblade spoke for her. "There's a run down old house at the end of the castle estate. You find everything you need to stop the illegal guns in this city." With that Crossblade hung up.

He scooped the woman up in his arms and walked towards the door. Before he reached the door, he stopped and looked next to him. He the lifted the woman over his shoulder and grabbed a weed plant from the counter before leaving. Morrison arrived at the house not sure what to expect. The door was open slightly, so she pulled out her weapon and peered inside.

Holding her gun in front of her, Morrison began searching the house. When she entered the front room she found the place tipped, guns all over the floor and Ian cuffed to a pipe. On the table beside her was a tape recorder with Morrison's name on it. She played the tape and heard the entire conversation between Ian and Crossblade. With the guns and the taped confession, Morrison had all the evidence she needed and she called for back-up.

Ian was carried out by the police and arrested. Morrison walked out with a smile on her face. She couldn't deny, this Crossblade vigilante did something to help clear up the streets. Crossblade was at the local hospital having dropped the junkie woman off. He wrapped her in a blanket and left her outside before calling someone from inside to find her. "That's enough work for tonight!". Daniel's mom the same night Here I am sitting in my car outside his house. I've seen Dwayne a few times now.

He's my least favourite client. He seems to really get off on this rape fantasy. He's 21 half my age! Every time I go home hurt and a little dead inside but he's the best paying client I have. I'm wearing a tight white shirt and a black leather skirt. As per his request I'm braless and pantiless.

It's times like this I think back to why I am what I am. Daniel's father was abusive towards me. I hated the man with a passion. Daniel never saw him belt me. Every morning since he was 5 he used to ask me why I was limping. I would always say "I'm fine honey I fell out of bed and hurt myself". I guess eventually he realised what was really happening. He never told me that he knew. He just asked me if I was ok. After telling him I was fine he would hug me and rub my shoulders.

A small thing but made me feel so safe and taken care of. My precious son, my reason for living. Mercifully Daniel's father died in a car crash when he was 14. I thought it was the beginning of a happy future. With a son to look after, I went looking for work.

In this city, its hard to get a job where the boss doesn't expect you to suck him off. For a while I refused. But the rent on the apartment was due and I refused to let my son sleep on the streets so I gave in and traded sexual favours to the boss.

After the sick fucks came in my mouth they would laugh and tell me there was no place for whores in there company. Eventually the landlord came to the flat and asked me to pack up my things. I pleaded on my knees for him to give me more time.

He had an evil smile on his face and said we could work something out. I knew exactly what that meant.

I told Daniel to go play with his childhood friend George. The landlord fucked me bent over my son's bed. For hours he treated me like a whore without restraint or respect. He left as Daniel walked in.

The bastard said "You got a great mom kid!" And left. The look on my son's face was like having my heart ripped out. Daniel's a smart kid and could easily tell what had just happened. What was once total love in his eyes was now shame and resentment. I cried myself to sleep that night. The landlord visited me every month after that for a repeat performance.

Eventually he wanted sex and money, but I was still without a job. Only the job seekers allowance let me by food and other essentials. I told the landlord I couldn't afford to pay him more than sex. He suggested a few friends of his that would pay alot of money for a "Mommy whore" like me.

It was my only option. I met his friends and they made me their whore, paying me a couple hundred each. Eventually the word spread of my desperation and more people began offering me money for my body.

That's how I met Dwayne, his father owns the queen's crown pub around the corner. He seemed like a sweet kid at first. I went to his house ready to offer myself to him while his father was at work. He's a 6' ft black kid with a well toned body. What the say about a black man's cock isn't always true this time it is.

He invited me in and offered me a glass of wine. We made small talk until he told me to head up to the bedroom. I went up willingly with a smile on my face. "What a sweet boy!" I thought to myself. And that's when it happened. The masked figure grabbed me from behind with me his arm wrapped around my throat.

He made me feel like a worthless piece of ass as he pretended to rape me all night. The next morning he threw £800 at me and told me to get the fuck out. After that he called me once a week every week. I can't tell Daniel, how can I. "Sweety the reason your mommy's a whore is because I'm not good enough to get a decent job. If I don't fuck everyone we'll end up on the streets". Now here I am once again sat outside his house in my car contemplating whether or not to go through with it.

Eventually I decide I need the money and exit the car. I don't knock as I walk in, by now I know not to. I just walk around the house for a bit waiting for him to jump me. I walk into the kitchen and feel his cold hands clamp onto my mouth. I pretend to scream and fight him as he begins licking the side of my face. With his right hand over my mouth his left hand hoists up my skirt and he begins to finger me.

I'm still screaming into his hand as my pussy begins to get wet. His middle finger slides in and out of me while his thumb pressures my clit. I'm sure that any second I'm gonna cum. I can't help it it feels so good. I'm still struggling against him when he suddenly says "How does you son feel about you being my whore!" My mind suddenly flashes to that hateful look on Daniel's face.

That does it. I'm crying. "That's a good girl cry for me!" Dwayne says. He pushes me against the wall and unzips my skirt, pulling it to my feet.

I can already feel him pushing his cock into me. I squeal loudly as my head is pushed and held against the wall. Inch by inch his cock enters my tight pussy until his entire length is buried inside me. Then he starts hammering into me as I continue crying.i can't get the memory of Daniel's face out of my head.

The tears are running down my cheek as my cum drips down my legs. Dwayne's got a tight grip on my hips as he continues pounding me. The sound of our bodies slapping into each other is echoing as he uses me. The thought of which is making me so horny. I'm disgusting. He's growling like an animal as he slaps my ass. I'm sure there's gonna be a huge hand print there later. I'm moaning loudly and try to push him away. He likes it when I fight him.

He takes a handful of hair and yanks my head back as he whispers into my ear. "Your son's lost all respect for you!" He says while he fucks me. The tears are running down my face like a burst pipe. Dwayne pulls out of me and pulls me away from the wall and throughs me at a table. I'm still sniffling as I look up to him. He pushes me onto my back on the table and re enters me. He leans down and licks the tears off my face.

It seems to feed his animalistic nature. He begins fucking me again while he pulls my tits out from my top. They jiggle up and down as he pounds my pussy. "Say the lines!" He demands. I don't want to they only degrade me further.

"Say them or I stab your son!" "Please! Please sir I'm just a worthless cunt who dresses like a slut! Please don't hurt me!" A wicked smile appears on his face as his cock slams into my pussy.

"No!" He says "You dress like that you must want attention. I'm just giving you what you wanted" he says as he saws in and out of me. Oh my god his cock is so good! I can feel it stretching me out. I'm gonna cum soon. Any second now. Almost there. Just. A little. "NO PLEASE DON'T STOP IM GONNA CUM!" I scream at him. He laughs at me before rolling me over. Now I'm bent over the table. Suddenly I feel a long hard object penetrate my pussy.

I nearly go crazy as the object starts vibrating.

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Dwayne's holding me down and but I'm thrashing against him in absolute bliss. Then I feel him stand behind me and start rubbing the head of his cock against my asshole. In one quick move he pushes his whole cock into my ass. With the intrusion of my ass and the stimulation from my pussy, I can't help it I cum hard.

By the time I finish cumming I'm shaking I have no energy to fight anymore. I'm just an attractive piece of flesh lying on a table for him to fuck. Every guys dream right? His grunting gets harder and heavier, he grabs my hips tighter and begins fucking me harder.

A few strikes later, he pushes his whole length into me and holds me there as he cums in my ass. After a few seconds he pulls out and tells me to take my money and fuck off. I dress, pick up the pile of money on the counter and try to leave when he calls out to me.

I turn to see him holding a beer in his hands. "Will you do anything to protect your son from harm" "Yes obviously!" I say with a frustrated tone I just wanna take my money and get out of here. "Then fuck his friend!" I need to take a minute to make sure I heard that right. "What!" Is all I say. "Fuck his friend George!" "I can't do that! I can't hurt Daniel more than I already have!" He shakes his head in despair and says "then I guess I'll have to slit his throat and piss on his corpse.

That's when the instincts of a mother come in. You threaten my child and I swear I'll rip your cock off with my teeth. I run at Dwayne ready to punch him in the nose but he dodges the attack and back hands me across the face. I hit the floor hard and look up at him. "I'll forgive you for that. But try that again and I'll take it out on your son.

Now fuck his friend George by the end of the week or I kill Daniel. Simple." I leave his house and head home with alot to think about. By now I've already decided that there's no other option. I need to hurt my son again to stop him from getting hurt by someone worse.

I need to have sex with George. The kid that Daniel's played with since he was 5. He used to ride his bike around our flat. He used to come over for lunch.

He was so well behaved, so polite and so sweet. Oh god what am I gonna do!? George at his place 13:30 next day George woke up late the next day. Having had a late night. It was a knock at the door that woke him. His mom was at work. His dad? It was anyone's guess, he had a habit of disappearing sometimes for days.

He pulled on some jeans and a shirt and went downstairs to answer the door. He froze at the sight of Inspector Morrison standing there with a smile.

"Are you George?" She asked sweetly. George nodded his head getting nervous. "I just have a few questions can I come in!" George nodded and stood aside for Morrison to enter. Morrisons face dropped at the state of the house filled with broken glasses and beer bottles. George brushed aload of beer cans from the sofa and motioned for her to sit.

Morrison sat and tried to keep it professional. "I just have a few questions. Do you know this girl?" She asked handing George a picture. George recognised Emily's face and said "Yeah, she's the girl who was murdered the other day." Morrison nodded and said "Yes she was also a girl from your English class!" George nodded solemnly. "Do you know anyone who'd want to hurt her?" Morrison asked.

"In this city? Anyone. I dunno if you noticed but in this place you get stabbed for looking at someone wrong!" George said angrily. Morrison was shocked at his bluntness. But maintained her composure. "where were you on the night that she was saved by this crossblade vigilante!" George smirked and said "I was here. Why?" "Because I have a feeling that Crossblade's actions are what got Emily killed." George's face dropped and he quickly countered "AND YOU THINK THAT I'M Crossblade!

You're crazy, I was here ask my dad. He was giving me a beating all night!" At that point George lifted his shirt revealing bruises all over his ribs. To say Morrison was shocked would be the understatement of the century. Her mouth fell open as she gasped, placing her hand over her mouth. "Don't worry George I promise I'll do everything in my power to get you out of here!" She said as she got up to leave. Without even looking at George she left the flat and began making calls.

George was immediately on the phone to Daniel panicking. "Dan! Shit! Morrison just came by asking about Emily! She thinks I'm the reason she's dead!" "Whoah George Chill!


She's just fishing! She's getting desperate! Look come over to my house and we'll talk about it!" Daniel hung up and George left. George was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't even realise how far he'd walked. It felt like he'd disappeared from his flat and reappeared at Daniel's.

He knocked the door and stood waiting. The door opened and george's eyes widened. There stood in all her glory was Daniel's mom in nothing but an open bath robe. He had to admire how round her big tits were, her nicely trimmed pussy looked very inviting. The smile left her face in half a second as she frantically tried to cover herself.

"Shit! George I'm sorry I was waiting for someone else!" She said red with embarrassment. She let George enter as he said "Noooooo please don't apologise!" He said grinning.

"Shut up you pervert!" She said playfully slapping him on the back of the head. George walked up to Daniel's room to see him lifting weights while music played. Daniel put the weights down and began wiping himself with a towl. "Hey George, take a seat.

Would you like a drink?" "Yeah, I think I better or I'm gonna go crazy!" Said george. Daniel poured two small glasses of whiskey and handed one to George which he finished in one go. "Dan I'm scared! I dunno what to do!" George said in a panicked tone.

"George I told you it's fine, what we're doing is right. And better yet, the police have no idea, like I said they're fishing for clues. I expect I'll get a call from Morrison too." George began taking deep breaths and relaxed his voice before speaking again. "What if she was right? What if. Emily's dead because of us? What if we made a huge mistake?" Dan pondered for a minute and said "I can't say whether Morrison was right or not. But Crossblade is a symbol to give people hope.

To turn fear on those who pray on the fearful. Crossblade is here the save the city, we can't give up when innocent people start dying, we avenge them.

If you make yourself more then just a man you become something else entirely. A legend!" "You can't help with the movie references can you?" George said with a light smirk. Dan smiled back before continuing. "We can't think about "What ifs". We need to move on and save as many people as we can.

One day we may inspire the people to save their city." George nodded lightly. They both stood and embraced in a hug. "Thankyou my brother, you got my back?" "Man you know I got your back! Stay here and help yourself to more drinks, I'm gonna get more beer in." Dan was about to leave the room when George called out "I saw your mom naked!" "Shut up!" Said Daniel.

George was still laughing when Mrs. Green/Daniel's mom entered. "What's so funny?" She asked. "Oh nothing I was just joking with your son." "About seeing me naked I suspect!" Said Mrs. Green. George fell to the bed again laughing. Even Mrs. Green giggled about it and sat on the bed next to him. They made small talk about each other's lives though it wasn't a pleasant conversation on either side. "So any other family?" Asked George. "I have a sister who lives in America, we don't talk as much as we should.

She's got an adopted son called Rick. Nice guy, got his own business." "Oh really? What kind of business?" Asked George. "I dunno some private heroes thing. Or whatever!" She said shrugging her shoulders. They continued talking and George noticed his friends mom slowly creeping closer and closer. George started feeling nervous as she began rubbing his leg.

"Don't be nervous George, I do this for a living" she said smiling. George jumped up and said "I'm sorry can't do this, Dan's like a brother to me! I can't betray him like this!" "George I remember you as a little kid riding his bike outside my flat. I just wanna see the man you've become!" "I'm sorry, you're really hot and I love it but this can't happen.

I won't lose my brother over this!" George said firmly. "George whose idea do you think this was?" George stood there dumbfounded. "Daniel told me to take care of you the only way I know how!" She said walking towards George. "I promise you Daniel is fine with this!" She began kissing his neck but George was reluctant to respond.

He couldn't deny the huge boner in his shorts. Slowly he began to loosen up, placing his hands on her hips. The smell of her perfume was intoxicating. A loud groan left his mouth as she nibbled his earlobe.

His hands slid from her hips down to her ass. He grabbed her ass and hoisted her up in the air. She wrapped her legs and arms around him as their tounges battled. A pure lust filled kiss driven by desire. George walked over and dropped the milf on the bed. He grabbed the waistband of her jean shorts and yanked the down.

Mrs. Green laughed like a maniac as George ripped her panties off. He was quick to bury his face in the pussy of his friends whore mother. Mrs. Green threw her head back and gripped the bed sheets as she gasped. "OH! Fuuuuck! I haven't had a man do it that good in a long time!". That last comment fueled George's ego as he ran his tounge up and down her pussy. Mrs. Green squealed still gripping the bed sheets. Her grip was so tight she thought her hand might start bleeding.

George's tounge ran up and down, round and round, in and out. Mrs. Green lifted her legs so that they were resting against each of her breasts. As George licked the sweets juices from her he began to growl like an animal. He placed his thumb on her clit and began to press down on it rubbing it in circles.

Mrs. Green's legs began to spasm shaking hard as her breaths became short and rapid. George spat on her pussy and stood as Mrs. green slithered off the bed on to her knees. In a flash, George had his pants down and his 8 inch cock out. Mrs. Green greedily took it in her mouth like it was the first bit of food she'd had in weeks. Her head bobbed up and down George's cock like an experienced slut. her tounge snaked around his cock massaging it in her mouth. George's groaning grew harder as she started jerking him in her mouth.

She started pushing more of him into her mouth until she gagged. Drool leaked from her mouth. "This is for Daniel! This is for Daniel! This is for Daniel!" She repeated in her head. She bobbed her head even more while George grunted above her. "Oh fuck! That's good!" He said. She ignored him and continued her work until he was ready. He lifted her up and lay her on the bed.

He spent the first few seconds rubbing her clit with his cock. The pleasure hit her like an electric shock. She gasped and soon she forgot everything. She needed his cock! "Put it in me George! Please fuck me!" George placed his cock the entrance of her hole and thrust forwards. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she gasped as he began thrusting slowly in and out of her.

She watched his cock slide out of her pussy and back in again. She reached down and spread her pussy lips apart for him. George began to pick up the pace and hammered into her. Mrs. Green moaned loudly as his cock slapped into her. "Aaaahaaahhahaha oh yeah! Fuck me George! Fuck me harder!" George pounded her with no remorse as he lifted her legs over his shoulders. they looked into each others. In George's eyes Mrs. Green saw disbelief and absolute bliss. In her eyes, George saw shame and self loathing.

She didn't really wanna do this. By why was she so willing? Why seduce him if she didn't want. "I need to stop now!" George thought to himself. Unfortunately as soon as George came to this realisation Daniel walked in. They both froze. Believing that Daniel had set this up George found the situation nothing more than awkward. While Mrs. Green was mortified. "NO!" Daniel shouted angrily. "NOT GEORGE! NOT MY FRIENDS!" he shouted at his mom. George was confused.

"Dan mate, what's wrong I thought you set this up?" Daniel turned to George and George saw the rage in his eyes. That's when George finally caught on. Mrs Green had lied to him. "Dan mate I'm so sorry she told me you asked her to do it." It was now that Mrs. Green spoke up. "That's right Daniel I lied to him by you don't know the full story." "I don't wanna know the full story" said Daniel. "I knew you were a fucking whore but you just don't give a shit about me do you!" "Honey it's not like that I swear!

Dwayne wanted." "Don't fucking insult me by lying to me ok! And you!" Daniel turned to George. "You expect me to believe that she fed you a load of bullshit and you believed her! Your either a fucking idiot or full of shit! Either way I'm done with both of you!" Daniel stormed out and Mrs.

Green fell to knees crying. George stood there in an emotional turmoil. His life had gone from fucking amazing to up shits creek in a few seconds. He'd lost his best friend. His worst fears had been realised. He looked down at Mrs green crying and said in a calm tone "Why did you lie?" She looked up at him and began relaying the story from the beginning. Dwayne in his room pacing nervously.

This Crossblade creep is causing alot of trouble I heard from my inside contact that the Morrison bitch took down Ian and seized his stash. Obviously he doesn't like being in my pocket but he should have thought of that before asking me for a teen slut to play with.

But losing Ian's guns puts me in a financial sink hole. That's over £10,000 worth of cargo gone in one night. Which means my pockets are getting real small real fast. But I've got plans in motion to make this creep disappear.

I cant kill him. Its too much heat but if I can make his best friend kill him, lucky I've got his whore mother in my pocket. Of course I'll have to cut her loose when its over but she'll be pretty easy to replace. I already control the guns in this city, once I control the drugs and the entire police force, I'll run this city. Won't be hard everyone has a weak spot. Daniel same time across the estate "How the fuck could he!

My best friend! My brother! Have sex with my mother and then try to tell me some bullshit story. I've loved him like a brother my whole life. Shown him nothing but respect. It was me who protected him from those muggers a few years ago. It was me who taught him how to protect himself.

How could he do this to me. I swear next time he's unlucky enough to run into me, I'll make it so he can never fuck again".

Daniel's attention was gained by a couple of hooligans stood against a block of flats wolf whistling. Daniel was about to knock them out when he realised they weren't whistling at him.

He noticed Morrison walking quickly past with her head down. She said nothing as they taunted her. "C'mon babe don't ignore us". She walked past them but her path was cut off by another creep with his hood up. He grabbed Morrison and pushed her against the wall. He grabbed her tits through her shirt. The others started to join in and started molesting her. Morrison screamed and tried to reach for her pistol. One of them took it from her and threw it away.

Morrison, in a terrified state begged them to let her go. Daniel picked up a large stick and walked over. He walked up behind one of them and swung the stick at the back of his head. The attacker cried out in pain and Daniel smashed his head against the building.

The others attempted to fight Daniel. One by one he smacked them across the face and they dropped like flies. Morrison watched scared stiff as all of her attempted rapists lay unconscious on the ground. "Are you ok?" Asked Daniel. Struggling to find her voice Morrison nodded.

"Where do you live?" He asked. Morrison pointed up to the third floor.

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Daniel took her in his arms and walked up up through the flats. When they reached the door, Morrison unlocked it and Daniel guided her inside and sat her on the couch.

With Morrison sat on the couch, Daniel walked into the kitchen and found a bottle of whiskey. He poured two small glasses and rejoined Morrison handing her a glass. Morrison took the glass and quickly took a large gulp. Daniel looked around the room and saw it was tidy. There was a small tv in the corner. Next to it was a small table. A mirror was on the wall above it. It looked Victorian antique.

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Daniel didn't know that for sure, after all what did he know about history? The only thing he knew about history is that a few years ago a guy in his car got shot by a sniper in Texas; and that England once went to war with a midget with greasy hair and a stupid mustache. His thoughts were stopped by Morrison suddenly clutching him in a hug. She held him tight and thanked him repeatedly. As she cried into his shoulder, Daniel's cock was harder then a coffin nail.

A few minutes later she released him. Hopefully before she felt his erection. "Thankyou for what you did out there!" She said wiping her tears. Trying to regain her composure. "It was nothing" said Daniel being modest "I couldn't leave you to those animals". "I don't know what this city is coming to!" Said Morrison drinking more whiskey. "When I was your age it was never this bad! Now I have to grow eyes in the back of my head!" "I'm sorry I never got your name!" Said Daniel.

"I'm Dan! Green!" "Ellie Morrison!" She replied. "The way you took those guys down. I've never seen anything like that! How did you do that?" "I've been practising all the fighting styles I can think of. You need 'em in a place like this." "Yeah I can see that!" She said as she took another swig from her glass. Having gotten past the fear, Morrison was now able to think straight. As she looked at Daniel more clearly she went straight into detective mode.

"Wait! Daniel Green? I was actually coming over to talk to you." Daniel smirked. "small world, you wouldn't have found me there. I ain't going back to that place." "What happened?" Morrison asked dropping her professional side for a moment.

"Best friend is a backstabbing prick!" Morrison was stunned at his bluntness. "That guy is on borrowed time." Daniel said angrily.

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"Old friendships are irreplaceable" said Morrison. "how do you know we're old friends?" Daniel asked stunned. "I can see how angry you are at him. And I can see you two have been through alot together. And that's worth saving." With his anger temporarily passed, Daniel was able to think more clearly. Morrison was right. George had betrayed him but if there was a chance that their friendship could be salvaged Daniel was willing to listen. Daniel noticed her glass was empty and gulped down his drink and took it back to the kitchen for a refill.

They continued talking and drinking when Morrison began asking about Daniel's knowledge about Crossblade. Daniel gave short answers. Morrison was growing frustrated and decided to leave it alone since she wasn't prepared for the interview. The mood lightened and they began laughing about normal things.

Daniel began to notice that at some point, Morrison had crept a few inches closer to him. She was now able to reach out and touch him.

She stroked down the side of his face. Daniel reached and tucked her hair behind her ear before stroking her cheek. They gazed into each others eyes as if trying to read each other souls.

Then with no words spoken they jammed their lips together. Morrison pushed Daniel onto his back never breaking the kiss. Her hands went under his shirt feeling his muscles. Daniel's hands started on the back of her legs and crept up under her skirt squeezing her ass. Their lust filled kiss continued as they groped each other. Daniel stopped their kiss and moved to her neck kissing and licking. Morrison hadn't had any intimate contact from a man in a long time. Daniel was quite a bit younger than her but he had courage, bravery and determination and Morrison had never been more attracted to someone.

She sat up on his lap and pulled her jacket off. She threw it across the room and pulled her tits out of her top before lowering them to Daniel's face. Daniel sucked them greedily. She gasped out loud and pulled Daniel up so that they were both sat up straight. Daniel's lips were still locked around her nipples while he squeezed the other. The pleasure hit Morrison like a bolt of lightning. She wrapped her arms around his head and pulled him in tighter.

Daniel pushed Morrison down onto her back and pulled his shirt off. Morrison unbuttoned her top and slid it off her shoulders.

They resumed there kiss while Morrison unzipped Daniel's jeans and pulled out his throbbing cock. Stroking it up and down, Morrison's tounge battled with Daniel's. Lust filled the air and the couple's patience wore thin.

Morrison pushed Daniel to sit down as she bent down and took him in her mouth. Slurping noises echoed as she bobbed her head up and down while playing with his balls.

Daniel ran his fingers through her hair gently pushing her down further. At first Morrison gagged but quickly got used to it and was able to get Daniel's entire length in her mouth. Daniel felt his balls starting to boil. He was certain that soon he would be shooting his load down her throat. But Morrison stopped her masterful sucking and straddled his hips. She guided Daniel's cock to her whole and poked at the entrance.

Daniel couldn't believe how tight she was. It was like he'd have more luck trying to get his cock through a crack in the wall. "Fuck sake!" Morrison said in frustration.

"Let me in Ellie, let me in!" He said in a seductive tone. After some shifting and grinding, Daniel's cock began to slide in slowly. Ellie gasped and grunted in pleasure or pain. Daniel wasn't sure which. But she kept it up as inch by inch slid into Ellie's dripping pussy, until she was eventually sat on Daniel's lap.

"I'm a little sensitive, please go slow!" She said desperately. She began grinding on Daniel's lap moaning while licking her lips. Daniel reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks. He lifted her off his lap before pushing her back down again. Ellie's moans near enough turned into screams as Daniel's hard cock penetrated her over and over again. Her ass slapped onto Daniel's thighs as he held her tightly.

The sight of Ellie's tits jumping up and down made him almost explode but he forced himself to hold out. With Ellie still bouncing on his cock, Daniel latched onto her nipples with his mouth. Sucking them greedily, Daniel growled like an animal as Ellie bounced on his cock. Without warning, Daniel stood carrying Ellie in his arms with his cock still inside her.

He walked over to a nearby table and sat her down. Ellie spread her legs wide as Daniel thrust back and forth slowly. His cock was coated in her juices. Ellie looked down at his cock thrusting in and out moaning loudly. Her right hand left the table and began stroking her pussy furiously. Her fingers were rubbing circles on her clit as Daniel grunted. "Oh! Fuck me harder!" She begged. "Oh Shit! First cock. In Years. Fuck me harder!" Those words were music to Daniel's ears as he began to pound Ellie's pussy.

Daniel was in heaven. Watching her tits bounce. Hearing her cry in pleasure. Feeling her warm pussy grip his cock. Ellie screamed and grabbed Daniel, holding him tight as she shuddered rode out her orgasm. "What kinda man would leave this behind?" Said Daniel and Ellie smiled. "That was amazing". Daniel pulled his cock out of her and Ellie's eyes went wide.

"Are you still hard?" Daniel smirked and Ellie was smiling ear to ear with her eyes sparkling. She jumped off the table and took Daniel's hand leading him to the bedroom. In the bedroom was a double bed and at the end of the room was a tv sat on a set of draws. Ellie span Daniel around so his back to the bed and pushed him down onto it. He smiled as she stood in front of him watching him.she was rubbing her pussy while ducking her little finger.

Daniel tried to stand up again but was quickly tackled back down. Ellie straddled his lap again and wasted no time getting his cock back in her pussy. She fucked him hard raising herself up before dropping back down.

She had her hands running through her hair as he bounced on Daniel's cock moaning loud. Her eyes were closed and her mouth hung open. "Cum for me baby! Cum for me!" Daniel's cock felt like it would explode as he began matching her thrusts. He grabbed her hips and and began fucking her back. Finally Daniel held her down as he released his cum deep inside her pussy gaining one final orgasm from Ellie and she collapsed on top of him.

The two of them stayed there bathed in sweat. Eventually Ellie slid off of him to the side and rested her head on his chest. "maybe I should stick to the young one's" said Ellie smiling. "Hate to say it but all we think about is sex!" Said Daniel to which Ellie chuckled.

"I hope you don't think I plan to marry you!" She said. "Sorry but your too young and I've got a reputation to protect." They both laughed at that.

After a few minutes, Ellie's phone rung. She answered it in a sweet voice at first but quickly turned serious. "Where? How many? Are the riot squad ready? Ok, im on my way." With that she hung up the phone and jumped out of bed and began to get dressed for work. "Sorry but your gonna have to leave.

There's a riot happening in the city centre I need to get there and try to help." Daniel looked at her concerned but nodded as he also got dressed. Just as Ellie was about to run out of the house, Daniel grabbed her hand and pulled her in for a long passionate kiss. She returned the kiss before the broke and Daniel said "Be careful!" "I will, when your ready leave the house and use the spare key under the mat to lock the door".

George in his house at the same time. A riot in the town centre, I can't think of a better time to get down there and confront Dwayne. The police will be so busy that I can get down there without being noticed. I'd feel alot better about this if Daniel was here. Once I'm finished tonight I need to try and find him and set about fixing things. Mrs Green told me everything about Dwayne.

She had no choice, but I did. I didn't even ask I just went for it. Daniel may forgive his mom but it'll take a bit more for him to forgive me.

I cant focus on that now. I need to get out there and do the job. Narrative.

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Crossblade left the house and headed for the town centre. He climbed to the roof of a nearby block of flats and overlooked the city. You could see the fires from miles away. He stepped off the block and grabbed hold of a drain pipe sliding all the way down to the ground.

Sticking to the back alleys, he ran across the city towards the chaos. Mrs green had given him Dwayne's address which was a flat above a pub. Dwayne owned several houses around the city but this flat was rent free since the pub was owned by his father. The plan was simple sneak in, kill Dwayne, sneak out.

How hard can it be. Daniel back at his flat. Daniel was at the door to his flat. He had no idea what he would say. He didn't know if George or his mom were still here.

He took a deep breath and opened the door stepping. Immediately his mom jumped up from the couch and almost ran to him before pulling him in for a suffocating hug. "Oh baby im sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you. I can explain". Daniel's anger instantly returned and he pushed her away before running upstairs.

He grabbed a black bag and slung it over his shoulder. He ran back downstairs and was almost at the door before his mom stood in the way. "baby you don't understand. Dwayne.

" was as far she got before Daniel told her to move. At that moment Mrs green blew up. "DANIEL! YOU LISTEN TO ME RIGHT NOW!". Daniel was shocked. She very rarely raised her voice to him. He was still angry but he was listening. "Daniel, I had no choice. Dwayne told me that if I didn't have sex with George, he'd kill you." Daniel's mind was blown. Dwayne. He'd heard the name before but he'd never had any involvement with the guy.

But then the fog began to clear. He didn't want Daniel dead. He wanted Crossblade dead. "He knows who I am!" He thought to himself. His moms voice shook him out of his daydream. "Son please say something!". Daniel looked up to her and asked "Where's George?". "He left after he saw those riots on telly. "Shit!" Daniel thought to himself.

"He's gone after Dwayne I need to get out there and help him". He kissed him mom on the cheek and said they'd talk later. Crossblade outside Dwayne's bedroom window. Crossblade looked through the window and saw that the room was empty. He broke glass and unlocked it before entering. He pulled out a sword and began searching for Dwayne. On the bedroom door was a note. "On the roof!". Crossblade left the room and climbed the side of the building. Up to the roof. As he pulled himself up he threw himself over the wall as a fire axe came swinging in his direction.

He quickly stood as Dwayne came running at him screaming as he swung the axe again. Crossblade ducked under and planted his fist I Dwayne's Jaw. Dwayne staggered back but quickly came back with the axe. He took many swings which Crossblade easily dodged until the handle came back and knock Crossblade to the ground. Dwayne walked to his side smiling. "I knew Daniel didn't have the balls to finish you! Its like they say, if you want something done" he said raising the axe "Do it yourself!" The axe came down but stopped dead.

Crossblade looked up and saw the axe had been blocked by a sword. He looked behind him and saw another Crossblade holding the sword. The second Crossblade swung the sword and the axe left Dwayne's hands before he kicked him to the ground. The first Crossblade looked up and said "You came back!?" The second Crossblade held out his hand to help his friend up.

"You really think im gonna sit back and let you take credit for this one?" They both chuckled. Dwayne picked himself up smiling. "Two of you, Ha! I didn't see that coming! George and Daniel are Crossblade!?". George and Daniel took out their swords and prepared to fight.

"You got my back bro?" Asked Daniel. "Always!" Said George. They both charged at Dwayne swinging their swords at Dwayne. They were surprised at how skilled he was fighting two opponents. The two swords were deflected off of the axe as they both fought. As Dwayne blocked one attack he kicked the other to the ground.

In one quick move the swords locked with the axe. The three struggled for control of the fight. Dwayne grunted as he tried to push the swords away. Suddenly he swung his axe and both swords flew out of their masters grip.

Dwayne swung the axe back towards his enemies. The Daniel threw himself to the ground to avoid the attack but the George wasn't so lucky. The axe flew towards him and buried itself in his neck. He screamed in pain as blood poured from his neck.

"NOOOO!!!" screamed Daniel. He watched as his closest friend fell to the ground clutching his neck. Daniel's heart sank and was replaced with an uncontrollable source of anger. "One down, One to go!" Said Dwayne laughing. Daniel slowly picked himself up and grabbed his sword. His suit hid his expression but it was one of pure hatred. Daniel charged at Dwayne with his sword raised. The sword came flying down in an attempt to cut his enemy in half which was easily blocked.

Daniel brought the sword to the side of his head and swung it towards Dwayne's ribs. The attack was deflected back. Daniel staggered backwards to the ground dropping his sword.

Dwayne seized the opportunity to take his shot. He raised the axe above his head and swung down with brute force. Daniel quickly rolled to the side and the axe hit the ground inches from his head. Daniel quickly grabbed his sword and drove it upwards into Dwayne's chest. Dwayne screamed. Daniel pushed the sword in further and it forced its way through his heart. Further and further it went in till it popped out of his back. Dwayne stumbled backwards, dropping the axe before falling onto his back and he lay there dead.

Daniel jumped up and ran over to George who was alive but struggling to breathe. Daniel pulled off his mask and George's mask using both of them to put pressure on the wound. "George stay with me man! C'mon man please!". George was looking up at the sky but turned his head towards Daniel and smiled lightly.

"Thankyou." Said George. "For what?" Asked Daniel with tears in his eyes. "For coming back for me. I'm so sorry brother!" Said George who also had tears in his eyes. "Its ok, I know what happened! I forgive you." Said Daniel. George smiled lightly. "Daniel, I gotta. I gotta tell you something important. but you won't like it." Said George struggling to get the words out. "What is it brother?" Daniel replied.

"Your. Your mom was. The. The best lay I ever had!" George said laughing hard as he could. Even Daniel laughed at his friends joke. "Asshole!" Said Daniel laughing.

Once the laughing stopped George pulled Daniel closer and said "I love you my brother!" "I love you too man!" They both laughed at how gay they both sounded before George faded out of consciousness and life left him. Daniel sat their with his dead friend in his arms and cried hard. He hugged his friend for a while as he cried. After a few minutes, Daniel gently lay his friend on the ground and stood.

"FREEZE! POLICE!". Daniel looked to the side and saw Ellie stood there with her gun aimed at him. Her jaw dropped at the sight of Crossblade with his mask off. Daniel. It was Daniel Green. She looked down at his feet and saw a body laying beside him.

Another Crossblade. "Two of You!?" She asked trying to stay professional with little success. Daniel nodded his head sadly and said "George! My friend!" Ellie looked over at Dwayne's body and said "What about him?" With her gun still aimed at Daniel.

"That's Dwayne, he ran the guns in this city. He's the reason this city is the way it is. He had the right people in his pocket. Me and George were trying to stop him." Ellie suddenly became very angry.

"ITS NOT YOUR JOB! DO YOU KNOW WHAT CHOICE I HAVE TO MAKE NOW!?" Daniel nodded lightly. "Do what you have to Ellie!" He said. Ellie stood there conflicted. Her weapon still pointed at him.

she just stared at his blank expression while he waited for her to make a decision. Eventually she holstered her weapon and said "You have 5 minutes before I call it in!" Daniel stood there shocked. Was she really letting him go? "Why!" He asked quietly. "I dunno!" She replied shrugging her shoulders. "Maybe its because you have the best dick I've had in years." She said chuckling.

"by the way that's 4 minutes 40 seconds, I'd get going!" "Thankyou!" Said Daniel desperately as he picked up his mask and disappeared over the side of the building. Ellie Morrison a week later.

Thanks to Crossblade I was able to find the source of guns and drugs in this city. While searching Dwayne's room I also found a note book. Inside was a full detailed list of his plans and interestingly a list of officers on his payroll and some other officers who he had blackmailed. All of whom have been dealt with appropriately. I think its safe to say the police force in this city has been wiped clean, like the city.

For the first time in a long time, crime is at an all time low. No murders, no muggings, no assaults, nothing! If Crossblade keeps this up we're both gonna be outta the job. Except there's been no sightings of Crossblade that night. There were two victims. One of which was the pub owners son. The other was George. Nobody seems to know why he was there. There was nothing too unusual about the crime scene. It seems the two were fighting and killed each other. Open and shut case. The chief wanted to put it on crossblade so much but we both know there was no way he could.

It seems the people have started to look up to crossblade. Its sounding more and more like a dumb comic book. But still nobody knows who crossblade is. All secrecy aside I wanna see Daniel. Not to arrest him, but to talk to him. I told my superiors that the roof was clear apart from the bodies.

But Daniel lost his closest friend I just wanna make sure he's ok, but when I went over their he was gone. His mother said that he'd left a couple of days before and left no note. I could see the worry in her eyes. She honestly doesn't know where he is. I left my number with her and told her to call me if he came back. I just hope he's ok. The only thing worse than knowing your friend is feeling bad, I not knowing at all.

As I was sat at my desk doing some paperwork. One of my coworkers dropped an envelope beside me and told me it was for me. I opened it and found another envelope. On the front of the envelope it said "Burn After reading!" I left my desk and went to the evidence locker.

Its the only place in the station that doesn't have a fire alarm. I sat on the shelf ladder and opened the letter reading: Ellie, I'm sorry I haven't been in touch but I didn't have alot of time for sad goodbyes.

I wanna thankyou for what you did for me that night. And also what you did "to"me that night lol. I had hoped we could become good friends but not at the moment. Murder is a serious crime and the only person I have left is my mom who I love unconditionally. I guess you already went over to see her but don't bother she doesn't know where i am. There's only one other place for me in the world. I won't say where but I hope I'll be accepted maybe I can even continue my good work since I'm sure you have a handle on things down there.

you'll also receive a package from me consider it a bat signal incase you ever need me. Just remember its a distress call, not a beeper lol. All joking aside if you ever need me just call. Love Daniel xxxxxxxxxxxxx I had to laugh at the number of kisses on the letter. I read it over and over again.

Eventually I pulled out a lighter and burned the letter. When I returned to my desk I saw a package their which I eagerly opened. I tipped it upside down and a burner phone fell out. I flipped it open and saw only one number on it. There was no note just the phone. I flipped the phone closed and put it in my pocket smiling. Mrs Green, the morning after the riots.

I'm on the verge of a breakdown. Daniel came home last night and told me that George had been murdered. We both hugged each other crying. We sat at the table together and talked for the first time in years.

He told me that he forgave George before he died. I smiled at that, then he said something I never expected. "I'm sorry mom!" He said crying. "My precious son what are you sorry for?" I asked. "Because I've been so hateful towards you for years. I should've been more appreciative of the lengths you were willing to go to to look after me." I couldn't believe my ears.

After everything he's been through, he's sorry to me? I need to set this boy straight. "Daniel I don't blame you. I put you through more than any boy should go through. I did it because I love you and I was willing to do whatever it takes to give my son the best life I can. But at some point I stopped caring, I just did it for the money.

I hate myself for that. But things will be different now. I promise." After our talk Daniel hugged me and kissed my cheek and said he was going to sleep. It was then that I felt something I haven't felt in a long time. True happiness.

That was last night. This morning I went in to check on him but his room was empty. His clothes were gone, his backpack was gone and so was his wallet. He left me. I've been sat at the kitchen table for hours trying to think of what I did wrong. I'm bawling my eyes out when something slides through the letter box. I walk over and find a letter. I sit back down at the table, open it and start to read: Dear Mom, I'm sorry I left so early but I had to be gone asap.

Its so important that you burn this letter once you read it because I've gotta tell you something. I'm Crossblade. Me and George both were. We were sick of seeing our home going through the seven circles of hell, so we decided to take a stand. We've been training at the gym and training in martial arts. Last night George died trying to stop Dwayne. He was the bravest guy I've ever seen. But don't worry Dwayne has been "taken care of".

That's why I have to go. They'll be coming for me. This is the way it has to be for now. I know where im going but I cant tell you. I'll send you letters whenever I can. I want you to know that I've never hated you. I love you mom. The hate you've seen is towards myself because I wanted to help you but I couldn't. I guess I found it easier to put the blame on you rather than admit to my own failure.

That's the reason I became Crossblade. To save you. And I have. But now I have to go please don't fall into despair over me and know I'll always love you. And I will come back one day, so make sure the house is clean and there's pork chops in the freezer lol. I love you mom from Daniel.

Ps. Borrowed 600 pounds from your safe. Please don't be mad mommy I love you! Daniel on an airplane. It figures that I have only one safe haven left and its thousands of miles away. Oh well with the money that I uh "borrowed" from mom it shouldn't be to hard to get there.

I got an address from moms address book. It's a small community. Once I get there it shouldn't be too hard to find her. No idea what im gonna say though. "Hey im wanted for murder will you take me in?" Oh well I guess I'll just have to figure it out when we get there.

I roll on my side and get comfortable ready for sleep. Ok aunt Jodi I hope your ready for a visit! Crossblade will return in Private Heroes - The Devils' breath.