Amateur Bisex guys and girls in oralsex dare game

Amateur Bisex guys and girls in oralsex dare game
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"Freddy? Wake up, Freddy." "Huh? What!" Freddy was deep in sleep. Oh shit! Was the place on fire? It was his cousin, Nina. "Move over. I'm going to sleep with you." Freddy knew he wasn't hearing right.

My brain must not be in gear yet he thought. It sounded like Nina was going to get in bed with him. How was that possible? The bed was barely large enough for one. "Why?

How?" Freddy just wanted Nina to go away so he could get back to sleep. The fact that she was a cousin whom he'd lusted over for years didn't seem to matter to his sleep-interrupted brain.

"My mother snores and my sister thrashes around in her sleep. Turn your back to me," Nina ordered. "I'll show you how we'll sleep together." Freddy reluctantly complied. He felt Nina's weight compress the mattress and then adjust itself. The two cousins were lying on their sides on the narrow mattress back to back and butt to butt. Freddy was instantly uncomfortable.

"This isn't going to work," Freddy complained. "It'll work," Nina declared. "I'm not so sure. I think I snore and thrash around, too." "You don't." "How do you know?" "I've been watching you sleep the past few nights.

Now shut up and let me sleep. I've got a lot to catch up on." Jeez! So much for privacy! "Your mom and mine will have fits if they catch you in bed with me," Freddy warned. It wasn't that Freddy was a prude. He'd like nothing better than to have Nina in bed with him-and fucking her. The last idea gave him an instant boner despite his exhaustion. "I'm a very light sleeper. I'll know if somebody gets up to go to the bathroom and I'll also know if you try any funny business.

Shut up and sleep!" Freddy sighed and shut up but he couldn't sleep. This was not at all like the fantasies he had of sleeping with his pretty cousin.

What happened? Things always seemed crowded in Freddy's home and now they were getting even more crowded. Fourteen year old Freddy lived with his mom and sixteen year old sister in a two bedroom apartment.

His mother had one bedroom and his sister had the other. Freddy slept on a loveseat that pulled out into a single bed in the living room. That suited the boy just fine.

Then his aunt and two cousins moved in. Aunt Carmen had broken up with Uncle Joe over Joe's marital infidelities just as Freddy's mom had broken up with his dad over his marital infidelities. His sister moved into the bedroom with his mom. His aunt and cousins moved into his sister's bedroom. Nothing much had changed for Freddy until tonight. The only major inconvenience had been the use of the apartment's one bathroom with five women living there now.

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Freddy finally did fall asleep but he woke up sore and not feeling rested at all. Nina was already up and dressed. "This isn't going to work," Freddy repeated to Nina when he had a few moments alone with her.

"It's already working. I slept fine last night," Nina replied. "Besides, it's only going to be for a couple of days and then we'll be out of your hair." "I dunno about that," said the young teen.

"Your mom said it was only going to be for a couple of days and that was over a week ago." "Well, that's not my fault. You'll have to take that up with her. Perhaps you can give my mom a deadline to have us out by such and such a date." "I didn't mean it like that," Freddy said trying to soothe his cousin's ruffled feelings. "It's just that we're liable to be caught and all hell will break loose." "You're probably right," said Nina.

"Maybe I should sleep on the floor." "I didn't say that." "Oh, then you're offering to sleep on the floor? I'd be glad to take over your bed while we're here." "I didn't say that either." Freddy was getting pissed because he felt his cousin was trying to manipulate him into something he didn't want.

Heck! It wasn't his fault either. Freddy knew nothing would be resolved by talking with Nina. Well, if Nina tried to crawl into bed with him again there would be quite a different Freddy waiting for her. Freddy had a crush on his older cousin Nina for as long as he could remember.

For the last couple of years the feelings had become purely sexual. Not that Nina was especially sexy. Still, Nina came across as pure and feminine as well as pretty and always dressed conservatively.

For some reason those attributes were more exciting to Freddy than any of the girls around school who dressed like bimbos and wore heavy makeup. Nina was five feet seven inches, almost as tall as Freddy. She had dark brown hair worn short and curly and her skin had a slightly olive complexion.

The 17 year old was a bit overweight with child-bearing hips and cushiony breasts. Freddy loved every inch of her body. There wasn't a thing he'd change on her.

The boy was sure his cousin would be scared back into her bedroom if she tried to share his bed again but at least he could try to have some fun at the same time. But what kind of fun would Freddy be able to get away with? He knew he couldn't get away with fucking his cousin. Nina would be screaming rape even if she had come to his bed voluntarily. Freddy wondered what Nina considered "funny business." Probably it included everything Freddy wanted to do with his pretty cousin.

It didn't take long after the last lights went off that evening for Nina to come to his bed. Freddy almost lost his nerve when he saw her come into the living room. Better to just refuse to let her into his bed or play the gentleman and sleep on the floor rather than risk the wrath of his mother and aunt as well as the rest of the family.

She was dressed for the night in a knee length nightgown and sensible panties. "Move over. I'm getting in," Nina ordered. "Not like that. With your back to me like last night." Nina's attitude finally decided him. Freddy pretended to cooperate but when Nina got in bed and settled down the boy immediately flipped over. His prick began to stiffen as it caressed her hips and he let it stay jammed up against her ass.

"Freddy!" Nina hissed. "Turn over this instant!" "No," said Freddy. "I like it like this." "Well, I don't," his older cousin retorted. "If you don't turn over I'm getting out." "That's your problem, not mine.

Go back to your own bed." "What if I told your mom on you?" "She'd wonder what the heck you were doing in my bed." Freddy noted that Nina hadn't made any move away from his erection or otherwise get out of the bed. Maybe it was time to explore. He laid a hand on his cousin's hip but she reached back and pushed it away. It was accompanied by a slight wriggling of her hips that Freddy's prick rejoiced in.

"Keep your hands to yourself!" "Hey, I've got to put my hands some place. This is a small bed," Freddy said reasonably and placed his hand back on Nina's hip.

"You're being very rude," Nina complained. "I can't help it," the horny boy said. "It's the first time I've had a girl in my bed and a sexy one at that." "You think I'm sexy?" Nina seemed surprised to be called sexy.

"Definitely," said Freddy. He wondered if other guys thought she was sexy. Probably not if she was compared to the look-alike sluts around campus. He'd heard her talk about dating some but she'd never talked about having a boy friend. Freddy took advantage of her silence by moving his hand around his cousin's waist. Nina grabbed his hand when he felt her navel but she didn't try to move it away. "I'm still your cousin," Nina declared. "You should be more respectful." "I'm only human." "I'm beginning to have my doubts," his cousin replied.

"Now, if you've had your fun for the night, I'd like to get some sleep." Freddy expected another demand that he turn around in the bed but none came.

He felt that, in itself, was a major victory. Trying to go further tonight might spoil things. The young teenager began to think real sex with his pretty cousin was a real possibility and began to hope her stay in the apartment would be extended indefinitely. Sleep came surprisingly easily to Freddy but he did wake up once during the night.

Nina had released his hand and he felt tempted to roam. Ever so delicately he slipped his hand over one of his cousin's luscious tits. Gosh, it felt great as he palmed Nina's private flesh. It would be so easy to let the strap of her gown down to expose her breast completely.

Freddy gave up on that idea when he heard Nina whimper in her sleep but she didn't wake up. Still, it felt like he'd aroused her nipple.

It was now nice and hard. Maybe she was just pretending to be asleep. The following morning was a repeat of the previous one but this time Freddy felt rested and happy. In fact he felt like he was walking on air. He never would have thought he would have been able to get this far with his older cousin.

Being mischievous and arrogant the young teenager laid in wait until there was a bit of privacy with Nina. Almost casually he brushed her hips with the back of his hand and sort of let it linger there.

Whack! Whack! Freddy didn't even see it coming. Nina whirled around and let him have it in the face with two stinging slaps. Tears of pain threatened to spill from his eyes.



What did you do that for? I wasn't hurting you." "Listen, you little jerk!" Nina exclaimed. "I had to put up with your groping last night but I'm not going put up with it now or ever again. You had better keep your darn hands to yourself and treat me with the respect I'm due." Nina turned around and strode off.

"Fuckin' bitch," Freddy whispered. Freddy swore to himself that he would get even with Nina if it took him until his dying breath. Various revenge scenarios began to play out in the teenager's mind as he attempted to assuage his humiliation. Nobody gets the better of Freddy C. Fernandez. He'd have Nina gang raped.

He'd personally cut off her tits, have them cooked up in a casserole and force his cousin to eat them. He'd. oh, what was the use? Freddy didn't want to do any such thing. He knew what happened was his own damned fault.

He'd pushed too hard and too fast and suffered the consequences. What the young teenager really wanted to do was to get back into Nina's good graces.

What he really should be doing is apologizing to his lovely cousin. Freddy didn't want Nina hating him for life. He knew that from now he'd only be touching her in his fantasies. Masculine pride finally came to Freddy's rescue, saving him from another round of humiliation.

There was no fucking way he was going to apologize to Nina. He'd rather die first. Freddy spent the next few hours of the day moping around. It was the dog days of summer and nothing much was happening. His mother and aunt were away at work and even Josie, his 16 year old sister, had a part time job at the Burger King. The young teenager was stuck at home with Nina and her 13 year old sister Teresa.

Freddy and Nina were keeping their distance from each other and Teresa. Teresa just might be his path to vengeance against Nina. Freddy and Teresa had always gotten along with each other being only a year apart.

The boy never paid much attention to his younger cousin because of his yearning for Nina. Yet Teresa was every bit as pretty as her older sister even if her body was not yet as developed. Freddy decided to start paying attention to Teresa, maybe even making a play for her. That would probably worry Nina. She'd think that dirty-minded Freddy was trying the same things with her sister.

Nina might be right if Teresa were willing. "Would you like to go with me to the park, Teresa?" "Sure," Teresa looked toward Nina as if seeking an okay but Nina seemed engrossed in a book. Nina was nominally in charge of her sister. "Just let me get my shoes on," Teresa said after Nina continued to ignore her.

"I'm coming too," said Nina finally. Good, thought Freddy. She's suspicious already. A plan was already forming. This might be fun he thought. The park was just a block away and all three wandered around for a bit just enjoying the scenery. Freddy saw his opportunity to lose Nina when she sat down on a park bench to rest.

She closed her eyes and started soaking in the sun. Freddy smiled at his younger cousin and held up his finger for quiet. Teresa smiled back and nodded her head. He took Teresa's hand and they slipped away. The boy knew it wouldn't take long for Nina to discover they were gone but even if it was as short a time as 30 seconds it would be enough.

The girls were unfamiliar with this park as they were new to the neighborhood. Freddy and Teresa could stay lost until they wanted to be found. "What's going on?" Teresa asked when they arrived at a secluded spot not far from where they'd left Nina. Freddy responded to her question by taking Teresa in his arms and kissing her. When he broke the kiss Freddy studied his cousin's expression. She didn't seem to mind at all. "What was that for?" "It's just that I've begun to notice you and I like what I see." "Did Nina finally put you down?" Freddy looked surprised.

He wanted to make up a story but he finally decided to be honest with his cousin. "Was I that obvious? Heck yeah she put me down.


In spades! She gave me a couple of slaps that made my teeth jiggle." He laughed like it was no big deal. "My god! What did you do?" Teresa was laughing too. That was good. Freddy knew he was risking another slap but he decided to show as well as tell. "Your sister didn't like it when I did this." He slid his hands down Teresa's back down to her hips and cupped her cheeks. "And she didn't like it when I did this." Freddy brought his hands up and briefly cupped his young cousin's tits.

Teresa backed up a step and gave Freddy a disapproving frown. "I don't blame her then. How do you know I won't do the same?" "I don't know but you're welcome to do so and get it over with." Teresa reached up and gave her cousin a light tap on the cheek.

"There! Let that be a lesson to you." Freddy smiled in relief and Teresa returned the smile. "So tell me. What made you decide to make a move on Nina?" "Well, we'd been sleeping together the last two nights." "What!

You're kidding!" Teresa squealed. "Quiet! I won't be able to tell you anything if Nina finds us." "Tell me. Tell me. Please, tell me," Teresa whispered. Freddy gave Teresa a brief description of the events of the last two nights including a recap of that morning's confrontation.

"I knew we were driving my sister crazy having to share the same bed with her but I didn't know she was desperate enough to come crawling into your bed." Teresa giggled. "Sorry," she added when she thought her cousin would take offense. "Not a problem," said Freddy. "So am I the consolation prize or are you just trying to get back at Nina?" "I guess I am trying to get back at Nina but I don't want you to think I'm just using you.

I'll leave you alone if that's what you want." In answer, Teresa embraced her cousin and kissed him sweetly. Freddy kissed back and gradually pulled his cousin down to the grass with him. "I don't want to do anything I'll be sorry for," Teresa said when they broke the kiss.

"Like what, for instance?" "Well, like sex. I don't want to sleep with you. I don't want to get pregnant." "I kind of think you'd look real cute carrying around my baby," Freddy joked.

"Yeah, sure but not for a couple of years yet. Okay?" "Okay," Freddy said with a sigh of resignation. "If you're really anxious to become a father, you ought to get Nina pregnant." "Nina? Now you're the one who's kidding. I couldn't get near Nina without drugging her unconscious first." "That's not necessarily true," said Teresa.

"My sister's still pretty inexperienced when it comes to boys and very shy. You probably just scared her this morning. I'm sure she's sorry she slapped you. She just won't admit it. Nina's proud too, you know." "I know," said Freddy. "But I don't see how that helps me. Even at the best of times she still thinks of me as just a younger cousin who she can boss around." "Well, just show her who the real boss is. It sounds like you were on the right track last night but you stopped too soon.

You let her regain control." That statement made Freddy wonder just how far he could have gone if he'd just kept doing what he wanted without regard to Nina's feelings or demands. "Oh well," said Freddy. "It's too late now. I don't see her coming back to my bed at all." "Don't be too sure.

I'm sure I'll be awfully restless tonight and I know Mom will cooperate by continuing to snore. She never stops snoring in her sleep.

It was probably part of the reason Dad started stepping out on Mom. I'm lucky it doesn't bother me like it does Nina. We'd both be fighting over who got to sleep with you." "So why are you being so cooperative in the seduction of your sister?" Freddy asked. "I'm not nearly as perfect as my dear sister.

I'd like to see her brought down off her pedestal. If Mom happened to find out that she was having sex with a boy or if a boy happened to get her pregnant that would go a long way to showing my mom how human Nina is." "I like your style, cuz," Freddy declared.

"But will there really be enough time? I understand you guys are leaving soon. "Oh, don't worry," Teresa said. "We're not leaving any time soon. I overheard my mom talking to your mom. It looks like my parents aren't getting back together and Mom is already talking to a divorce lawyer. Also, Mom has paid your mom half of next month's rent so we'll be here at least that long. Even then, I don't think we'll be moving that far away." For a minute or so Freddy and Teresa had been hearing Nina's voice calling their names and it was getting closer.

"We'll talk more later on," Freddy whispered and gave his younger cousin a quick kiss before they stepped out into the open. "Where have you two been?" Nina snapped. "I've been looking all over." "We just took a walk," said Teresa. "What's the big deal?" "The big deal is that you took off without my permission. The big deal is that it's not proper for a girl your age to be alone with a boy." "Boy?" Teresa responded.

"This 'boy' is our cousin. Who could be safer to be alone with?" Nina glared at Freddy who just grinned back at her. "We'll discuss it later.

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Let's go home." Nina followed several steps behind the two to make sure they wouldn't slip away again. Teresa leaned over to Freddy and whispered, "I think she's jealous of me." Her cousin let out a burst of laughter.

"It's rude to whisper in front of someone," Nina declared. Freddy risked a look back at Nina. If anything, she looked angrier than that morning when she slapped him, actually scary. "I don't think I want to get your sister pregnant. She looks mean now." "Just put a bag over her head," Teresa whispered back. "I said no whispering," Nina yelled. She walked up between the couple, forcing them to separate.

The distraught teenager glared at her younger cousin. "What did you tell my sister?" "I just told her how beautiful you look when you're angry," Freddy said calmly. Teresa broke up into giggles over that. "We'll see how funny it is when I tell Mother about your behavior," Nina told her sister. "Oh, give me a break, Nina. I haven't done anything wrong. You just happen to have a hair up your butt about something. What is it?" Nina ignored her sister's question.

The rest of the walk back to the apartment was completed in silence. Freddy and Teresa figured they could safely ignore Nina once they got home. For Nina to complain about their behavior would seem petty unless she also explained in full what happened between her and Freddy. That wasn't likely. Josie came home soon after and invited her cousins to the mall. The two girls accepted the offer but at the last minute Teresa begged off. Nina knew she'd been outmaneuvered. She couldn't order Teresa to come with them or beg off herself without arousing Josie's suspicions.

Nina stared accusingly at Freddy and Teresa without saying a word. She then stalked off with Josie leaving the pair behind. "Alone at last," said Teresa giggling. "I think she thinks we're going to do the nasty while she's gone." "Aren't we?" asked Freddy. He hoped he wasn't going to be disappointed. "Not until you do Nina. You'll need all your energy for her." "I can handle two of you at a time," he bragged. "Oh, yeah? Then why don't you do Josie too?" "Josie? No way!

She's my sister!" "So what? Nina and I are your cousins and you still want to sleep with us. What makes your sister Miss Untouchable?" "I dunno," said Freddy. "I just never thought of making a move on Josie and I'd feel weird trying it. And if anything went wrong like Josie blowing her stack then well, you know, I'd be dead meat." Holy smokes! thought Freddy. Now that the suggestion had been made the poor boy couldn't help but think of his sister in a whole new way. Josie was definitely as pretty as Nina or Teresa and looked a bit trimmer than her older cousin but Josie and Nina were often mistaken for sisters.

"You'd be dead meat if anything went wrong with Nina or me. I guess we'd just better forget this. You're still just a little boy. You need to do some growing up." "I'm not a little boy," Freddy retorted. Now his pride was being hurt again. "I can do just fine with Nina without your help." "Not after I tell Nina what you told me," said Teresa. "You wouldn't!" Even as he said it Freddy knew she would.

He'd just been fucked. "One of life's lessons, cousin. Never confide in a woman. She'll use what she learns every time if it's to her advantage, no matter who it hurts." "Thanks a lot for the lesson," said the suddenly morose teen. "Now don't pout." Teresa walked over to her cousin and hugged him. "If you do as you're told you'll have three pretty girls to play with. Otherwise you just play with yourself." She reached down and gave her cousin's prick a playful squeeze through his trousers.

Despite his irritation Freddy smiled and not just because of the nice feeling Teresa was giving him with her hand. He'd learned a valuable lesson.

Never confide in a woman. A nice corollary to that would be to never trust a woman. The vast majority of men goes through life and never learns that lesson. Freddy had learned it at a young and tender age. He would never forget it. He knew Teresa could back out of her promise at any time even after Freddy had done her bidding. Freddy would make sure that didn't happen. Would tonight be the night?

Would Nina come to his bed and want to sleep there with him? If it was Freddy was going to make sure neither of them left that bed as a virgin. It was only that very morning that Nina had slapped Freddy silly for daring to caress her hips. Tonight, if she showed, the teen was going to rape her, humiliate her and possibly impregnate her. He was going to destroy her virginity and with it, his own virginity would be gone. Of course, the day a teenage boy loses his virginity is always a red letter day in his life.

The trick was to not let the next red letter day in his life be a trip to juvenile hall or jail. Teresa had assured him that Nina would be too ashamed to denounce him.

Not that he trusted her word any more but that would have been Freddy's assessment even without Teresa's opinion. The trick was to make sure Nina kept quiet as he slowly degraded her, teaching his cousin to give him blow jobs and taking his prick up her ass.

Well, maybe not that. Freddy couldn't get turned on with the thought of his prick covered with a girl's shit. If Nina's belly began to swell with his child she'd be instructed to tell her mother that it was some anonymous boy from a one night stand or an unfortunate rape, perpetrator also unknown. Even with a high level of confidence Freddy couldn't help being nervous. He just picked at his food at dinner time and he noticed that Nina and Teresa didn't act very hungry either.

Probably Nina was still upset from the day's events but what did Teresa have to worry about? If anything went wrong she could deny any knowledge of what he was planning. Probably she was just excited about what might be happening that night.

Thinking about Teresa reminded Freddy to get to the mall as soon as possible. He'd seen a mini tape recorder that was affordable. All future conversations with his younger cousin were going to be taped with the incriminating portions saved for future use. Come to think of it the conversations with Nina and Josie would have to be taped also.

No sense passing up a chance to blackmail or compromise one of them. Gosh, now Freddy was worried about getting it up for his pretty cousin. Usually just thinking about sex made him hard. But what happened if he got a case of nerves.

What if? He already had a case of nerves. The teenager decided to try and relax. They all watched a DVD and then Freddy made up his bed. Sleep was out of the question for Freddy. He wanted to be awake and alert for Nina but he had no idea if or when she'd show.

It had already been an hour since everyone said good night to each other.

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Freddy was afraid of drifting off and not being ready for his cousin. He thought he heard a sound in the hall but he couldn't be sure. There was no other sound after that. The boy blamed his imagination on the sound but then caught a scent that wasn't his imagination.

It was a scent that only Nina wore. She was in the hall watching, probably trying to build up courage to come over to him. Freddy lay still and pretended to sleep.

"Freddy? Freddy, I know you're awake. You breathe differently when you're asleep. I just want you to know that I'm not angry with you any more for your behavior today. And I know I shouldn't have slapped you this morning. I'm sorry about that. Freddy? We can try and sleep together like we did last night. I won't make you turn your back to me either." Freddy wasn't pretending to sleep any more.

What was the sense of that? Yet he kept his eyes closed and didn't acknowledge Nina at all. The horny teenager could feel his prick hardening. Yeah, Nina will have a nice surprise ready for her when she got in bed. It was already dangling outside the fly of his pajama bottoms. It didn't matter that his cousin was now apologetic and speaking politely.

"Freddy, please move over a bit so I can get into the bed. I'm getting kind of cold." Freddy still didn't answer Nina but he moved over enough to allow her to lie down beside him. He felt her get into bed with him and then Freddy adjusted his body so that they were in the same position as the previous night. His stiff prick was jammed against his cousin's ass and one arm was around her waist. "Thank you, Freddy. Good night," said Nina. What I wouldn't do for a bed of my own thought Nina.

This is getting intolerable. Nina knew tonight was somehow going to be different by the way it started. Everything had been working against her all day.

Her short temper with Freddy that morning was followed by more grief in the afternoon with both Teresa and Freddy pulling little stunts on her to get her goat. She was sure her cousin was trying to exact revenge on her but why was Nina's sister seemingly in league with him?

How much had Freddy told Teresa about Nina being in bed with him, if anything? It was really putting a strain on her nerves. Oh, why did her parents have to break up? Why couldn't she be in her own snug little bed? She did share the room with her sister but at least Nina didn't have to put up with Teresa's tossing and turning in her sleep.

And Mother's snoring! Dreadful! Poor Daddy. Nina wondered why her daddy hadn't suffered hearing loss. It was like sleeping next to a buzz saw.

Nina had always liked Freddy. He was the little boy who worshipped her from afar. He was so obvious. Nina liked the feeling of being worshipped even if the affection was from a younger cousin.

At least he didn't present a threat. He could always be dismissed or ignored. But that was before they had to move in with her Aunt Yolanda. Freddy was growing up. That became so obvious the night before. It was so foolish to have gotten in bed with her cousin but Nina was desperate for a decent night's sleep. Now Nina was going to climb into bed with her cousin again.

Her intuition told her to turn around and try to go back to sleep with her mother and sister. Something was going to happen that was out of her control.

She just knew it. Freddy had changed. He was now a threat. Freddy was a predator and Nina was the prey. Freddy's silence had been the scariest part. She couldn't figure out what he was thinking if he wouldn't talk. Things started happening right away. Nina had barely gotten used to Freddy's prick prodding her bottom when his hand moved up and cupped her breast. He'd done the same thing the night before but at least then she could pretend to be asleep. Now there could be no pretending.

She wished her nipple hadn't responded so readily to his touch. It felt good. "Please behave Freddy," Nina said. Freddy was silent but his hand moved slowly back down to her waist. Nina breathed a sigh of relief and tried to relax. Maybe it was just a repeat of the previous night. She could tolerate that.

The girl was so tired she barely noticed something else was wrong. Freddy had pulled the back of her night dress up to her waist. "No, Freddy!" Nina struggled to recover her modesty but her cousin was holding her too tightly and she couldn't reach around her cousin's arm. My god! Now he was trying to pull down the waist of her panties and succeeding!

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Her cousin was going to try to rape her. This can't be happening. Nina bucked her hips in an attempt to push Freddy away. He wasn't letting go but she had arrested his progress. She thought about screaming but she knew she wouldn't.

It would be humiliating to be caught in this position. Nina heard her cousin grunt and then felt a warm wetness begin to soak the back of her panties. Freddy had ejaculated on her. Gosh, it felt like there was an awful lot of it. She felt lucky he hadn't cum inside her. She could have gotten pregnant. "How could you, Freddy! Please, let me up. I have to change my panties." Her wet panties were turning cold and clammy. "Just take them off," said Freddy speaking for the first time.

"No way! Do you have any idea of the harm you could have caused?" "I don't care. Just take them off," Freddy repeated.

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"I can't," Nina whined. "Let me go change my panties and I promise I'll come back." Never trust a woman thought Freddy as he recalled a lesson from earlier in the day. He was getting impatient. The teen's prick was getting stiff again, thanks to his youth. Good. Now he was unlikely to cum prematurely. With a sudden burst of strength Freddy succeeded in pulling his cousin's panties down to her thighs and thrust blindly. He was lucky and his aim was true. He had lodged the head of his prick just inside Nina's cunt.

"No!" Nina frantically bucked her hips in an effort to dislodge Freddy's prick but she only succeeded aiding her cousin's complete penetration. She felt a slight stinging sensation and knew her hymen was gone. Now the only thing Nina could do was to shed tears of shame and defeat. Freddy knew he was home free. He lay there resting with his prick lodged inside Nina's snatch. He felt kind of bad for hurting his cousin but not enough to take away any of the pleasure the 14 year old was feeling for having popped her cherry.

The possible consequences were far from his mind. He laughed to himself. In a way Nina had popped his cherry. Freddy figured it was all Nina's fault any way. After all, she was the one that had crawled into his bed in the first place and started rubbing her ass against his prick. A guy could only take so much before he couldn't take any more. Of course, it didn't help her cause when she'd slapped him that morning. Then there was Teresa's encouragement. Yeah, that helped. Still, he didn't appreciate being blackmailed.

Well, Teresa was going to be getting his stiff prick jabbed between her legs just like Nina here and it was going to be when Freddy C. Fernandez saw fit. And even if he didn't like the idea at first, the thought of poking his sister Josie was sounding better and better.

Freddy heard Nina whimpering and then he realized he'd started moving in and out of his cousin. Yeah! Time to realize who the boss is. He thought about calling Nina his bitch, slut, whore or something like that but he wanted to be respectful. After all, she was his first conquest, the first of many to come.

Freddy would have to give it some serious thought. Whatever he called her Nina had to consider herself a lucky girl. The lucky girl was about to get her first ever dose of sperm and she could only pray that it wouldn't prove fertile inside her body.

This wasn't supposed to be happening to her until her wedding night, not like this, being raped by a young cousin. Nina knew it was all her fault.

She should have gotten out of the bed last night the moment her cousin started misbehaving. Nina thought she could control him but she was obviously mistaken. The name 'prick teaser' came to mind.


It was name used to describe other girls, not her. Was she one of them now? Yes, that was it. It was tantamount to encouraging Freddy to continue his groping when she didn't bring it to a halt right away. Pregnancy was the next logical step. Even if she escaped tonight it was only a matter of time before nature took its inevitable course. Freddy wouldn't stop now. He had laid claim to her with privileges that only a husband should have. Nina vaguely wondered if Freddy and she would have to get married if she got pregnant.

Marriage between first cousins was legal in this state. She knew a girl who married a cousin for this same reason. No! Impossible! Freddy was just starting high school in the fall. Much too young.

Nina decided she could never name Freddy as the father of her child if it came to that. Instinctively Nina knew that Freddy was ready to cum. She used the same primal instinct to meet his thrusts with her own hip movements to make sure every single drop of sperm was deposited in her womb. Whore! Bitch! Slut! These were terms Nina felt were appropriate for her. She didn't deserve any respect. Freddy was tired. He knew he should try to soothe Nina's feelings but there was always tomorrow.

The boy turned over. The two cousins were lying on their sides on the narrow mattress back to back and butt to butt. Freddy was comfortable. He would have no trouble falling asleep and that's just what he did.