Fucking my sexy friend early in the morning

Fucking my sexy friend early in the morning
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We set the orgy up for mid week next week, telling Jan it was going to be at a mates house, and as far as Dave knew it was a Tupper ware party, that would keep him away, her nervous smile told us she was keen but also a bit scared, we also told her to come over to our place early, so she could do her internal clean here and not at her home, so Dave wouldn't know.

Wednesday afternoon, Jan turned up around 5 pm, she had got of work early to tidy up ready for the big night, her eyes showing signs of nerves still, she brought over her spare clothes to wear later. I left around 6, so Dave thought I was going out somewhere else, Joy would be along in half an hour or so, Frank had his place ready, several guys already waiting for us, and more to come I was told, no sooner had I striped of than the first cock slide right up my ass and started the night off.

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When Jan walked in the guys jaws dropped, she was only just wearing a very low cut top, with shorts on, her huge tits swinging as she walked, and her high heels making her legs look slimmer and longer than normal, Joy followed, with a see thought dress on and heels the guys didn't know which way to turn. Most had been with us before, as hands began to fondle Jan as Joy went down sucking her first cock, within seconds a cock slipped in her pussy and she was going strong.

Jan still dressed but began to kiss and play with the guy's cocks, then her top was pulled over her head, the guys let out a wow as her huge tits hung free, hands now all over her as she started to relax and enjoy the orgy more. Next her shorts got pulled off, now Jan was naked, she flipped her heels of, and the guys led her to the bench, her pussy took a licking as she sucked on another cock. My ass took it first load of cum as Jan bent over to allow the fist cock to slid into her pussy, Alan took his time, his nice 8 inch cock easing its way into her pussy as Jan bit down on the cock in her mouth, then as the last inch went in Jan let out a loud moan as her first orgasm hit her, I realised this was possible her first time having two cocks in her at the same time, as Alan slammed his cock home hard, sending Jan forward onto the cock in her mouth, Joy was busy keeping two guys happy as I watched Jan settle down to a good fucking.

I wanted to be the first in her ass, so I moved over telling Alan to slip under her and slide his cock back in her pussy, he did, as Jan took to sucking the cock in her mouth once more, I moved around, first one finger than two, Jan pushed back I knew she was keen, so with a bit of spit, my cock pushed against her anus, Jan froze, her body stiffened up as the tip of my cock went in, I told her to relax and enjoy Alan's cock in her pussy, as inch by inch I eased into her.

Half way in Jan pushed back hard, my cock disappeared inside her ass, she let out a moan as we began to pound her body, Alan now pushing up hard as my cock rubbed against his inside her, just a thin lining of skin between us, Jan was in heaven, three cocks now and she was coming like crazy.

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My cock felt great as we both took Jan to new heights, her orgasm now just a blur, one after the other, with no rest, Alan was close to coming, so pulled his cock out, changing with a new guy we carried on giving her three cocks to play with, her ass now gapping open every time I pulled my cock out and plunged it back in.

Jeff was in her pussy now, so I pulled his cock out and shoved it in her ass, Jan looked back at me, I smiled and said "I'm taking you to the next stage", Jan looked a bit puzzled but as she felt my cock push against her ass once more knew what I meant.

Jeff held still as inch by inch I joined him inside her ass, she did well, as we both moved further in with each stroke, then my balls hit home, we both filled her ass to the max, Jan now bucking hard as we fucked her. This was her first time with two cocks in her ass, but she took us and her orgasm told us she was enjoying it too, we got up a good pace, fucking her hard and fast for 10 minutes or more, all too soon Jeff and myself felt our balls tighten and with seconds she took two loads of hot cum, this sent Jan into one huge orgasm, her body shook and juices flowed like a water fall, as we all fell limp, her mouth still being fucked also coped a load of cum, the first of many for the night.

Joy joined us licking cum from Jan's ass, the guys watched as the two woman played, fingering and licking cum out of one another. I noticed a few more new guys, stiff cocks stood around waiting for a hole to fuck, Jan's ass took another cock as Joy helped him slide in, my ass also filled with a nice cock, the fun started once more.

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The girls stayed in a 69 position, as cock after cock fucked them in either hole, as each cock filled them with cum the girls ate it out, Jan's tits hanging down got played with by several guys too, after the next cock emptied its load into my ass, I went over pulled Jan to the side, and sat on her face, she knew without saying a word, I felt her licking the fresh cum from inside me, it was so hot knowing she was right into kink like us.

With the attention given to my ass by Jan my cock was hard once more, so laying her on her back, I slipped my cock between her tits, as another guy fucked her ass, a third guy lay and slide his cock in her mouth, I held her tits tight on my cock, as guys looked on.


Jan smiled and told me this was the best fucking she had ever had, I told her there was a lot more to cum yet, and asked if she game to try more kink too, a shy smiled said yes. I told one guy to lay down and got Jan to slip his cock in her pussy, then Jeff was hard again, he went in her ass, and another cock filled her mouth, as they got into thyme I asked Jan if she felt good, she nodded yes, I then said one more cock to go now, and your full, her eyes shot open wide and a very nervous look came over her, as I straddled her back, my cock working towards her ass.

We have done this with joy, so the guy know what to do, as Jeff leant back my cock neared its target, Jan froze as my cock eased in, it was tight but her anus was well lubed with cum and looked so fucking good now. No one moved as 3 or 4 inches slipped in, Jan making weird noises as we slowly all pushed into her body, now my cock was going in easy, her anus had excepted us all, Jan now shooting juices out with every orgasm, the four of us began to work her as hard as we could.

It was hard for us to stay in control as she jerked around so much, but we stayed in her and gave her the best four way fuck we could, Jan lost in a world of lust, just let us do whatever we wanted to, the poor guy under her was soaked, her juices soaked us all, then one by one we all felt her holes grip us tighter, as Jan began an all over body orgasm, she shook and groaned loud, her anus gripped my cock so tight, then with one huge jerk, she came, and did she cum, the guy in her mouth later said her eyes rolled back fully, and that was it, she set us all off, all four of us let fly, Jan once more shot out a stream of fluid, which splashed over us, our cum flooding every hole, just about simultaneously, we all collapsed in a heap too exhausted to move.

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When she did move Jan came up and sat over my face, my tongue found her holes open and full of cum, I set to eating it all and sending her over the top once more, as she flooded my face with juices, Jan fell and sat firmly on my face, her mouth wrapped itself around my soft cock as she sucked out the last of my cum, now it was time for one more kink.

I took Jan into the bath room, she never asked why, but when I knelt her down, she looked up at me with a concerned look, with cock in hand, I let me piss flow gently at first over her huge tits, when I saw her hold them for me, I knew she was ok, as others joined me pissing over her tits she got right into it.

It was so hot seeing this woman taking to our kinky ways so quickly, as more guys let fly over her, she jumped when the first stream of piss hit her face, but stayed on her knees, by now I had knelt next to her and took some of the piss with her.


But most of the guys liked seeing her soaked in their piss. When they finished we showered off, and rejoined the party, Joy was well into things, with four guys fucking her, Jan looked and said how hot she looked, I told her that's how she had looked earlier too, she punched my shoulder saying I was cruel to do that to her, but a big smile gave her away, as she kissed me hard saying thank you, no sooner had she said that then several guys picked her up, and sat her on two cocks, I wasn't sure which holes they went in, but Jan sure jumped and went into a huge orgasm once more, as she rode them, my cock found her mouth open and quickly filled it.

Jan sucked me like a vacuum cleaner, my cock hardened in her mouth, as she bobbed up and down, her eyes showed her lust as she shot from one orgasm to another, I left her to enjoy her fucking and went over to Joy, her ass was empty for a change, so I bend her over and filled it with my cock, as she rode another one in her pussy, it was good to see cum oozing out around my cock and the one in her pussy, she had been looked after by the guys as usual.

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As I was fucking Joy my ass was filled with a cock, between us we managed to get a thyme going, and another cock filled my mouth, as guy after guy took turns with us, both Joy and I enjoyed some great orgasm, and after taking two loads of cum in me, I sat over Joys face for her to eat me out. Whilst I was enjoying Joy's tongue in my ass, I saw Jan taking four more guys, her juices soaking them all, as they fucked her hard, they must have been going at it for awhile, the guys were sweaty and looking like they were close to filling her with cum, so I told Joy when they did, we could share her holes and eat her out between us, as we watched the guys set one another off, Jan shaking wildly as four more loads of cum filled her body.

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Joy and I moved over, as the guys slipped out of her, we moved her over us, we lay with her faces together and told Jan to empty her load over us both, we saw her ass and pussy open, then with one big farting sound, she shot gallons of used cum over us both, Joy and I ate what we could, then Jan swung around kissing us both and sharing her spoils. Throughout the night we all took them several more times, between us we made sure all the guys balls were empty before having to clean up, so once more with both the girls this time, the guys had fun seeing them being pissed on and Joy drinking some too, Jan even took one cock in her mouth and sucked him dry too, she was really into water sports now.

We all helped shower the girls off, soap and hands going everywhere, a few cocks even slipped in a hole here and there too, as the night drew to a close, both girls gave the guys a good kiss and thanked them, it was good to see Jan enjoying herself teasing the guys as they left, swinging her tits at them and saying see you again soon.

Frank thanked the girls saying it had been great to fuck them both and to let him know when we wanted another group night set up, as he would be able to get more guys after tonight, Jan told him, she was keen and would need a few weeks to be able to get out again, or maybe a Saturday night might work better for her, with that we all walked naked to the car, Joy drove while I followed behind, my ass still leaking cum, my cock stirring thinking about the two sets of lovely tits in Joys car, bouncing around on every bump, maybe a quick fuck before she went home tonight to finish off.