Young boys gay sex small video clips Nineteen year old Scott

Young boys gay sex small video clips Nineteen year old Scott
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Good morning, honey! Chris said sounding much more cheerful than normal. You remember what today is? Liz opened her eyes groggily, her head spinning just a little from the alcohol last night as she tried to recall what her husband was talking about.

Slowly it came back to her, driving to the sports bar, the bet on the game, her favorite team losing to his. The loser of the bet had to do anything the winner wanted for a day.

Liz groaned and rolled over hoping to catch a few more hours of sleep before she had to take care of Chris's every demand. Not so fast, Chris told her as he pulled the covers away from her. Liz groaned again and sat up, realizing that Chris wasn't going to let her sleep in today.

What do you want? She huffed as she looked over at her husband as he admired her naked body. They had been married almost two years and yet every time she caught him looking at her it was as if he was seeing her for the very first time. She couldn't help but admire his body in the same way. They met at the gym a little more than three years ago, and both kept up a pretty active lifestyle of running three times a week and going to the gym regularly.


They also had a very active sex life considering they were both in pretty good shape and she couldn't help but be aroused each time she looked at him and he felt the same about her. He would often get a hard on just looking at her toned body, and this morning was no exception.

As his eyes wandered over her trim body, pausing on her 34C breasts before travelling down her impossibly long, lean legs he smiled and said, you could try to sound a bit more excited to submit to my every demand today when you ask me that. Liz knew he was going to milk this for everything it was worth, and as much as she loved her husband, she had to force a smile through her hangover as she looked at him again and said, what would you like me to do for you today?

That's better, Chris told her as he looked down at his semi-erect cock and then looked at his wife.

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You're just so sexy in the morning with your blonde curls all a mess and that sleepy look on your face, I want you to start by taking care of this morning wood that you gave me, baby, he told her.

As much as she kept telling herself that she hated being Chris's slave for the day, Liz felt herself becoming aroused at the thought of doing everything he asked of her and let her hands grab his shaft and start teasing him.

She slowly stroked his cock with her hands before reaching over her husband to grab the bottle of lube on the nightstand and pouring a few drops onto his cock. She felt him becoming fully erect as her hand glided up and down his shaft and over the head of his cock mixing the lube with his precum until he was nice and slick.

Liz loved the way his cock felt covered in lube, although they didn't really need it for sex.

She enjoyed the slick feeling when she gave him a hand job and even more when she gave him a blow job because she could take him all the way down her throat when he was well lubed. As her hands worked his cock she felt his hand on the back of her head, guiding her mouth down to him.

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She wasn't sure, but his cock looked even larger than his normal 8 inches, and she had a feeling he was getting off on being in charge today.

Liz was such an independent woman that even in bed she had a hard time giving up control. She knew what she liked, and was not afraid to demand it from her husband and they have always had a healthy sex life. As his cock reached her mouth, she could taste his precum on her tongue and licked it up before taking half his cock into her mouth.

She could hear Chris groaning with pleasure as she sucked and licked his swollen cock until she was taking over ¾ of him deep in her mouth. Chris was not a very forceful man and normally he let his wife take control, but this morning his hand did not leave the back of her head as he pushed her down taking his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth and throat. Liz gagged a couple of times and tried to pull back, but Chris's hand pushed her back down onto his cock.

Liz could feel the tears welling in her eyes as he pushed his full 8 inches down her throat and held her head down for a moment before letting her come up for air for only a moment before pushing her back down again.

Liz was getting angry as Chris held her head down for a second time his balls against her chin and her nose pressed into his pubic bone.

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Her husband had never treated her like this before and she would not allow it. She was going to call of the bet right then and there, but as she gasped for air for a second time before feeling her face pushed back down something inside of her recognized another feeling beneath the anger… arousal.

With tears streaming down her face, Liz focused on the tingling sensation between her legs. The wetness was already dripping down her inner thigh as she kneeled down to suck her husbands' hard cock. This time as Liz came up for air, Chris removed his hand from the back of her head and said, look at me.

Her face wet with tears from lack of oxygen, Liz brought her eyes up to meet her husbands' and he smiled at her before leaning forward to kiss her lips softly and passionately.

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Liz took the kiss to be a peace offering and decided to take control and satiate the ache in her needy pussy. As her husband kissed her long and deep, Liz moved forward and straddled him, positioning her dripping pussy over his hard cock. As she did this, Chris grabbed her hips and easily lifted her off him laying her on the bed beside him and saying not so fast.

Disappointed at not having her need gratified, Liz brought her hand down to her aching pussy hoping to provide herself with at least some relief. Chris saw her hand moving down and grabbed it in his and placing it above her head before getting up from the bed.

When he turned his back to her she brought her hand back down, hoping to get to her clit before he noticed. Chris turned around and smiled and said, you never were very good at not having your way, I think it's time you learned.

With that he grabbed one of his neckties from the closet and grabbed his wife's hands, bringing them up over her head and wrapping the tie around them before tying them up to the headboard. Liz looked up at her husband, kneeling over her and laughed. Very funny, baby, you can untie me now, she told him. The look on Chris's face told her it wasn't a joke. He smiled down at her and said, today it's my turn to tell you what to do and for you to do it, remember?

She watched as he rubbed his cock over her breasts, rubbing the head over her nipples until they were wet with precum. Her pussy ached more than she could ever remember and all she could do was lay there wishing for some relief. She watched her husband drag his cock down her torso, over her stomach down her inner thighs, keeping it away from the place he knew she wanted it the most.

Liz strained her pussy up, trying to reach the head of his cock, but he always kept it just out of her reach. A sigh of frustration made Chris take his eyes from her clean shaven, dripping pussy and look up at his wife. A look of fear on her face told him that she knew she was in trouble.

You never were one to just lie still and take it, he remarked as he brought his cock back up to her face. But I think it's time you learn. Chris traced the contours of his wife's face with his cock as she looked up at him.

She would never let him treat her like this normally and he wasn't quite sure what had come over him today but he couldn't stop. He only felt his arousal grow as he watched her hands struggle against the restraint. He knew Liz was going to be angry, and he knew he was going to have to pay for this another day, but in the moment he also knew that he could not, no, would not stop. He would face the consequences another day.


Today his wife was his to control. As he brushed his cock over her face he told her to open her mouth, and she complied, giving in to his control. He straddled her lovely face as he once again brought his oiled cock to her lips. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold out for long as he fucked his wife's mouth. Chris was pleasantly surprised when, instead of being angry, Liz eagerly started licking and sucking his throbbing cock as he violated her mouth.

Was she enjoying being controlled? Chris was so turned on he started thrusting harder, pushing his cock all the way down her throat before pulling out just to do it again. He could feel his balls tightening and the first shot of cum hit the back of her throat. She swallowed it down before she had time to reconsider.

Chris pulled his cock out of her mouth before she got another taste and the second shot hit her face, dripping down her cheek into her hair. Three more streams covered her perfect breasts before Chris was finished. As he looked down on his beautiful wife, with her hands tied to the bed and covered in his cum he smiled, memorizing this moment as if taking a photo in his mind.

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His smile grew wider as an idea hit him. He knew how he wanted to spend the rest of the day. He untied her hands and told her to use her fingers and mouth to clean up the mess before she got in the shower. He admired her as she obeyed his order, licking every drop of cum off her face and chest until he was satisfied.

When he told her she could go shower off, Liz pouted up at him. Chris smiled and said, don't worry, you'll get your turn once you learn to follow orders. And no touching yourself in the shower! For the first time in their relationship, Liz was afraid of what her husband would do if she didn't do as he said.

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Although her pussy ached she knew she would have to wait and see what Chris had in mind for her that afternoon. Chris watched her bare ass sway as she walked to the shower and got in.

He smiled again to himself, remembering the image of his wife he had saved to memory and thinking about how the rest of the afternoon would play out… To Be Continued…