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Legal age teenager with worthy figure sucks cock
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Adam 4 - Seduced by Megan's Tutor In this 4th chapter about the seductions of Adam, he joins Megan in her tutoring sessions, only to be seduced by the tutor, a friend of theirs. Author's note: Every character in or referenced in this story is 16 years old or older. Sometimes in real life people lie about their age. In the same manner, these story characters may lie about their age, stating that they are younger than 16.

But I am stating here and now, as the author of this story, that every single character is at least 16 years old. Any reference to an age younger than 16 is a lie, stated by the character or narrator of the story in an attempt to shock the reader. But do not believe them. It is not true. They are really 16 years old or older.

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Believe me. I know. I wrote the story.

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"Well I'm not doing any better," I told Megan. "Ich sprecha Deutsch, NOT." Megan and I had just started our Sophomore year of college. We had dated a year now and thought it would be a great idea to take a class together. For the life of me I don't remember how we decided on taking a German Language class, but here we were, over our heads. It made no sense to me to wait until the end of a sentence to throw in a verb. By then you've forgotten what you were talking about.

And on top of that it wasn't consistent. I had to know when to do it that way and when not to, it was all so maddening. We weren't doing so well. "I'm getting a tutor," Megan said. "Either join me or you're on your own." "Well thanks," I replied. "I like you too." But I was stubborn.

I didn't want a tutor. I wanted to show Megan that I could whip this without the extra help. But after a couple of weeks and two tests, Megan was improving. I wasn't.


So one night during the week I decided to break in on Megan's tutoring session. I knocked on her dorm room door. Megan opened it. "Well hi Adam, come on in." As I entered, there sitting at her desk was Judy, the tall long-haired beauty from the late night party a couple of months back. Judy lived in our dorm too and was a year ahead of Megan and I. I greeted her. "Hey Judy." "Adam, how's it going?" she asked.

"Fine, thanks. Megan, I thought you had a tutoring session tonight," I stated as a question, looking at Megan. "I do," Megan answered. "Judy's my tutor. She's been studying German since early high school." I just stared at Judy. I guess I hadn't thought of her as smart, just pretty. She suddenly jumped up a few bars in my girl-ranking. It's not all looks you know. "You should let me help you Adam," she offered. "Megan has already improved her grades." "Really Adam, she's good," Megan added, "and she makes it fun." To be honest, I was a little afraid to have Judy help me.

Now that I knew she was smart along with good looking, I found myself slightly attracted to her. Feeling like that while Megan was right there with us worried me.

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I had made a few slip-ups in the past with other females, cheating on Megan who was supposed to be my girlfriend. But I wasn't going to let it happen again. Megan said no sex until marriage and at least from this point on I was going to abide by that. As far as Megan was concerned, and everyone else, well everyone except those few mistakes, we were still virgins.

I wanted to keep it that way. The next evening I was studying in my room when someone knocked on my door. I opened it right away thinking it was Megan, but there stood Judy. She was tall, blonde, blue eyes, athletic, and waiting to come into my room. "Please come in." "I'm here to give you your first German lesson," she stated, walking into my room and closing the door behind her.

"But I didn't say I was going to do it, take tutoring lessons from you," I argued. "Your Megan's tutor, not mine." "I can do both of you," she said, and then laughed, "separately or a threesome." I laughed too. "Well since your here," my voice trailing off. We went through the basics, most of which I already had down. But I have to say, she made it hard to concentrate on learning German. With her sitting right in front of me I had plenty of time to get a really good look at her.

Her hair was long and sort of messy. It made her look a bit sexy. She had tiny little freckles across her nose and under her eyes, which were the blue of the ocean off a Caribbean port. She must have had braces as a kid because her teeth were perfect. I decided to take a break from German lessons.

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"Are you and Rod still dating?" "Rod?" she asked, curling up her brow. "We were never an item." "But you two left together from our party a couple months back," I argued. "I thought you two hooked up for sure." "We may have 'hooked up' as you say but I was drunk and that was a one night thing," Judy explained.

"He's definitely not my type." "Who's your type?" I boldly asked. "Hmmm, are you available?" she asked back, placing her hand on my knee. I blushed from her comment, and felt the rush of heat through my body from her touch.

"I…I'm…with Megan." "Yeah, hows that going for you?" she teased. Moving her hand up my leg a bit she continued, "I understand it will be a dry spell for you until you get married." I was sitting on the edge of the bed and she moved her chair so that it was facing me directly. She parted my legs and began to slowly rub her hands up and down the inside of them.

I needed to stop her. I knew that but I didn't have the will power. I just had to say something. I wasn't about to cheat on Megan again. "I uh I, I mean, I can't cheat on, I, oh God Judy, what are you doing to me?" "Everyone knows that you and Megan are virgins, Adam. You don't have to wait if you don't want to.


I can teach you so much more than just German." That's when I felt her fingers slide across my crotch, realized I was hard and didn't even know it until that moment. "You're ready for me Adam," she stated, rubbing my hard on through my jeans. "Let me teach you Adam, let me be your first." "But, I mean, I shouldn't," I blubbered.

"You want me don't you Adam?" She stood up from her chair and stepped between my legs, gently pushing me backward on the bed. "I see it in your eyes you little devil." It was true, I did want her right then. Judy had been seducing me all evening and this was just the culmination. "Tell me you want me, tell me Adam, tell me you want to fuck me," she taunted.

I was on my back on the bed and Judy was on top of me. She kissed me on the lips, long and hard. "Oh God, Judy, you are so hot," I blurted out. She leaned down next to my ear and asked, "Tell me Adam, tell me what you want from me?" "I want you to fuck me," I answered. Oh shit, I said it. It was going to happen again and there was no turning back.

She kissed me and then said, "Well why didn't you say so sooner?" Standing up she pulled her blouse up over her head and undid her bra. As it dropped to the floor she revealed the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. They were about fist size, the fullness they had gave them some weight and pulled them downward just a touch. It produced a more realistic look, not that full balloon look you see when a woman has implants.

The areolas were a slight pink in color but the nipples were a darker flesh, almost brownish. The nipples themselves stood out as if they were already full and hard. I undressed quickly as Judy finished taking off her clothes.

Her groin was shaven except a one-inch wide vertical strip of hair running up from her pussy. I climbed back up on my bed, on my back, as Judy straddled my waist. I sat up to suck on her breasts but she pushed me back down. "I remember that party," she said, "that stupid kid's game we played.

I remember you pretend to fuck Brooke. It was then that I swore I would fuck you for real."Taking my shaft in her right hand she rubbed it a few times across her opening.

"You won't be able to call yourself a virgin much longer." I smiled to myself when she said that. How little she knew. Then she slipped the head of my dick into her opening, holding it there. "Here we go," she said as she dropped herself down onto my shaft. I closed my eyes and let out a groan of pleasure.


Judy lifted her body up and dropped it back down again, engulfing my shaft completely in her warm canal. Judy may have had sex before but she still felt as tight as a virgin, her body clenching my rod as she lifted herself upwards and driving it back down onto me. She leaned forward onto her elbows and began rocking more quickly up and down my shaft. Dropping one of her breasts into my mouth I began sucking hard, nipping at her hard nipple, licking and sucking some more.

After a minute she shifted me to her other breast. "Was this anything like you imagined?" she asked as she continued to fuck me. "I could never have imagined anything this good," I replied. It was the truth.

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Judy was by far the best fuck I had ever had. She was my fourth and I now had enough to make a fair comparison. She wasn't rushing me, keeping the rhythm fast enough to maintain the pleasure but slow enough that I didn't blow my wad too fast.

This went on for several more minutes before Judy started getting a little erratic. She was moaning now with each thrust down onto my prick. Her nipples were rubbing across my chest and I could tell they were rock hard.

Suddenly she tipped her head down and held her body down onto my shaft. Judy was having an orgasm. I decided to take control. Grabbing her around the waist I rolled her over onto her back with me now between her legs. I began fucking her in earnest while she was still climaxing. She continued to groan with each thrust. Playing off a trick I learned from Alice, Megan's mother, I pulled her knees up to her chest and then pushed them outward down onto the bed.

This opened her up wide to me, lifting her hips upwards slightly. Holding her knees to the bed I fucked her as fast and hard as I could. Her breasts rocked up and down as I rammed myself in and out of her pussy.

It only took another minute and I felt my climax approaching. A moment later and I couldn't have stopped if you had put a gun to my head. I blasted my cum deep in her cunt, shot after shot, filling her with all that I had. When I was empty I collapsed on top of her crushing my chest to her breasts, letting her legs relax back downward.

"Was it everything you had hoped?" she asked. "That and more," I responded truthfully. She was the best of them all. Oh I eventually felt guilty, just like all the rest. But not just then. Then I wanted nothing more than to fuck Judy the rest of my life. The end (until Megan chaperons a slumber party for Abby)