Naughty teen deepthroats hard dick and gets fucked by border patrol

Naughty teen deepthroats hard dick and gets fucked by border patrol
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Hi my name is Vladimir but my friends call me Vlad I'm 18 years old 5'6 and weigh about 180 and have brown eyes and have black hair I'm never consider myself as hot or sexy but a few girls over the years have sad that I'm cute just cute and that is good enough for me. I have 3 older sisters the oldest is 31 her name is Hecate the second is 28 her name is Mania and the third is 24 her name is Iris and no brothers.

I never been a party person but a one party I found my love. One Saturday during our spring break of our Sr.

Year of high school my best friend Brine that I know since 6th grad gave me a call Brine "Yo Vlad I'm going to have a party and I inviting you because you are the only one that I can trust to keep me in line because you don't drink or smock and some guys that I invited will and I can't control my pride like you can so are you coming?

O and before you ask my parents will be out for the whole weekend so we won't get caught." Me "sure man it not like I was going to go see The Wolverine but since you said you can only trust me I will go but you will owe me one big time and one more thing before I forget is your sister Ashley going with your parents or is she sating home with you?" Brine "Shit! I forgot about her what was I thinking what will happen if she got out her room to get something to eat or drink and every guy there is drunk including me shit!" Me "(sigh) it ok man I'll be there so to help keep an eye on her and make sure that you give her my # and explain everything it to her so she doesn't think that I'm hitting on her and so she can call or text me to get her something and if you do get drunk I'll be there to make sure nothing happens to her.

(Sigh) Ok man and what time does it start?"{I need to say something here I have one weakness and one weakness only little siblings brothers or sisters as long as they were younger than me they were my weakness I had to protect them I know it wired but I can't explain it} Brine "thanks man I'll give her your # and explain ever thing to her and it starts at 8p.m ok man I do owe you big time see you at 8" When we finish talking I look at my clock and it was 10 a.m.

so I had some time to kill so I started playing Assassins Creed 4 then at 1 I took a shower when I got out I cheek my phone and saw that I got message from Ashley It sad "Hey hot stuff I can't wait for you to get here because I'll fell much safer in your arms love Ashley" I was surprised when I read it from what I knew Ashley has a boyfriend and does not have a crush on me so I send her a text asking her what did she mean by safe in my arms and if the text was for her boyfriend and not for me.

As I waited for her answer I got change I put on some blue jeans and a black t-shirt and my black theater jacket and a silver necklace that my dad gave me for my 18 birthday it was he sad it bin in his family for generations and that the first borne son of the family gets it on his 18 birthday and since my 18 birthday past a few months ago he gave it to and I had never took it off since not even while I was sleeping.

when I got done potting on my clothes I check my phone and I was surprised when I got a Picher message from Ashley and I could not believe my eyes Ashley send me a Picher of herself in nothing but just a black bra and black pants and she look like a goddess I was just out the door when my 3rd olds sister Iris ask where I was going Iris "hey dumbass were the fuck do you think you're going hmm?!" Me "way the fuck you care were I go or not I'm 18 years old not 10 years old!?" Iris "because you're my little brother just tell me where you are going and how long you'll be there so I can tell mom were you're at and do you have you phone?" Me "if you must know I'm going to Brien's party because he invited me and because he need me to keep an eye on his sister and no I'm not a perv I'm just going because I'm his only friend that dos not smoke or drink and he know that I'll won't let anything happen to his sister and I may be there till tomorrow and my not be back till 12 p.m.

so tell mom will you and yes I do have my phone so see you tomorrow." And with that I was on my way to Brine's house in a few hours in to my walk I saw a group of kid beating up a kid that look like 12 years old and I got piss of real easy and did the first thing that came to my mind and yelled out the top of my longs saying "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO THIS KID?!" the leader of the group turn around and started to say something but was cut short by my fist hitting him in the face his friends look at me with shock but I calm down just enough and ask his pals what the leaders name they sad his name is Bill I told them to take him home and to tell him that if I see him beating up a kid a gene he will be in the hospital and if he ask how sad that to tell him that Vladimir sad so and with that I went to the kid they were betting up Me "hey kid what is your name?" The kid " name is Angel don't hurt me!" Me "Angel its ok I'm not going to hurt you but I have to know do you live far from here?

Do you have any one you can call an aunt, uncle, brother, or sister and ask them to pick you up?" Angel "well I live a few towns way and I do have a sister that I can call and ask to take me home but it too early to wake here up." Me "ok then let's go to my friend's house it not too far from here and you can get something to eat and drink till the right time to call your sister if that ok with you and." Angel "what is your name so when I can tell my sister that you saved me from some bad kids and to see if she'll go out with you she 18 how old are you by the way" Me "Well my name is Vladimir but my friends call me Vlad and as from my age I'm 18 years old and I got the ID to prove if you got any doubts.

And as for your sister well I don't think by me helping you out will be enough to have her go out with me but I thank for trying now can you walk or would do you prefer if I give you a piggyback raid to my friend's house?" Angel "I think the piggyback will be good I never had one but are you sure that your friend will not mind if you bring a strange Goth kid to his house?" Me "what Brine don't worry about him because he knows not to mess with kids and he owes me big time which means till I say I owe him one that we are even and that will never so com on get on my back and don't bite me on the neck I don't want my blood to be drain from my body" It took me with Angel on my back about 50 mites to get to Brine's house when I knot on the door he answered and sad.

Brine "Vlad hey man you know it 5:20 p.m. your early and… who the fuck is on your back because he looks pail and with a black eye did you bet him up?!" Me "Brine It's good to know that you trust me with all your life to say I beat up little kids for fun and for your information he's name is Angel and I saved from a kid name Bill and his grope of monkeys on my way here and I'm early because I came to help you put everything that can break in your parents room so they don't get broken and so that you don't get kited out of the house and Angel needs some food and something to drink and some reset before he calls his sister to pick him up and I need to talk with Ashley about a text message she send me seeking of which were is she because she the one that answers the door?" Brine "sorry about that man you know I was just messing with you and Angle it is nice to meet you my name is Brine sorry but is just that I never seen a kid so pale before and Vlad Ash is in her room but before you go to talk to her let me tell you something she has not been herself for the past week she spends all her time in her room which I never will go in and you know why.

she never comes out if she does it only to eat and go take a shower and use the restroom other than that she bin in her room all week I think that asshole of a boyfriend dump her for no reason will you please go and see if she ok because she trust you more than me for some reason as for Angel bring him to the kitchen I'll get him a pizza and a cocoa if that ok with him?" Angel "it ok with me and who is this Ashley I would like to meet her." Brine "Ashley is too old for you Angle and she has a crush on someone but I can't say more because she'll kick in me the balls." Me "ok Brine that enough don't scare the kid he been thro enough for today.

Ashley is this guy's little sister she nice when you get to know her and don't play anything attention to what he says about her and before I forget she knows how to fight because I trained her because she has a brother that can get pretty drunk and may try to take advantage of her so ever male in this town knows not to mess with her but other than that she is nice." With that I turned and walked to Ashley room and knock on her door and sad it was me and that I want to talk with her I waited for a few mints and then turned to go see how Brine is taking care of Angle but just I turned a pair of hands took hold of me by the waist and picked me up and threw me on the floor then the same pair of hand turned me over and spread my hands and then I felt someone sit on my cock and had something wet and warm.

When my sight cleared I saw it was Ashley how was sitting on my cock. Ashley is 5'2, blue eyes, black hair, a gorgeous smile; she has a wonderful body, a perfect ass and a figure to die for.


From what I can see she dint have anything on but one of my old shirt that I thought I lost the last time I spend the night here (long story) and some panties. Me "umm Ashley what are you doing? And&hellip.

is that my shirt?" Ashley "well hot stuff I just need you on the ground so I can tell you that I'm in love with you since the first time I was you when you ask Brine to go over your house when you guys were in 6th grade so you guys could hang out and I was 9 years old and when I turn 11 I always got wet when I saw you or heard you and now that I'm 17 year old and a high school Jr. I want you so much it huts and I want you to take my virginity and I'll be your little slut and only yours!

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And yes this is your shirt you left last time you were here." Me "Ashley I'm honored that you want me to take your virginity but are you sure you want that because there are other guys out there and one of them may be your husband. By the way you can have my shirt because you look hot in it" Ashley "I don't care I will love you and only and if some other guy trays he will be tasting his balls for a week and I will never marry anyone but you and I do want you take my virginity and today is the perfect day because my mom and dad are gonging to be at my grandmas for the weekend and I made a deal with Brien which is I'll let him throw a party but as long as you came and I can have sex with you and he agreed and hear we are.

Are you sure I can have this shirt?" Me "well Ashley fine but just between you and me you will also take my virginity because I'm a virgin as well now can my sexy goddess get of me so I can go and help your big brother get the house ready for his party then I want you to go and meat a kid I saved from some guy named Bill and his gain his name is Angle and he looks like 12 years old and has some cool vampire fangs but he may be a little shy because of your big brother may have sad something's that were not true.

Yes and like I said you look hot in it." Before she let me up she rub her pussy on my cock till she came and I felt some more wetness on my jeans and she kissed me on the lips with such passion that I felt like I was in heaven and with that she got up and went to find Brine and I pride that he be smart enough to say he is sorry to Ashley because she is mad. when I got to the living room Brine was on his knees (not a good place to be because of Ashley and trust me I know what is gonging to happen before it happens.

hey like I said I trained her) so I got my cellphone and hit the video record so I can blackmail Brine later by saying that I'll put it on YouTube Brine he was begging his little sister to spare him Brine "I beg you Ashley spare me I'll do anything you ask me to just spare me!" Ashley "well big brother I'll take you on the offer that you will do anything for me but I must punish you for saying thing behind my back and to a kid that 12 year old so do I have your word that even if I kick you in the balls you'll do anything I want?" Brine "yes just don't hurt me!" Ashley "Ok big brother and to make sure that you don't forget not to talk behind my BACK!" And with that she hit Brine in the balls so hard it hurt even me and I had to cover my balls in sympathy but I keep on recording till Brine stopped crying and got up and started to move thing to his parents room and I looked for Angel how was in the kitchen eating a pizza and I handed him my cellphone so he can call his sister the fear was back in his eyes so I knew something was up so I asked him Me "ok Angel why don't to call your sister now because Brine is going to throw a party and I don't want something happing to you" Angel "I can't call her because I'm not supposed to be out before 7p.m.

and if I call her and tell her where I'm at she'll com like a hurricane and put every guy that is at the party in the hospital maybe even you so that why I'm so scared" Me "look just dial her # then let me talk with her to see if I can calm her down ok because I have three older sisters so I may calm her down.

All you have to do is dial her # and I'll do all the talking ok?" Angel "Ok but just to let you know she is not like every other girl." Me "ok what is her name so I can call her by it." Angel "her name is Diana and be careful of what you say to her" Angle dials Diana # then hand the phone back to me and I call and waited for 5 minutes before she answered her phone Me "hello is this Diana the sister of Angle?" Diana "who the fuck are you?!


What have you done with Angle he beater not be harm because if he is I will beat you it'll you are half way dead!?" Me "look I have not done anything to your little brother I found him and save him from some bad kids on my way to a friend's house and I took him with me to my friend's house and that were we are your brother can tell you that I'm telling the truth and he wants to go home but he told me that you live fare so I was hoping that you have a car so that you can come and pick him up before 8p.m.

because my friend was smart enough to have a party and there is going to be some guys from my high school and they love to drink the only reason why I'm here is because my friend can't hold his liquor and his pride get him in tubal and he has a little sister that 15 years old and since I don't drink or smock he ask me to babysit the house and his sister while the party is going on.

so Diana if you don't mind can you come in a flash so you and your brother cold not have the pleaser of seeing some guy make fools of them self that what YouTube is for." Diana "I'll be there in 1 hour in the meantime be careful and watch your neck and your friends and his sister because Angle can't control his hunger for blood." Me "ok sorry if we wok you up because you brother sad it too early to wake you up and he seems scared to try why is that?

Do you work late night shift at your work or something like that?" Diana "it caned of hard to explain on the phone when I get there I'll do my best to explain and the reason why Angle is scared of me is because he knows better than to leave and not know how to fight by the way what your name because you sound cute?" Me "o my name is Vladimir but my friends call me Vlad for short and I thank you for saying I sound cute because that what most girls say about me I don't know why and I don't care." Diana "I never lie about a boy that sounds cute and can you send me the address of your friend's house so I can get there faster?" Me "I send you a text with the address and you should hurry some of the party gust are going to arrive soon." And with that I got up to help Brine it took us a few minutes to get everything flicked and when we finished it was 7:40 and the doorbell rang I figured it was a party gust but when I went to open the door there was a girl that look like she was 18 she had on black jeans with a black t-shirt she has, blue eyes, and sandy blond hair.

The girl "hi my Diana I'm here to pick up Angel." I was surprised this girl was Angel older sister because she is so hot she could melt an ice cube by just looking at it. Me "wow you look hot o sorry my name is Vlad we talked on the phone about Angel and…" I look over her shoulder and was surprised see some guy that are my rivals and I know that things will get crazy if they see Diana in the door way so I have no choice but to push her in side and push her to Ashley's room.

Me "SHIT! Com inside quickly and I'm sorry if I heart you it just some rivals from my school are coming. it just wen high school boys in this town come to a party and see that there rival are there as well thing get crazy so you have to wait till the parity is over and look my friend's little sister is here as well and that the reason why I cane because little sibling are my weakness I know it wired but you can't blame me.

so stay with Ashley and I'll bring Angle so you three can be safe a party like this last till midnight because the Nabors will call the police so they can sleep in peace is that ok with you?" Diana "it's ok and you don't have to say anything because if I was in your place I would have done the same thing by the way I'm 18 and I want you to be my man and lover and if Ashley has a crush on you well then I gust I cold share." Me "well she does have a crush on me and well you can ask her yourself because this is her room and tell her that your Angel's older sister and that I'll be back in a few because I'm going to go and look for Angel" Diana "ok but never mind I'll take with Ashley and see what she think then I'll tell you.

Now will you knock on the door and tell Ashley about me and my brother so she don't go crazy on me." With that I knock on the door and Ashley open the door and saw my eyes with a worry look and then she saw Diana and she grad her by the waist and throw her in her room and told me to go get Angle she dint need to tell me that twice. I ran in to the living room and saw that Angel was corner and there were lot of fighting going on so I yelled "However thinks there strong com and face me and that me see if you're strong enough to tack me down I'll tack any changer!" I was dumb to have sad that because as soon as I sad it I was fighting my way towards Angel.

IN ASHLEY'S ROOM {So you guys don't get confused Ashley is telling this part} Me "so you and Angle are vampires? Because I thought I saw his eyes glow red" Diana "yes Angle and I are vampires and I'm rely 10 hundred years old in human years but in vampire years I'm 18 years old and Angle is 9 hundred years in human years but he is 12 years in vampire years.

Wait WHAT? When did his eye glow red because that means he is hungry for human blood and that bad." Me "way is it bad and do you have think Vlad is cute?" Diana "well the reason way it bad is because if he can't get some blood he goes all crazy and starts biting people and darn them of their blood and he can't help himself till he is full. And I do think that Vlad is cute and I want him to be the father of my children because he saved Angle and me from his school rivals and he's out there trying to find Angle and come back in one peace and I fell in love with him when he called me to tell me what happen to Angle his voce sound so cut but in person he look like a god I can't take my eyes of him!" Me "so what do we now so why did Angle come to this town in the first place?" Diana "I guess he came to help me with my problem but how did he get jump I have no idea." Me "what is your problem maybe I can help?" Diana "well my dad told me that I can have a mate when I turn a young human copal in to vampires but they have to be in love and I haven't found a copal like that and I think my dad knows it hard to find a copal like that and there in their mid-teens and early 20s and I can't even find a copal that is marred that are in their 20s and in love let me tell you it not easy!" Me "well me and Vlad are a copal since sometime this afternoon does that count?" Diana "well yes it does count because my dad never said how long they supposed to be a copal but are you sure that you want to became a vampire your friends will grow old and die are still sure you want to become a vampire if Vlad does?" Me "yes as long as Vlad does I'll will too because I love him with all my heart I'll go where ever he goes that how much I love him so what if my friends grow old and die it will be hard but I'll be with Vlad and he'll be able to confer me when they die and that will make me happy." Dana "well when Vlad comes I'll ask him if he wants to become a vampire with you.

By the way I know this is a personal question but are you still a virgin?" Me "that is personal but if it got to do with anything with me and Vlad being turn to vampires well yes me and Vlad are virgins why do you want to know?" Diana "because virgin blood is a delicacy to vampires and is super hard to find a guy that is 18 years old and still is a virgin because that means two things that he is gay and can't find a other guy that is gay or that he can't get a girl to notices him.

But Vlad is not and he could have gotten any girl he wanted so why is he a still a virgin because I know you saving it for him but why is he still a virgin that something I don't get do you know why he is still a virgin?" Me "no I don't know that he was still a virgin till he told me.

When he trained me when he was in 8th grade to defend myself we never really talk about our personal life but he did ask me now and then if I had gotten a boyfriend and if so what was his name I don't know why I think so he could tell me if that guy was good or not but my answer was the same that I can't find a guy that took me serous and the last time he trained me was last month because he said he didn't have anything else to teach me and because he was going to Las Vegas to go to a Marine ROTC collage till he got his batchers degree in videogames disbanding.

So what are we going to do while Vlad is trying to find Angle and bring him back to my room?" Diana "well I could try and help him by mind control the guys at the party but I just know how to control the minds of adults and not teen males because there are hard to understand for me but teen females are easy because I'm a teen vampire and no we vampires do not sparkle in the sunlight that just stupid shit that Twilight say is not true the only truth in the legends you read or hear about is that we have acute hearing, read minds, move at lightning speed, see in the dark, many times stronger than humans, shape-shifting, summon up natural events and hypnotize powers over some humans and there is a rare power that a hand full of vampires have and that the power of walking in the sunlight let just get your room fixed so when Vlad comes back with Angel so we can talk and I beat the shit out my baby brother if hat ok with you." Me "I guess my room is measly and with your help my room will be clean no time." With that Diana and I started to clean my room.

Diana was surprised when she open my closet to find that on one side of my closet was full with clothes but the other half was full of pictures of Vlad working out with his friends and just sitting on the couch in the living room and well just a shrine of Vlad can you balm me he is so hot that I never could take my eye of him and the real reason why I let him trained me is so hat I can see his body and feel it next to me when he showed me a new move and to feel his hands on my skin when I faked a fall so he would grab me from falling because I melt whenever he touch me.

I thought that Diana was gonna call me a perv but she just laugh at it and closed my closet and sat on my bed while we waited for Vlad to come back with Angel. BACK ING THE LIVINGROOM (Ok its now for me to finish the story) I was having a great time I was close to getting to Angle when out of nowhere I'm getting jump by two guys at a time and the # keeps on going and I dint have the time so I send out a change "enough playing I'll throw out three changes and the changes are for my school rivals the biggest and bad can change me but after three I'm don because I need to get a kid to safety be for you guys get to crazy you hear!?" It work the first guy to accept my change was a guy by the name of Anthony and his school's ROTC and my ROTC (ya I'm in ROTC so what?) have a bad history whenever we meat fights broke out and there's a roomer going around saying that the year before I got to high school they had a "friendly" match in sports and they chided and we found out and we'll let just say the police were called to stop everything.

He was easy to defeat I have no idea why he is the bad ass at his school I guess is because he is big and has a look in his eyes that say I'll kill you or that his school is known for having the most gay male students in the school district and most gays don't like to fight.

The next guy name Jack was a change but I knew him from middle school and we had a few fights but I always won because I got him mad so he'll loses the fight and I know how to make him mad say something about his mom and the good thing is I know lot of your mama jokes "Hey Jack guess what? Yo' mama is so ugly, she scares blind kids away." Jack "shut the fuck up about my mother!" Me "your mama is so dumb that she got hit by a parked car" Jack "You are pushing your luck Vlad!" Me "your mama is so fat that she the cause of global warming!" Jack "Vlad if you say one more thing about my mother I'll kill you!" Me "ok but let me tell you one more thing your mama is so harry that the only language she knows is wookie!" That did it he snapped and charge but I put my foot in his gut and he fell like a rock to the floor.

Well the last guy was a new guy that moved in to town a few weeks ago but I dint know if he knows to fight so I played it cool and let him make a move and he did something no one in their right mind would have done he went for Angle and everyone at the party gasp at it what he did next he grad Angle in a headlock I don't remember what happen next but what I can remember is that my necklace got hot and seeing red and everyone was staring at me with shock in their eyes and moths open and the guy was on the floor and I was next to Angle how was out cold so I picked him up and throw him on my shoulder and stared to yell at the top of my longs saying that Brine has a party and were in high school not middle school so start acting like high school students and to have fun at the party and if I hear any more fights there answer to me.

On my way to Ashley's room Brine grab me by the arm and told me "when you put Angel down in Ash's room come back out so we can talk and don't worry when we're finish talking you can go and see how the kid is k?" I was surprised at first but then realized that he was saying the truth I told to just let me put Angel in Ashley's room and I'll out to come and talk so with that I continued my way to Ashley's room wounding what Diana is going to do to me because her brother is passed out and I told her that I'll do whatever is in my power to keep him safe but the truth is I dint do all that was in my power to keep him safe because I could have gotten to the guy that did this to Angle but no I had to play it safe to see if he knew how to fight that the problem in my family we like a change if we think we can get a change we take when I ask my dad if it ran in the family and he just laugh and sad it the fatal flaw of his family ever guy in the family has it and if we think we can get a good fight we take it so when I get to Ashley room I open the door and Ashley look at me with horror in her eyes and Diana with a look real pissed of Me "where can I put Angel because he pass out when some new guy that moved in to town a few weeks ago put him in a headlock." Diana "what the fuck happened!?

I thought you were going to get Angle and bring him hear so why the fuck is he passed the fuck out?" Me "look I explain when I get back but I need to put Angle down and Brien wants to talk to and I have no clue what he wants to talk about so you girls wait here and I go and see what Brien wants and do not come outside because the party guest have a bean to arrive and there just 10% crazy." So I put Angel on Ashley's beanbag chair and went to look for Brain and I found him trying to get to the front door to greet his gusts but to help him out I go to open the door for him so when he got there we can go out front to talk but when I open the door I come face to face with Bill and he does the dumbest thing in the history of dum he tries to sucker punch me in the face but I grab his fist and look him in the eyes and told him Me "Seriously?

You try to punch me after what I did to you earlier today my name is Vladimir so if your friends dint tell my message here is a new one and if try to call the copes I'll say it was self-defenses." Bill "what message and why will I call the copes?" I just smiled an evil smile a few people have ever seen and as soon as so he said that Brine was at the door and saw that I brook Bill's arm and he faints from the pane and Brine just takes out his phone and calls an ambulance to pick Bill up as we wait for the ambulance Brine breaks the silence Brine "so do I even want to know why you broke his arm?" Me "no but I'll tell you anyway that guy that is on the floor his name is Bill the same Bill from this morning that was beating Angle up.

I punch him in the face and told his pals to give him a message and I guess they dint and as soon as I open the door and I we saw each other he tried to punch me but I grab his fist and gave him a new message and broke his arm and don't worry all town police, fire department, and hospitals know me so pretty much half the town knows me and knows not to fuck with me or else hell the police even pay me to go and beat up a rookie that gets too cocky in his work.

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Which means I can never get arrested for anything that I can say was self-defenses!" Brine "well he did disserve it but are you sure he got the message?" Me "he did and to make sure he does I'll go and see him tomorrow at the hospital after I help you clean up after the party so what did you want to talk about I know it wasn't about Bill so what is it tell now if you can't I'll go see what Diana and Ashley want to tell me." Brine "(sigh) well I just don't know how to say it without you fucking me up like Bill." Me "were friends since Jr.

High school and you're the only friend that can calm me down when I'm really pissed off so just say it and you have my word that whatever you say even if it's something that you know not to say I won't hit you and you know my word is my bond." Brine "(sigh) when we were in 6th grade and you ask me over to your house to go for a swim in your pool you went with me to my home so I can get my stuff and you met my sister for the first time and Ashley she has a crush on you since then." Me "I know." Brine " WHAT?!

How do you know if I just told you?!" Me "because when I left Angle in your care and before Ashley went and made you beg.

She graded me by the waste and dropt me and turn me over and I got to say for her age and height she is strong. She sat right over my dick and started to confess her love for me and told me that she has been saving her virginity for me and she want to give it to me today at your party and she said she made a deal with you as long as I came and I have sex with her you can have this party and I have to ask you if you're ok with that because where been friends for 7 years and that the longest friend ship I had since I moved to this ghetto ass tow when I was 9 years old and you're more like a long lost brother to me and you know what the means to me because I have 3 sisters that are older than me so I have to know bro if I can marry your sister when she becomes a senior in high school I know I'm supposed to ask your dad but he not here so do you mind if I marry her?" Brine "well if you do love her then I won't mind but you have to tell her and after we graduate you still have to be with her because the day you were training her those were the happiest day of her life." Me "I will keep in touch with her when I go to the Marine ROTC collage in Las Vegas to get my batchers degree in videogames disbanding that will tack me at least 4 more years but I'll keep in touch with her on Facebook and she can get my E-mail from my Facebook I think but I'll try and be back for the holidays and spring break to see her and my family but as soon as she a senior I'll ask her to marry me and if she does marry me I'll keep her happy for the rest of our life." Brine "hell as long as you keep her happy and keep in touch with her in the next 3 years I won't be mad but I'll be pissed to tell you the truth at first because my little sister and my best friend are going out and fucking each other but I'll get over it and don't worry I know that Ash wants you to take her virginity and I know that you're a virgin as well she'll be happy that she took your virginity and you took her so that what I want ted to say.

And how is this Diana I just heard about?" Me "Diana is Angel's big sister she was the first one to arrive before the party started and bro I need to ask you something you know that you're the only one that can calm me down besides my mom and my sister Iris were you there when the new guy put Angle in a headlock?" Brine "yes why do you want to know bro I still can't delve that he did that and in front of you" Me "can you tell me how I got that foo on the floor all I remember is seeing him put Angle in a headlock and getting pissed off fast and my necklace getting hot and seeing red and that all can't you tell me what happen?" Brine "how to explain it?

Well your eyes went blood red and you moved so fast I barley saw what you did at all but what I did saw was you grad the guy by the back of the neck and he fainted and your eyes went back to normal.

Man I never seen you go that fast and I thought I saw fangs dude are you a vampire? I mean if you are a vampire that means that you and Ash can live forever and maybe you can turn your best friend in to one as well?" Me "man if I was one that would explain some wired things that I can do but I'm not but if I ever find one I'll make sure to ask him or her if a human can have vampire blood and not be one at the same time I mean like one of my ancestors was a vampire and he or her fucked a human and had a kid and that kid was half vampire and half human and that kid had kids and the vampire part went dormant waiting for a vampire to bite me or one of family members to become active but I don't think so well I wait for the ambulance they should be here in a few minutes." And in in the time we were talking the ambulance had arrived and the paramedics just looked at Bill and then at me and I know ever paramedic in town and the two paramedics just start to laugh there ass of the paramedic named Persephone ask Persephone "what did you do this time Vlad and why because at the hospital we have a beat of what you did." Brine "How did you know it was Vlad that did something?" Persephone "we dint at first but as soon as we got here and saw Vlad we knew it was him so what did you do." Me "well I answered the door for my friend because he is having a party and on my way here the guy that on the floor was betting a kid so I punched him on the jaw and I brought the kid with me and a few moments ago he came here and I guess he dint get my message and he tried to sucker punch me but I grad hi fist and broke his arm and he fainted from the pain and we call you guys and that it you can take him to the hospital and I want to place a beat as well I want to beat 20$ that at least half the hospital staff bet that it was me." Brine "wait what?

The hospital beat that a new patent was Vlad doing why?" Persephone "Ya we bin doing that since Vlad was in 8th because every other week we got a call from his school saying that Vlad broke some poor kids bones and we still don't know why so care to tell us now Vlad?" Me "well I started to train with some of my older cozens that box and are in karate because they saw me as a weakling why I don't know and one of my Nabors dad was a retired Marine and I ask him to train me so I can defend myself when I get a girlfriend and he was happy too.

I think it was because he just has daughters an no sons so he can't train them like guys but when I ask him to train me he was so happy that he sad yes so fast I think it may have broken a world record of some kind so when I got back to school every week a new guy tried to beat me up but they got the message by the end of the year so when my 8th grad year stared rumors spread that I was train by a Marine so every so often a few guys tried to see if it was true and found out it was true and that stop and as soon as the guys got back to school I found them and told them to start saying that the rumors about me are true and they did so that ever guy knows not to mess with me and that why the school call you ever other week in my 8th grade year." Persephone "that explain it.

So 20$ fine I'll call you if you win which I guess you will. So the cops will be here tomorrow or do you want me to tell them it was you so you don't have to go through the same song and dance you go through when they come and see you?" Me "if you don't mind please call my cozen sheriff Artemis and tell her it was me if a guy named Bill or his parents call her and say that there son was assaulted by me to tell them it was self-defense and that I have I witnesses." Persephone "I can just tell her that some people will try to press charges ageist you and she knows the rest ok Bill in the truck see soon Vlad and try not do this a gene for at least for a month so I can win more money k bye." With that Persephone and her coworker are off with Bill in the back and Brine is still shock by this I told him I explain everything but later because I have to go and talk with Ashley and Diana because they wanted to tell me something but I had to come talk with him because he ask so on my why back to Ashley's room I keep thinking that I may be a vampire because every other day when I worked out I found that I can bench press two times more than my regular bench then the next day I can't even pick the weights up and sometimes I think I can read the minds of some people.

When I got to Ashley's bedroom door I stop because I had this wired feeling that someone was behind me but when I turned around no one was there but I heard someone call me Lord Vladimir but there no one there so I just ignored it and opened the door to Ashley's room and step in and closed the door but as soon as the door was closed I was attracted by a pair of lips with such forces that I fell to the floor when my mind prosed what had happen I found that the lips belonged to Ashley and I kissed her back with passion but I remembered Angel and his sister Diana were in the same room with us and I managed to push Ashley so I can stand I went to her bed and sat on it and look to find Diana on the far corner of the room and Angle was still knock out on Ashley's beanbag chair and I had to think it was my fault and I had to explain what happen Me "well I guess you want an explanation why Angle is knock out and why Brine wanted to talk to me." Long story short I did explain everything "so Diana what are you going to do now?" Diana "first can I see your necklace pleas and second I have to tell you that me and Angle are vampires and no is not bullshit because we can live without blood for 50 years so we can get some blood from a blood bank or by donors of their own free will but we have to drink it after the 50 years have passed so that the reason why we can live with humans but not darn their blood and third can I taste your blood Vlad I promise I won't suck your blood I just pick one finger it be just like having you blood test at the doctor because I think you're a vampire as well so what do you say?" Me "well find and I take it that a vampire word is there bond so first taste my blood then you can see my necklace." Diana "wait you believe that?" Me "well yes because it the best thing I heard and I can tell when someone is ling to me so go hade and test my blood to see if I'm a vampire." So I hand out my hand and Diana and she takes my thrum and makes a little cut and she sticks out her tong and lets a drop of my blood fall on it and as soon as my blood drops on her tong her eyes go wide and shock and she lets go of my hand and ask me if she can see my necklace so I should it to her and she gassed out loud and gives me a look that gives me the shivers Me "What wrong Diana why are you staring at me like that?" Diana "Vlad I need to ask you something where is your family from?" Me "Diana I'm Hispanic my mom and dad are from Mexico which means that I may have some Spanish blood in me and maybe some Aztec why?" Diana "because you have vampire blood it is not active like my and Angle's but you do have some vampire blood and something ells that I can't put my finger on and your necklace is the symbol for the most power full vampire clan but before I continue I must know what is your last name because your necklace is the symbol of the most respected vampire clan that we vampires believed to have been killed but if you have it and you have vampire blood in you but not active but please tell me your last name." Me "my last name is De Santiago.

Why is my last name so important?" Diana "no it can't be that clan was killed a hundred years ago in Span how can your family be the same as them I must think on this in the meantime why don't you and Ashley get busy because I will meditate and when I do that I won't be aware of what is going on near me so go do whatever you two were going to do." Ashley "what do mean?" Diana "well I'm a teenager too well in vampire years and I know that your parents are not home and I know that Vlad is a virgin because the taste of his blood and Ashley you told me that you're a virgin and want Vlad to be your first so now is the best time because Angle is still passed out and that kid can sleep throw an earthquake so make as much noes as you want and don't worry the party music is high and your friend Brine sad it was ok with him.

So go ahead and fuck and pretend I'm not here." Me "O.K. Ashley are you still sure that you want me to be your first?" Ashley "how many times must I tell you YES! I want you to be my first because you treat me like a person and I know that you will always love me so yes I want you to be my first so can we do it now I can't wait any more and don't worry my mom put me on the pill when I was 11 years old because that when my periods started so you can cum in me and not get me pregnant" Me "ok Ashley I just had to be sure and I want to ask you something will you marry me when you graduate high school?

Because I want to spend the rest of my life with you and by the time you graduate from high school I'll be graduated from collage so what do you say?" Ashley "what do you think I'll say?!

Of course I'll say yes but why do we have to wait till I graduate from high school?" Me "the reason why I wait till you graduate from high school is I want to have kids and I don't want you to drop out of school because your pregnant and I can't live with myself if that was the reason and when you graduate from high school I can ask Diana to awaken my vampire blood so I can triune you in to one depending if vampires can have children.

If they can't well we will have at least 6 kids and hope that the first 3 are boys and the next 3 are girls if not I hope and I do hope that our first born is a boy but I'll still be happy if it a girl so do you want to get started?" Ashley "with what?" Me "remember you wanted to have sex with me well I'm not going to have sex with you I'm going to make love to you and I want you to ride me because it's your first time and I want you to be in control the first time we make love if that ok with you?" With that Ashley jump on me forcing me go get on my back while she is rubbing her pussy covered lips against my now hard cock then I gently suck on her lips while I casually slip my tongue and brushed against her lips before she gets the idea and use her tongue to play with mine.

I slowly moved her till she was on her back I slowly moved the shirt she was wearing up and over her shoulders and to my surprised that she was not wearing a bra this just got my lust for her just grow more so I grad both her breast and massage them and I get a moan and I took it as an invitation to continue so I rub my thumb over her nipples and then I lower my head to her breasts and bite her nipple lightly.

Ashley starts moaning louder than before and I took my free hand and spread her legs a little and start to rub her pussy over her panties and that made her gasp and tilted her head back Ashley "Vlad whatever you're doing don't stop please don't stop it fills so good." Me "trust me Ashley I have no intention to stop till you beg me to stop." So a few more seconds of rubbing her pussy over her panties I moved my hands to the waistband of her panties and moved them down and I kissed my way down her chest and over her stomach until I came face to face with her pussy, and it was a beautiful camel toe with nice full lips.

I thought I'd tease her a bit so I kissed around her pussy for a few minutes, then I felt a hand forcefully grab my head. "Since you got lost, I thought I'd give you a hand" she said seductively.

Then she shoved my face right in her pussy, and I started eating her out like there was no tomorrow.

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Ashley "Oh my god, Vlad, eat my pussy, stick your tongue in it, oh fuck! That feels so good!" Me "so you like that do ya Ashley?" Ashley "yes I like it a lot keep doing that!" I opened her lips and licked her clit, her body started to spasm out of control as I flicked my tongue across it.

I knew she was close to her orgasm as she pushed up off the bed and grinded her pussy on my face. "Oh god I'm cumming!

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I'm cumming! I'm cummmmming! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She drowned me in her pussy juice, and I lapped it all up just as fast as she squirted it out. Me trying to licking all the juice off of her I can "You taste so good Ashley" "I've never cum so much in my life! Now it's my turn to make you feel good" said Ashley as she layed me down.

She grabbed ahold of my 7 inch cock and started stroking it, first slow, then picking up speed.

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Then she pushed me back on the bed and took my cock in her mouth. First she sucked the tip of my cock doing a swirling motion with her tongue which felt so good, then she took my whole shaft in her mouth and started sucking up and down at a fast pace.

Me "Oh shit Ashley that feels so good you're a natural! Suck it, make me cum" After a while I couldn't hold it in anymore and said "I'm gonna cum!" She just kept right on sucking and picked up speed until I blew my load in her mouth. I must have cum a gallon in her mouth, but she didn't spill a drop. She looked up at me with the most seductive look and instantly I was hard again. Ashley "I want you to fuck me now" Me "ok Ashley I'll fuck you but I want you to ride me because I want you to have all the control our first time because some of friends that are girls but not my girlfriends say that there first time hurt and I don't want to rush you when you're still not ready so that way you have the control and you can set the pace." With that Ashley climbed up and mounted me.

"Show me how much you love me". Me "I have ready told you that for the first time I want you to rid me so you can set the pace so take your time" But she dint instead she grabs my cock in her hand rubs it over her pussy lips, then sat down on it full force shattering her hymen. If there wasn't a party outside I would brought her down and put her face in a pillow to muffle her screaming but since there is the lode music I dint bother I just holder her tight to against me while her pain subsided and so she could adjust to my sizes after a few minutes she look up at me and sad Ashley "Vlad I know you said that for are first time you want me to ride you but I want you to Fuck the shit outta me Vlad!

Fuck me like you'll never get to fuck me again!" Well what can I say I was lost for words so I just laughand kissed her as I moved her with me still inside her so she was on her back and I just looked in to her eyes and smiled and she smiled back and I was lost in that face that I cold sewer belonged to a goddess and I've never been so turned on in my life. I grabbed her hips and started driving my cock in her with force. Ashley "Oh fuck yes!

Fuck me, Vlad, fuck me! Harder! Harder! Yes! Oh god yes! At this point I didn't care if the party guests heard us or not, and neither did she. I got up and got on her hands and knees in front of me.

I wasted no time and slid my cock back into her hot pussy. Her ass was bouncing off me from being fucked so hard. "You like fucking me from behind don't you? Sliding your cock in and out of my pussy. Fuck me, fuck me!" she screamed. Me "I love fucking you Ashley I love eating your pussy, I love when you suck my cock, I love when you squirt in my face, and I'm gonna love cumming inside you".

I flipped her over missionary and began plowing her harder than I did doggystyle. Ashley "Oh Vlad you fuck me so well" she said short on breath.

"I want your cum in me, I want you to fill me with all your hot jizz, I wanna feel it pouring inside me" she panted. Hearing her talk like that I knew I wouldn't last much longer, so I mustered up the last of my strength and began one final assault on her worn out pussy. Ashley "Oh yes you're fucking me so hard! Yes! I love you, Vlad! I love you! I love you!" she screamed. After a few minutes a felt the familiar tingle in my balls and screamed "I'm gonna cum!" I pushed in her as far as I could go and exploded all of my seed into her.

After what seemed like a minute of filling her up we both collapsed on her bed exhausted. We both lay there and held each other. After a while she looked at me and smiled. I kissed her on the lips and caressed her.