Skinny Blonde Getting A Warm Facial

Skinny Blonde Getting A Warm Facial
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The following Story is Fictional. Naughty Natalie Part 2. It was around four in the afternoon, hearing a slight knock at the door I get up and walk to the wooden frame, shuffling my feet slightly tired due to the intense night before.

Opening it and seeing her, long blonde locks in a messy bun, small yawns escape her lips. " Well, good afternoon you." I exclaim moving out of her way letting her slip past me. Her hips sway back and forth under the tight fabric, almost forgetting to shut the door.

" What brings you over this late? Miss me that much?" I tease. " Never,I came to get my panties." hearing her reason to burst into my house almost makes me laugh right then and there.

My hands slip around her hips, rubbing the sun kissed flesh under my finger tips, whispering into her ear." Are you sure?" I growl before kissing up and down her perfect skin. Her moans signal defeat, letting my hands explore for the second time. But this time It was different, it was rough. My nails ran across her hips, digging into them as I demanded she undressed. I couldn't control myself this time. " And if I don't." she purrs back, trying to tease me.

Without a single word back my fists dig into bright pink night gown, tearing it at the seam. Little did she know I'd thought about her for hours this morning. " You know better than that Nat." I chuckle cupping her now exposed body. The small dress, tore in half drops to the floor and I pick her frame up, letting it wrap around my much bigger one, Carrying her to the master-bathroom walking past my bedroom where we made love for the first time the night before.

Memories fill my mind as we find the tub and prepare to make new ones. Her silky skin runs down my body, standing on her own as her feet rub against the tile. Running the water for us, adding all sorts of bubbles and oil, at her request I dim the lights, Light a few candles. " Can I go get something really quick?" she whispers to me as I focus on making my bathroom as romantic as possible.

" I found it!" she giggles, carrying the small boom box that we almost blew out last night. " hmm, music huh?" I bite my lip, pulling my shirt off in front of her, making sure to flex all the parts of my chest. Letting it drop to the floor, " yeah, I love mood music." she gushes.

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I chuckle, not paying attention to the song she picks, as the tub finally fills up, unbuckling my belt, walking to her smooth frame in just a pair of denim jeans.

" I've always had a thing for cowboys." she jokes, pulling me by the belt loops. " Go ahead," I whisper to her softly, looking into her bright Bambi eyes. The truth is she could get anything she wanted from me with just one look. Her small hands rub up and down the zipper making chills run down my body, unexpectedly she slips past me, letting the water run over her body inch by inch as she sinks into the tub.

I watch every part of her body settle into the puddle of bubbles. The oil I added to the bath makes her skin shimmer in the candle-light. Kicking my jeans off letting them hit the tile, the metal button making a small clink as it connects with the solid footing. " mmm." I express how good the warm water feels as I slip in. Pulling her close to me, the body of a goddess pressed to my chest bubbles wrapped around us, as soft music fills the room.

arms soon enough wrap around my neck, closing my eyes as our lips connect. My fingers travel over her frame under the warm waves, our chests start beating fast as I feel my lips rubbing and fighting against hers, biting a small portion of the pink lip between my teeth before ripping her bun out, letting the long blonde locks fall down her back. oddly enough we break apart, her fake nails digging into my damp back. Making my move to her neck, biting and kissing her skin until I feel her skin throb.

Her heart pounding so loud I swear I could hear it, pulling away from her neck. Noticing purple bite marks and swatches all up and down her side up to her jaw. Rubbing them with my fingers and pulls her back into a kiss. Holding her neck between my fingers, small moans fill the room as I decorate her perfect body in reveal colors and shapes with my lips. Nibbling her lip before cupping her chest giving the perky wet chest in my palms a squeeze, she giggles, The ends of her hair wet now.

Hickies in the candle light looks so beautiful to me, but,maybe because they cover her skin. Soft eyes stare back at me as I hold her in my arms, hugging her tightly before getting an Idea. " mm, I'm gonna let you try something new baby." she holds back biting her lip. I pull her body up onto the edge of the tub, watching her question what i'm up to. I soon find a large wax candle at the other edge and swiftly blow it out, being sure to not spill the liquid.

" Mm, I think I know what you want to try." I hear her sultry tone and almost loose my focus. Watching the clear wax turn back to it's original color as it hits her skin. Suddenly she hisses! " Are you okay?" I rub her legs, helping her catch her breath. " it kinda hurts." I nod and run my tongue over the now thick dried wax that dripped down her perky chest, pushing my hand over hers, holding it before dripping the second strand.

Before she could his I press my lips to hers, opening my mouth and tasting her emotions on her lips. Squeezing her hand, reassuring her.


Her tiny body exhales, calming down with my touch. " it hurts." she whispers to me, " We can stop if you like." I whisper back, not caring if I had work in the morning, or even if I got enough sleep to go in. I spend the next hour soaping and kissing every inch of her skin, watching the bubbles rinse off her perky chest. Making her cheeks become crimson and rosy, chuckling as I pull her to me, I'm almost positive my cheeks match hers.

" What did you think of me.the first time you saw me." Her question throws me off, debating on weather I want to tell her about watching her through her window. " Hmmm," tilting my head looking into her eyes and smiling. " I thought you we're the prettiest thing I've ever seen." I pull her chin up and plant a small kiss on her marked lips, she kisses me back.

Softer this time. Full of passion.


Kissing her felt amazing, especially when she wore her favorite lip-gloss. candy canes were never my favorite, but when I tasted them on her lips the first time we kissed I had a new perspective of the minty glass after that. We pull apart, I decide to drain the tub. A plump round ass soon is in my face, I give her a slight spank as bubbles cling to her damn body, making my eyes scan over her entire frame. She shakes her hips, making her ass bounce and jiggle teasing me. My hands grip her body, tracing over every mark I made.

Standing up towering over her frame, reaching for the fluffy red towel on the counter, wrapping it around her and rubbing the bubbles off her skin. "mmm, That was.relaxing." I smile at her thinking the same and then some. She takes hold of the towel and slowly walks back to my room, pulling an old t-shirt off the rack before slipping it on.

" Why do you always steal my t-shirts when you're over?" I question her wrapping my own lower half in a towel and meeting her in my bedroom. " Because the ones I bring over end up in two." she teases looking over her shoulder. " I doubt a t-shirt will cover all those up." I smirk at her, as I point the love bites out she rushes to the mirror past me back into the bathroom, almost pale as a ghost.

" You did this." she whispers, I wrap my arms around her hips giving each mark another peck. " everyone of them," looking at her in the mirror. Her eyes drift over to my reflection, blushing profoundly. Her tiny fingers trace over the spots, rubbing them almost as if she was trying to get them to come off onto her fingers like make-up would. I place my lips to a bare spot on her shoulder.

" you can keep the shirt." She stands there even after I walk off, Checking the time using the oven timer, " 10:00pm." I smile to myself, " six hour bath." I whisper to myself smirking.

The next time I see her, she's on her way out the door, " Text me when you want to come over, or just show up. " I tease her, She smiles at me, " I'll be sure to wear something you can't rip in half next time." I chuckle, " Just come over in nothing, it will be quicker than ever!" I joke, She giggles at my awful humor. " I just might," winking and moving in for a quick goodnight kiss, her tip-toes don't even get her to my lips.

I bend down pressing my lips to hers, fighting to further the kiss. pulling away she looks over at the drive-way of her house next-door. " What are you doing after this?" I think about it, " I might go to the gym, why?" her eyes pierce mine.

" Can I go with you?" my face forms into confusion, " why?" she points to her house and then empty drive way. " Nobody is home." my face turns back to it's usual persona.

" Ah, well I don't have anything you can wear to work out in." I scratch the back of my head. " I can go change? It will take two seconds, please." She begs me to let her come with me, it's already ten-thirty. " Fine! go change! but you better be quick!" I watch her face turn to pure excitement. She's soon running across her lawn back to her house. As I pull on a dark red sleeve-less tank top and basket ball shorts I walk to the doorway, picking up my tennis shoes on the way out.

Meeting my very excited other half at the mail box between our houses, I bend over and pull my shoes on. Giving them a quick tie as she stretched on the sidewalk next to me.

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" Are you sure you want to go to the gym? This late?" she scoffed at me right as the words escaped my lips, " You act like working out at night isn't normal." I semi agree with her, only because I've been a couple times during sleeping hours. " Should we take my truck?" I pull a set of ford keys out of my gym bag and hang them off my finger, " Sure. I'd doubt you'd fit in my car." She giggles, not knowing what she drove I looked over at her drive way, " Ah, a bug." I kinda expected that, she's the " bug type".

" What's wrong with bugs? I love mine!" My chest moves up and down as a chuckle, " I never said you didn't, now get in the car." I push her closer to my drive way and open the door for her, giving her butt a slight tap as she climbs in. " hey! I felt that!" she giggles trying to get mad at me for making her ass a shade of red. " I know you did, you were supposed to." she then zips up her hoodie and tightens the pink brand sweat pants around her hips.

Lord knows why she wants to wear sweats to work out in. I slip into the drivers seat and turn the car on, the radio automatically starts up and I back out, on our way to the Gym. " what machine are you gonna hit first?" I tease, " Probably the bike." I start to picture her on the bike, the sweats don't help my imagination.

We finally pull in, after a short drive from my house. " 24 Hour? You go to 24? Out of all places." she giggles, making fun of me. " yeah? I wonder why??" I roll my eyes joking back with her as we walk hand and hand into my usual work out spot. While I scan us in she quickly darts to the bathroom, I wonder if she had to pee. Girls are weird about stuff like that, not giving it much attention I head over to my favorite machine, the treadmill.

Before I can even get on my attention is dragged back to her, the sweats balled up in her hands as tight spandex shorts and a sports bra replace them. My jaw almost drops, her shorts were so tight. She walks up to me, " Better than sweats huh?" I wonder how the hell she read my mind.

Smirking I nod, " Looking good enough to eat." she blushes, two can play the cocky game. " i'm gonna go find something to start on," she walks off, I try to focus on my workout. Pulling myself onto the treadmill I start to run, my legs numb by the time i'm done.

Looking around for the beautiful girl I came with. Stepping off the machine and wondering around until I spot her through a glass window in the yoga class room. " May I help you?" I ask her as her ass is up on a yoga ball, her hips almost wrapped around it. " um, sure." she giggles and rolls off the ball with ease, moving to a bright colored yoga mat. Laying on her back she looks up at me, " Now help me spread my legs and left my hips." I wonder what class taught her all this, moving between her legs and helping her move in odd ways that seemed normal for yoga., then it happens, her tiny hands soon moved to her shorts, pulling them off.

" what are you doing??" I almost turn bright red, " After this i'm headed to the Sauna." she said things like that it's just a typical Sunday afternoon. " Well, okay." I try to keep my mind off the naked body between my palms, giving when while she's in some rather erotic pose, too erotic to be typical yoga. I squeeze in a couple licks, she stops and rolls her hips off the bat. " Hmm, sorry I couldn't help it." I growl at her from behind, she rolls over face down ass up.

" Is this better." her legs spread and tiny fingers teasing her folds. I don't care who sees us now, but i'm pretty sure the Gym is empty. My shorts are at a tent now, looking at the beautiful Bambi completely on display for me. " Go ahead." she whispers, the yoga mat cushions us from the hard wood floor of the workout classroom. Bending down and giving in, licking her pussy over and over, letting my tongue taste every fold, hearing her moan only makes me want her more and more.

after a while her excitement is dripping down my chin, I pick her up. Wrapping her around me, my hands on her perfect ass. Carrying her through the door, looking around and making sure nobody else is occupying the gym, she giggles and shushes me. Trying to be sneaky, I almost run across the gym floor. Dashing for the after work out rooms. She's living for the rush that public sex can give you, laughing and blushing as I carry her into her the steam based wooden room.

Sitting her down and kicking my shorts off. " Fuck you look hot." I growl at her, seeing the marks I made before all over her skin only makes me harder, she was mine now.

All mine. The door shuts and I smirk knowing that rooms like this were infact sound proof.

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Her small hands run over my hard cock the second it's free from my shorts, Moving closer to her I put one knee up on the wooden bench, helping her reach my body.

She takes a couple seconds to tease and taste all over my cock, we start to sweat. The purpose of the room doing it's job, I'm sure we're on a time crunch too.

Her lips around my cock felt amazing, her soft sucks make my six foot three frame shudder and moan. Causing my balls to tighten. Soon enough she surprises me with the warm tight feeling of her throat, driving me over the edge. " God baby," I yank her long hair into a pony tail, dripping in sweat a small timer goes off. " I guess we're out of time." I smirk down at her. " Well we better be fast then." She starts jacking my cock off by the shaft, with both hands and mouth open whispering rather sinful things into the mist and sweat of the room.

I cum all over her pretty face, leaning my head back and pushing my hand against the wall as I try and control my shaking legs. Breathing heavily, I look down at her pretty face covered in many ropes of my thick load. " Mmm." She purrs softly, licking it off her fingers and lips.

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" I forgot how good you tasted." I hear a slight giggle after she gets up, I take a seat trying to catch my breath from the explosive orgasm she gave me. Her hips swaying, the fact she made me cum turned her on. An ego boost if you will, picking up a towel and wrapping it around her body. " I think the gym's closed." she says, like nothings wrong as the lights turn off in the tiny wooden room, " Shit." I curse under my breath, " what time is it." she shrugs, " I have no idea." starting to freak out she bites her lip, " What are we gonna do?" I hum, and then figure something out.

" Therese a backdoor from the steam cell to the swimming pool, and I think the pool has an Exit." she nods. we gather whats left of our clothes and start to push the back door open, I hold it open for her. She slips past me in attempt to be stealthy I catch a quick peak at her ass.

Still looking amazing under a Gym towel, I close the door as slow as possible. I really don't need a trespassing ticket any time soon, The swimming area was pitch black, only lit up by the two tiny pool lights so you'd know where the water was. I assume that's for the cleaning crew at night, so they don't fall in. She grabs my hand and pulls me to the bar'd door that leads outside, we push slowly and open it.

A small alarm sounds as I feel her pull me into the parking lot. The two of us running through the vacant lot as fast as we can, one hand holding mine as the other holds her towel up.

I help her quickly into my truck, Pushing her tiny frame up and into the seat, running around the back in just my gym shorts and hopping into the driving seat as we see a flash of light. Not risking it I pull out of the spot as quick as I can. Turning the wheel and hitting the gas, my windows all down speeding out of the 24 Hour entrance. She lets out a victory cheer, lifting her arms up celebrating that we made it out. We take the drive home to talk about the feelings and rushes that the sauna gave us, I was very surprised that she enjoyed it.

As much as I did at-least. Pulling into the drive way, I turn the truck off.

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Hopping out and helping her out of the passenger side. " I hope that was fun." She winks at me and asks to change in the back of my truck, I agree. handing her sweats and a hoodie. Soon enough she hops out in her sweats, " it's 2am. I better sneak back into my room." She blushes. " Hmm, yeah I guess so." I chuckle.

Hugging her tightly before letting her run across the lawn.

Walking up my steps and unlocking the door, throwing my workout bag down and heading up to bed. yawning before crashing against my pillow, tired as hell.

But all worth it. I'm so glad I met that girl.