MMV FILMS German Blonde sexy teen

MMV FILMS German Blonde sexy teen
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She happens to be of 50 years,- but looking at her you will never find that she is my mother-in-law. She looks at least fifteen years younger,-with all her tight skin & also young face and long hairs ;- and of course her plump breasts & 'S'-shaped buttocks. One thing for sure,- she always wore nothing other than loose sari and of course nightly at bedtime.

I am a man of 38yrs,- having a working wife,- who is quite a loving and a caring one. We ,- me & my mother-in-law,- were just discussing about her. As she asked me,- I could never bypass that my lady always cared for me from food to bed. The discussion was fine as it was with food ,- but as it tended towards bed,- it became a bit tight for me. I felt I should be moving now. But,-surprisingly my mother-in-law said,"Wait na.

Let me hear how good she makes your bed." I saidto avoid,"I make the bed,she doesn't." She immediately replied, smiling,"Oh fine! Why don't you make it today. As it is her dad has gone for a picnic with friends and will booze off to stay back there. So,-somebody should. Meanwhile,- I will just bathe & be back.Start doing. We will finish the food chapter quickly." So,- she smiled & went for a bath.

After a while,- the as the door of the bathroom opened ,- I found her coming out in a sari only,- without anything underneath.

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Her sari was red & wet. Her plumpy breasts were showing the cleavagewith the hard nipples jutting out in two different angles in the front.


She came out with a towel in hand. As she was putting the towel up above on the string put for drying clothes,- her sari on her boobs gave way.

They showed an excellent view of the bouncing boobs of her as she was jumping with her both hands up. The big round black area around her jutting tits made it even more sexy.

She had her wet long black hair in combination making the scene fierce. I was hard in my middle and wetting continuously. I was glued in one direction. But,- she cared a fig. She went for a change,-and ,- andOh my Gawd,- she came back with a nighty on,- but it was worse.

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It was almost visible. Even the skin color was slightly visible.

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I could not resist myself. I held her hand said ,"Listen" and jerked towards me. She got slightly off-balanced and put the hand on me to keep the balance. I fell off with her in my lap on the floor. Now,- she was all mine. I put my right hand on her left nipple and squeezed hard.

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She just said,"AaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaah". Then I caught hold of her with my left arm pressed my erect & hard cock in between her cleavage below and rolled taking her below me. She said ,"Uuuuuuuh.


Please. Please don't." I was braver this time,- asked ,"Why,- you don't like it?". The reply came,"Somebody may come." I said,"Nobody will.I have locked it well. She is to return from work late today." No more protests.

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She gave in for a long kiss this time,- with her tongue sucked. I cupped both her boobs and measured the size and squeezed hard. " hurts".I took away my hands. Now she says,"Do it again dear".


I opened her nighty slowly and licked her two nipples. She was burning hot sheathing continuously. Then,- I started licking her slowly. She shouted,"Aaargh.Oh.hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.ooof.gaaawd.ooooooh.heaven, Oh Lord".

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It goes on for quite a period of time as she was cumming like volcano. Then,- she got up and I caught her by the hair and put my har cock straight into her mouth through her lips to gurgling throat. She was sucking it with a smacking & kissing sound to make it even more sexy. I was fucking her mouth & throat hard,- shouting,"Take it bitchtake it, eat it off." She was enjoying and sucking harder. Suddenly ,- the cumshot burst open through my sphincter,-"It's going,eat it,eat it bitch" and she really swallowed the whole cum.

After that ,- she licked it and sucked again wiping with her tongue and took me in a doggystyle now.

I caught hold of her boobs from back and squeezed the tits & pressed them. As I fucked her there was a loud fucking sound of hitting her butt by my thighs and she moaned & groaned loud,- as if we were couples in our house. Then,- came the last part. I made her lie down on her back on the bed with two legs up,-then entered her fucking hard and kissing cheek & tits. The booobs bounced with my moves and she moaned and asked me to fuck faster & faster till her cunt bursts.

Suddenly ,- the cock gave up its best cum flow I have ever felt. I also felt that she was holding me harder with she cumming on my cock at the same time. We lied down there for quite some time ,- then got up and finished the food as my wife came. We were just normal back again in regular life. It happened few times later also,- but that that was the best sexual feeling in my life.

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