Horny Ebony Bust A Nut Closeup

Horny Ebony Bust A Nut Closeup
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She is 5'8" tall with long sandy blonde hair.

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She has a beautiful slender body because she works out all of the time. She couldn't weigh more than 135 pounds and it was her firm, toned body that always caught my eye everytime I saw here. I am referring to my sister-in-law, Zuby. She often wears a tight pair of jeans with a tight t-shirt to match.

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She has very perky tits which are probably a full b cup,not too big and not too small. I like to call them "bite size." Working our way down from her tits she has a flat stomache which is very firm I'm sure. She usually wears shirts that are just a little short so when she bends down or stretches upward you would get a good look at her bellybutton. She has a great ass, the kind you just want to grab every time you walk by her and that ass tops off some of the finest legs you will ever see.

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Besides her jeans she often wears a skirt to show off her firm, silky smooth, sexy legs. Yes, this is what I have to look at every time I went over my in-laws house for dinner or whatever the occassion was.

I have checked her body out so many times there is no way she has never noticed my eyes seducing her.

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Oh what I would give to lick her entire body and penetrate her pussy with my tounge. If only I had the opportunity, I would nail her body to the wall with my hard cock and make her scream with pure pleasure as she orgasm' and shook with ecstasy.

Well, Zuby would often babysit our two kids for us while my wife and I went to work. Being as good looking as she was I was often supprised that she hardly ever had a boyfriend. I even questioned in my mind whether or not she was still a virgin.

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She was my age but just a few months younger and to my knowledge she has had two real boyfriends with both she broke up with. Well, one day while Zuby was watching our kids I came home from work to relieve her so she could go home. My wife wouldn't get off work till much later that night. When I walked in the door to my house everything was quiet. Both the kids were taking a nap and Zuby was sitting on the couch watching TV. As I was putting my stuff away from work I couldn't resist checking her out of course.

She had one of her short skirts on, hardly covering her bare smooth legs, that were accented by a pair of sexy open-toe heels. She also had on a silky,white button up blouse that was a little tight which made her blouse gape open between on of the buttons exposing some cleavage. Busted! "Shit" I said to myself as I saw her catch me staring at her body. I smiled nervously and asked her if she had a date or something because I had never seen her dressed up like this to babysit.

She said she was going out with some of her girlfriends later on and she wanted to know if she could stay at my house until it was time for her to leave. I said "sure" and smiled at her as she smiled back crossing her legs, and before my eyes I saw up her skirt all the way to her crotch. Her pussy was covered by a thin pair of white cotton panties. She smiled at me again as she saw me looking up her skirt. I sat down on the couch next to her but not too close.

She broke the silence and said to me " I see you checking me out all of the time you know." I nervously said " Uh, what, I mean you do?" She said "Yes and I just wanted to let you know that I dont mind it.

In fact I like it very much." I couldnt believe what I was hearing. " I have always thought that you have a sexy body" I replied with eager. Just then she turned to face me on the couch, lifting her legs up to expose her crotch, from where through her white cotton panties I could see the dark outline of her pussy covered with pubic hair. " I bet you have always wanted to fuck me haven't you?" She said as she started to rub my crotch with her feet.

At this moment I was pretty sure I knew the answer as to whether or not she was a virgin. I said " I have, but was too afraid to take the risk in my wife finding out that I fucked her sister." Well, I want you to do whatever you want to me right now while we are alone and I promise it will be our little secret" she said as she continued to rub my ever so growing dick through my pants.

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With one hand I began at her foot and started to rub her legs slowly and softly. Oh how smooth and silky they were as I headed closer and closer to her pussy, I became harder and harder. My hand lightly touched the front of her panties which were already very wet with her juice. I did the same thing with her other leg and when I was done I started to unbutton her blouse kissing her lips softly.

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Her lips were soft with the taste of strawberry lip gloss on them and she had a sexy perfume on which turned me on even more as I made my way down to her tits kissing her neck. She shuttered and said " I like that a lot." I took her blouse off to expose her super perky tits which were covered by a white lacy bra.

While I reached around to unsnap it she took off my shirt and unzipped my pants. Her bra came popping off of her supple breast exposing her nipples which were nice and hard. I stood up and took my pants and boxers off and sat back down and began to caress her tits and suck on her rock hard nipples while she began to stroke my enlarged cock.

She kept moaning softly as I sucked her nipples and began to run a finger up her skirt, in and out of her panties. I stopped for a second to pull her skirt off and then her soaked panties.

I stared for a moment at her beautiful pussy which was wet to the touch of my fingers and swelled with anticipation. Again I started at her feet kissing them softly working my way up to her pussy. Her legs were so soft and moist with the smell of lotion and as I got closer and closer to her moist vagina she moaned and said " eat my pussy, Oh please eat my pussy." At last I had reached her crotch and I let my tounge explore every inch of it not going directly for the sweet spot but every where around it to get her ready.

I love eating pussy. Finally, when she couldnt take it anymore, I let my tounge swirl around her bulging clit, down in between her wet lips, and then back to her clit again. This made her whole body move and shake with excitement.

" Right there, Oooh Yah, Right there,Dont you fucking stop" she said as her hips shook violently as I sucked and licked her marble sized clit. After a few more seconds, her hips shook and her pussy spit cum all over my face and drenched the couch. She was out of breath just lying there saying " That was so good. I dont think I had ever cum that much before." " Now its my turn" she said positioning herself over my crotch as she began to lick my cock which was now super hard and leaking with precum.

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She sucked and stroked me over and over while I reached around and played with her pussy a little more. This made her suck even harder. " Im cumming, Im cumming" I yelled expecting her to move out of the way but she didn't. She kept going until I shot warm cum into her mouth.

She kept sucking until it was all out. I knew It was a full load because it had been at least a week since I had sex. She swallowed most of my cum with a moan and wiped the rest off of her lips with a towel. I started rubbing her body again and she straddled my legs stroking my cock to get it hard again. I concentrated on her beautiful perky titties and loved sucking on her nipples and twisting them which sent a moan out of her mouth.


Sure enough, within no time, my dick was hard again and she took it and slid it slowly into her wet pussy. Her pussy was so freaking tight and warm, I let out a moan and she said " You like being inside my tight little pussy dont you?" " Oh yah, you feel so fucking good" I muttered as she was ramming my cock in and out of her vagina.

Her lips engulfed my dick tightly with every thrust. " You are such a bad girl " I told her as I watched her tits bounce with every thrust to her pussy. I lifted her up and pushed her on her back lying on the couch and as I went to put my throbbing dick into her she wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me in really hard making my dick slide violently all the way into her. "Fuck me hard" she yelled as I kept ramming her over and over.

She kept pulling me tighter to her body while she moaned and yelled as I grinded my rock hard cock into her vagina sending shrills through her body.


"Keep going!" She yelled. I was doing the best I could, since her pussy was so tight, it was hard not to blow my load too early. I kept pumping and grinding and I could tell she was about to orgasm. Her vagina tensed up squeezing my dick while I was shooting cum filling her pussy up until her juice mixed with my cum was leaking out of her, down her legs.

I pulled out of her and we cleaned up and put our clothes back on. " That was so great" she said and I replied with " We need to do this again sometime.