Older guy with gay twink movies on gallery We both enjoyed our

Older guy with gay twink movies on gallery We both enjoyed our
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===================================================================================== This story is fictional; any resemblance to real life events is coincidence.

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I woke up feeling great. I could hardly wait to see what the day was going to hold for me. I stripped off my cloths put on my robe and headed for the bathroom. On the way there I noticed Ryan's door was still shut.

That seemed odd, normally he would leave his door open. I presumed it was so he could hear me head for the shower so he could peek in on me.

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Ah well guess the day before must have worn him out. After twenty minutes I was starting to get worried I would run out of hot water before Ryan showed up. Then I had a thought that really worried me. Yesterday when I showed him that I was wearing the panties that were soaked with is cum I assumed he was rushing off to his room to jerk off.

Maybe he was actually disgusted and was escaping to his room. After all, he jumped up so quick I didn't get a look at his face or crotch. As that thought crossed my mind I heard the door close and snapped back to reality. Ryan had come into the room. He didn't have a shirt on, his fly was down, and his hard cock was out. "Ash, you are so fucking hot." With that he started stroking himself while watching me through the shower door.

I didn't know to laugh or cry with relief so I just responded in kind trying to give him as good a show as he was giving me. Our shower head detached from the wall to use as a hand held sprayer, which was awesome for masturbation.

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I took the shower head and slowly sprayed it over my body, letting the water cascade down my breasts and over my hard nipples. I continued to lower it till it was spraying on my pussy. I used the other hand to open myself up to get a direct flow over water over my clit. Between watching Ryan's hand as it quickly slid up and down his hard cock and the still warm water I was in heaven. I started moaning and grunting softly. It wasn't long before I had to lean against the back wall of the shower as my orgasm hit.

I cried out "Yes," my legs trembled as several waves past through me. Ryan really seemed to enjoy seeing me climax. "Oh, fuck ya. Oh God I'm going to cum!" He reached his left hand into his shorts pocket and pulled out a pair of my new cotton panties and held them up against the head of his cock.

"Oh yes, cum on my panties," I cried as his first shot of cum started soaking my panties. My legs almost gave out completely as an even bigger mind numbing orgasm hit me. I have never had two orgasms follow so close before. It was amazing. If my panties were any indication Ryan seemed to really enjoy it too. They were almost completely covered in his cum. "Damn that was awesome," he said. "You want me to throw these in the laundry," he asked with a smile.

"No," I said a little too quickly. "Just put them on the sink." He grinned even wider, set them on the sink, and put his cock back in his shorts.

He smiled with a mischievous look in his eye as he left the bathroom. I turned off the water and took a minute to get my legs back under me. I stepped out of the shower and quickly dried off, eyeing my panties the whole time. After drying off I picked up the panties and slipped them on.

It was a little difficult with them being wet, but worth the effort. As I finished slipping them on I had another small orgasm. Not as big as the first two, but then again if it had been I'd have probably collapsed. Ever since seeing my father's cum cover my mother making her tremble and shake in orgasm I've starting thinking of cum differently. I had seen my fair share of porn. I never really understood why so many of them focused on "money shots." It didn't completely gross me out, but I certainly wasn't excited about the idea of it happening on me.

Now I see, when Ryan is responsible for my orgasm they are always bigger and stronger than when I'm solo. Assuming it's similar for guys, seeing and feeling how much cum Ryan lets fly because of me is an incredible turn on; and these panties are soaked.

Wearing the panties yesterday under my clothes made me feel a little dirty, in a good way. Not like a slut or anything, but that I had a hot little secret that everyone around me was oblivious to.

I wonder what it would be like to go out in public with Ryan's cum hidden beneath my cloths.I might just have to try it. I decided not to wear my robe back to my room. I figured Ryan would be in his room watching to see if I wore the panties or not.

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I just couldn't deny him the show. I stepped out of the bathroom topless carrying my robe over my arm and wearing blue cotton cheekies darkened by the wet cum on them. Either from the excitement or the cold my nipples became very hard again as the cooler hallway air hit me. Sure enough Ryan was in his room watching the hallway as I stepped out.

I faced him and mouthed the words "Thank you" to him. The bulge that formed in his pants was very obvious even from this distance. I turned and walked back to my room wiggling my tight ass a little as I went. I decided to wear jean shorts today so Ryan would have to wonder if I still had them on rather than just getting a glimpse up my skirt.

I thought they had dried out enough that they wouldn't show through the denim, but I wasn't sure.

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I also wasn't surprised I beat Ryan down for breakfast even though he only needed to put on a shirt. My mother greeted me with a good morning from the table while my father brought over some French toast from the stove. When we had breakfast together we normally sat at a small table in the kitchen. It was a little cozy for all four of us, but it worked. Ryan joined us a few minutes later and we sat having breakfast and making small talk. Later that afternoon Ryan and dad had gone out to the store.

Shortly after they left I was watching TV when mom sat down beside me on the couch. "Last night I told your dad about what you and Ryan had did yesterday while I gave him a hand job.

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When I came to the part of you showing Ryan that you had on the panties covered in cum he came so hard the first jet flew half way across the room." I was finding that hearing about my parents getting off to the thought of Ryan and I messing around was very arousing.

My nipples of course gave me away again. My mom's eyes drifted down to take notice, but she just smiled as she continued on with her story. "I decided to take a page from you and grabbed a pair of my panties from the drawer and started cleaning up the cum.

Luckily for me I wore a skirt yesterday so when I had gotten it all I stood and slipped off the panties I had on. I then put on the ones with your father's cum on them. You were right, it felt a little weird at first, but I barely brushed my lips as I let down my skirt and had an orgasm." I smiled knowingly, "isn't it amazing." "Yes, then I noticed your father was already hard again.

I haven't seen him get that hard for a second time that fast in a long time. I immediately dropped to my knees in front of him and sucked him off while I played with myself through the panties." I was extremely damp by the of her story so it was time for me to return the favor. I told her about my shower this morning and the panties I had on. I explained how I thought it would be pretty hot to go out in public knowing I had Ryan's cum under my clothes.

She thought it would be pretty hot as well. We decided to go out and do a little window shopping. By the time we got home I had not soaked through the denim, but it had to be a near thing. Ryan and I carried on for the next few days finding opportunities to masturbate in front of each other.

He came a few more times on my panties or bras. I found that the cotton worked best, his cum mostly just seeped through the silk and lace where the cotton absorbed it. It stayed with me longer and seemed less likely to show through my shorts or tops. One afternoon when everyone was home doing their own thing I pulled Ryan aside and whispered to him that I needed a favor and to come to my room after everyone else had gone to bed. I think my dad had overheard me whispering to Ryan because when I headed to bed that night their bedroom door was left slightly open, which didn't happen very often.

Once upstairs I got myself ready and waited for Ryan with butterflies in my stomach. Up till now everything we had done could be chalked up to curiosity. We masturbated in front of each other, but there was no real physical contact.

It could be considered extreme flirting more than anything else. Even with my seeming obsession with his cum there was no direct contact, just transfer from clothing I wasn't wearing when he came.

Tonight I hoped to change that. From my experience so far I was guessing he would be on board, but I didn't really know where his line was. We would definitely be going from a sort of grey area to incest. As expected a little while after I had gone to bed I heard Ryan coming up the stairs. My door was open, but the only light was from the hallway. He whispered in, "hey Ashley?" Answered back telling him to come over to my bed.

He gave to door a push as he came in to close it and walked toward my bed. "Hey can you turn on a light or something it's really dark in here." I turned on the lamp next to my bed.

I was laying on my bed in a lace thong and bra smiling at him as he blinked the sudden bright light away. "Wow, you look amazing." "Thank you," I said with a smile and a wink. "So what is this favor you wanted?" "I was wondering if you would be willing to cum on me?" He had his shirt off and was unbuttoning his shorts before I even finished asking him.

He stepped out of his shorts and boxers and stood before me completely naked and extremely hard. He came to the side of my bed and started stroking himself. "Would you mind if I helped?" "Hell yes you can help," He let go of his cock and it stood straight out pointed at me. I had opened the bottle of lubricant and had it setting next to the lamp. I took the bottle and put some on my hand. My stomach fluttered with anticipation as I slowly reached out for my brother's cock.

"Let me know if I'm doing something wrong." He nodded and closed his eyes and lifted his face to the ceiling as I wrapped my hand around his shaft. I began slowly sliding my hand the length of his magnificent cock. It felt hard and rigid, but his skin was soft and warm. He let out a long sigh into a grunt as I started speeding up to match the speed he was going when he was stroking himself. He lowered his eyes from the ceiling to my eyes.

"Just a little tighter," I tightened my grip a little. "Perfect, that feels amazing," he said with a smile. He made many sounds of appreciation as I continued stroking him. His eye wondered from my hand around his cock to my body. He paused watching my breasts shake with my movements. "Want me to take off my bra?" I asked. "Not yet, I like it." I was really enjoying giving Ryan my first hand job. I continued lying on the bed reaching over myself and stroking him with my right hand.

As much as I was really enjoying it, I knew I wouldn't be able to hold that position forever without getting a cramp. I just wanted to be sure I was in a good position to spray myself with his cum.

Again I lucked out and didn't have to wait very long. He started trusting his hips in time with my hand and tensing up.

Then came the grunts I was happily familiar with. This first jet of cum landed squarely on my right breast, followed closely by the second jet. I started shaking and calling out in orgasm as I felt the warm cum continue to hit my chest stomach and neck. It ran down on my left breast some getting soaked into my bra and the rest falling to my bed spread.

"Holy shit that was hottest thing we've done yet." He looked over me covered neck to stomach in his cum. I rolled onto my back and shoved my left hand into my panties. I made furious circles over my clit as I used my ran my right hand over my body spreading Ryan's cum. "You are amazing," Ryan said standing next to me and watching the show. I came for a second time almost immediately.


"That was so good. I can't believe we waited so long to do that," I said. I slid my hand out of my panties and started to move towards the edge of my bed closer to Ryan. I looked up at Ryan swinging my legs off the bed. "with that in mind, would you teach me how to give a blowjob?" I slid to my knees in front of him. He started to get hard again and smiled down at me.

"Start by licking the shaft. Mmm, ya like that. Now put your lips against the shaft and slide them up and down. Oh God ya, just like that.

With firm lips slide just my head in and out. Holy shit, that's great." He shuttered "That is called giving head and you are doing really good. Now make sure you keep your teeth back and keep your lips firm with pressure. Start bobbing your head taking more into your mouth, ya, great. Now start sucking. Oh fuck!" His hips started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth.

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His cock began to swell and he started grunting. "Oh fuck, I'm going to cum!" I responded with an "Mmmmmm" and his cum started shooting to the back of my throat. Luckily since he had just cum shortly before or I'd have probably drowned. I certainly wasn't going to stop sucking and swallowing just for a little thing like breathing.


The first few shots went to my throat, but the last few landed on my tongue. The taste wasn't bad. Seemed like it might be an acquired taste, but I was certainly willing.

"God that was good, I would not have thought that was your first blowjob. You obviously paid attention watching porn he smiled down at me with his cock still in my mouth. I looked up at him and tried to smile around his cock.

He said the next step, if you get that far is deep throat. Basically you just keep bobbing your head deeper and deeper till you hit the base or if he is larger it hits the back of your throat. Then you can swallow it down into your throat. I'm going to start getting soft, but you can see how far you can go before your gag reflex kicks in if you want." I started sliding his cock in and out of my mouth again getting a little deeper with each down stroke.

I didn't make it very far before I gagged, but he said with practice I can learn to control the reflex better to the point of almost not having one. Well practice makes perfect so I just had to be sure I got plenty of it.

I slid his cock out of my mouth and made sure it was nice and clean. I on the other hand still had his cum drying on me. He took my hands and helped me stand.

We kissed for the first time as lovers. "My turn again," he said. He reached behind me and unhooked my bra. His hands slid down the my waist and he took down my panties. I stepped out of them and he guided me to sit on the edge of my bed. He kissed me again and then down my neck to my breast. He kept going all the way down till he was kneeling between my legs. He didn't seem to mind his cum as he kissed down my body.

I shivered with anticipation as I felt his breath on my pussy. He kissed my lips. With his tongue loose he started licking up and down the full length of my pussy. I was so wet from everything up to this point that his tongue glided across the surface sending shivers up my body. He made his tongue more ridged and started sliding it in and out of me.

It was driving me wild. That's when he moved his tongue up to my clit. I cried out "Oh yes, oh fuck yes!" He look up at me, then smiled and went back to work. His tongue worked up and down on either side of my clit, every few licks he would slide it back inside me and then go back to work on my clit.

I pinched my nipples on both breasts and let loose with an amazing orgasm. I was not quite about it. As I was coming down from my climax we heard something presumably from down stairs. He stood standing between my legs and we both froze and listened. "Oh shit, I think mom and dad heard you," he whispered. We looked towards my door, when Ryan came in and pushed it, it hadn't closed all the way and had swung back open a little.

As we stood like deer in headlights we heard, "Yes! Fuck me harder!" coming from our mom. I smiled and we whipped our gazes to each other again. "Sounds like they liked what they heard," I said. Ryan's cock twitched and started getting hard again. "And looks like your liking what you hear too," I said with an evil grin. As mom would say to me later "It's good to be young and horny." I reached for the lubricant on the night stand and spread some on my chest.

There was still some wet cum there, but I didn't want it drying out before I got Ryan off again. I scooted my backside off the edge of my bed so my chest was at Ryan's cock height. I pressed my breasts together and Ryan smiled figuring out what I had in mind.

Ryan slid his cock between my breasts and started thrusting his hips.

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His hot cock felt good between my breasts sliding in and out. I licked at his head each time it came in range. He reached down and tweaked my nipples. I arched my back into him. He took over holding my breasts together around his cock. I used one hand to rub up and down his leg. The other I dropped down and started sliding my fingers in and out of myself.

Ryan slowed and started coming. There wasn't as much as the first two loads, but there was enough to set off another orgasm as I felt the warm sensation spread between my breasts.

We were both completely wiped out. He helped me up and headed back to his room to crash. I just curled up on my bed and didn't bother cleaning myself up. I just pulled the edge of my cum covered comforter over me and drifted off to sleep in a glow and the faint sounds of my parents having sex down stairs.