Concupiscent fellow cums on tight ass pornstar hardcore

Concupiscent fellow cums on tight ass pornstar hardcore
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The New Business Venture I could never quite remember the thing that most attracted me to my wife when we first met.but I was constantly reminded of a couple of the reasons especially right now.

Robyn, my 36 year old wife knelt on the floor of our bathroom with my swollen cock in her mouth. Her shoulder length wavy blonde hair bounced as she moved her head slowly sliding my rock hard dick in and out between her full lips. I stood in front of her; naked and tall with her on her knees, still dressed from the night before, as I gazed down to see her beautiful emerald green eyes looking up at me as my throbbing cock kept disappearing into her warm wet sultry mouth.

Then, I remembered what had first attracted me to her as my eyes crept past her face and lower as I looked down inside the scooped neck black dress and saw the fullness of her huge tits filling the black lace bustier that was practically overflowing with breast flesh.

My cock seemed to swell further at the sight of these natural wonders and my mind drifted back to the evening before. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… My business travel firm had been set up some 12 months before and we had gone from strength to strength and were picking up new clients from all over the world.

And last a dinner party had been arranged by me to try to expand our business to Asia and I had arranged to meet new clients from Thailand. As I remembered our evening before my cock seemed to grow even bigger and harder in my wife's hungry mouth. The delegation of 2 men and a woman had arrived at around 6 at the airport and I had gone to pick them up.

Both men were quite short in stature at around 5 feet with a medium build and the lady was attractive and petite. Robyn said she would be ready when we returned and as I drew the car up into our drive I could see lights were on and could see the outline of Robyn through the curtains of our front facing bedroom.

I ushered our guests into the house and called out to Robyn, only to see her appear seconds later at the top of our staircase. When we had planned this evening I had asked Robyn to dress to impress and I could tell from the looks that the Thailand group were giving her now that she had gone one better, as always, looking classy aswell as very very sexy.

I looked up to see her in 5 inch black heels, black sheer holdups rising up to her thighs and the lace at the tops sitting just underneath her 'little black dress' which was clinging to every inch of her curvy body and scooped down at the front to show off her huge rack.

Her blonde hair was piled high on her head and her face was adorned with jewellery and perfect makeup. I smiled and felt proud as she came down the stairs and greeted our guests.

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We ate a delicious 4 course meal with me at one end of the table and Robyn at the other end with our guests either side facing each other. I could clearly see that Robyn's dress was revealing enough at the top and bottom to give a generous view of her gorgeous breasts, clearly showing the overflow of flesh at the top and the tightness of the dress showed their size.

And when the small dress had ridden up the tops of her stockings were now visible and I even noticed some flesh, as did our male guests who didn't seem to want to talk to me much.

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It was obvious to everyone who looked at my wife that she was not a shy lady in the least and was attentive and smiling to all the looks and talk! After dinner we went to the sitting room and I sat on a settee with Robyn sitting on an opposite one. Both of the men seated themselves down alongside her and the Emir sat next to me.

Before long we had engaged in conversation and discussing the hotel where they were staying and as the drink continued the conversation started to change to that of a sexual nature and I could see that Robyn was flirting outrageously with our guests. I noticed Akir getting closer to her as was deep in conversation with Ranga. He was the older of the two around my age at 49 and I poured him another whisky.

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Emir and I sat enjoying the background music, and I noticed that Akir was getting pretty cozy with Robyn again, leaning into her and putting his hand on her thigh when making a joke or complimenting her. Meanwhile, Emir began to get cozy with me and the more I looked at her the more I became attracted to her although I didn't really know why.

Then as we talked she was placing her hand on my thigh to emphasize a point, and being slow to remove it. I didn't mind this but was conscious that with my perfect view of my voluptuous wife between two Asian men and my legs being caressed by this attractive lady my erection in my trousers must have been obvious by now. Robyn went into the kitchen and I noticed as she got up that Akir tried putting his arm around her and patted her full bum cheeks through the thin material of the dress from time to time.

Emir stayed close to me as we talked. On the way back from the kitchen Akir suggested dancing with Robyn, to which she agreed. They danced for a few minutes, with Akir holding her close to him and letting his hand rest on her gorgeous bum. Soon Ranga decided he wanted to dance with her also, but it was clear that Akir didn't want to give her up. Instead Ranga just went to her backside and began to move in time with the music and the movements of her swaying arse, pressing his obviously hardening cock into her from behind.

Robyn was sure that I was getting turned on by the sight of her dancing between two men, which was true and she could see my hard-on threatening to burst out of my trousers at any moment despite my futile attempts to hide it. Emir had noticed this also and was now licking my neck. And when Ranga began to work the skirt of her dress up her legs and over her hips, she didn't object and nor did I seeing the gorgeous stockings and thong now in view and before long she was gyrating between the two men with the dress now down around her shoulders, her huge breasts overflowing the black bustier and the bottom half completely exposed.

While Ranga continued to press into my wife as I watched, Akir dropped down on his knees and started to work his hands up between her thighs and then slid the thong down to reveal her pussy which Robyn freely let the Thai man explore. Ranga backed away and removed his clothes while watching Akir lick her pussy as she quickly released the bustier allowing it to fall to the floor and her huge fleshy breasts to swing free. Ranga looked over at me and Emir.

We were now watching the show and still sitting. Ranga came over and stood in front of us brandishing his hard cock. Emir instinctively leaned forwards and slid her pretty mouth over his cock head before releasing it and smiling at me almost offering me a try.

I couldn't resist and reaching out I began to fondle and wank it before leaning my head forward and kissing it then, sliding the foreskin back I let the throbbing hardness slide into my mouth.

I barely had Ranga's cock wet when he suddenly backed off and Emir knelt down to unzip my trousers and took my cock out then wetting it with her saliva, she grinned up at me as her small hands closed around the shaft and she guided it into her sucking mouth as Ranga watched.

I suggested that we could go upstairs and immediately we started to move. By the time I had got to the bedroom I was naked as was Emir with the exception of her panties and bra. Akir had Robyn on the bed and he was pulling her dress over her head while she undid his trousers and pulled them down to reveal a bigger cock than either Ranga's or my mine, and just as swollen. Robyn immediately bent to suck Akir's cock as he fidgeted and managed to get the rest of his clothes off. Then he gently pushed her back onto the bed and crawled up between her spread legs to insert his hard-on into her wet and steaming cunt.


As he did this Emir drew me over to the bed. She took my cock into her mouth while Ranga watched hungrily, as Akir's cock began to pound in and out of my wife's clinging pussy. Smiling as Emir continued to suck on me I reached over and played with Akir's balls as they slapped against Robyn's arse, and then I ran his finger up to get some of my wife's pussy juice that was coating Akir's reaming sex pole.

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Ranga knelt on the bed watching, his cock rock hard. Meanwhile, Emir managed to work her way around without letting go of my cock so her panties were within reach of my mouth.

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I reached down as I watched Robyn beckon Ranga closer so she could suck his cock and I smiled as she closed her lips around it practically swallowing it all. I slid my fingers into Emir's panties and was taken by total surprise as I felt a small cock hardening in her panties. Immediately I ripped her panties from her body and opening my mouth surrounded Emir's small shemale cock with my lips, sucking it in with a slurp.

And it didn't take long for the cum to start gushing, first with Ranga as he filled Robyn's hungry mouth with his Asian cum. Then Akir shot his wad into her cunt and seconds later I was filling Emir's hungry mouth and moments later she was doing the same to me.

As we separated Emir and I kissed deeply and shared one another's cum. As our guests left I was well aware that there was one person who hadn't yet cum and so willingly slid down between my wife's stocking covered thighs and gorged on her cum filled pussy until she was screaming out in ecstasy. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………&hellip.

I knew now as I stood in the bathroom with my wife sucking me that I was only seconds away from shooting a huge load down into her throat and pushed her away from me smiling at her.

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"Get that dress off and get on the bed!" I ordered and she scampered away on the bed and obliged kneeling with her arse in the air and her heavy breasts dangling below her. I moved behind her and slid two fingers into her tight hole and started to finger fuck her. I knew from the excitement of the night that she was once again close to cumming and suddenly without warning she yelled and screamed as she bucked her hips to thrust on my fingers deeper inside her.


All the moaning that Robyn made and the motion of her body and particularly her huge dangling udders made my cock like a rock again. I placed the tip of my swollen cock onto my wife's pussy lips.

With one motion, I plunged my cock deep into her. Reaching around her writhing body I grabbed her exposed breasts. Robyn's nipples were hard and they were soon between my fingers as I started squeezing and playing with them.

She moaned in pleasure as my cock slid in and out of her love hole and she reached down and rubbed her clit as I fucked her tight wet cunt. We were connected as both lovers and husband and wife both aching for an orgasm. Robyn felt her vagina tighten around my cock as she experienced another orgasm. Soon I felt the pressure build in my dick as I plunged into the woman of my dreams one last time before shooting my load deep inside her belly.

………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… The deal was done and we now had a new Asian client on our books and they have recently invited us over to Thailand for a holiday.

Perhaps we'll go……&hellip.