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Big Booty Getting All That Jizz Out on Webcam
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Sophie was alone in the dressing room, and she was a bundle of nerves. This was the first time done a shoot without her parents being there and although she was a little thrilled it was also very intimidating. So far everyone had been really nice to her but she didn't know anyone at the studio and if she admitted it, she felt a little scared. The assistant who'd brought her to the dressing room had been friendly enough, setting out the costume she was to wear, but looking it over just made her stomach lurch.

So far she'd just done catalogue work, modeling clothes for websites and the like, but this was very different. Her agent had told her that he'd booked her to do a short film for a catering company but he'd been very vague on the details. The outfit laid out for her wasn't like anything she imagined it would be. It consisted of a low cut, short sleeved top that left her midriff bare, a short frilly skirt with pink lace and a microscopic apron.

Even worse the only underwear they'd provided was a pair of lacey white panties. Sophie held the top up at frowned. It was made of cotton and felt so flimsy that it might as well have been made from tissue paper. Just then there was a knock at the door and the assistant called through 'Five minutes, sweetie!' Sophie jumped, she couldn't really back out now and kicking up a fuss could well spoil her chances of getting a new contract.

She chewed her lip, then made up her mind and started to get changed as quick as she could, tossing her clothes onto a chair and slipping into the costume. A few moments later she was examining herself in the full length mirror and her doubts were coming back stronger than ever.

The top barely covered her breasts and the skirt was so short that she was in danger of flashing her panties if she moved too quickly. Turning this way and that, tugging at it to try to get it to cover a little more but to no effect. Sophie chewed her lip again, had there been some sort of mistake when her agent had sent her measurements over?

Just then the door opened and the assistant stepped in. 'Ah good, you're ready. Come on, come on, everyone's waiting for you on set!' She started to hurry Sophie out of the room before she had a chance to open her mouth and protest about the costume.

Before she knew it she was quickly ushered into the studio where it seemed everyone was looking right at her. Sophie blushed slightly and tried not to show her nerves, picking her way through the crew, doing her best not to trip over all the cables crisscrossing the floor as she made her way onto the set.

Under the lights was a kitchen, several long counters and an island, most of which were covered in assorted cakes, bowls and bottles. It looked just like the real thing, far more impressive than anything she'd worked on before. 'Ah, there she is!' A nearby voice caught her attention and she turned to see a young man approaching her, smiling 'You must be Sophie, I'm Mike, pleased to meet you' He held out his hand.

'Oh, uh yes, pleased to meet you too.' She took his hand and he shook it firmly, 'You must be the director.?' He nodded, 'Yes that's right.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to speak to you before, in a bit of a rush here.' He looked her up and down, pursing his lips. 'Hmm, not bad. Can you give me a quick twirl?' Sophie turned round for him, slower than she usually might have, conscious of how short her skirt was. When she turned back to face him there was a strange smile on his lips.

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'Perfect, you'll do just fine.' Just then two other men approached, both wearing identical chefs outfits 'Ah, good timing. Sophie, this is Ash and David, your co-stars.' Sophie was a little surprised, she hadn't been told about this, but she tried to cover it and smiled.

'Hi, I uh, look forward to working with you.' They grinned back 'It'll be a pleasure, I'm sure' replied Ash, winking at her. Sophie felt a little shiver run down her spine, something in his manner seemed a little odd. She was used to guys flirting with her, but these guys must have been a good ten years older than her and more than a foot taller.

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'Ok guys, get yourselves on set, Sophie will be right along.' Ash and David shared a look, then nodded to Mike before heading onto the set. Mike turned back to her, 'Ok, your agent told me you're fairly new to modeling, but don't worry, we work with a lot of new talent, just follow direction and you'll be fine, alright?' Sophie took a deep breath, and nodded 'I'll do my best.!' she replied, trying to show more confidence than she felt.

'Atta girl,' Mike smiled, then frowned at her, 'Hmmm something's missing. ah!' He turned, searching the crew with his eyes, 'Hey, Sally!' He called out to a young woman who was with Ash and David on set, it looked like she was adjusting their outfits slightly.

She looked up when Mike called, then quickly hurried over. 'Can you do something with her hair? We'll need to keep it out of her face.' Sally looked at him and raised an eyebrow, the corner of her mouth twitching in a half smile, then she turned to Sophie and gave her a quick appraising look.

'Hmm, no problem.' She pulled a couple of hair bands from a little pouch at her waist and deftly tugged Sophie's shoulder length hair into two short pigtails 'There, now her hair will be the last thing getting in her face.' Her lips twitched again as if she was trying to cover a smirk. Before Sophie could wonder what she meant, Mike put an arm round her shoulders and guided her onto the set. 'Ok, just remember what I said and you'll be a star, alright?' Sophie licked her lips, her mouth feeling a little dry 'Uh, s-sure.' She did her best to smile as Ash and Mike watched her approach, feeling a little uneasy as they looked her over.

She felt Mike squeeze her arm and she looked up at him. 'Hey, don't get too worked up, relax and have fun, ok?' He winked at her and she felt a little relief.

Unconsciously she'd been digging her nails into the palms of her hands, but she opened her fists and flexed her fingers.

He patted her shoulder and stepped off the set to join the crew. Sophie blinked slightly from the bright lights as she watched him walk away, then felt the nerves return slightly when she realised just how many people were on the set and all of them seemed to be watching her. 'Alright Sophie,' She heard Mike call out 'let's just ease into it.

Pick up one of the bowls and pretend to stir it. Just imagine you're working in a kitchen and we'll go from there.' She glanced over the counter in front of her and took a large mixing bowl, surprised to see it actually had something in it, a sticky chocolate sauce.

She picked up a wooden spoon and started to stir it, impressed at the attention to detail. 'Great, look up and give us a smile, that's right.!' Sophie couldn't make out where Mike was, the lights half blinded her, turning the crew into vague silhouettes, but his instructions were clear enough.

Lifting her head she smiled, stirring the bowl. Behind her she could hear Ash and David moving about, the clatter of trays and bowls being moved around told her they were acting their part too. For the next ten or so minutes Mike directed Sophie, getting her to move about the kitchen and pose in various ways. At first she'd felt very self-conscious, the skimpiness of her outfit making her movements a bit stiff and unnatural, but she soon got into the flow of things, almost skipping around the set in her bare feet.

Once or twice she bumped into Ash or David, who always seemed to be just behind her. At first she was afraid that they'd tell her off, but they just grinned and winked at her. She breathed a sigh of relief, she'd gotten all worked up but this was really rather fun! 'Ok, now grab that bowl on the counter, yeah that one to your left.' Sophie looked over and saw it, a large metal bowl filled to the brim with dark chocolate sauce, it looked awfully heavy.

She picked it up with both hands, struggling slightly 'Great, move it onto that counter over there.' She turned, following Mike's instructions and crashed right into Ash, the bowl slipping from her grip and splashing over his chest, splattering down her legs too.

She froze in shock, her blood running cold as she waited for the inevitable yell. Ash looked down at her, scooped up some of the sauce from his outfit and then deliberately flicked it at her, a huge grin spreading over his face.

Sophie flinched as the sauce splattered her, utterly confused.

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Then she looked up to see both Ash and David both grinning broadly at her. 'Great!

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Go with that!' Called out Mike, and while Sophie watched in bewilderment, David grabbed a bottle of strawberry sauce and squirted it right at her, splattering over her top and bare tummy. Sophie let out a surprised yelp, bringing up her hands to protect herself then started giggling.

Without thinking she grabbed the nearest thing to hand, a jug of custard, and tossed it at David, the thick yellow sauce splashing over his costume. He took a step back, laughing, then grabbed a large cream cake and advanced towards her.

Sophie let out a yelp and started to back away, walking right into Ash. She started to apologise when she felt his hands grab her arms, preventing her from getting away as David approached 'H-hey, no fair!' She squeaked, squirming in his grip and giggling nervously. David stopped right in front of her and raised the cake. Sophie screwed her eyes shut, awaiting the inevitable, then gasped when she felt the cake squish over her chest.

She opened her eyes to see David grinning as he rubbed the mess over her top, his hand pressing against her breasts. Sophie felt her face go bright red and she bit her lip. Trying not to show her embarrassment, she looked around for something to throw back. A large squeezy bottle of chocolate sauce was nearest and she broke free of Ash's grasp, grabbed it and give David a mock-fierce look. He winked at her, holding out his arms in a 'Do your worst' gesture. Without thinking, Sophie stepped forward and shoved the top into the waistband of his trousers and squeezed hard.

The grin on her face froze when she realised what she'd done. David looked down at her with amazement then chuckled. '.So it's like that huh.?' She saw a that look on his face again and felt another cold shiver run down her back. 'I, uh, s-sorry. I didn't think.' She stammered, flustered at her own actions. Before she could react, David grabbed her wrists and nodded to Ash. Sophie turned her head just in time to see Ash winding his hand back, holding a large cream cake.

She just had a moment to brace herself before he brought it down hard, the cake hitting her ass with an audible smack, making her squeal. She felt the sticky clumps of cream being rubbed over her panties, Ash's hand lingering a little too long for comfort.

'Ok guys, I think little Sophie here needs to be taught a lesson!' Called out Mike, Sophie's bare feet skidded on the sticky floor as she felt herself being pulled towards one of the counters.

'.H-hey!' Sophie started to object when she felt Ash's hands on her waist, lifting her up then pushing her over the counter top. She wriggled but a firm hand on her back kept her bent over and her feet didn't touch the ground. She tried to reach back to tug her skirt over her ass, but her hands were swatted away. Sophie peered into the bright lights, trying to spot Mike, but she could only hear his voice as he encouraged Ash and David.

'Good, good! Get some shots round the back, we want a good view of our newest starlet!' Sophie whimpered, knowing that her ass, although covered in cream cake, was in full view. She turned her head as much as she could, just in time to see Ash slide his hands under her skirt and slip his fingers into the waistband of her panties. Letting out a startled yelp, she feebly kicked her legs. 'W-wait, there's been some mistake!' She cried desperately as she felt them slowly being peeled over her sticky cheeks.


No one seemed to pay her any attention, though, and as hard as she squirmed, the firm hand on her back kept her bent over. She lowered her head to the counter, trying to hide her reddening face as her panties slipped down round her knees.

She gasped as she felt strong fingers spread her ass, exposing her smooth pussy for all to see. 'Nice, get some good close-ups of that.

Good!' Sophie screwed her eyes shut, trying to pretend it wasn't happening, this was so humiliating! She was caught off guard when another cake was spanked onto her bare ass, causing her whole body to jerk as she yelped in shock.

Just when she thought it couldn't get any worse she felt something hard nudge between her legs and her head shot up.

'Oh my god.!

No, wait you ca-Aaaahhaa!' Her protest was cut off as Ash thrust into her, his already hard cock plunging deep into her tight pussy, stretching her instantly. Her whole body tensed, toes curling as she grit her teeth, drawing in a quick, hissing breath. She felt him grip her hips tightly, pinning her in place as he drew back, only to thrust hard into her again, forcing a loud gasp from her.

Each time she drew breath to speak it was let out in a wail as he started to rhythmically fuck her. One of his hands slid up her back, tugging at her flimsy top until the ruined material ripped open, revealing her perky little breasts that jiggled with each thrust. When she tried to cover herself, he put a hand on her shoulders and pulled her chest up off the counter, David coming round to pull her hands away.

When she looked up at him pleadingly he just grinned back at her. 'You know, I think you should clean up some of the mess you made.' He smirked, then reached down with his free hand to pull out his hard cock, still covered in chocolate sauce.

Sophie's eyes widened when he pulled her head down to it, trying to twist away but it was no use. When Ash thrust hard into her she involuntarily opened her mouth to cry out and David pulled her head down onto his cock, pushing past her lips and stifling her groans.

She could feel the head of his sticky cock rubbing over her tongue, the chocolate making it all smooth and slippery. She shut her eyes again, trying not to gag as he started to push down on her head, getting her to bob up and down on it.

The studio was filled with wet squelching noises as the two older models roughly used Sophie, the mess on her body getting smeared all over the counter top as they groped and fondled her. Sophie felt herself being pushed backwards and forwards between the two men as they filled her mouth and pussy, she could feel Ash's cock buried deep inside her, far bigger than her boyfriend, her wet pussy clamped tightly around him.

She could also feel her own wetness mixing with the sticky cream smeared all over her ass and pussy, and try as she might she couldn't quite fight back the moans that were starting to replace her muffled cries and whimpers. Her initial struggles to pull free now slowly turning into bucking motions, unable to stop herself from pushing back against each thrust.

Her tongue ran over the head of David's cock, she could taste something else amongst the chocolate and she instinctively started to suck. David let out a low moan 'Damn, she's starting to get into it.' Sophie looked up at him, then realised he wasn't holding her head anymore but she was still bobbing on his cock. A flush of shame ran through her and she hesitated.

'Nuh-uh. don't stop now.' He put a hand on the back of her head, encouraging her to continue 'That's it. good girl.' She could feel her cheeks burning as a sticky mixture of chocolate sauce, drool and precum started to drip down her chin, but she couldn't help herself.

David's groans were getting louder and he tilted his head back as his cock throbbed in Sophie's hot little mouth. His fingers curled in her hair, gripping it tightly. 'Nnngh. oh fuck.


' He panted '.fuck. yeah here it comes you dirty little girl.!' His cock twitched in her mouth then a second later Sophie felt something warm and sticky hit the back of her throat. She gagged in surprise and tried to swallow but them there was another spurt that filled her mouth, thick globs of it leaking past her lips. David gripped the base of his cock with his free hand and pulled out quickly, just as Sophie gasped for breath another thick spurt of cum hit her on the nose, splashing across her cheeks.

She quickly shut her eyes, letting out a yelp as her face was painted with rope after rope of sticky jizz. After he was spent, David staggered backwards, letting everyone get a good shot of her face drenched with his cum.

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Thick strands of cum streaked across her nose, cheeks and forehead, slowly oozing down her face, strings of it hanging from her chin, swaying as Ash continued to fuck her, his own grunts getting louder, his strokes more forceful.

Sophie could feel his grip on her hips tightening, her own body responding to his cock plunging roughly into her. She gripped the edge of the counter to brace herself, her knuckles white as she fought back the urge to moan out loud. She could feel something building inside her, an intense feeling of pleasure, impossible to fight against. Squirming on the counter top, completely oblivious of anything but the sensations coursing through her body. She was dimly aware of noises around her, ones from behind her getting louder, but she was losing control.

With a shudder that ran through her entire body, she arched her back and cried out, eyes squeezed shut and head pushed back. Her petite form went completely rigid, her tight pussy clamping down tightly on the cock invading her. That pushed Ash over the line and with a strangled grunt he slammed into her hard, burying himself up to the hips. His thick cock twitching as he unloaded his heavy balls deep inside her. Sophie gasped as she felt herself being pumped full with shot after shot of cum, her head spinning as her own orgasm rocked through her.

The world around her just a strange blur. With an exhausted sigh Ash slumped back, his cock slipping out of her thoroughly abused pussy, her lips all swollen and red. Thick globs of cum started to ooze out of her, running down her thighs which were already drenched in her own juices. Sophie was dimly aware of people moving round her, hands on her ass, spreading her cheeks so that they could get close up views, but she was beyond caring. She slumped over the counter, breathing hard, every inch of her body smeared with some kind of sticky goo or sweat.

After a moment she heard someone approach and she managed to lift her head, blinking through the cum still dripping down over her eyes. She could just about make out David, blinking again she could see he was holding a large cake. 'A present from the crew' He grinned, holding it close for her to see. She tried to fix her blurry eyes on it, at first it looked like an ordinary cake with white frosting, but as her vision came into focus she noticed the frosting was slimy and strands were dripping from the edge of the paper plate it was on.

Her eyes widened as she realised what it was. '.W-wait, I-' She was cut off and David thrust the cum-covered cake into her face, firmly rubbing it in. She felt the sticky goo smeared everywhere, the contrast of the still warm cum and the coolness of the cream sending shivers through her.

David took his hand away and the plate slipped to the floor revealing the cracked pastry base still clinging to the mess on her face. Bits of it slowly sliding down and plopping to the ground as she lay there frozen in surprise.

After a few moments she slowly raised her hands and scooped the gunk from her eyes, blinking as she tried to see.

'Aaaaand. cut!


Great work everyone!' Mike called out. Suddenly the studio was filled with noise as the crew began to shunt the lighting rigs and cameras about, clearing the set.

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Sophie looked about her in a daze, trying to comprehend what just happened. 'My, they certainly did a number on you.' She turned her head to see the assistant standing next to her, a white cotton dressing gown draped over her arm and a wry smile on her face.

'Come on sweetie, lets get you cleaned up.' She held up the gown. Sophie weakly pushed herself up from the counter, but when her feet hit the floor her legs almost buckled beneath her and she had to catch herself. The assistant let out a sympathetic giggle and draped the dressing gown over her shoulders and guided her back to the dressing room, leaving a trail of small sticky footprints across the studio floor.