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Quick fucked with Kimmy and Bambino
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This story will be mostly fantasy with some sex thrown in, so if that's not your thing then don't read. Also READ THE TAGS if you see something you don't like, don't read the story then rage about it in the comments&hellip.

thank you.


Note: This is my first work, comments are appreciated, let me know if you want me to continue. Also don't freak out, it reads as if you started midway, the background will come later. Chapter One Fallen Star With each stride the ground gave in under him as he stomped towards me. His once handsome face was now cratered from the energy blast I shot at him when he grabbed me in the air. With a bloody grin he hauled my up by my hair, dangling me over the cliff.

"You little bitch, look what you did" he gestured to his unrecognizable features. "Its almost not worth taking your innocence". My father grabbed my neck with his other hand and squeezed, testing the strength of my spinal cord. "But that wont do, your mother isn't alive to spawn another one of you bratty cunts".

He let go of my neck and threw me away from the cliff into the hillside at his back. My breath caught and my head jarred as I hit the rocks and hardened mud. He turned and grinned, throwing his hand as he started speaking words of power, the air sizzled and the atmosphere grew rank with the stench of burning flesh and rotten eggs.

I didn't scream, it was no use; the pain was like a caress now. My body learned to love it, was trained to love it. My vision was growing dark as I met his hungry lustful gaze, then the pain stopped; his eyes grew wide looking at something behind me.

"No it can't be, I killed you, all of you," his demeanor faltered and he took a step back toward the cliff. The last thing I remembered was my father disintegrating before my eyes as a flash of pure magical white light lit up the sky, and his screams of surprise and pain filled the night, and to me it was the sound of a sweet and revengeful lullaby.

The girl was lighter than she looked, too light. I still saw red and my body still hummed from the magical energy I expelled. When I touched her back I gasped and fell to my knee from the agonizing pain.

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Quickly I adjusted my grip away from the skin-to-skin contact and flipped her over onto her stomach. What I saw gripped my insides and I growled and cursed. The caramel skin was flayed to the bone and was dripping with venom and infection. The cuts where spelled out in elegant script spelling out words that should never be said or written in the company of a girl so young.

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"The bastard" I gritted my teeth and brushed away the rest of the long amber hair trying to get a better look of the damaged. I froze, on her neck was a tattoo of a dragon in flight, "it can't be".

Carefully now, I lifted her again into my arms and started for home, I wanted to just flash home but I used too much magical energy expelling that bastard.

I looked down at her every so often; she was beautiful or was before what ever that guy did to her. High cheekbones lay underneath hollowed and stretched caramel skin; high eyebrows arched gently above wide giant eyes, and a delicate nose led down to full rose-colored lips.

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My eyes drifted downward along a long graceful neck that rested upon wide shoulders that supported a full bosom. A flat and toned stomach sloped into wide curved hips that accented shapely legs of every man's dream. I had to tell myself to stop staring; she had to be only ten, nine years to my senior. The little clothes that survived her ordeal barely concealed her assets. As I came with in range of my sister I called out to her and told her to get mom and prepare for a visitor.

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She quickly examined my memories of the past hour to find out why my magic was so low and my anger and control so high. I felt her white-hot anger match mine when she was through. She flashed to me and hefted the girl in her arms being carful of the girls back, not wanting to link with the pain I so mistakenly did. She flashed back to the house and I followed slowly, still very drained from the encounter.

The cabin was in sight and candles were lit inside. I could see the forms of my mother and sister in the windows.

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I made it to the door before my stomach emptied itself on my mother's roses. I felt a cool hand on my forehand and a strong pull into the healing room next to the girl. She was laid on the stone table on her stomach and her hair braided and pulled to the side so my mother could work on her. A towel was place upon her bottom that my sister had to keep from slipping off. I sat in the chair by the door. My mother looked up to my sister getting ready to touch the flayed skin upon the girl's back.

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"Holly don't touch that" my mother rushed from my side and to Holly's. "That's Draken venom, it'll destroy whatever it touches". My sister jerked her hand back. My mother looked down at the girl and said something under her breach, "what did you say mom?". " I said, why would her own kind do this to her?". My mom laid her hand upon the girl's brow, "the venom's spreading, I need to get the suppressing agent fast." She was right; I could see black veins crisscrossing her neck and shoulders spreading its tendrils to her heart.

My mom turned toward my sister. "Holly I need you to flash to the Life Tree and collect two pounds of Wing Root, I have the rest here". My sister looked shocked, "Wing Root, but that's deadly." My mother shook her head, "not to a dragon its not, to them its like ambrosia".

My sister nodded and gathered a basket and shears and flashed to the Tree. My mother then turned to me, "James do you have any magic left for me to look through your memories".

I nodded and held my hands out to her. My mother kneeled before me and took them into hers. Her eyes clouded for a second then refocused.

"As I feared, you didn't kill him James but you did stop him for awhile", my mother frowned. "Fortunately he won't regenerate for a decade, plenty of time to prepare her." Confused I looked at her questioningly, but she shook her head and shooed me to my room.

"Rest, we have a lot to do tomorrow". She stood and started gathering the herbs for the balm. I sighed and did what she said; I got to my room and saw my bed.


All of a sudden I was exhausted and didn't even to try to get undressed, I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. That night was the first of many that echoed the painful and heart retching screams of a very abused and a very young dragon. This is only a small section of Chapter 1.

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Please comment and rate and let me know if you guys want me to continue and post the second part.