Teen likes it rough xxx rough assfuck orgy for lexy banderas birthday

Teen likes it rough xxx rough assfuck orgy for lexy banderas birthday
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In this story I will not describe the characters much, that way people can insert whoever they want though I will add some details, just a few, minor ones. Enjoy :) Woman I'd had a late night, I stayed up late watching tv then went to bed around 3am and quickly fell asleep, I liked sleeping naked and it was summer so I wasn't using any blankets either.

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My apartment was small but nice, it only had 1 bedroom but it had everything I needed, and a little more. It had the newest kitchen and bathroom, a laundry too, I even had a dishwasher and dryer.

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My lounge had the newest tech as well, huge tv, get stereo system and a few game consoles to go with it. I was a deep sleeper and often had trouble getting up in time for work. Thief It was an easy place to get into, terrible security, and when I got inside I just had to choose a room and pick the lock.

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I entered one of the rooms and looked around briefly, adjusting my eyes to the dark. I walked straight into the lounge "sweet, looks like I picked the right place" I thought, looking around the room I could see the brand new tech, I had my "work mates" outside the building, but before I got them up here I decided to look around a bit more.

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I went through all the rooms, though there weren't many, and finished with the bedroom, I walked in and saw a young, beautiful, naked girl laying on the bed, I felt my cock begin to harden, she had small but perfect tits and the best ass I've seen in a long time, I walked closer and she didn't seem to stir, I walked right up to her and half tried to wake her up, she rolled from her side onto her back but didn't seem to be waking up.

I decided to try my luck and I reached out and gently squeezed her tit, she didn't move so I squeezed a bit harder, my cock was almost completely hard now.

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I couldn't help myself and had to try my luck so I took off my pants and boxers then slowly and careful got on the end of the bed, moving closer. She rolled on to her side again, making it easier for me, I went closer and started to gently rub her pussy lips, again she didn't move so I started to rub my hard cock against them, slowly and gently at first, still worried she would wake up, but I soon gained confidence and started to push it into her pussy lips, she was already getting wet and making it easier for me.

I moved my hand to her clit and started to rub it, fast and hard, she started to moan softly in her sleep and rolled over, I quickly moved out of the way then moved back, positioning myself between her legs I raised them up on to my shoulders, I pushed my cock up against her clit then ran it down her pussy lips, she was so wet and I soon pushed the head of my cock into her pussy, making her moan again, but she still did not awake.

I rammed the rest of my cock deep into her pussy making her moan loudly, I started to rub her clit again, faster than before, as I fucked her, hammering my hard, 9 inch, cock, in and out of her tight, wet pussy, she was so tight it felt amazing. I fucked her harder, faster and deeper as I started to breath heavily and grunt, I leaned over her and used both hands to squeeze her tits then started to suck on her nipple but soon had to stop and focus on fucking her and getting enough air into my lungs, I was fucking her so hard I was having trouble catching my breath.

Woman I started to wake up and saw it was still dark, I could feel something on top of me. inside me, I was moaning and I heard grunting and heavy breathing, my eyes quickly adjusted and I could now see a man leaning over me, panting and groaning, his face just above my tits, as he thrust his huge, hard cock deep inside me, I moaned louder and he looked at my face and saw I was awake, I quickly pulled him closer, not wanting him to pull out.

I was moaning loudly and the man started to kiss and suck on my neck as he went back to fucking me nice and hard.


I was already close to an orgasm, he was driving me closer and closer to the edge but right before I could cum he pulled out, released my legs and quickly and roughly flipped me over then raised my ass into the air. He rubbed his cock against the entrance to my ass and used a hand to rub along my pussy lips a few times, he then slipped 2 fingers into my pussy making me gasp and moan.

His precum was covering my hole and I was moaning as he pushed his fingers deeper and finger fucked me. He suddenly thrust his cock deep into my ass making me scream in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

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He thrust his cock in and out of my ass, he added another finger to my pussy, finger fucking me harder and faster, then used his other hand to spank me sharply. It felt so good having this total stranger abuse my body, I wanted more, I wanted his cum inside me. Thief I was fucking her hard and fast, ramming my cock into her ass as I played with her pussy.

I spanked her sharply, then again, harder, and harder, she seemed to enjoy it. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and used that hand to hold her waist as I spanked her harder and harder, I could hear her muttering between moans, she was asking for more, begging me to fuck her harder, cum in her and not stop.

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I was already about t cum and thrust into her one final time, as deep as I could go, holding onto both sides of her waist, I came, deep into her ass, shooting load after load of hot cum into her hot ass.

Woman I felt him thrust in even harder then start to cum, it set me off and my muscles tightened as I came with him, moaning loudly, my eyes closed tightly.


We both finished and he pulled out then got off the bed "Wait!" I said then followed him, I stood in front of him then went to my knees, I took his softening cock into my mouth, sucking and licking it clean, he moaned and I continued like this until well after he was clean, I got him hard again but he didn't last long, I was sucking and licking vigorously as I played with his balls, he soon came in my mouth and I swallowed it all.

He removed his soft cock from my mouth and put his boxers and pants back on then went for the door "Thanks for the great fuck" I muttered, I figured he was here to steal something or hurt me but I didn't care, I felt so amazing I just went back to bed, falling asleep again immediately.