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Mistress in high heels stands balls of slave and ties his balls up
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Since the first massage of Sandra P., I was hooked. Massage was my life. It's been a couple of years since we first met at that college party. The thrill and excitement of just touching another person and relieving them from so many symptoms of every day stresses, aches and pains is what I enjoy doing.

It was not an easy profession to get into for a guy, unless you just wanted to do guys. Women are very suspicious of having another man other than their boyfriend, husband or doctor touch them. I didn't mind massaging men, but it certainly is much more pleasing to have the consent of a strange woman allowing you to run your hands soothingly all over her nude body. Their soft skin and delicate fragrance just does something to me.

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It's almost as if I'm the one being massaged. When I first started my massage practice, I gave many hours of free massages. Only a few continued coming to me after I officially opened my business. It was a part time business at first and I supplemented my income by working in an office, almost full time. One of the women there was Ellen. It was just a coincidence meeting her there.

She was one of my practice clients while I was in school, and remembered me when I started working here at her office. She was about the same age as me, fairly tall about 5'8" with slightly wavy light brown shoulder length hair.

She was in her senior year at a business college when we first met. Mid-terms were coming up and she was all stressed out. She and a few of her friends from school decided to drop in for a bit of relaxation.

Free massages at the massage school were in order. Ellen was offered to me by my supervisor to practice what I had learned so far. Ellen didn't feel very tense, but I remember giving her a very soothing light touch massage. My skills weren't the greatest at this point in my education but apparently it was enough to have her return. Obviously she liked it because when she returned, she always asked for me for several more massages before she graduated from college.

That was the last of I saw of he until today. She inquired if I was now a licensed masseur. I told her I was, but things were starting very slow. She told me that she was the office manager and been here since she got out of school last year.

She showed a more than just a questioning interest and after a couple of weeks working with Ellen she asked if she could make an appointment to have a massage.

I figured this would be a great way to help spread the word around about how wonderful my magic hands were after giving her a massage.


Ellen came to my office the following Saturday and I gave her the best massage I could possibly manage. Having been on my table in the past, she was familiar with the way I worked. She was proud of her young tight body and was not shy about showing it to me. I had had to pinch myself every so often to maintain control.

She was hot and touching her soft skin and listening moan and saying how nice everything felt was testing me to my limits. She was in Heaven saying, "I had forgotten how nice your hands felt on my sensitive skin. It seems you've added a few extra moves with those hands of yours. I feel so relaxed. I'll be sure to tell the other girls in the office how great you are.

Who knows! Maybe I can drum up some more business for you. Thanks, Pete." As promised, she told the other girls at the office. I was almost glad that session was over.

As much as it tortured my mind while rubbing her soft skin, her back, her arms, her legs and especially her front, I managed to keep a totally professional attitude through the entire massage. Whew! My dick was throbbing the whole time. I'm glad Ellen never noticed. It was tough enough to get clients; scaring them away with a throbbing boner was not going to keep them returning.

Word did get around quickly, and my weekends were filled with both single and married women coming to me for a piece of Heaven. I soon realized most of the women who kept coming back for a monthly or bi-monthly sampling of paradise were the married ones. They all told me how much they loved their husbands and would never cheat on them, but my massages gave them what they weren't getting at home.

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It was that extra touch and soothing strokes of affection. The soft long gliding strokes up and down their backs, arms, and legs; hitting all the spots that needed that extra attention.

I guess you could say I was giving them the foreplay that they never received at home. They felt safe and secure, and were willing to tell me all their deepest secrets, even their marital secrets. They needed someone to talk to who would listen to their inner feelings.

I was that person. They would tell me of their happy endings and their frustrations with their men. Some had mentioned that after I had given them a massage, they would go home to their husbands and after dinner give him the time of his life in bed that night. They would even tell me of their happy endings without their husbands.

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It seemed that all of them had a vibrator or some type of dildo hidden in their bureau or nightstand drawer. Some of their situations tempted me to step in and give them what they were not getting at home, but my training had etched into my mind that any thing sexual with a client was taboo. On several occasions I found myself getting aroused just listening to the details of what these women would do to relieve these tensions that had them so frustrated at times. Some day I thought, I may change my ways of thinking and just try to offer these women something just a little bit extra in their massage to see if it might make a difference in their somewhat unsatisfied life styles.

I quit my job at the office after a couple of years. My practice was growing and too large for weekends only. Several or the women from the office along with many of their friends and relatives began most of my full time operation. From the office girls, Ellen, Michelle, Elizabeth, and Yolanda in sales; Marta, Tina, Jennifer, and Alice in order processing, accounting, and switchboard, I owe my appreciation and gratitude for them in helping me survive in the early days; and even now some thirty years later for my success in massage.

From the men, I received a few gestures insinuating I was a bit limp wristed or gay because I enjoyed giving massages, but on the other hand I'd bet most of them wished they could get the girls to lie down for them as easily as I. Because of the aura of men as a masseur, I devoted my practice to mostly women.

Also the men who wanted a massage from me usually were gay or at least bi-curious. It was awkward for me as well. Most of them were looking for some sort of sexual massage, and if I was going to give sexual massages, I certainly didn't feel like beginning on men; either then or now. Through the years while these women were coming to me and telling me just about everything in their lives, I came to know them better than their own children or their husbands.

They came to me not only for that power of touch, but for all the things missing in their full married schedule. They came to me for their secret fantasies to be fulfilled. Most women I also learned keep many things to themselves, including sexual fantasies that even their husbands don't know about. Many of them came because they just needed someone to talk to.

And perhaps just as many were wishing some of their sexual fantasies might be taken care of with a massage. Before quitting my job at the office, I managed to gain many new clients, starting with the special help of Ellen. It seemed almost every week I was entertaining new people from work or friends of friends at work; first Michelle, then Elizabeth, Yolanda, and Kelly.

Ellen became first. She was telling me her life's story after several sessions on my table. She told me how my hands seemed to caress every spot that needed extra attention.

She wished her husband, John would touch her the way I did. Right out of college she had married her college beau. John was a couple of years ahead of her and had landed a job as VP at a local bank downtown. Both Ellen and John put in long hours at worked and their intimate times seemed to be getting shorter every month.

I think Ellen actually felt that my massages were the foreplay she was missing at home. After several meetings, she told me the continuous gliding strokes up her legs got her excited. When I slid my hands down her back and gently over her buttocks she could feel herself getting aroused. As time went on, she allowed me to eventually touch her in places where only her husband or she had touched; but for right now I'll try to stick to the beginnings.

Ellen came to me one day for her monthly bit of peace and quiet. It was unusually warm this day and Ellen had removed all her clothes today. She had always left her panties on in previous massages but because of the heat I didn't really think much about her actions at the time. She began to tell me, "Things are getting uneasy at home. John is having difficulties at work and brings a lot of his frustrations home. My sex life has become stagnant.

When John would climbs on me, most times I'm not ready. Sex basically sucks. No foreplay, no arousal, just a quick fuck to satisfy himself and then he goes to sleep. If I want satisfaction, I have to do it myself." I was getting caught up in her story and subconsciously or inadvertently had been massaging a little higher up on her legs than usual.

Several times I had caught myself touching her breasts and nipples. She often liked her abdomen lightly rubbed and again I found my fingers inching down into her pubic hair. I flinched each time I did this and felt like I was going to run out of apologies before the session was over. She apparently liked what I did because she said, "Please stop apologizing.

I know you didn't mean to do what you did. Accidents happen and I'm sort of glad they happened to me. I liked when you did that. It really felt nice and tingly. After listening to Ellen's story of her latest feelings and failings at sex with John, I had finally finished Ellen's massage. Ellen appeared totally relaxed, and I told her to stay on the table as long as you like. I had some papers to fill out and I'd be back in a while.

After about ten minutes I went back to see how Ellen was doing. Her eyes were closed and she had kicked the sheets onto the floor. She had one leg off each side of the table. She didn't hear me approaching until I was at the door to my massage room. Apparently she was not as relaxed as I had thought. I think she had added a little extra massage of her own. My massage had actually gotten her aroused and tensions were building inside her.


As I reached the doorway, I saw her quickly pull her hand away from her womanhood and place it on her tummy. It was glistening from moisture as the room light shone on her fingers. Her legs were still parted and she made no attempt to put her feet back on the table. There was a definite wet spot between her legs. I could smell the sweet aroma of her excitement. Her swollen lips were darkened with additional blood flow.

They were separated and displaying the retracted hood of her very aroused clitoris. I gently put my hand on her upper thigh and softly rocked her leg back and forth. She opened her sleepy green eyes and I softly said, "Ellen, have you had enough massage or do you still need more? You are very wet and it seems like you could use a little extra release from your tensions." Ellen let out a soft almost moaning sound that said, "Yes, Pete, I need more.

Your hand feels sooo good." I slowly slid my right hand over the top of her left thigh and brushed it against her swollen wetness.

My hand was a hair's width from her naked clitoral nub. I thought I could see it slowly pulsing. Still moaning, Ellen winced as I touched her steaming vulva and next, I couldn't believe what I heard.

"Make me cum, Pete! Your massage got me so aroused I started touching myself when you left the room. I want you to finish it for me. Please, Pete! I rubbed myself to the point of no return.


I can't hold off any longer. I need release now!" I still couldn't believe my ears. This was one of the women who I thought would never have anything to do sexually with another man.

Apparently the trust she had in me was more than I had realized. I would try my best to give her what she needed as I began to move my right hand from the top of her right thigh toward her inner thigh and her labia and continued rocking her.

Only now my fingers were high up and in between her thighs. My fingers were continuously and steadily pushing her lips against her clitoris. Ellen let out a few moans of pleasure so I kept it up for several more minutes. I knew she loved her breasts and nipples massaged from my earlier brief encounter with them, so while I was still giving her outer lips and clitoris a mini shiatsu massage, I grasped her left breast and lowered my mouth to it.

Ellen gasped and moaned.

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She reached up and put her right hand on the back of my head and held me to her breast. I wasn't allowed to stop now. My mouth and tongue were all over her left nipple. Using her slippery fluid my fingers were now gliding along her inner lips and lightly kneading her clitoris. It was swelling even more; she was shaking and moaning, breathing faster and becoming more verbal and louder. Ellen's hips were moving slowly side to side and as I maneuvered my right middle finger to her, she lifted her hips to meet it.

I slowly guided it into her and with my mouth and let hand continually working hers breasts, my slippery right thumb was massaging her clitoris and now both my index and middle finger were ironing her g-spot. Ellen wrapped her left arm around my shoulders and pumped her hips up and down. It hadn't even been ten minutes since I came back into my massage room and placed my hand on Ellen's inner thigh.

With my mouth now on her right breast, I took her stiff nipple in between my teeth and nibbled on it. Ellen was bucking up and down having the most wonderful orgasm of her life. "Faster, faster Pete, rub harder, Oh Peeeete" She let out a loud, "Oh my God. That feels sooo good.

I'm cumming so hard!" I could feel Ellen's vagina contracting on my fingers. I knew she wasn't putting any fakery into that orgasm. Five minutes later she was still contracting on my fingers. I apologized for my behavior as a massage therapist, but I knew now that this would become a part of my repertoire with Ellen for many more years to come. My thoughts were correct.

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She said,"Don't ever apologize for giving someone such an experience as that!" Ellen booked her next appointment before she left. She felt safe, confident and satisfied that none of what happened will ever go beyond her and her therapist, and she was already looking forward to her next session.

After almost thirty years, Ellen still comes to me for her 'massages'. Some of the more memorable encounters will be told later on in my story.