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Hello readers: I'd like to extend my greatest appreciation to those who read this and give feedback or at least make a comment. To the trolls who open this just to click thumbs down, seriously are you that pitiful? If you make it to the end of this chapter, get your ass to the comments section and give me feedback.

Remember, this is a learn as I go hobby. I have no fuckin' idea what I'm doing. Read and enjoy, that's why I do this. P o t e n t i a l by Bistander Chapter 19 Willpower The feed from the security camera activated the open window on Candy's monitor. She was relieved to see Evan's car coming up the driveway.

He had been gone longer than Candy imagined it would take to mow two lawns, but she had no idea how big the yards were or whose they were. Tonya hadn't said which of her friends she had referred Evan to, and Candy hadn't wanted to seem suspicious, so she didn't ask. Tonya had some single friends who might want more than a massage if one had been mentioned. Candy closed the app and stood up. She was as prepared as she would ever be.

It was time to make things right. She had put Evan and herself in a dangerous situation. Now, she needed to stop acting like a jealous girl and be an adult, and mother to her stepson. Wasn't that her responsibility? Evan finished undressing as instructed. His mother had been in the kitchen when he came home, and it wasn't happenstance. She had been waiting for him, dressed the way she was supposed to be, conservatively. Her facial expression was the one he had expected when he went to her room the previous day.

It was that of a mother about to tell their child something grave. The tone of his mother's voice was stern, and her words clearly presented the facts. Closure, wasn't that what he'd wanted? There was a dirt ring around the top of his boxers and dry grass stuck to Evan's skin. His socks were striped green and white where they had been bunched up around his ankles.

Two lawns had turned into three when Miss Tonya's second referral, Mrs. Westclox, sent him, with her lawn mower, to the neighbor's house. The Polar's lawn mower had been broken for three weeks, and that had been apparent to Evan. It had been very charitable of Mrs. Westclox towards her neighbors, but the extra forty bucks she gave him wasn't enough for the time and effort it took to mow down their jungle.

He dropped his clothes in the washing machine because his mother didn't want them to stink up the bathroom. She told him to take them off in the laundry area, then she said, "I'll wash them," like that was her job. He spilled gas on his jeans, why shouldn't he wash them? He felt like kicking something. His mother was sorry. It was her fault, and she wanted everything to go back to normal. When he tried to take some of the blame, she rejected him outright.

All the fault laid on her, and she needed him to forgive her. For Evan, it was hard to forgive a person for something he did. He kissed her, and he had enjoyed it. His mother told him it was an impulsive mistake, and he should forget the whole thing. It would be easier to forget his name. The woman who had been standing in the kitchen, she was dressed like and sounded like his mother.

Evan had watched her lips move while she spoke. They were the warm, moist lips he had kissed, and he didn't believe a word that came out of them. That lady was an impostor. At the end of her talk, she hugged him. Their posture, the pressure they applied, and the amount of time they held on, all portrayed an appropriate mother-son hug, but it hadn't been.

They both trembled and his mother sighed when she released him. Then she pressed her lips against his while staring at him. Tears hung on the rims of her eyes but never fell. That was when it happened, Evan saw the truth. The woman who responded to, Mrs. Damiani, was none other than, Candy, the babysitter. For reasons Evan didn't understand yet, he had wanted to cry at the realization. The last thing his mother said was, "Don't worry, it'll all work out. I'll take care of your father." Evan kicked the washer, then grabbed his big toe and hopped in a circle.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck." The shower had washed away the dirt, grass, and residue of gasoline, but Evan still thought he smelled it. Maybe it was trapped in his nose? He closed his eyes and turned his face into the stream of water. Deana's voice startled him, "Were you expecting me?" He turned and watched her naked body step into the tub. "Ah, no." "Then why didn't you lock the door?" "Forgot." Deana's nudity took Evan's breath away like one of Ginger Snap's perfectly sensual and erotic picture posts, an image so beautiful it created a painful craving.

He didn't look away. His sister was unapproachable in the minds of most guys, but there she was getting in the shower with him. His heart was racing. She sealed the shower curtain and faced him. "Need help?" Last time, on a harebrained whim, he had hijacked Deana's shower, then run away.

That was when he didn't know Deana wanted the very thing he had spent the last four years denying himself. He wouldn't run away scared this time. "There's a spot on my back I can't reach." Deana said, "Turn around." His sister squirted an excessive quantity of the Dove body wash across his shoulders. She captured it under her hands and started spreading it. The smell was more feminine than he would have chosen, but it was creamy.

It covered his skin like lotion. His sister's long slender fingers and delicate hands stirred up a lather that caught in his chest hair. She circled his shoulder blades and stroked up and down the center of his back. Her hands wrapped his neck, rotated as they moved up to his ears.

She grasped his upper arms and tenderized the hard muscles. He was getting hard before a sexual thought crossed his mind.

Deana started on his lats, triceps and under his arms. It should have tickled and made him pull away, but her touch was sensual. Deana's hands slowly slid down to his hips, then to his ass.

His cock surged with stiffness. He looked down, anticipating Deana's next move. Her hands crisscrossed his groin. Her knuckles bumped his bowed shaft.

He stiffened with the expectation, remembering how she had lifted and rolled his balls the night before. He wanted those soapy hands wrapped around his cock, sliding up and down. Evan groaned when she continued up to his stomach. Her body pressed against his back like a giant satin washcloth. Her fingertips swirled in his chest hair. One of her legs lifted and her inner thigh slid up the outside of his leg. Her foot came around the front, went between his legs and grabbed the back of his calf.

Her leg was twisted around his like a climbing vine. His testicles were buzzing, and his erection throbbed painfully. Evan turned Deana around, got behind her and smashed his body against hers. His emotions were so powerful he had to temper his hug, or he'd crush his sister.

Her body rose and fell with each of his deep breaths. The globes of Deana's ass lathered his ridged shaft and tight ball sack. He palmed her right tit with his left hand and her pubic mound with the right.

Deana forced her head back and arched her body. Only her toes touched the tub. He tried to capture a silky tit crown with a pinch. A moan vibrated from deep in Deana's throat. The motion of Evan's hips had been barely perceivable when it started and completely involuntary. Now, he was lifting his sister, hunching and sliding his cock and balls between her ass cheeks. Deana was pushing her butt back in rhythm and tightening her glutes on his upward thrusts. Evan wasn't completely blind with lust, nor had their passion erased his conscience, but all those fears of having his love discovered by his sister were gone.

Deana wanted him to be her first. He was ready to pour all of his love into her, and give her what she asked for. He grasped her crotch bone, tightened his arm around her chest and picked her up. When he lowered her his cock head coursed through her groove, opening her pussy lips like a zipper. He pulled back and thrust again. Her hot, wet flesh coated his dick with her readiness.

His finger snapped across her clit. Deana squirmed. He grunted and tried again. The crown of his prick speared the rim of her pussy. His sister whimpered. The bulb of his cock plowed the trough flesh. Deana grabbed his dick and held it tight.

He could feel his shaft crushing into her wet velvety flesh, but she wouldn't let him move. "What, Dee, what is it?" "Don't hate me, please." She huffed several times.

"I'm not ready." Maybe willpower was a mental muscle like Candy had read somewhere. Hers could be exhausted by now. It took all she had to get into the kitchen to meet Evan. Then she had to force those words out of her mouth.

Evan's face had shown disappointment and relief, so he must have believed her. Wasn't that enough? Yes, Candy thought, I deserve this. She double clicked the icon she had been staring at for ten minutes. So much for the promises she'd made herself. A window popped up on the screen. Evan was already behind the shower curtain, and steam billowed over the top. Candy sighed with disappointment, but that didn't stop her from watching.

She was getting warm and moist between her legs. The fog thickened while the shower went on longer than Candy wanted to wait. Then, without shoving the curtain across the bar or turning off the water, her stepson emerged.

Candy leaned close, wishing the mist on the lens wasn't clouding her view. The teenager's fully erect cock, swinging side-to-side, gave her a hot flash and her pussy lips moistened. Evan grabbed a towel.

Why didn't he turn off the water? Candy gasped when Deana pushed the curtain aside and stepped out of the tub. The girl's body was exquisite with glistening beads running down her dark skin. Candy felt her heartbeat pulsing in her nipples.

She was trapped in a vow of silence that could only be broken by exposing her crime. Would telling on herself make her well?

There was only one person who wouldn't judge her and find her guilty of a grievous breach of parental responsibility. She would have to remain as sick as her secrets, unless. Deana sat on the counter with her head hung. "You mad? You think I'm a cock tease?" Evan said, "No," and faced his sister. His cock was as stiff as it had been when he tried to ram it into her. "Did you change your mind? You don't want me to be—" "No, no I haven't.

You're the only one I want it to be. I want to." "You scared?" Deana hooked her feet behind his thighs. He shuffled forward, between her parted knees. "No." "What's wrong, then?" "We—I need time." Her legs wrapped around his waist and her hands, one after the other, slipped over his pulsing knob.

"Why?" He watched his sister gently tug on his cock. "I can explain." The speed and the length of her strokes increased.

"Dee, if you keep doing that—" "I know. I want to watch it. See it happen." "It's gonna be messy." "I don't care." "You will." "This is how I want it to be, like this." She stared at him. "Not sitting, but you between my legs, looking down at me. I want to see your face when you go inside me. I wanna look into your eyes while it's happening, feel you the way we used to feel each other before fear came between us." Visions of Deana's body under him filled Evan's mind.

He started rocking, pumping his erection through his sister's fists. "Dee, I'll wait as long as you want. I love you." Deana's eyes told him she knew what was going to happen, but she never looked away, not even when a burst of cum hit her throat.

She smiled with satisfaction and continued to jerk his spurting dick. He looked down. White cream flew out of his cock, struck her brown skin, then ran down her body. Deana's puffy, pink nipples were thrust out by the changing shape of her tits. Her hands got slippery.

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She grabbed the base of his cock, pushed her thumbs into the underside and pulled them up to the head, milking his tube. The last of his orgasm bubbled from the slit and fell to Deana's pussy mound. She used her middle finger to smear it into the crease that wrapped around the front of her pubic bone.

A spasm rolled through his body. "Ah, shit." "Thank you, Evan." He steadied his breathing. "For what?" "For being patient. I love you, too." Deana's legs tightened, and he lifted her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and covered his mouth with hers.

If he were going to cum inside her, she would have stopped them. That was the thought Candy consoled herself with. She was still breathing heavy, grasping her crotch. Evan had covered the front of his sister's body with his orgasm. Now, Deana clung to him with her arms and legs. Her brother's waning erection was just below her cum smeared pussy lips. Candy was twisted up emotionally, but mostly it was envy she felt.

She never had the opportunity to experience those feelings of love and lust at their age. Their love had to be so powerful it hurt, and their youthful passion must have been consuming. By the time she was their age, Candy was the mother of three, two of the children she would have had to birth when she was eleven.

She already had a man telling her what to do, fucking her when he wanted to, and showing love by giving her a place to live.

She started crying, feeling more trapped and helpless than ever. The next morning, Evan slept later than he had for as long as he could remember. It was possible he was more at peace than he'd been for years. He had closure. His mother was off limits; he could never love her the wrong way again. Deana knew his greatest secret, and it made her happy. His sister had taken all the pressure off. He knew they were in a holding pattern.

What they were waiting for, he had no idea, but he knew Deana loved him and wanted him. Even if a relationship wasn't possible, that didn't mean they shouldn't enjoy their youth, while they had it.

They would always be there for each other, no matter what. That's how it had been since they were in their mother's belly together. When Evan got downstairs, Deana's door was still closed, so he assumed she was enjoying the same peace of mind and slept later than he had.

Gloria's room was empty, and his mother and father's cars were gone. He knew where his father was, and he figured his mother took Gloria to softball practice or wherever. The idea of having the house to himself gave him a twinge in his groin. He looked forward to a time when he could walk around naked and have sex wherever and whenever he wanted.

Dad's going to China, he thought, without questioning the sense of relief it gave him. Evan couldn't remember how long the pizza had been in the refrigerator, but he ate it cold, anyway.

After, he used the bathroom and brushed his teeth. Sure, he was thinking he might be kissing Deana soon. When he came out of the bathroom, he stopped in the hallway. It was a windowless cave in the center of the house. He was standing where he had been the night he kissed his mother.

She had kissed him back with the same hunger, hadn't she? Deana called from her room, "Evan, come here. I need you." A grin spread across his face. "What?" he asked while opening the door.

His sister was right there by the door. "You have to do something for me," she said and pulled him into her room. Rebecca was face down on the bed. "What?" he asked again. "Actually," Deana said, "it's for her, or to her, really, but it's for me." "Huh?" He moved to the end of Deana's bed and tried not to make it obvious that he was checking out the tumbler's tight little ass.

"My friend here said it's impossible to get so excited from a massage that—" "Not without petting my kitty," Rebecca said. "Whoa, hold on." Evan put up his hands. "You don't really want me to—" "Oh, yes I do. I bet her she would, you know," Deana said. "Where's mom?" he asked. "She had something to do. Won't be back for awhile." "Where'd she go?" "Didn't say, but we got plenty of time to prove me right.

You better prove me right." "Prove you wrong," Rebecca said, "then you owe me ten bucks." "You'll be the one handing over the cash," Deana said and slapped Rebecca's butt.

Rebecca twisted her head around with a smirk on her face. "Ooh, now that might do it, a good spanking, but there's no way a massage is gonna make it happen." Deana shook her head and rolled her eyes. "You lay there and keep quiet." Evan looked from Deana to the tumbler's ass, then back. "Are you sure?" "Do your best. I like to win." He wondered if it would feel like cheating on his sister?

Deana got the oil out of her cramped drawer, then moved close to Rebecca's face. "It might be weird using your mother's lotion." They both laughed, and Evan knew there was an inside joke that he wasn't in on. "Shirt off, face down," Deana ordered. Rebecca removed her shirt and stuffed a pillow under her body without showing her tits. "Wait, lift up," Deana said and put that familiar beach towel under her friend. He got a side view of the tumbler's chest. The reddish-brown nipple hung like a thimble from Rebecca's small tit.

She arched her back and lifted her butt, but Deana stopped her from pushing her shorts down. "No need for that." Rebecca gave her the evil eye, but Deana ignored her and said, "Make her eat crow, Brother." Rebecca started giggling.

"I'd rather eat—" Deana slapped her ass, again. "Zip it." Evan followed his sister's gestures and got on the bed, then knelt over Rebecca's lower back.

Deana came around the bed and knee walked over to him. He gave her a questioning look. Her smile was the answer he wanted, and he held out his hands, palms up. Deana squirted too much oil on them. The excess trickled onto Rebecca's back. Where were the hidden cameras? He waited for the girls to burst into laughter. "What?" Deana asked. Evan shrugged and said, "Nothing," then he lowered his crotch until it rested lightly on Rebecca's butt.

"Here goes." He flipped his hands over on her shoulder blades. Deana collected Rebecca's hair and dropped it on the back of her head. It hung like curtains on the sides of her head.

Rebecca's skin was drawn tight over her muscles. She pressed her forehead into the bed and lifted her shoulders as his fingers wrapped around them. Two lines of muscle rose from the base of her skull and ran down into her back. He stroked them. The gymnast was solid to the core. Thanks to Jason, he pictured her in a handstand, her body forming a capital Y.

Deana stuck her face in front of his and gave him a steamy kiss. Rebecca hadn't seen his sister's expression of love, but it still marked another milestone in their evolving relationship. The drive to Sally's house wasn't long in miles, but it took Candy through years in her mind, and if it weren't for GPS, she never would have found it.

The twisting maze of country roads had taken her into a rural area, better described as deserted. The house was buried in a pine tree forest. Was her sister in hiding? Candy's nav-system said, "Your destination is on the right." Candy continued going straight. One mile down County Road 78, Candy turned off on a dirt road and stopped. She was nervous. She didn't know where Sally had been, what she had been doing, when or why she came back, or why Sally wouldn't call or give her phone number to Tonya.

Mostly, Candy was afraid that her big sister hadn't changed. If Tonya had seen through the facade and tried to make her see the truth, what would Sally do to her? Now, Candy regretted not bringing Gloria. That would have given her the advantage.

The reunion would be lighthearted and happy. Sally would see how perfect Gloria was and know she had been wrong. Candy had done the right thing for her daughter. What if Sally was still angry? Forget about it; it was a bad idea, Candy thought. Even if she told her sister what was happening, how was Sally going to help her? Candy considered going home, but she'd have to face Evan and Deana, knowing their secret; and there was her secret with Evan, too.

Be strong, act like an adult, she told herself and put the car in reverse. Deana added two lines of oil down Rebecca's back. Evan waited until droplets threatened to fall to the towel before he started spreading it out.

The muscles that carried the gymnast through her cartwheels and back flips rippled and glistened under the slippery liquid. It sure would be fun watching the tumbling triplets doing their routines, naked and oiled. "Mm, not bad, but it'll take a lot more than that," Rebecca said.

"You just wait, your panties are gonna be soaked," Deana said. "Ooh, I'm not wearing any." Evan had peeked at Rebecca's panties, plenty, and she had blatantly flashed her pussy the day he made out with Deana in the car.

Now, he remembered how excited it got him. This was going to fun. His fingers strummed Rebecca's ribs, then darted under her body, poking the sides of her breasts.

The tumbler tightened and loosened her ass muscles under his balls. He glanced at his sister. She hadn't noticed his reaction. He hoped the same could be said for the growing bulge in his shorts. "Ah, that's good." Rebecca's purring vibrated into his hands.

"You're getting warm, keep going." In his peripheral vision, Evan caught Deana's grin. It relaxed him further. His sister wasn't joking; she wanted him to make the tumbler cum.

He grabbed Rebecca's middle and realized how tiny the girl's waist was. His thumbs were kneading the rows of muscle on each side of her spine, and his fingertips reached all the way around to her stomach. Rebecca flexed her ass muscles repeatedly.

He pushed his crotch against her taunting, and ground the heels of his hands into her lower back, then pumped up and down. Each thrust increased in length and intensity. The little wild cat was getting excited, he felt it. "Ah, I might be getting a little wet." "Just wait," Deana said. Her expression was telling.

The elastic band of Rebecca's shorts stopped his downward progress, so Evan rotated his hands around the tops of her hips.


His fingertips tucked in between the towel in her body. Rebecca sucked in her stomach. He shoved his hands further underneath her body, pushing the front of her shorts down. Her back tightened, and he felt her ass lift. The little freak wanted him to keep going, and he wanted to see how far he could get before one of them said he was breaking the rules. He whispered, "I have to do your butt now." His choice of words was directly related to the location of his erect cock.

"That's what I was thinking," Rebecca said. Deana surprised him and said, "Pull them down," but before her words registered in Evan's brain, his sister grabbed Rebecca's shorts and yanked them down.

The tumbler's ass was petite, sculpted perfection. It was his Summer Olympic's dream come true.

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The girl's butt was tan except for a shoestring of pale skin that screamed, slutty thong. He wanted to catch the little exhibitionist in whatever bathing suit she wore while getting that tan line.

It was barely wide enough to conceal the dime sized anus that was prominently displayed between Rebecca's cheeks. No chance Rebecca was the girl in the handstand video, not with that tight hole.

Deana doused Rebecca's ass with oil. Her glutes bulged high on the crests of each cheek, then flattened out. No wonder his balls had enjoyed being in that groove. He settled his hands firmly on Rebecca's ass and squeezed. It flexed and squirmed in his grasp. His throbbing cock would be so happy sliding through that muscled valley.

Did they really think he could avoid touching that? For such a skinny girl, she had a whole lot of pussy.

It was right there below her asshole. The pillow was forcing the meaty twat out from under Rebecca's groin. Jeez, this wasn't going to be easy. Evan sat on his haunches between Rebecca's legs, tenderizing the girl's exquisite ass with his fingers. His thumbs swept between her cheeks, riding the walls of her ass cleavage like a surfer on a wave. He skirted the edges of the brown ring, but Rebecca shifted, and he hit her bullseye.

The puckered skin smoothed out under his press. It was slippery like silk on silk. Nobody cried foul, so he continued circling her asshole, increasing the pressure with each revolution.

It yawned and begged for more. His penis was painfully stiff, trapped in his shorts. Deana got behind him and dug her chin into the top of his shoulder. She was looking at her friend's ass from his point of view. "You're a bad boy," she whispered then grabbed his earlobe with her teeth.

"Shh," she warned before grabbing the front of his shorts. He lifted up, and his sister freed his erection. "Don't stop, keep going." She pointed at Rebecca's ass. Evan gulped and continued working on Rebecca. The wedges of pussy meat squished under his thumbs. Deana's oiled hand wrapped around his throbbing knob and twisted. He turned his head right, then left but couldn't see Deana's face. Her fist plunged down his shaft. If Rebecca wasn't so vocal about her pleasure, she would have heard his groan.

He bit his lip and watched Deana's hand stroke. Maybe she wanted him to fuck the tumbler, but what was Rebecca expecting? He reached under Rebecca's groin and moved his finger sideways until he found her slit, then he followed it. Deana's body rammed his back each time her hand plunged down his cock. Rebecca's pussy channel was deep and he used it to coat his finger with her juices. Now, it was obvious they hadn't expected him not to touch, but did his sister want him to cover the tumbler with his lotion?

He turned back and raised his brows. "Dee?" "I know," Deana said, "it's so hard." She cupped his balls with her other hand and bit his neck. Rebecca didn't know or didn't care what his sister was doing to him. He was flicking her clit. She was humping and grinding on his hand. The sight of his cock with Rebecca's undulating body as a backdrop, made him want to fuck her more than ever.

He spread her lips, found the mouth of her pussy and teased it. Rebecca bucked, and his middle finger plunged into her body. She cried out, "Oh, fuck, yeah." Her feet thumped the bed. Deana encouraged him to go faster, and she did the same. Her hand jerked frantically while he fired his finger into the tumbler's thrashing body. Rebecca's screams were muffled by the bed, but still loud. Her tube was flooded with readiness, but his sister didn't guide his dick to it. Instead, Deana wrapped both fists around his cock and pumped it with determination.

He thrust in rhythm with her downward strokes. His sister knew what happened yesterday, but was her friend expecting a coating of his special massage cream? Rebecca kicked the mattress like a swimmer.

Evan shivered, jerked, then stiffened. In slow motion, a stream of white flew in a high arc and splatted between Rebecca's shoulder blades. "Oh, my God," Deana said. "Wow, that's crazy." His jerking cock jettisoned another blast of cum onto her friend's lower back, then again on her ass. A gob rolled into the valley toward her anus.

Deana pressed her finger on it and smeared it over the puckered ring. Rebecca screamed, "Fuck, fuck, oh fuck." Her muscles rippled, and her body bounced up and down. She was a wildcat when she came. Deana bent his oozing cock down until his inflamed dome touched Rebecca's asshole, then she whispered, "Think it would fit?" "Jeez." He leaned back on his sister and pulled his shorts up. "You're bad." Deana laughed.

"Enjoy it?" He nodded.

Rebecca lifted her head and said, "You broke the rules," then her head dropped. Deana wrapped her arms around his chest and squeezed him too hard. "You complaining?" He shook his head. "Hell no," Rebecca said. "Fuck, I came three times, once before you let him finger me." "Good, you need a shower," Deana said.

"You're all slimy, so don't roll over on my bed." "You coming with me?" Rebecca asked. "I might need help washing my back." Evan refused to think about them showering together. He had enough to process already. "Have fun," he said and got off the bed.

Life at his house sure was going to be different now. The second the bathroom door closed, Rebecca pinned Deana against the sink cabinet. The look on her face asked the question, and the stupid grin on Deana's answered, but Rebecca asked anyway, "Did you seriously just jerk your brother off on front of me?" Deana kept grinning and nodded. "I thought you didn't want him to know that I knew?" "I don't, not yet," Deana said.

"I'm sorry about—" "No, no, don't be sorry," Rebecca said. "Thank you, thank you." "For what?" "God, first, for letting me be there while you did it." Rebecca grabbed the sides of Deana's face and pulled her into a kiss. "Second, for letting him do that to me. It was intense, but I think he knows now. You made him squirt all over my back." "You acted like you didn't notice," Deana said. "He figured you were too busy screaming and flopping like a fish to notice.

Then I smeared it like lotion." "Mm, it started getting crusty. You have to wash it off. Oh, next time, don't tease, put it in." "Are you crazy? My finger barely fits." "At least try," Rebecca said and pulled Deana towards the tub. "You'd be surprised what fits in there." Deana shook her head and turned on the shower. "Come on. We have to hurry. My mother could be home soon." At age sixteen, Sally was built like a brick shit house.

Nothing had changed. When the door opened, Candy saw her sister's chest first, then Sally's face. It had changed, Sally was gorgeous now. Candy gulped, searching for words. Sally pulled her into a hug. Her sister's body was like a warm blanket on a cold rainy day. Some of Candy's anxiety melted away. Candy pulled in air when Sally's arms loosened, then tried to speak again, but Sally kissed her and crushed her and another hug. "Baby girl, look at you, all grown up. You're beautiful, still beautiful.

Come in," Sally said. "I wasn't sure you'd come." The door closed behind her and Candy scanned the room. From the outside, the house looked rustic, but the inside was eclectic, or in her opinion, expensive, like the Mercedes-Benz sports coupe in the driveway, and Sally's clothes.

She wasn't a poor trailer park girl anymore. "Sally, oh, Sally, I can't believe you're here." Candy was the one crushing her sister in a hug this time. All her hurts and questions were forgotten for the moment. When the hugging was finished, Candy followed her sister into the living room. The woman's forty inch hips needed a sound-effect, "Boom, boom, boom." The sisters stopped by the six-thousand dollar leather sectional.

Sally offered a house tour, but Candy couldn't even fake interest, so Sally pointed towards each part of the house and said a few words about it. Candy didn't pay much attention. She couldn't look away from her sister. Sally's hair wasn't as red, and neither were her freckles, but her eyes were the same brilliant blue. "Sally, you're gorgeous." "Yeah, thanks, I guess it was the ugly duckling syndrome after all." "You never were ugly, but your features blossomed.

You remind me of that swimsuit model, um, Dicker, I think that's her name." Sally looked down at her huge chest. "Really?" "Well, some things didn't change," Candy said. "Did you come back to rub your beauty in the faces of all the jerks who were mean to you?" "No, although that might be fun, it's not why I came back." "Are you hiding from someone?" "No, why?" "This place isn't easy to find." "That's good," Sally said.

"I like it that way." There was an awkward pause. Candy knew the small talk was over. "Sally, where have you been?" "You don't know.know anything?" Candy didn't understand her sister's surprise.

"No, nothing. You left, left me and never even called. I didn't know anything. You could have been dead. I was worried." Sally blew out through pursed lips. "Phew, I didn't leave you, Candy, I left here. I had to get away from here." Candy had always blamed herself for how things turned out with her family. "You didn't say goodbye." "I couldn't," Sally said. "I wanted to take you with me, but you would have tried to stop me.

I'm sorry." Candy felt her cheeks burning. "You never asked me to go. Why didn't you ask." "You wouldn't have. You know how it was," Sally said. "You never would have left those kids. You loved them too much, especially Evan.

You knew—You thought they needed you. You wouldn't have listened. You didn't listen to me." "I was scared.scared for Gloria and—" "It's okay, I understand, and I'm sorry I never called you. It's a long story, but when I got to California, well, things weren't that good. I got caught up in things, things I wasn't proud of. I knew you were still with him, I checked, so there wasn't anything I could do, anyway." Her sister wouldn't even say John's name.

"Why do you hate him so much? Is that why you didn't come to the house or give me your number?" "Let's not talk about that now." Sally grasped Candy's shoulders, and suddenly she felt twelve years old again.

Her big sister sat her down effortlessly. "I missed you." Sally unhooked her slacks and pulled the zipper down.

"Baby girl, I never stopped missing you or thinking about you. Look." Candy looked at the seventy dollar Victoria Secret panties, then turned her eyes up. Sally lowered the black lace and shoved her groin forward. A red heart was tattooed where Candy expected to see Sally's fiery, bush.

Tears filled her eyes. She reached out and traced the letters, Candy, then wrapped her arms around Sally's massive ass and laid her face against her sister's stomach. Sally put her hands on Candy's head and stroked her hair. "Sally, oh, Sally, I never stopped missing you. I thought you left me. I thought you hated me." "No, never," Sally said.

"I never stopped loving you. I never will, but once I got on my feet out West—Well, I kept up with you. I had people checking on you. I didn't leave you, but I couldn't stay here. No, there was no way I could stay here." Sally sat next to her and Candy laid her head on her big sister.

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They remained silent for a long time, Sally holding her like she was a child. Candy wanted to be a child again, wanted a chance to make her life turn out different.

After blowing her nose and having a glass of water, Candy wanted to start asking a hundred questions, but instead, she spent a long time telling her sister about the kids and how great everything was.

"Gloria is beautiful." She looked at Sally's chest and grinned. "She definitely got our genes. Evan, he's a fine young man. A very handsome young man and Deana is just like Sandra. She's beautiful and all those other things I'm sure you remember about Sandy." Candy continued talking until her throat was dry.

When she reached for her drink, it was Sally's turn. "That's great, Candy, really, I'm glad they're all doing so well. What about you? Are you having any fun? What do you do for entertainment?

I can't imagine you—" "Hey, I'm not like that anymore. I'm married; you know how it is when you're married." "Candy, are you happy? Is he—Are things good?" Candy stared at Sally's face and replayed her words. Sally's expression was familiar. Candy had seen it whenever they talked about John. The message it conveyed was clear, right? The years between their last conversation vanished. Candy could imagine being a kid again, listening to her big sister, the person she idolized and loved more than anybody.

Candy had always filtered Sally's words through what she hoped to be true, thinking her sister didn't like John because she was jealous. After all, Sally had been the babysitter before Candy. Now that Candy had more truth, Sally's message became clear, and Candy heard her sister's loving concern and fear for her little sister's safety.

"Yes, fine, I'm fine. Everything is good," Candy said. "Baby girl, we're sisters, we're still sisters, we never keep secrets. Remember?" "No, really, I'm fine," Candy lied. That was a threesome, Evan thought. He was getting a hand job from Deana while she watched him finger fuck Rebecca.

Even if one person didn't know about the other two, that was still three. Jason would be blown away if Evan could tell him. He considered lying, putting someone else in Deana's place. Who would Jason believe was there with Rebecca? It would have to be someone Jason couldn't verify.

Becky wanted a threesome, but Jason would ask her. The other tumblers, not plausible. Darlene? Evan pressed a button on his phone. "Jason, want to play some Modern Warfare?" "What do you think?" Jason asked. "I'm already on my way to your house." "Oh, okay, I'll put some clothes on." "You—Never mind. I'll be there in a couple of minutes." Back in Deana's room, after their shower, the mood had changed. Deana had a lot on her mind. She watched Rebecca make her lazy stroll across the room, and said, "I love your hair when it's wet.

The red bits dance in the brown." "That's very poetic," Rebecca said. "Thank you, and thank you for sharing Evan. My muscles have never been more relaxed." Deana brushed Rebecca's damp bangs to the side. Heat rushed to her cheeks. "I liked watching. Is that weird?" "I don't think it's weird. Is everything okay?" Rebecca asked. She ran her fingertip along the faint line of freckles under Rebecca's eye, then down her nose.

"Yeah. Why?" "You got quiet," Rebecca said. "Anything wrong?" "Nothing," Deana lied and resisted the powerful urge to suck on Rebecca's always pouting lip. "You sure it didn't bother you?" "What?" She pulled the towel off her head, leaned over and fluffed her hair, then she stood quickly and flipped it over her shoulders.

"That he was massaging me," Rebecca said. "I think I love you." "What's wrong with that?" Rebecca asked. "I love you." The same way Evan didn't think Deana understood, she didn't think Rebecca got it either. "So we're good?" Deana asked. "Dee, we're great." Rebecca's hands eased around her waist and grasped her lower back. "Were you jealous?" "Yeah, maybe, a little." "Of him or me?" In her mind, Deana had already asked and answered that question. She loved Evan, but as far as being in love, Rebecca had her heart.

"Both, I guess, but it sure was hard to keep my hands off you." "You should have helped him." Deana picked up a brush. "I'm not sure I'm ready for my brother to see us together." "Okay," Rebecca said and took the brush away. "Let me do that." Deana spun her desk chair around and mounted it backward, then leaned forward on the backrest.

"I'd like that." Rebecca held the brush in her teeth, and her hands swept across Deana's cheeks, collecting her hair. When it was a thick rope in her fist behind Deana's head, she dug the brush in and went to work. When the bristles dragged over Deana's damp shirt, her nipples tingled, and an unexpected sound of pleasure escaped from her throat.

"Mmm, that's nice." She leaned harder on the chair. The spring creaked as it expanded. Rebecca continued pulling the brush down her back with a gentleness Deana hadn't expected from the wild one in their relationship. Neither of them had uttered a word for ten minutes. Deana knew more than enough time had been dedicated to her hair, but she was disappointed when Rebecca stopped.

She straightened up, and Rebecca's hands came to rest on her upper arms. They moved with a patient, tenderness to the top of her shoulders and her head rolled to the side.

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Deana didn't break the silence, and she didn't move, either. Her girlfriend's hands held her captive. They swept across her shoulders, up and around her neck.

Fingertips teased the neckline of her shirt, then dashed to her earlobes, circled and gently tugged. She was almost breathless in anticipation of Rebecca's next action.

Rebecca spread her hands out on the top of Deana's chest, then moved towards her breasts. She circled, swept outward and jumped over to her biceps, then made the loop again, shoulders, neck, chest, tits. Deana arched, pulled her shoulders back and pushed out her chest, but Rebecca still avoided her pulsating nipples. One hand followed the other down towards her stomach. Deana opened her legs. The hands skirted the edge of her groin. Deana's breaths were short and fast.

She was mentally pleading with Rebecca to grab her crotch and squeeze it. Rebecca lifted Deana to her feet. Fingernails grazed the backs of Deana's thighs, dragged over her butt, outward to her hips and up her sides.

She raised her arms. Her body and her brain disagreed about what was going to happen. Rebecca's hands reached her armpits.

She blocked her tickle reflex, and streamers of pleasure raced to her pussy. She closed her eyes while her shirt passed over her head, then stiffened when the coolness of her hair slapped against her hot skin. Her lover's hands came around to her stomach. She sucked in. Fingertips nudged into her panties. They climbed the slope of her pubic mound, then looped out around her hips. Rebecca took the cotton material on a slow journey down Deana's legs.

She lifted one foot, then the other, and she was completely naked. The heat of Rebecca's breath preceded the lips that kissed the crests of her butt. Deana squeezed her eyes shut in anticipation of Rebecca's next kiss, but it never came.

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She sighed. Rebecca stood and turned Deana around with a touch. They stared at each other without speaking or moving. All of the awkwardness of inexperience and the nervousness of new lovers was gone. Rebecca's telling gaze dissolved Deana's previous concerns. The knowing hands slipped around her neck, and Deana waited for her friend's lips. It didn't matter if they were kissing with tender compassion or in the fevered pitch of ravenous lust, they never stumbled.

It was like they felt each other. Deana surrendered her tongue to Rebecca's lips. Rebecca sucked it and flicked it with her tongue, then Deana had Rebecca's upper lip in her mouth. Neither was willing to close their eyes because that was how they were communicating. "Dee, I'm going to make love to you now." Deana's heart fluttered. "Please." Rebecca sat her on the edge of the bed and knelt in front of her.

Deana knew from the grin on Rebecca's face that she was about to have her world rocked. Rebecca confirmed that when she pulled a feather from under the bed and started up Deana's calf. "Ah." When Jason opened the door, he was wearing worn blue jeans with white strings dangling around his feet, and nothing else.


"What were you doing, laying around naked?" "So what if I was, nobody's home." "What if your sister came home?" "She'd probably wanna have sex once she saw this." Jason pointed at his crotch. Evan shook his head. "I'm sure, and she'd want me to watch, too.

Whatever." "You'd be surprised," Jason said. "What have you been up to?" He wanted to say, trying to fuck my mother, sister, and Rebecca, but said, "Mowing lawns. Miss Tonya hooked me up with some of her friends." "Interesting," Jason said.


"Any of them hot like her? I'll help if you can't handle a MILF." "Sorry, Dude, I already handled it." "Ah, what about Miss Style? You want my help on Saturday?

You don't have to pay me." "No, I'll do her myself." Jason laughed. "You wish." "Yeah, I suppose. I've been too busy to think about her. You'll wanna go skinny dipping, and I'm still not sure she'd be cool with that." "She'll be cool with it, I'm sure." "Like you would know. You've never met her." "Um, I'm just saying, from what you told me she sounds easy going." "Let me see how it goes, you know, feel her out," Evan said.

"Or, feel her up," Jason said. "A definite possibility." "Hey, on Saturday, I need you to take care of ticket girl. Gotta get some alone time with Billy Joe. Take ticket girl to see Cindy or whatever she might want to do. I'm pretty sure she'll let you have your way with her." After Becky and Jayda, Evan felt like a hypocrite, but he said it anyway, "She's too young for me." "Dude, that girl isn't sweet and innocent.

You can see it in her eyes; she's got a devil inside," Jason said. "No, I'd rather not." "Some friend you are," Jason said. "You won't let me near your sisters, you don't share the softball moms with me, and you don't invite me to swim naked at that freaky lady's house.

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I'd fuck ticket girl for you if you needed me to." "I'm sure KK doesn't want me to fuck her, but I'll see what I can do to distract her. Now, lets game." Sally hadn't believed her lie, as expected, so Candy had given up one of her secrets. It never occurred to her that confessing to electronically spying on her stepson shouldn't have been easier than talking about her marriage problems.

Sally hadn't seemed surprised or even troubled by the confession. Instead, she said, "Somethings never change, you always were a voyeur, sneaky-peeky." Candy knew Sally was minimizing because that wasn't what she wanted to talk about. Candy wasn't ready to tell that truth, so she went into more details. It was scary at first hearing the words aloud, "I watch him and masturbate." The truth might not set her free, but it felt good.

"I put my panties in the hamper and watched him jerk off in them; then I tasted it." Candy wanted a reaction, but Sally nodded without emotion, so she dug deeper. "I teased him. He got hard and pressed it against me. I let him. Sally, I let the boy kiss me. I'm a married woman, and I acted like a horny girl and let him think he had a chance to—" "Candy, that doesn't surprise me." "Why not?

It should. I'm married to his father. I'm a married woman and mother." "He always was special to you, and he was crazy in love with you. I swear, if I didn't know it was impossible, I would have said he was Gloria's father." The shock Candy felt didn't come from her sister's words; it was the fact that it wasn't the first time she'd heard them.

Sandra had once said, "I swear, if I didn't know better, I'd say Evan was Gloria's daddy." Sally put her hand on Candy's knee and said, "You said he's a handsome young man, tall and strong.

Why don't you give him what he wants? Is he big?" Candy knew what her sister was trying to do. "Don't say things like that. I don't even think about that. I'm married." "I know, you said that, but what led to the camera?

Aren't things good with John?" Candy didn't think Sally wanted to say I told you so, and it wouldn't bother her if she did. God knows she'd told herself that a thousand times. She just wasn't ready to hear the words coming out of her mouth. "It was just a thought that popped into my mind. I was curious if it would even work, then—I don't know, one thing led to another. I'm over it now. Listen, I've been here for a long time. I need to get home and start dinner." She stood up.

Sally got up and hugged her. Candy wanted to let go and soak into the warm embrace, but she knew she'd start crying. "It was great to see you." Sally didn't let go. "I'm glad you came back." Still, Sally clung to her. "Baby girl, I love you, and I'm so sorry I stayed away all this time. I'm here for you now, please try and trust me." Sally finally released her and Candy saw her sister's tears.

"I will, I do, Sally I do trust you, and I love you." "Thank you, Candy, thank you for coming. I know it must have been hard. I'm sure you're mad at me. Don't be afraid to tell me how you feel." Candy could barely hold back her emotions.

She had to get out of there, now. "I won't." "I'd like to meet Gloria if that's all right. Can you bring her over some time?" "Sure, I can do that. She'd like that." Sally wiped her eyes and said, "I'm going to give you my number, but please don't let anyone, anyone at all, know I'm here." Candy sensed that Sally's anyone only referred to one person.

"Okay, it will be our secret." "You always did like secrets." Sally smiled, but it was forced. "If you need anything or want to talk about something, I'm here for you." "There is something," Candy said. "You remember that box of pictures I gave you? You still have it?" "I'm sure I do, but where?

I didn't take it with me, and when Bobby joined the army, then Mom—" "Was that my fault? I always thought I should have done more." "No, no it wasn't. Candy, don't think that. Mom had a drinking problem long before you knew about it. When Dad died, she couldn't be helped. She didn't want help. That wasn't our fault. We couldn't have done anything even if we had been there. God knows, Bobby tried." "Thank you, I needed to hear that." "I'll find it for you, and I'll be waiting for your call." When Evan got home from Jason's house, he was surprised that his mother still wasn't home.

He got out of the car and walked between the porch and the garage, into the backyard. It used to be a huge playground where he could use his imagination and occupy himself for hours. It took years for the lawn to reclaim the large oval that had been his first pretend race track.

His father used to gripe about it, demanding he at least try to ride his bike around in a different size circle. Obviously, his father didn't understand how important hitting your marks was if you wanted good lap times. Deana used to keep time for him, but only for an hour, then she wanted him to play one of her games.

He rarely did. Evan picked up a rock and threw it at the fence. It dented the red cedar. That would have pissed his father off. He grabbed another stone from around the shrubs and fired it, aiming at the same slat. It struck one over, and a divot of wood pulp hung below the score. Being destructive had to be in a boy's nature. Candy understood that because she would stop him, but never react like his father.

How many times had he seen her take up for him? He quivered with the release of energy and the third rock ripped a deep gouge in the fence. In the house, Evan was on his way to Deana's room when he got distracted by Gloria.

She was laying diagonally across her bed; face down, propped up on her elbows. Her blonde hair was strewn across her back and shoulders. Her feet were drawn up to her backside, toes curled. She was staring at a drawing pad. It was easy for him to get to the corner of the bed, undetected. When Gloria brought the pencil to the page, her legs straightened and her butt tightened.

Evan considered tickling her feet, but his eyes wandered up her legs, stopping at the edge of her shorts. The skin between her thighs was a pale beckon, drawing attention to the plump wedges that were pushed apart by the tight gray material. It was a reminder of the night he'd stared at Candy's pussy in the red panties. Deana was right; he was a pervert. The only sound was the scritch-scritch-scritching of pencil on paper. Gloria dug her toes into the bed, and the tendons at her crotch bowed.

He straddled the corner of the bed and leaned over. Gloria jerked and quickly covered her pad. "No peeking." An eighth of an inch in either direction and the narrow strip of fabric wouldn't have been hiding her pussy lips anymore. He really did want to see it again, but not the way he saw it last time, smashed on his erection. That had been traumatizing. "Pleeease." He landed on is side next to her and leaned against her body. "No, it's not finished." She flipped the cover closed.

"It's bad luck." "What?" "It's like if I was a bride in my dress, you can't see my drawing when it's not finished. That's bad luck." Evan smiled and put his leg over hers. "Who says?" "I says, that's who," Gloria's blue eyes twinkled. "Unless." "No, let's not go there, again." He lifted the elastic waistband and snapped it on her back. He hadn't expected to see the white hills of her bare ass. Jeez, doesn't anybody wear underwear? He gave in to the temptation and raised his hand.

Gloria anticipated the slap, and his palm connected with the solid left sphere of her rump. His fingertips lodged in her ass cleavage. His sister's muscles relaxed, and the playful whack turned into a grope. The girl was well on her way to a full-fledged badonkadonk. "Go where?" Gloria asked with a smirk. He pulled his hand away, rolled on his back and sighed.

"You know what I'm talking about. Last time you bribed me, then tried to get more than I agreed to." His sister sat up and frowned at him. "I didn't ask for anything you wouldn't have enjoyed doing, and today I only want another kiss.

You said the last one was good, so I figured—" "I said it wasn't a bad kiss, meaning you kiss good, not I want to kiss you more." "Don't lie," she said and jumped on him. "You liked it, or you wouldn't have done it so long." It would have been easy to sit up and get his sister off his stomach if he wanted to. Evan watched Gloria rise with his inhale. Her bra must have been with her panties. The weightiness of her quickly maturing breasts was accentuated by the large bumps poking up under her shirt.

"You are growing up way too fast," he said. "Who's going to be my baby girl if you start acting all grown up?" "Don't know, but you have to get used to it because it happened already and I like it," she said then stretched out on him.

"Get Mom to have another baby?" "What if she doesn't want to have a baby?" "She will," Gloria said and put her lips on his. His sister tasted like bubblegum. Evan closed his eyes and put his hands where he'd wanted them since he slapped her butt. They felt at home on her ass.

She started working her muscles, and he knew where this would end up if he didn't do the right thing. "Okay, you got the kiss I wasn't going to give you." "Thank you. I love you." She wiggled down until her chin rested on his chest. "Can you stay here for a little while?" His sister's smile and gleaming eyes were irresistible. He laid his hands across the small of her back. "You make an excellent blanket." Deana was right, his little sister had him wrapped around her pinky finger, and at that moment, he couldn't think of a better place to be.

"You make a better mattress," Gloria said and laid her head on his chest. After a few minutes, Evan could tell his sister was nodding off. He was going to ease out from under her, but all he had to do was talk to Deana about Rebecca, and he was in no rush for that.

Why not enjoy this special moment. There weren't going to be many more at the rate Gloria was going, so he relaxed. Most dreams, no matter how bizarre they seem, are based in reality. Evan's had a few threads of that, but mostly it was based on fantasies that he'd never admit to.

He was in an unfamiliar place, and Gloria was naked. Then his hands were moving on her body. She was on top of him. He steered his fingers down her back, around the globes of her ass, and into the deep crevasse between them. He spread the giant, womanly flaps and stroked the smoldering inner meat. He circled the rim of her pussy tube, then pushed his finger into her without any effort. His sister's body was open and ready for his cock, but one of those weird time and location shifts happened in his pretend world.

Evan found himself on top of Gloria's body, his cock ready to ram her pussy, she was begging to be filled, then the stark contrast with what his brain knew to be true caused everything to get scrambled up.

Gloria was back on top of him, looking at him with a sweet, naive girl's face. Her knees spurred his ribs and Evan thought she was riding a horse. Her hands were rising and falling with the reigns, but his sister's tits had morphed into large, jiggling melons with bright red nipples bulging like Peanut M&Ms.

They were back in Gloria's room on her bed, the door opened, and they both looked in that direction. Evan sensed he should be concerned, but neither of them did anything to correct the situation.

Gloria was sitting on his erection, grinding. There was a voice that might have been his. "No, we can't stop now. She's getting off. I can't stop while she's getting off." He turned back to his sister's naked body, humping his shaft.

Their mother reached the bed, smiled at them and sat down. Evan said, "We'll be finished in a minute." Candy turned to where his cock was sandwiched under her daughter's pussy. She looked back at him and without emotion said, "I bet she fucks good. Don't get her pregnant." "But, Mom, oh, I'm gonna, gonna, gonna." "Evan." The voice didn't belong in his dream, and it made him stop Gloria's body. He heard it again, "Evan." The light hurt his eyes, so he closed them again, then opened them slowly.

"Mom." "I'm happy to see she still likes to cuddle," his mother said. "Won't be long and she'll be ignoring you. Just like Deana got too cool to cuddle with me." "Mom." His eyes were opened wide with fear. His mother was sitting as she had been in his dream, and her pants were the same gray slacks.

"I didn't mean to fall asleep. She did, and I was going to leave, but I guess—" "You're lucky it was me, that's all I'll say about it." She smirked, but he didn't know why. "Thanks, Mom, thank you. It won't happen again." His mother kissed him on the lips. "You get sleeping beauty up." "Okay, I will." He watched Candy's ass until she left the room. Those gray slacks were his favorite; they clung to her. "Gloria, wake up," he whispered. "You're in big trouble." He squeezed his sister's ass.

"Mmmm, I like that." Evan said, "You're bad," then he took his time getting out from under Gloria's warm body. He liked it too. Deana heard a familiar voice, "You planning on sleeping all day?" She opened her eyes and saw her mother's hand. It brushed the scattered hair from in front of her eyes. Deana yawned, then her sore nipples served as a wake-up call. She glanced left without moving her head. Rebecca was turned towards her, but a mess of tangled hair covered her face.

Her thigh was across Deana's body, and her calf rested on her groin. "Mom." How could she have been so irresponsible? She had gone to sleep naked with another girl and let herself get caught.

"I guess we got sleepy." "Seems so," her mother said and sat on the edge of the bed. Deana tried to formulate some explanation or lie, but nothing came. The smile on her mother's face was peaceful and understanding. It made Deana feel safe. "Mom." "What, Honey?" The loving kiss placed on her forehead told Deana Candy was there for her. Tears blurred her vision. "Mah.Mommy, is this bad? What, ah, what we're—" "Shh." Candy put her finger on Deana's lips. "Take it easy." "But, but, Mom." Her eyes sockets overflowed, and her body jerked with a sob.

"No, Baby, no it isn't bad." Her mother leaned in. When her mother's lips moved away from Deana's forehead, she knew everything had changed. Candy was on her side, consoling her. It reminded her of when kids made fun of her for being so close to Evan. She would come home from school to Candy, the babysitter. After a kiss on each cheek, Candy would tell her, "It doesn't matter what other people say. It's fine if you love Evan. Love is good." "But Mom, you know what people say." "Sweetheart, what does your heart say?

Follow your heart, not what people say." "I love her." The words scared Deana. She didn't want to be a lesbian, but there was no denying how she felt about Rebecca.

The girl made her happy and complete. "Mom, I love her. I'm scared." Her eyes shut on the second outburst of tears. Candy pulled Deana up and spoke just below a whisper, "It's okay, you're okay. I got you." Deana hugged Candy with all her strength.

The woman's chest was like a warm rag on a strained muscle, and the words she'd spoken gave her assurance. Candy would never let anything happen to her. "Thank you, oh god, thank you, Mom." She looked into her mother's eyes. For the first time in years, they were vibrant and happy. "I love you so much." "I know, Honey, and I love you, always will, no matter what." After guzzling milk from the jug, Evan started towards Deana's room. It was one thing for Deana's friend to be privy to their fun and games, kissing, but he wasn't comfortable with Rebecca knowing all.

Evan turned the corner out of the kitchen. His mother was coming out of Deana's room with a genuine grin on her face. He stopped in the living room and waited for her. "Mom." She strolled over to him and said, "She's sleeping." "Oh." His mother put her straight arms around him, clasped her hands behind his back and rested her forearms on his hips.

"Everything all right?" she asked. Her incredible smile didn't fade. "Ah, great," he said. "How are you?" "Wonderful," she said. "Thanks for asking." After she had kissed his cheek, his mother continued with the same carefree stride.

Evan stood there a minute wondering what the fuck happened to her. Whatever it was, it was bitter-sweet because that woman wasn't his mother anymore. As much as he loved Candy, he didn't need a babysitter. If Deana was asleep, Evan didn't think it made sense to knock. He eased the door open and looked in. His sister was staring at him, but she didn't look mad about the intrusion. Considering their mother had just been there, Evan thought Deana might be in shock.

Rebecca was sleeping with a leg draped across Deana's body and only a sheet clumsily thrown over them. All the other covers had been tossed on the floor. He could tell they were naked. Deana waved her arm for him to close the door.

He pointed at the ceiling and whispered, "Upstairs." She held up one finger, then shooed him away. He didn't want to have to wait one minute to hear what happened when their mother found Deana and Rebecca like that, but Evan closed the door and headed for his room.

Fifty ideas were flashing through his mind, but none of them would have produced a smiling mother. When Deana got to Evan's room, he didn't wait for the door to close before asking, "What happened? I saw Mom leaving your room. Did she see you like that?" "No," Deana said and sat on the bed. "I was sleeping when she came in, like that." "But she was smiling." "I know," Deana said. "She saw, and she didn't freak out. Evan, she was cool about it. I think she's on our side again." He sat next to Deana.

"I think she's always been on our side, but—" "No!" Deana stood up. "No, not like this. Something is different. I gotta get Rebecca up in case Dad comes home." "Wait." He jumped up.

"Does Rebecca know?" "No." "Do you want her to find out?" "No." Deana started walking. He grabbed her hand. "But you, um, you might as well have told her." "I knew she wouldn't notice while you were doing that to her. Don't worry about her." His sister was lying. Evan fell backward on the bed. His mother was okay with Deana fucking another girl, and Deana was cool with her friend knowing she jerked her brother off, and Jason would do anything.

Was he the only one that worried? It was Thursday night; Evan kicked violently at the covers then dropped his legs over the side of the bed and sat up. He wanted to be asleep so he could get up early and take care of Miss Style's pool and lawn.

He walked to the window. The moon illuminated the trees, creating a creepy Stephen King style illusion of daytime. Deana's words kept needling his brain. Candy had taken up for them and taken the heat off many times. What he was thinking had first fizzled in his mind while he was crying himself to sleep the night he kissed Candy. It might have come up again while he was throwing rocks at the fence, but today, after dinner, when he tried again to get his mother to forget about talking to his father for him, it became a whirlwind of thought.

Candy told him, "Keep yourself busy upstairs, and I'll handle your father." What did handle mean? It couldn't be what he was thinking, not when she was the babysitter. He felt nauseous. Gloria saw her mother as an ax-wielding goddess, but that didn't mean she should be fighting his battles, not against his father.

He turned towards the door. It was the third time he thought about going downstairs. Was he doing what his mother told him to do, or was he being a coward?

Candy hadn't expected John to be in a good mood. He hated going to China, but being with Sally had fortified her courage. Evan deserved a chance to live out his dreams. Somebody in that house should. That was why she had ignored her premonition, put on appealing clothes and pleaded Evan's case.

"That little shit," John said. "Take it easy," Candy said. "He disobeyed a direct order, and you want me to take it easy." "John, this isn't the Army," Candy said. "He knew you'd say no and he needed to—" "If he knew what I would say, then why the hell would he do the opposite!" "You know how teenagers are." She tightened her arms at her sides. "They see things different.

You should give him a chance to prove himself." "Prove himself!" John said. "He proved he knows how to go behind my back and do what I told him not to do. Deana doesn't seem to have a problem doing what she's told; no boys, no makeup. She doesn't do the opposite." "Honey," she said pressing her breasts together, "you need to let him do what he loves.

Maybe he'll be good at it." John pointed a beefy finger at her face. "You listen to me, and you listen good, I'm his father and what I say goes.

I don't need you telling me what I should do. I don't want him mixed up in racing and that's final." "What am I?" Candy asked. "What the hell am I? Don't I have any say in what—" The buttons of her blouse scattered, falling to the carpet without a sound.

"Who do you think you are?" he asked, staring at her black satin bra. "I'm their mother. I raised them." She didn't want to cry, but tears rolled down her cheeks anyway. "I should have a say in—" Her expensive bra snapped like string and hung at her sides with the torn blouse. "You're their mother? Is that what you think?" His hand wrapped halfway around her neck. "You think you have a say?" The wall felt cold on the back of her head.

"Look at you," he roared and roughly handled her breasts. "You're a kid from the trailer park, and you think you raised them. You're their babysitter." "Stop it, stop, you're hurting me. Stop." His grip tightened, and she got lightheaded. Evan had accumulated a long list of firsts since summer vacation started, but none like this. He threw open his parent's door without knocking and charged in.

"Dad, stop that, stop," he yelled, still moving in the direction of the huge man he had always feared. His concern grew more urgent with each step. His father turned, and Evan saw his mother pinned to the wall by her throat. Her face was red, and her breasts were fully exposed. "Let her go." "Now you want to tell me what to do, too?" Evan stopped short.

His father's hand wasn't on his mother's neck anymore, but the red finger prints it left behind scarred Evan's memory. He didn't notice his father's arm was moving until it was too late.

The man's massive fist crashed into Evan's face. There was a moment of black nothingness; then his head hit the floor. The impact created bright flashes of lights behind his eyes, His vision returned. It was blurred, but he saw his mom's dangling bra straps, her breasts, scored neck, and her stunned face.

His father moved, and his shadow fell on Evan. "You little shit! Did you really think you could get away with that stunt?" "Dad, I—" "Shut your mouth. You think because you got an opportunity to race, that makes you man enough to barge in here and tell me what to do?" "Dad, please, I, ah, I just wanted to race.

Mom didn't even know about it." He felt weightless as his father yank him to his feet. "Listen up," his father said without releasing the front of Evan's shirt. Evan heard Candy's voice, "John, don't hurt him." She pulled her blouse closed and crossed her arms over her chest. Tears streamed down her face. "Please don't hurt him." His dad pointed at her and said, "You shut up," then started in on Evan again.

"You want to race, you get a job and support yourself." His father shook him. "You want to live here, you'll do what I tell you. Don't you ever put her in the middle, ever!" "Dad, I'm sorry," he said fighting his desire to use his fists. "I didn't—" "You did. You disobeyed me; then you got her on your side.

You think I'm stupid?" "No, Sir, no." "John, it was my idea. I wanted to—" "Shut up and let me finish, then I'll handle you.

Evan, tomorrow I'm leaving, and you're grounded at least until I come back. You can leave this house to work. The rest of the time, unless she tells you to do something for her, you're in this house. You understand?" "Yes, Sir." "Good, now get out of here, and if you ever think about coming in here like that again, you better be prepared to get your ass kicked." He pointed.

"Go." Evan shirt stayed in a wad when his father released it. His mother tipped her head towards the door. She was trying to look strong, but her frightened face betrayed her. Evan left. The day's excitement and lovemaking had taken its toll on Deana. Sleep came early and unexpectedly.

Unfortunately, it didn't last long. When Deana awoke, her brain was active, already engaged in thought. She was thinking about Cindy. It was the day Deana told Cindy about her affair with Rebecca. Her cousin comforted her. Deana couldn't believe the woman who she had always looked up to, the beautiful race car driver, and future psychologist was on her side.

Cindy had dispelled Deana's fire and brimstone fears then encouraged her to follow her heart. When Cindy admitted she'd also been with another woman, it shocked Deana at first. Then, the confession had somehow strengthened, encouraged, and given Deana hope. She could still see the look that was on Cindy's face that day. Today, Deana had seen the same expression on her mother's face. Had Candy ever been with another woman? Deana wasn't sure if she wanted to know the answer.

Both of his sister's doors were closed, and their lights were off. Evan was grateful for that even though he was in pain, his heart hurting, longing to be soothed. He wouldn't have to say anything, Deana would feel his need. His sister would hug him and kiss his cheek; then everything would be all right. That's how it had always been with them, but not tonight or tomorrow or ever. Evan would never let Deana know what happened. He'd already dragged Candy into his mess, then failed to protect her.

No, he'd never let this hurt Deana. He walked on his tiptoes as far away from her door as possible, then took his broken heart, humiliation, and rage upstairs. What the fuck did his father mean by, ".then I'll handle you"? Deana wasn't sleeping, again. The second time she was roused, her mind wasn't active. Something had spooked her into consciousness, but Deana felt dazed. She didn't remember a scary dream, but it was as if something had shaken her violently. Fear was mounting.

It wasn't any more rational than the monsters under the bed, but it was genuine. Something as real and as painful as a punch in the gut had happened. Deana rolled on her back and pulled the covers up to her nose.

The only light other than what trickled through the closed blinds was the dull bar along the bottom of her door. Deana didn't take her eyes off of it. She waited, expecting somebody's feet to create shadows. Tears as irrational as her fear stung her eyes.

In her mind, she wrapped her arms around her brother and his went around her. Salty droplets rolled from the corner of her eyes toward her ears.