Pussy stuffed and teased in a nasty game

Pussy stuffed and teased in a nasty game
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She woke frome the noise of her alarm as she does every morning at this time but this morning there was a difference it was her 40th birthday and what a birthday it was gonna be little did she know her husband had a big night planned for her. She stumbleedd out into the kitchen for a shot of coffee and found a card from Jayson and she opened it it was a beautiful card as usel but a letter fell out she thought my what could this be and she had to open it right away she begin to read it the letter told her to come home from work and get cleaned up it was Friday night and her birthday and he had a surprise for her which made her a little antsy because she did not want to celebrate this birthday she was very unhappy about turning forty but she read on he told her to shave her pussy and her legs he told her what nighty to wear and what outfit to put on which stockings to wear and even which shoes he wanted her to wear she thought about the outfit he had told her to wear and thought she might look a little slutty but again she read on he said he would be home around 5 p.m.sharp and he wanted her ready.Marie went to work and all day she couldn't concentrate on her work wondering what he had planned and with her husband it could be anything the day passed and finally it was time for her to get of so she rushed home and shaved her pussy and her legs just like her husband requested she put on her crotchless fishnet stockings his favorite panties on over top the stockings and her sexy bra and her silky shirt she put on the skirt and top as well as the shoes all just like her husband requested.

She got done about 4:30 p.m.andthought she would have a couple of drinks before he got home as she was finishing up her second drink her husband arrived and she greeted him at the door she put her arms around him and gave him a passionate kiss she was feeling so hot and sexy with the outfit he had requested her gave a look up and down and smiled with approval she asked what are we doing he replied it is a surprise are you ready she nodded and off they went.

They drove to the next state for some dinner on the the way to the restaurant he kept talking dirty to her telling her how later he had a surprise for her she was gonna get her pussy ate tonight like she had never had it eaten before he kept telling her how he was gonna make her pussy beg hell he was gonna make her beg ,how he was gonna ravish those big soft tits she has he was gonna fuck her like she had never been fucked before in her life.

When they got to the restaurant she was so hot she kissed him in the car and they made out for a couple of minutes the Jayson said that's enough now lets go eat so they went in to the restaurant and the hostess asked for our name Jayson had called ahead and got reservations for a table in the corner it wasn't very bright but not really dark either there was candels on the table and roses a bottle of wine was chilling in the bucket at the table and she said Jayson what a nice surprise he said this is dinner not your surprise so they had some wine and the waiter came out and took there order while they waited they had some more wine and Jayson started telling her that later he was gonnna tie her up and blindfold her and was gonna make her feel so good god she was allready hot and he just made it worse she liked being tied up.

The waiter came out and brought there appetizers and another bottle of wine as they ate the food he asked her if her pussy was wet she said it was she wanted him to feel he said no he wanted her to rub her pussy though her panties and then give him her panties so she said she would be right back Jayson said were are you going Marie said to do what you asked Jayson said I did not ask for you to go anywhere do it right here.

Marie became nervous she had never done anything like this before so she looked around and slowly put her hand under her skirt and started playing with her pussy she let out a small moan and shocked herself she was so wet and so hot she wanted him right there in the restaurant.

She seen there waiter coming with the bread they ordered so she quickly quite Jayson said don't stop I didn't tell you to stop she said but our waiter is coming he said so keep going she put her hand back on her panties and started to rub again the waiter reached the table and it was really hard for her to concentrate while the waiter was there her husband kept talking to the waiter and had him talking to Marie which made it almost impossible for her to keep playing with her pussy but somehow she did she was so glad when he finally excused himself.

Jayson said when he comes back I want your panties so after some more wine and a short time he came back with there meal and like he requested she gave him her panties as the waiter set there food down Jayson folded her panties and layed them on the table next to his wine glass Marie was shocked when he did this and the waiter noticed this and smiled he leaned in and told Marie to have a great birthday she turned red and said she would thank you very much.

There waiter was a little younger than them but cute and built fair so Jayson asked Marie if she would switch places with him he wanted her back to the crowd so she did he then asked her to spread her legs and to lift her skirt up enough he could see that smooth shaved pussy he had wanted to see it all night she did and almost instantly got hard she had such a pretty pussy they began to eat and about half way through the meal there waiter started back to there table and Jayson saw him coming he didn't say anything suddenly he appeared and she reached for her skirt and Jayson grabbed her hand and said no leave it alone this made her very uncomfortable yet wetter than she could ever remember being all at the same time Jayson motioned the waiter over to his side of the table and asked him to lean down he needed to ask a question when he leaned in his eye caught her glistening bare pussy and he smiled again she was so embarassed but so hot Jayson asked him if he could get some more bread and he said sure so the waiter disappeared and while he was gone Jayson told her that when he brought the bread back he wanted her to play with her pussy for the waiter she said she could not do that he said she had to or he would keep her surprise so when the waiter came back he immediately came to Jayson side of the table and Jayson struck up a conversation with him and nodded for her to go so as he and the waiter talked the waiter kept stealing glances of her bare exposed pussy she slowly put her fingers in her pussy and when the waiter looked back he seen her fingering her pussy and he smiled again as he enjoyed the show you could tell he liked because the bulge in his pants was a dead give away he excused himself and she said to Jayson that she had never been so turned on in her life she was ready to go, but he said no they were not finished dinner yet so they continued to eat or try to she was so excited she could hardly eat she was just imagining her husband eating her pussy and making love to her shwe had never wanted him so bad in her life she could have thrown everthing off the table and fucked his brains out right there on top of the table after dessert and a few more shows for the waiter they decided to leave Jayson reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper and a 10 dollar bill folded in half he slipped the paper and money under the edge of her panties laying on the table they got up and turned to leave she said not to forget her panties Jayson said he was gonna leave them for him as an extra tip she then asked what was on the paper and he said just a little extra tip not to worry about it.

They left and got in the car she jumped on his lap in the car and begged him to fuck her right there in the parking lot but he wouldn't he kissed her and rubbed her tits her nipples were so hard she wanted to be fucked so bad he had made her so hot in the restaurant and he to was really turned on but not yet it would ruin the surprise, they left there and headed down the street to a night club.


Once again she begged him to fuck her in the parking lot of the night club but again he said no it would have to wait so they entered the club it was early and things were kinda slow yet but he knew that it would soon pick up. They made there way to the bar a got a drink as they sat there at the bar she caught him staring at her and when she asked what he was looking at he said "the most beautiful girl that's gonna be here all night"that made her feel so special not to mention even wetter god he was making her want him so bad it was driving her crazy.

Jayson looked around checking out the place and the people, he waved the bar tender over to get a drink and while he was away he slid Marie's skirt up just enough that he and the bartender could get a look at that shaved pussy she was hiding under that skirt,the light was dim and you could barely see it but it was so wet it glistened in the light of the club when the bartender came back with the drinks Jayson made sure he struck up a conversation as to keep him there long enough that he would get a glance at her sweet pussy and when Jayson seen the evil grin come across the bartenders face he knew that he had seen what he wanted him to.

Jayson assured them at that point they would not have to wait for a drink for the rest of the night. A song they both liked came on so he took her to the floor and they started to dance he wasn't usally a big dancer but this night was a little different he wanted his beautiful wife to be hotter than she has ever been before and so far she was just where he wanted her.

Later the club got really full and they danced some more until they needed a drink when they got to the bar the bartender set there drinks on the bar he had seen them coming and was ready, Marie sat down and pulled her dskirt up enough the bartender could get another eye full, she had a beautiful pussy shaved as smooth as those sweet legs leading to it with bright pink lips and a clit that stuck out like a little hard cock waiting to be sucked and she really liked it to be sucked.

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The bartender sat with them and talked for awhile Jayson told him it was her birthday and he had her out for a special birthday surprise the bartender smiled and wished her a happy birthday as leaned across the bar and give her a kiss on the cheek and wispered in her ear loud enough for her and Jayson to hear that she had a beautiful pussy she instantly turned red and became wet all at the same time,this was the wildest evening she had ever had she experienced more emotion and erotic stimulation than she had ever got in her forty years so far and she liked it,she hadneverf been that turned on or wanted her husband so bad in there 22 years together but she knew one thing that later she was gonna fuck his brains out.

They finished there drink and a slow song came on so he took her by the hand and led her to the floor he pulled her close to him and he told her how much he loved her as they danced holding each other close she wispered in his ear that she wanted him and he knew it, she said she wanted to suck his cock right there and she knew it was turning him on she could feel his cock getting thick as he pressed it against her while they danced.

The song seemed to last forever which was ok with both of them as they were pretty happy right where they were when the song was over she wispered in his ear she wanted to go she wanted to fuck him right there but instead they returned to the bar for one more drink and again it was waiting for them and so was the bartender he wanted to see that pussy again I think she liked him seeing it as much as she liked showing it to him, he was probally around there age and a little rugged looking which Marie likes she likes that marlboro man look if you will and he like Jayson had that look.


When they finished there drink he said it was time to go finally she couldn't wait any longer she wanted to fuck him in the parking lot, he pulled out some cash to tip the bartender and he to recieved a piece of paper folded up with his tip in the car she again asked what was up with paper and he again said a little extra tip it was no big deal. It was about midnight by this point and she was really horny she wanted him so bad she was ready to explode he asked her if she was wet she grabbed his had and stuck right in her wet pussy and it was wet she almost had an orgasm when he touched her pussy she had never been that horny before and she wanted him so bad.

They stopped at the liquor store to get a bottle or two of wine for later and then they were back on the road, she asked where they were going and he said it was a surprise she would have to wait and see. Soon they pulled into the parking lot of a hotel not the rizt carlton but not a roadside dump they got out and she headed toward the office Jayson said no we don't need to go there and produced keys from his pocket see had been there earlier and allready checked them in she was shocked when he came out with the keys,how did you get keys she said he replied he had been there on his way home and got them,she smiled an evil grin and said he was in trouble tonight and he smiled back and said no you are my love.

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He gave her the keys and let her open the door when she walked in he turned on the light and she looked around the room and saw there swing hanging over one of the beds she turned to Jayson and said you have been busy haven't you, he smiled and nodded and thought to himself if she had only known.

She dissapeared into the bathroom and came back out in her stockings and bra she was so hot she was a full figured girl with huge 42D tits big dark red nipples they just yearned to be put in his mouth she had thick smooth legs wrapped in fishnet stockings shoulder length hair and a smile that made me want her right there but I couldn't yet it was not time she walked up to him and kissed him she put her pink tounge in his mouth and kissed him with more passion than she had ever kissed him with before he knew she was hot and ready for the fucking he was about to give her.

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They moved to the bed without the swing for some foreplay he rubbed her legs he loved her legs they felt so good with the fishnet covering them she reached down and grabbed his cock it was so hard and throbbing it was begging to be set free to probe her holes and make her feel so good but not yet he said lets put you in the swing so we can get stareted.

After she was starpped in he took some silk scarves and tied her hands and feet to the swing and she questioned why he was tying her up and he told that he said was gonna do that earlier in the evening and she recalled him telling her that then he opened a duffle bag on the floor and pulled out some oils and dildos and condoms and a blindfold she smiled and got very excited what a wonderful surprise, you have gave me a fantastic evening Jayson I love you so much,he replied that he was just getting started.

He took all his clothes off while she watched his raging hard cock come uncovered and ready for action she begged him to put that throbbing cock inside her but he had other ideas so he positioned himself between her legs and blew gently on her wet pussy which was just short of dripping her sweet juices at this point then he leaned in and gave her pussy a little kiss she thought she was gonna explode then but he pulled back and kissed her on the inside of her right thigh then the left working his way down to her toes then one by one he sucked her toes she was so hot she wanted him so bad she begged please fuck me now please not yet he said it's not time he continued his tounge bath he was giving her and it was driving her crazy she didn't think she take this all night but he had her tied down and didn't look like it was gonna be up to her.

He moved up along side of her where he could get to her voluptious breasts and suck on her hard nipples and they were hard harder than he had ever felt them before he knew she wanted him and wanted him bad,he sucked her tits for awhile until again she begged again for him to fuck her he leaned down and gave her a kiss putting his tounge deep in her mouth almost making her gag but pulling back before she did.

Then there was a knock on the door he grabbed the blindfold and slipped it on quickly she said hey what's going on who is that he said not to worry it should be your surprise, she could not imagine what it was she thought that everything up to know was the surprise but she was not even close that was just the fun leading up to the surprise,he opened the door and she could hear two men talking in low voices but she could not hear what they were saying,she said I can hear you what are you doing ?

Who are you talking to ? what's going on ?

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he said patient sweetheart all in time. He walked over and turned on the radio to help muffle the noise he was making then another knock came on the door and again she asked what was happening she got nervous she couls not see and was tied up she didn't know what was happening and she wasn't sure she liked this but it was exciting he assured her she was ok to just relax it was all gonna be ok he was just getting ready to give her the fuck of her life.

He turned the music up a little louder to muffel her screams because she was gonna be screamikng in a short while. He got back on the bed with her and started rubbing her tits she begged him to take off the blindfold so she could see what was happening he said in time it would ruin the surprise if he did now and kept pinching her nipples this was again driving her nuts, then she felt a hot mouth on her other nipple she jumped startled she asked what was happening ?

who was sucking her other nipple she pleaded for Jayson to take off the blindfold she needed to see but he wouldn't yet so the to mouths worked her nipples pulling and sucking sending sensations of pleasure through her body. She was moaning she was feeling so good and suddenly she felt a warm breathe on her wet pussy and again it starteled her to feel but another mouth on her hot body it was working her pussy open with a thick hot tounge and it felt so good she begged Jayson to take off the blindfold are you sure he asked she said no but do it anyway, he slowly pulled off the blindfold and once her eyes adjusted to the dim light she reconized the other to tounges she had felt it was there waiter from dinner and there bartender from the club.

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She asked how he had pulled it off he said that was the extra tip he had left on the paper it was an invite to join us and after she had shown them what they would be getting they could hardly say no. The bartender whos name was Mat went back to eating her pussy while Jayson and there waiter Joe continued to suck her nipples she threw her head back she had never before felt what these three men were making her feel.

Mat continued probing her pussy he had a thick, hot tounge and he was pushing it inside her wetness tasting and slurping up her sweet love juices she tasted so good and Jayson knew what he was tasting she did have the sweetest pusyy he had ever eaten not that he had eaten alot but it was sweeter than any he had, then he started sucking on her pussy lips they were so smooth and wet and this sent tingles through her whole body she started to quiver and Jayson told Mat to ease up he didn't want his beautiful wife to come yet so Mat started giving her thighs a tounge bath like Jayson did earlier slowly he kissed down one leg to her toes gently sucking each one on his way to her other foot then back up the other leg till he reach her swollen pussy he buried his face in her sweetness sucking hard on her clit she creamed it felt so good she begged Jayson to let him finish she wanted no she needed to cum but he called Mat off not yet all in time my love, he said.

Joe was getting anxious he was really wanting to get down there before Mat ate it all up.

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They switched places and Mat started sucking on her nipples Jayson had moved over to the chair to take it all in for awhile Joe's tounge was not as thick as Mats but somewhat longer and pushed her wet lips apart with it and forced it up inside her she moaned as his tounge parted her lips and entered her wet pussy she could not believe this was happening she felt so goood she looked around for Jayson and found him acrosss the room in a chair watching the action behind the tri-pod yes but another surprise he was video taping this hot action,she asked what he was doing and he said just a little entertainment for us for later usally she would have cared but fuck it she felt to good to even care right now.

Joe was giving her quite a tounge lashing and she was building up to a huge orgasm but she was gonna keep quiet until she was ready to cum she needed to cum so bad but Jayson saw it in her face he had seen that look to many times before and called Joe off before she could cum damn you Jayson she said with a smile I need to cum and he replied with an evil grin oh you will my dear like you never have before just trust me.


Jayson reached into that duffle bag and threw the boys a bottle of chocolate scented oil and told them to start rubbing her down he wanted them three to give her a total body massage she begged to be let out of the swing she wanted to touch the men she wanted to fuck them fuck all three of them right now but Jayson wouldn't let her he joined the men for the massage and she was loving it she had hands rubbing her pussy and pinching her nipples as they popped out of there fingers because they were so slippery they had her so hot she was ready to cum they had her body feeling so good.

Jayson leaned down and again kissed her putting his hot tounge deep in her throat and kissing her with more passion than she had ever felt my god she wanted him so bad she needed to be fucked and she wanted right now she scream goddamit someone fuck me please,Mat and Joe both looked at Jayson for his approval Jayson give Mat a nod so he moved between her smooth oiled thighs and put his cock against her wet cunt and started to push it inside her she moaned and he sank it deeper until he was all the way in her she almost came instantly as Mat pumped his hard cock in and out of her pussy Jayosn had moved back to the camera for some close-ups of his beautiful wife getting fucked by another guy as a younger man sucked her nipples this was so hot he thought he might cum by just watching but he was ok.

Mat continued to pump her wet hot pussy as she lay there in the swing tied up totally vulnerable at the mercy of these three men she thought my god what are they gonna do to me ? she wondered if she would be able to take what was gonna happen but she really had no choice she was stuck there while Mat continued to fuck her pussy finally Joe spoke up he wanted some so again him and Mat switched places and Joe put his swollen cock against her swollen cunt and forced it in not that he had to force hard it was so wet it fell right in and it was hot Joe thought he might cum right away but he got into a rhytm and she was loving it god she was getting fucked by three men and could not believe how good they were making her feel she was building to an orgasm that she could feel was gonna be like nothing she had ever felt Jayson told Joe to slow down he didn't want her to cum yet so he did while Mat was still biting and sucking on her hard nipples Jayson walked up to her and put his throbbing cock against her lips she sucked it right in she had been wanting to taste his cock all night she sucked and slurped on it like it was her last her mouth was so hot she could suck a cock so good again he had not a lot of blow jobs in his life but she was by far the best so far.

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Jayson felt his own orgasm getting close and pulled out he was not ready to cum yet either, he told joe to move on to her other nipple he wanted to fuck her pussy for a while so they moved around her and he got between her legs and started pushing his swollen hard cock into her wet swollen pussy and began to furiously pump her pussy he wanted her to cum so bad he fucked her hard and fast driving his hard cock deep inside her cunt faster and faster harder and harder he was pumping his cock in her she was trying to fuck him back but she could not move being tied in the swing and finally Jayson leaned back and moaned and then she felt him unload his hige load of hot love juice inside her she almost came instantly but befor eshe could he pulled out andd said not yet sweetheart but soon I promise, he looked at Mat and said that is how she like her pussy to be fucked lets see what you can do.

Mat moved between her legs and put his purple swollen head against her cum soaked pussy lips and started to enter her Jaysons hot cum dribbled down the crack of her ass and she shivered, Mat pushed all his cock inside her and then began to fuck her cunt just like Jayson did you could hear his body slapping against hers every time he sunk his cock down inside her she wanted to cum so bad she needed to cum god she was gonna flood the room when she did Jayson told Mat to hold on for a minute and he positioned himself under her and let the straps of the swing out untill she was almost sitting on his lap, he then asked her if she was ready to cum like she had never before she replied she was she was ready, Jayson very gently put the head of his still swollen cock against her tight well lubed asshole and began to wiggle it all inside her asshole it took him a little while to get it all in, Joe continued to suck and squeeze her tits he was doing a fine job with her breasts she had huge tits and he loved them.

Jayson started slowly fucking her ass while Mat sat patient in her cunt waiting for his order to finish fucking her after Jayson got a good rhythm going he told Mat to fuck her fuck her hard and fast now right now he screamed, Mat started pumping her pussy faster and faster she was building she knew she couldn't take being fucked like that long but, Mat groaned and she felt his load shoot deep inside her she felt the heat it was so hot she wanted to cum Jayson had left the young man for last and barked at Joe to get in there and fuck his wife make her cum damnit do it now fuck her fuck her hard Joe moved between her legs and pushed his young hard cock inside her she was so wet and slippery he almost couldn't stay in her he wrapped his arms around her legs and started pounding his hard cock inside her faster and faster harder and harder he could feel her pussy start to tighten up he knew she was gonna cum Jayson started fucking her ass faster and faster she screamed as Mat bit down on one nipple then the other one, theses guys were ravishing her body she was gonna cum and it was gonna be big Joe continued to pound her hot,wet cunt while Jayson packed his cock deeper, harder and faster into her tight little asshole she was loving it she started gasping for breathe she could feel the waves of pleasurestarting to stream through her body she was finally gonna cum,she moaned please let me cum, Jayson said this is your turn when ever you are ready baby cum for me cum all over us baby Mat sucked her nipples hard biting and chewing on them she loved this she loved having her tits sucked like this Joe continued the assult on her cunt while Jayson continued his rhythm in her ass finally she let out a scream and her body started shaking and spasing the waves of pleasure started through her body she was gonna cum she moaned and then screamed fuck me boys fuck me and they picked up the pace and put there hard cocks deeper inside her pleasure holes her cunt tightened and her asshole got tighter and she screamed i'm cuuuuuummmmmming i'm cuuuuummmming and she squirted her sweet juice all down the front of Joe he looked shocked he had never had a women squirt before but it made him hotter he tightened his grip around her legs and pounded his cock deeper and harder into her pussy with a moan he to let go of his load and she could feel his hot load hit the bottom of her cunt and it sent her into another orgasm she screamed again fuck me fuck me she was cuuuuuummming and again squirted all over Joe, Jayson moaned and unloaded another load this time into her asshole and she felt his hot load enter her she once again soaked Joe with another orgasm they slowed there pounding down to a slow pace before pulling out of her Jayson told the guys thanks and helped them to the door.

He turned around to see his beautiful wife with a smile so big he had never seen her smile that big before he took the camera and zoomed in on her he wanted her to see that smile then panned to her cunt it was dripping with hot cum that the men had just unloaded in her she asked him to untie her and he did she jumped on top of him and put her tounge in his mouth and kissed him hard and deep she said she loved him so much she reached around and guided his still hard and throbbing cock back inside her wet pussy and started to ride his cock one more time he could feel her pussy start to tighten around his cock he knew she was gonna cum again and so was he they grinded and bucked they were fucking each other one just as hard as the other until she came all over his cock and he unloaded another load of hot cum inside her they collapsed on the bed both out of breathe and energy.

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