HOT brunette fills all her holes with a dildo

HOT brunette fills all her holes with a dildo
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NOTE: Please read Chapter 1 if you have not already done so…otherwise, this story will not make as much sense…Thanks…and sorry for the delay… I had thought about it long and hard before I picked up the phone and called my cousin Nick back.

If you recall, he had spoke to Marcy while I was out, about me being in his upcoming wedding. That would entail Marcy and I taking a trip out to Danville, Pennsylvania for a long weekend. That was not a real big deal as it was easy enough for me to get the time off from work. That was really the least of my worries. In the back of my mind I really did want to see my relatives again.

I had not seen any of my mother's side of the family since I was a kid. I had to admit, I was curious, at least to some extent. It was just the reservations I had about my whole living situation.

I mean, here I was, living with my step-sister as a couple. I really did not want that to come out. How would it look, after all these years, if I tell my relatives 'Yeah, I've come a long way. I'm living with my step-sister. And yes, the sex is great.' No, that would never work. Not for me at least. I had a long talk with Marcy. It was absolutely imperative we got our stories straight before I would even consider this trip. It was either go there as my step-sister and myself, and have to act like we we're family or pretend that we were just another couple, like we do to the rest of the world.

To Marcy it was a no-brainer. We would pretend we were just another couple. That way if we were to be caught being intimate, it would really be no big deal. She was not the type who could actually go a few days without showing some public display of affection towards me. Not that I would really let that happen. This did seem like the obvious choice, though. Besides, nobody on my mothers side of the family even knew I had a step-sister.

It seemed to the both of us to be the ideal answer. I called up my cousin Nick on the phone. After a bit of small talk about old times and 'How you doing?' sort of stuff, I told him I would be going to his wedding and I would be bringing a guest.

I told him it was a girl I was living with. He seemed positively elated I could attend. I was curious, but did not quite share his level of enthusiasm. Nonetheless, it was set. Marcy and I would be leaving in a couple of weeks. "Did he tell you that you have a sister you never met?" Marcy asked after I got off the phone.

"Yeah, I heard." I answered somewhat unenthusiastically.

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"Aren't you at least a bit excited about that?" Marcy asked as she stepped forward and put her arms around me. "I guess." I answered. "Oh come on." She started, "I think it will be great for you.

I think it will be great for you to see your family again." I reluctantly agreed. In the back of my mind I really did want to see my family and meet my sister. After all, they were family even if it had been years since I had seen any of them. It was just my concern about my living situation coming out that bothered me. Here I was living with a girl who had a penchant for wild sex with other woman. A girl who thought nothing of picking up another girl in a bar and inviting her back to our place for a threesome.

She just happened to be my step-sister. I guess the reality was that I didn't want anything to possibly jeopardize our living situation.

After all, the sex really was really great. When the time came for us to start our trip, Marcy and I loaded the car and set off for Danville. It was a nice, clear Thursday night. We would arrive in Pennsylvania in a couple of hours and stay until Sunday afternoon. The plan was, we would spend tonight by ourselves, then Friday we would meet the family at my cousin Nick's house.

Friday night would be a rehearsal dinner, as Nick put it, followed by the actual wedding rehearsal. Saturday afternoon would be the wedding and reception.

Our trip was for the most part fairly uneventful, except for the time Marcy decided to give me head while we were driving along Route 80, which almost caused me to rear end a pick-up truck. Oh, and her apparent penchant for lifting her shirt and showing truck drivers her breasts. Yes, my step-sister was a wild woman.

Other than those things, the trip was uneventful. We arrived at the Red Roof Inn in Danville and checked in at the desk. After getting the card key we wheeled our bags to our room and made our way inside. The room looked very appealing with a large king-sized bed and soft comforter.

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I brought the bags in as Marcy headed for the bathroom. "While you're freshening up, I'll call my cousin Nick and let him know we're here." I said fairly loudly. "Ask him if there is a good club in town. I feel like going dancing tonight." Marcy answered. "Oh jeez, don't you ever think about anything else?" I retorted. "I think about you." Marcy responded sweetly.

Marcy came out of the bathroom as I went over to the phone. During a relatively brief conversation with my cousin, he told me about a club down the road that was popular called M?ge. Somehow it seemed like an appropriate name.

In the meantime, Marcy had stripped out of her T-shirt and tight jeans and was standing there naked except for a black thong. While I was still on the phone with my cousin, she came up and put her arms around me and ground her womanhood against my leg. The skimpy thong did little to conceal her neatly trimmed, blond bush as she pressed it against me. My body responded in a way that formed an almost immediate tent in my pants which Marcy began to stroke through the fabric.

The next thing I knew, she had my zipper open and I could hear distinct suckling sounds overtaking the sound of my cousin giving me directions to the club on the phone. I reached down with my free hand and ran my fingers through her long blond locks. As I was about to shoot my load into my step-sister's mouth I pressed her head into my crotch.

At this point I could barely stand. "So you think you understand how to get to the club, Brian?" My cousin asked over the phone. "Ohhh, yeah." "What?" He inquired. "Ah, yes…I think I know how to get there." I affirmed. Suddenly I was feeling much more relaxed and able to talk.

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At this point Marcy was looking up and laughing. "I guess we'll see you tomorrow afternoon. Enjoy your evening you too." Nick added, "Looking forward to meeting Marcy. She sounds like a nice girl." "Ah, yeah Nick. We'll be there. Call you just before we leave." I added. We said our goodbyes and I hung up the phone. Marcy seemed to be so amused.

"You know, you are really going to get me in trouble one of these days. I'm not sure how yet, but I know it will happen." I said in a mock condescending tone.

"Who me?" She added with a giggle. "Yeah, you." I said as I grabbed her and gave her a big hug. Her bare nipples pressed into my chest.


Marcy soon proceeded to get dressed and ready for the club. She decided on a very short black skirt and white blouse, which barely concealed the black lace bra she somehow chose to wear underneath. She put on a bit of makeup which seemed to only bring out her big blue eyes.

The only jewelry she had on was a pearl necklace which matched the fake pearls that adorned the tops of her black strap heels. She had her hair tied back, which somehow in my mind gave her a look which resembled a cross between a librarian and a street-walker. I didn't dare tell her that, but in reality she probably would have considered it a compliment. All I knew for sure was that she looked damn hot. A couple of dabs of perfume and she was ready to go. In more ways than one. In the meantime, I had changed into a pair of dress slacks and a dress shirt.

In a short while, we headed out the door and into the car. We stopped for a bite to eat at a local diner on the way. It was obvious all eyes were on Marcy as we sat in our booth eating dinner.

Yes, my step-sister looked that hot. After dinner we took our time and had dessert and coffee. It was still relatively early by club standards anyway, so we took our time. I was rather enjoying the looks the other guys around us were giving Marcy, and a couple of guys even gave me a nod of approval. I'd be lying if I didn't say it felt real good. We got to the club and parked the car. We made our way to the door and passed the bouncers. It was early enough that we didn't have to pay a cover fee.

Once inside we made our way to the bar and I immediately took a seat while Marcy remained standing, her eyes obviously scanning the room. The music was pulsing with dance music and you could feel the vibrations in everything from the floor to the bar. Still, you could talk over it which was a big plus. "What can I get you?" The bartender came over and inquired. "A margarita, frozen with salt." Marcy responded. "I'll take a Guinness, on tap if you got it." I said. "Sorry, no Guinness." The bartender replied.

"Hmmm…How about a Black Label and water on the rocks?" I asked. "Sure thing. One margarita and one Black Label and water coming up." The bartender walked away to get our drinks. Marcy turned to me and spoke. "Scotch, eh? That's a switch for you." "Yeah, I drink scotch sometimes. Just as well tonight. I could use something strong." I said. The bartender soon brought us our drinks. As I paid the tab, Marcy picked up her glass and stuck her tongue along the line of salt on the edge of the glass in a very seductive way.

I could almost imagine that glass getting harder. She gave me a big, sly grin as she spoke. "Oh, we're going to have fun tonight." She said as she gave me a big, salty kiss on the lips. She then proceeded to turn around and press her butt into my crotch doing sort of a mock-lap dance. I could feel myself responding to the stimulus.

Damn. "Oh, that feels good." I sighed. "Come on, let's dance." Marcy said. "No, you go out there if you want. I just want to sit here and drink right now." I responded.

"Party pooper." Marcy said. Marcy took another sip of her margarita and then headed out onto the dance floor. In a few minutes I could see her talking to some hot looking blonde haired girl in a black sequined dress.

Soon the two of them were dancing together, rather hotly I might add. It was a rather erotic display, and did nothing to reduce the bulge in my trousers I've had since Marcy's grinding into my lap. I continued to watch as the two girls put on a show on the dance floor. It was really quite impressive and it did not go unnoticed by the other club patrons.

I sat there sipping my scotch enjoying the show. After a couple of numbers, Marcy gave the other girl a kiss and returned to the bar. I was about finished with my drink. "That was quite a show you put on, girl." I stated quite truthfully. "I'm glad you liked it." Marcy said with a smile. As she spoke she leaned over and gave me a kiss. I could see visible sweat on her neck on down to her cleavage. Again, it did nothing to relieve the bulge in my pants.

"I could probably get her to come back to the room with us." Marcy said as she leaned over and giggled. "Now, now…be good. I'm trying to stay out of trouble this trip." I replied. "Oh come on now. You know you'd like that." I had to agree she had a point, though I had my reservations. We soon both finished our drinks and I ordered another round. As I sat there with my scotch in hand, something suddenly caught my eye. It did not go unnoticed.

"So, what are you staring at?" Marcy casually inquired. "Oh nothing." Marcy didn't believe me for a second. I guess she knew me too well. She turned in the direction I was staring. "Oh, that girl in the red dress?" She asked.

"What girl in the red dress?" I responded, obviously playing dumb, "Oh, you mean the hot looking brunette with the hot red mini-dress? Didn't even notice." "Yeah right, Brian." Marcy wasn't fooled for a second. I sat there finishing my drink and just taking in this new sight that had entered the room. To say this girl was hot looking was a massive understatement.

This girl was fire hot. I could feel the heat from across the room. Marcy and I continued to sip our drinks for some time. We were both observing this new addition to the room, perhaps both thinking a variation of the same thought. "I think I'll go over and introduce myself." Marcy said confidently. "Looks like she has a boyfriend." I added. "Since when has that stopped me?" She replied. She had a point. Not much ever stopped Marcy, especially when she wanted someone.


Man or woman. Marcy headed over to where the ultra-hot looking brunette was standing with her boyfriend. She said something to the girl and soon the two of them were out on the dance floor. In short order, the two were the center of attraction, bumping and grinding to the delight of the crowd.

I don't think there was a head in the place that was not turned in their direction. After a while Marcy again came back over to where I was stationed at the bar.

Again she was dripping with sweat.


She seemed rather excited as she spoke. "Well?" "Well what?" I asked. "What about her?" Marcy inquired, "I bet I can get her back with us." I had to admit it was a very tempting thought. I was hoping to make this a fairly conservative, low-profile trip, especially as I was in town for a family gathering with my step-sister. But, this was tempting me. Perhaps the scotch was starting to do my thinking for me.

Or maybe I was just another horny guy. Several minutes later my step-sister was once again out on the floor with the hot brunette. I could see Marcy talking into the girl's ear as they strut their stuff. Once again all eyes seemed to be on them. How could they not be? After a couple of numbers, Marcy once again returned to the bar.

"I have to go to the bathroom." She started, "Be right back." I sat there finishing off another drink. A few minutes later, I saw the hot brunette heading my way. Soon she was next to me at the bar smiling. "Hi, my name is Laura." She stated with a smile. "Hi, I'm Brian." I added. "Haven't seen you here before." She said. "Actually, we're here for a wed…" I was interrupted before I could finish my sentence.

Marcy had returned from the bathroom and seemed rather excited. "I see you met Laura." She blurted out. "Ah yes. We were just getting acquainted." I said. "So, it's all set?" Marcy asked. "What's all set?" I asked. "Marcy tells me you to have a room and wouldn't mind a little company." Laura said, somewhat matter-of-factly. "Oh Marcy told you that?" I gave Marcy a glance. She had a huge grin on her face.

"I hope it's alright." Laura added. "What about your boyfriend?" I just had to ask. "Oh, he's not really my boyfriend." Laura started, "He's just a guy I know from school. Once he takes me home, I'll just come back out." I again looked at Marcy. She was still grinning ear to ear. She looked so sexy and damn devilish with that huge grin on her face. There really was no way I could say no at this point. We made final arrangements with Laura. We told her the room number at the Red Roof Inn.

After another drink, Marcy and I left the club. We knew Laura would meet us at the room in about an hour. It was all set. Marcy and I were soon back in our room.

We opened a bottle of wine we had brought with us and Marcy went over and put on some music on a portable stereo she took with us. Soon were dancing together in the middle of the floor. In a little while there was a knock at the door. Marcy stopped dancing and went over to answer it.

In a moment, Laura entered the room.

She was still wearing the red dress she had on in the club. Damn, I was seeing red I thought to myself. I had to guess she was about five foot six, just around Marcy's height and had what could only be described as perfect legs.

All the way up to her ass. "Any trouble finding the place?" I asked. "No, I've been here before." Laura said with a smile. Her big brown eyes were evident in the room lighting. I could not help but think how gorgeous this young woman was. Marcy went over and poured another glass of wine. She brought it over to Laura and handed it to her. "Wine?" She said. "Oh, thank you." Laura responded. Almost immediately Marcy planted a big, juicy kiss on Laura's lips.

"Tastes like wine, huh?" She giggled. Marcy then put down her glass and reached over to Laura and lifted her dress, "Do you like what you see, Brian? He's been waiting for this all evening." I felt my manhood on the rise once more. Actually my cock has not had a break the whole trip with my step-sister around.

"Let's give Brian a show." Marcy stated with confidence, "He likes to watch you know." Marcy once again lifted Laura's dress and started rubbing her obviously cleanly shaved womanhood through her red lace panties. Laura started to softly moan as she did. You could tell Marcy was applying pressure through the fabric as a visibly dark wet stain was forming. I put down my glass of wine and unzipped my pants and tossed them on the floor.

My shirt and underwear soon followed. I could not help but start to stroke myself. The excitement was getting me out of control as my mind raced. "Look at Brian." My step sister giggled, "I got something for you." She proceeded to pull down Laura's panties, slowly sliding them past those perfect legs and down past her feet. Laura soon kicked off her shoes, literally. Marcy walked over toward me and held the panties up to my face. "Want a sniff, Brian?" She asked, "My step-brother loves to sniff panties." "Your step-brother?" Laura asked.

"Oh shit Marcy, be good." I exclaimed. "Oh, I think that's funny." Laura added with a smile. I didn't think it was so funny. Not that it was a big deal that Laura knew.

I mean, who was she? Just some girl from the club. I just didn't want the whole town to know. I guess as long as my relatives didn't find out, it really didn't matter.

Marcy soon went back over to Laura and unzipped her dress and helped her out of it. Laura stood there for a moment wearing nothing but a red lace bra which matched the wet panties that were just held in front of my face.

Soon Marcy unhooked Laura's bra, revealing a perfect set of breasts with upward pointing nipples. Marcy went around behind Laura and put her hands around and started fondling them. She pressed them together and pointed the now very erect nipples up even more. "You like, Brian?" She giggled. Oh yeah. I liked. After a brief moment, Marcy soon took off her own dress. She was soon standing there in just her black bra and matching thong. She began to take the thong and run it up and down through her now wet mound.

You could see the wetness in the room lighting. She then relieved herself of the skimpy undergarment and tossed it my way. "There's another one for you, Brian." She said. Both girls laughed. Soon they were both completely naked and kissing. They were standing nipple to nipple as their lips and tongues did a passionate dance. In a moment my sister Marcy broke free and spoke. "I got an idea." She practically cooed. She had the slyest grin on her face you could imagine. She walked over to the table where her handbag was and pulled out two things.

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One was a small vibrator, the other a plastic bottle of body oil. She walked back over to where Laura was standing, opened the bottle of oil and gave it a squeeze. It spurted out all over Laura's breasts and erect nipples. Marcy laughed almost uncontrollably. "Ooops, that was a bit much." She laughed. She then started to rub the oil onto Laura's perfectly round orbs.

I was stroking my cock hard as it was one of the hottest shows I have ever seen. Make that thee hottest show I've ever seen. "That was way too much." Marcy added, "Here Brian." Marcy started to walk over to me with her oily hands.

She stood in front of me where I was sitting and leaned forward with a huge grin. She reached down and started to stroke me with her oily hand firmly gripping my erect member. I came almost immediately with a loud grunt as the feeling shot through my body from my head to my toes.

Because of the way my step-sister was bent over, I could not help but cum all over her naked breasts. Marcy just giggled again as I sat there relieved. Her naked breast hung in front of my face glistening with my fresh cum as Marcy just stood there with a huge grin. She then took one of her fingertips and dipped it in my fresh jizz and put it to her lips. "Hmmm…good." She laughed. I could almost feel myself getting hard again barely a minute later.

Marcy then walked back over to Laura. She rubbed her hands in my cum on her breasts and then began to fondle Laura's breasts with her cum soaked hands. Both girls were giggling and I could hear Laura moan slightly as Marcy squeezed her nipples. Marcy then got on her knees and began to go down on Laura's shaved mound.

I could not see exactly what she was doing since she had her back towards me at this point, her perfect butt pointing up in the air. In a little while it was clear that Laura was reaching climax by the intensity of her moans. You could see her body practically shake as she closed her eyes and bit her lip. My step-sister got up and turned to look at me. Her face was covered in the other girl's love juices.

To say I was becoming aroused again was an understatement. Marcy looked at me and saw that once again I was stroking my firm cock, this time with long slow strokes. "I got an idea." She said, once again grinning. Marcy grabbed the small vibe and the bottle of oil and led Laura over to the bed, positioning her in a standing position at the foot of it. She handed me the bottle of oil. "Here. Use your imagination." She whispered to me. My mind was already racing.

Marcy then lay on the bed with her head hanging off the foot of the bed directly in front of Laura's cleanly shaven mound. She then reached back with the vibe and slowly inserted it into Laura's still wet pussy.

With her other hand she reached around Laura's butt and pulled her onto her face. She began to eat her out once again as she slowly worked the vibe in and out. I could hear the sound of the vibe become muffled as Marcy pushed it deep inside Laura.

Laura bent over and moaned loudly as Marcy worked her with tongue and vibe. I stood behind her as she bent over my step-sister presenting me with a perfect rear view. Suddenly I got an idea. I squeezed some of the oil into my hand and then began massaging it onto Laura's perfect butt cheeks as she bent over my step-sister. I applied the oil down the crack of her ass and teased her little hole with my thumb and fingers.

Her crack became quite slick and I could not help but lean forward and rub my stiff cock between her cheeks. I squeezed her cheeks together with both hands as I slid my cock up and down. It felt like ecstasy. After a few minutes of this, I could take no more. As Laura's moans started to intensify, I began to tease her tight butt hole with the tip of my cock.

The oil made it easy to slide in the tip. I began to slowly insert my entire length, a little at a time at first and then I pushed all the way inside as Laura gasped audibly. I slapped her on the butt and then squeezed her cheeks together as I began to thrust. Laura started to moan quite loudly as I worked her butt with my stiff cock and my step-sister worked her with tongue and vibe. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes as my balls slapped her cheeks. Her moans soon turned to near primal screams and she came nearly the same time I unloaded my cum into her perfect butt.

After a moment, I slowly pulled out of her perfect ass, my cock slowly softening.

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After a while the three of us sat around and finished off the wine. We all agreed it was one of the hottest evenings we had ever experienced. Some time later, we said our goodbyes as Laura left. She suggested that if we are ever in town again we should look her up and offered her number.

I told her it was very unlikely we would ever see her again, that it was just one of those one time events we would always remember. After she left, Marcy and I took a shower together and went to bed. We were both tired and had a lot to do the next day with the rehearsal dinner and the actual rehearsal to follow.

We fell asleep easily that night. The next day when we woke up I called my cousin Nick to confirm what time we should be over. The phone conversation went smooth for the most part though something gave me pause. "Yeah, get over here around three." My cousin started, "That will give you a chance to meet the family you haven't seen.

You must be excited about meeting your sister Laura." I became suddenly silent for a long moment. "Hello, Brian…you there?" "Um, I'm sorry. What did you say my sister's name was?" I asked. "Laura, why? I thought I'd mentioned it." Nick replied. "Oh nothing, I guess you did." I answered back. I got off the phone and stood silent for a long moment. Marcy could not help but notice something was on my mind. "Everything OK, Brian?" She asked.

"I sure hope so." I replied back quietly. Still, I had an uneasy feeling in the back of my mind. I just hoped that the thoughts that crossed my mind were dead wrong. I would find out for sure this afternoon. Once again, life was about to change. Chapter 3 to follow… 03-09-10.

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