Czech pornstar Alexis Crystal has fun with bisexual men

Czech pornstar Alexis Crystal has fun with bisexual men
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I get to the flat and you are waiting for me, dressed in a white basque, white stockings and small white panties that are like a thong at the back exposing your firm white buttocks, you welcome me in with a deep kiss and pull yourself against me feeling me grow hard instantly against you, we move into the lounge and you slowly undress me, touching me gently with your long fingers until you grasp my cock and feel my balls gently with your fingers reaching behind just to touch me and caress me.

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You ask what i would like and I put on a robe and sit down on the couch, i tell you to sit on the armchair with you legs spread wide open, resting on each arm exposing the tightness of the panties across your pussy, i ask you to please me by satisfying yourself before we even touch again and you agreeknowing that i will soon give you everything you want. You lick your fingers and gently pull aside the tight panties to reveal that you have shaved your cunt lips bare and smooth, you run your fingers down the crack and slowly move them in circles, opening them so that i can see you are already wet and dripping with cum, the juices run down between your legs and to your arsehole and you move your fingers up and down moaning and enjoying every moment.

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as you become more aroused you reach over and take the small vibrator and cover it with oil, sliding it around the top of your cunt making you wetter and wetter your fingers just playing inside you with the vibrator making you arch and move, you beg me to fuck you but i tell you that you will have to wait, this will be a long and slow session. I tell you to take off your pants and you drop them to the floor, returning to the armchair where you sit with your bare exposed cunt and legs wide open so that i can see all of you, the vibrator is turning you on and you are becoming more excited and wet, i lean forward and give you a present that i have bought, a small anal vibrator, you know that you will have to do whatever i ask, and i want you to put it inside your small tight arsehole, you cover it with lubricating cream and while you have started to put the first vibrator into your wet and open cunt you slowly start to insert the anal vibrator so that you are arching your body in the chair and feeling waves of pleasure explode inside you, as you become more excited i move toward you and kneel in front of you, start to caress your wet cunt lips with my fingers and lick you tasting your sweet cum in my mouth my tongue runs around your exposed pussy and down and around the small vibrator which is still deep inside you, i lick you and then as you beg me, put my fingers deep inside your open cunt, pushing them inside while you beg me to fuck you, we kiss, you tasting your cum on my lips and tongue and feeling my fingers push deeper and deeper inside you.


you get on you knees and take my hard cock in your mouth, licking my balls and my arse with your tongue, touching me with your fingers, feeling my arsehole, all the while the small vibrator is driving you wild inside you, you pull my dick into you mouth and fuck me with your mouth, back and forth faster and faster until i feel myself explode hot cum into your mouth, you suck and pull my cum into you, licking me and sucking me until there is no more.

we hold each other tight and feel the warmth and wetness of our bodies and we move to the bedroom to rest a while. but not a long while.!!!.

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.we are lying together holding each other, when you start to feel aroused, you move towards my dick and take it in your hands, slowly caressing me, you put your mouth around it and start to suck me hard, it doesn't take long and soon my dick is hard in your lips, you move across, straddling me and gently rubbing yourself on my hard cock, parting your cunt lips on me you move slowly back and forth, both of is feeling your cum making it smooth between us, until you need to feel me inside you, you turn to face away from me and lower yourself onto me, feeling my hardness going deep inside you and you become more and more excited and moving faster and faster you can feel my cock growing harder inside you.

I stop you and turn you around, you lie on your knees in front of me your wet cunt lips open wide i enter you thrusting into you while you scream at me to fuck you harder and harder, you can feel me so deep inside and i push you down on the bed fucking you hard whilst my arm is around you and my fingers play with your clit.

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I feel the cum mounting inside of me and i spurt into you filling you up while we still move back and forth, you enjoying waves of pleasure on my still hard dick. .We have fucked twice now and your cunt is wet and warm, you are feeling very sexy?


Waves of pleasure have washed over you an you are ready for more, you lower your head to my cock and start to lick me taking me in your mouth and teasing me with your tongue until I start to get hard? You suck on me harder and faster and feel me grow in your mouth, I pull you to me and kiss you deeply pulling your head to mine and pushing my tongue intobyou mouth while I mount you from above thrusting into you deeply holding your legs wid apart and feeling your wet cunt lips enclosing my cock makng me harder and stiffer inside you I pull your legs open wide and you are moaning with pleasure feeling me so deep inside you pushing hard into you.

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I pull my cock from your cunt and you look at me and beg me to fuck your arsehole, you ask mr to be gentle and my cock wet and hard from your cunt pushes slowly against your tight hole, you control the pace and you push your self against me feeling me enter you, you want more and push harder against me until I am entering you deeply the waves of pleasure rising inside you, your tightness excites me even more and i feel the cum in waves until I spurt hot inside you pulling gently away as the cum drips out if you down your thighs, iblean down and start to lick you, sucking your cunt and licking all around you as you feel my Tongue enter you to taste and excite you, we lie side by side, holding each other kissing deep and feeling our bodies touching close