Enchanting hottie is getting it

Enchanting hottie is getting it
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Kay age 30 never married has been without a man in her life for eighteen months, she is tired of masterbating to satisfy her sexual need. She is 5' 6" tall with a small slim petite body, small breasts, and long brown hair. Her girlfriends told her she is the type of woman I have been dating recently. They have been telling her the rumors and stories about my sexual prowess and my huge cock, they have encourged her to accept my invitation to spend an evening with me. Kay is nervously sitting in the living room, she is shocked when I walk in.

I'm an incredible site - chubby, pale, balding who is around fifty five, with a hugely engorged cock and balls. " Nice to see you Kay. Now I can finally have fun with you Kay." As I said this, I pull her towards me and embraced her, managing to caress her breasts as I pull her in. At first, Kay struggled, but she finally gives in as she feels my embrace. She knew that she would do anything to keep her job.

She had become one of those slutty girls. But she didn't care. She needed this. I let go of her and circled around her, admiring her. " Good, now take off your clothes." she did as she is told, not wanting to anger me. Kay slipped off all of her clothes.

" Your panties and bra, Kay.


Please, hurry. I don't have all night." Quickly she slips off her bra and panties. She is hot, she has a slim body. Her brown hair fell to her mid-back, her dark eyes ecuntiated with light makeup, her 34C breasts, and her shaved pussy. Kay is proud of her body, " Very nice, Kay." I said menacingly. " I will not do anything without your consent, but just know that my recommendation can make or break you in this city." Kay hesitated " But.

but I have not had sex in eighteen months. I'm single, John." I threw my head back and laughed, " Even better!" With that I took her by her arms and shoved her to her knees.


She wouldn't have protested but I didn't leave her enough time to say a word as I took her head in my hands and shoved my enormous dick into her mouth.

Kay has sucked cock before. Nothing too huge, her biggest was almost 6. But I'm 9 inches of pure thick cock. She gagged every time I thrust into her mouth. I'm groaning, as she did her best to please me. Maybe she can make me cum quickly and she can go home. Kay worked her tongue quickly on my cock. After a few minutes of her sucking and gagging, I pulled back. " My my my, wouldn't have pegged you for a cock sucker. I almost actually cum.

Let's see how you do with this next step." Kay shivered, suddenly cold, as I pulled her hand and her body to the nearest table. " Get on and spread your legs." Kay obeyed me. What harm can a little pussy licking do?

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She quickly spread her legs as I shoved a finger in hard. She gasped, taken off guard. I keep pushing until I found her thick walled tunnel narrowed almost to the size of a straw, feels like a hymen. I push tentatively on it. " Ohhh please John no. I'm so small and so tight." " Obviously, Kay. You told me that before, and that's what this" - a quick push " - is." She arched her back, trying to distance her pussy from my finger.

" But don't worry, I won't be taking your tight pussy quite yet." As I said that I brought my face down to her pussy licking her up and down slowly.

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" This is quite the cunt you have." Kay moaned. This is the first time a man has ever licked her pussy before. Most guys were concerned about themselves and cumming, not caring whether I was pleasured or not.

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Kay groaned, gyrating her hips as I shoved my tongue inside of her. " Ohhh John. God that feels so good." I paused for a second, grinning up at her and she can see something on my face. Kay realized that it is her pussy juices. Kay is so horny, and getting so turned on by me. I had brought her into this situation, knowing that she would do this. I returned to her pussy, eating her out as I brought her closer and closer to orgasm.

Kay feels her pussy tightening, a sensation rising up deep inside of her. I shoved in one last time, all the while looking up at her as she orgasms hard. " Oh God! Yes John yes!" her hips bucking as I stood up while she finished orgasming. " I knew you'd like that. Women always do." I brought my cock to her pussy entrance tapping on it, sliding my cock on her slit. Kay moans, still turned on and in her post-orgasm stage.

"Are you ready for me Kay?" She looks at me briefly, seeing the greed in my eye as I watch her breathing heavily. She nodded her head slowly, frightened now. " Don't worry, there will be pain for a bit. You will bleed." With that, I lined up my cock with her pussy shoving in gently, less than ½ an inch. Just enough to stretch her briefly.

She gasps. " Too late to back out now," I said as I grabbed her arms holding them by her side. I looked down at her and saw her biting her lip in quivering fear as I slammed into her hard, rocking her back on the table.

I tore her extremely small tight tunnel open in one thrust. Her pussy is on fire, stretched to the limit.

Kay starts to scream as I took my cock completely out before shoving in again, harder. Kay struggling beneath me, craving something to hold onto in her intense pain, but I'm stronger than I looked for being 55. I kept a hold on her arms pinned to the side as I rocked my hips. " John please. please it hurts!" Kay continued crying, as the pain increased in her pussy as I took my cock out again and again, slamming in harder and harder, stretching out her no-longer-tight cunt.

" Just deal with it Kay. You knew this would happen and you gave your consent." With every word I thrust in again, adding to the moment as I smiled down at her.

My grip tightened on her arms as I start to thrust faster, no longer going for depth. Kay hears my grunting, feels my hips bucking and slamming into her.

Her pussy is no longer on fire. In fact she starts to enjoy it. The dull throbbing coming from her cunt almost masked the feeling of another orgasm rising within her. But nothing can stop it from arriving as she lets out a shrill shriek of "John, I'm cumming!" as her hips buck and rise to meet my thrusts. I'm fucking her like a wild animal now. Letting go of her arms as I switched to holding her waist, slamming in and out of her. Her orgasm continues as I kept hitting her g-spot over and over.

" John yes!" She screamed and begged me, gyrating my hips as I kept fucking her. " You're very tight Kay!" After a few more seconds, I let out a bellow as she feels something warm gushing inside of her pussy. Alarmed, Kay realized I hadn't used protection. " John. John did you just.?" She asked me, while trying to catch her breath and trying to pull away with her hips.

" Of course I did, Kay," I leaned down to kiss her on the lips, pulling her hips back towards me and my cock back into her, letting the rest of my cum fill her tight pussy, " I will continue to creampie your tight pussy as long as you are under my employment. Is that clear?" " Very clear," She said, looking up at me as I collapsed on top of her, pinning her to the table.

There is nothing else she could have said. We breathed heavily for a few minutes, not saying anything as I caressed her body. After a few more minutes I extracted my penis from within her, as soon as I pulled out of her, she tensed up again. I lined my dick up with her asshole, massaging her cheeks and crooning, " Relax. I'll go slow." " You know, that your asshole is ready for my dick" I said.

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She is shocked and pleaded. " No.it will hurt me John.It is too big. please .John we will stop now.please." Letting out a deep breath, Kay tried to let her muscles relax as I begin to push in.

I'm slow, giving her time to get adjusted. but as more and more of my dick started opening up her tight hole, I got more excited and begin to move faster. Kay cried out, " Slower!" and moved forward, trying to get away from the wide piece of meat that is pushing into her ass.

Groaning, my hands are firm on her hips as I pulled her back to me, controlling myself to go slower. Almost all the way in, and then Kay panted, " Wait." She wanted a moment to get her bearings, her ass feels obscenely stretched and uncomfortable. but she starts to pull away a little and I can't take it.

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I'm finally in Kay's ass and it feels amazing, so tight and gripping, her muscles massaging my cock. when she started to pull away his instinct took over and he pulled her hips back, shoving the rest of his dick into her straining asshole.

Kay cried out with the shock her ass being stretched open, her anus spasming around me. I groaned and start to pull out, to her relief, but then I shoved back in just as hard.

" Wait." whimpered Kay, " Slower." but I didn't hear her mumbled words, I'm lost in the pleasures of her tight ass. although I feel her body trying to reject me, I knew that I wasn't going to last long anyway.


" Just a little longer," I grunted, " Just a little longer." my dick sawed back and forth in her tight ass, my hands tightly gripping her hips as I slammed home, the little hole twitching and gripping me.

Gasping, I pushed all the way in, Kay's body lay under me as I laid atop her, my dick driving deep into her ass as it begins to pulse and spurt inside her ass. I lay on top of her for a minute, feeling my dick growing flacid in her tightness, and then I hear her whimper.

Pulling out I brushed the hair back from her face.