Striking brunette Alana first time putz fucked

Striking brunette Alana first time putz fucked
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Lying on my bed, facing the ceiling, I wonder how my life got to this point. 19 years old, not a clue about what career to pursue in future, and most importantly (to me at least), lack of 'experience' with girls. If only I realised that was all about to change. It all began when I decided to do something productive with my life. Maybe go for a nice walk or something, maybe even a run. I dressed into the appropriate clothes and headed out to the nearest park. Now, jogging isn't really my thing but I thought I might aswell, what with the boredom taking over me.

15 minutes into it though, and I'm already starting to regret it.

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The lack of fitness from lazing around at home was having an impact on me, and at this point, only my will was keeping me going. It's a good thing to, as it was then that I laid eyes on one of the prettiest girls I had ever seen, walking towards me.

Now, this may sound like exaggeration, but my God was she beautiful. If I had to guess, she was about 5'3 with perky tits and a yummy curvacious body. Her hair was long, black and flowed down to her shoulders. Her eyes met mine for a brief moment and she flashed a quick smile.

Her smile. I was sure my heart had done somersaults. As I ran past her, I turned my head back quickly, almost as if to check if she was real when I noticed her back.

Her arse was just the right size to her body, big enough to get a good squeeze. More dirty thoughts quickly entered my mind, but before I could start to fantasize, my loss of concentration resulted in me tripping over a rock and hitting the floor with a great big THUD!

The girl quickly turned back, eyes initally showing shock but soon turning to laughter when she realised my predicament. She started doubling back towards me, and immediately I was thinking "Oh damn, way to mess that up genius" "Are you alright?!" she said, barely holding back giggles.

"Yeah, just a little scratch, no more" I replied through breathing heavily from the run, trying to sound cool about the situation but failing miserably. "Ahh cool then, just checking!" she responded, before flashing another quick smile and going back on her way.

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There and then, I thought I wrote off any chance of me getting with her. boy was I wrong. The next day, once again consumed by boredom, I decided to return to the park, but opted to walk rather than jog to avoid any similar accidents.

I had a slight hope that I might be able to spot the same mysterious girl from yesterday, but I wasn't holding out. Once I got there, it wasn't long before I found a bench in a good spot to sit and relax for a bit. Plugging in my headphones, I leaned back and basked in the rays shining down.

I soon closed my eyes in the moment. Not long after that, I felt a shadow loom over me. I opened one eye to see who was blocking the sun, and I couldn't believe what I saw. The very same girl, this time in a low cut shirt that showed her cleavage well. I could see her talking but couldn't hear her over my music, so I took my headphones out. "Sorry, what did you say?" "I said, your music was blaring out, and I couldn't help but notice you were listening to Paramore! Are you a fan" "Yeah, a big fan!

You listen to them too?" I responded in shock "Yessir! I love their music!


What's your favourite album" she replied as she took a seat next to me. I couldn't believe it. One day I was sure she thought I was too lame to talk to, the next day she's having a conversation with me! We spent the next 2 or 3 hours discussing various topics. Turns out we have a lot in common. Through all of this, I manage to get her name and age.

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She's Marie and also 19, but she took a gap year instead of going to university. I was slightly relieved when I found out we were the same age, how bad would it have been if I was perving on a young girl!

Throughout all of this, I couldn't help but get a boner from the occasional stares at her boobs. Seeing as I don't get intimate with a lot of girls, noticing her cleaveage got me really excited. I tried my hardest to stop it 'tenting' but eventually it caught her eye. "That's one thing I don't like about them, they always- oh my, what have we got here?" She said as she looked down and noticed my bulge "Err, ohh. I'm sorry." I spluttered, thinking that now she'll definitely leave "Haha no worries!

I'm quite flattered that you find me attractive" she smiled back, before kissing me on the cheek. At this point, I would have gone bright pink had it not been for the fact I was black! I turned my face to her, eyes slightly wide. That's when she decided to kiss me again, but on the lips. I wasn't so surprised however, and kissed her back with assurance.

We continued kissing for a couple of minutes while our hands probed each other. Hers eventually found its way to my bulge, mine to her tits. She suddenly broke it off. "sorry if I'm being too forward on you! I think you're quite cute, especially when you fell yesterday!" "CUTE?!" I proclaimed in mock anger.

"Oh come on, don't take it in a bad way! Of course you're hot. but your face when you fell had me gushing, it was so adorable!" I rolled my eyes, pleased that she didn't think I was a total dweeb. "Besides" she continued, "if you were just cute, would I do this?" then she slid her hand down my trousers and grabbed my penis! I gasped, unable to contemplate what was happening. She started wanking me off up and down slowly, almost teasing me. I looked back and her and initated the kissing this time, totally going with the moment.

It was so hot, I was sure I was going to blow my load any moment. "I can't hold it." I whispered. She let go just as I was approaching the point of no return. "We don't want you making a mess here, do we?!" she smirked. "Where do you want to continue this, mine or yours?" "Is it alright if we go to yours? My parents might come back any second" "No problem.

I only live with my dad and he might be pulling an all-nighter, so we'll have the place all. to. ourselves" she said seductively. That did not help to contain my excitement! We both got up and set out to hers. ______________________________________ While on the way there, Marie reiterated her fear that she was going too fast, and I repeatedly told her that everything was cool.

I was in no mood for this to end, I was horny as hell and determined to see this until the end! She told me she's never usually this freaky, and has only had sex once. I respond that's fine, quitely surprised that I am turning her on so much. I believed her in any case, she didn't seem like the type to give it to anyone, but that didn't necessarily mean she was innocent. ______________________________________ Luckily, she only lived about 15 minutes away on the other side of the park from where I would enter so it wasn't long before we continued where we left off.

As soon as she closed the front door she pounced on me, our lips engaged in a battle which would find its way to the couch. I laid her down and climbed on top of her, never leaving her luscious lips. As we continued our lip-locking, we gradually began to strip until I was left with my boxers, and she just had her bra and panties on. We stopped as she observed my dick desperate to escape my pants. At just under 7 inches, it wasn't the biggest of them all, but was definitely thick enough for the job.

She pulled down my boxers and a wicked grin ran across her face. "This is beautiful!" I blushed a little bit, relieved she didn't care it wasn't of a similar size to the black pornstars you would find on PornHub or XnXX.

The blush soon turned into a groan as she began taking my dick in her mouth. I wasn't sure how much experience she had, but she was doing a great job! I stood there while I let her do the action, as she began bobbing forward and back, still lying on the couch. Occasionally, I would match her tempo and thrust in and out of her. I couldn't believe I found myself in this situation, but continued to go along with it.


I could feel myself about to erupt. Marie must have noticed this, and soon I felt her hands rubbing my arse and massaging my balls, then suddenly she stuck a finger up my ass!

I couldn't take it any more, and came for what seemed like ages in her mouth. She managed to keep most of it in her mouth, milking me dry. She would later tell me she hadn't had much experience with blowjobs, but I would beg to differ! Once she had finished sucking me off, she took my cock out of her mouth with one hand, the other still probing my ass.

"You don't mind this, do you?" I replied by sticking my tongue down her throat, tasting some of the remnants of my juices in her mouth.

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"Hell no! I always thought this was quite sexy, and it doesn't make me gay, does it?!" I answered back. "Good! I'm so glad I went back to the park." She gave me that same sexy smile before sticking another finger in and started working me.

It hurt initially but soon I grew used to it and could feel my cock growing back to life. She stuck a third finger, further stimulating me until I was almost ready for round 2.

"WAIT! Isn't it time you got some loving?" "well, I thought you'd never ask." she replied wickedly. With that, I bent down and resumed kissing her while my hands explored her body again.

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This time, I went straight to the point and found my hands at her sweet spot. She moaned in my mouth as I started playing with her labia, flicking and pinching it. I inserted one finger and immediately felt her tight vagina walls closing it.

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I was going to comment on how wet she was but decided not to ruin the mood and continued fingering her, gradually adding more and more fingers.

I could feel her getting tighter when suddenly she exploded with a load groan. Not wanting to miss out, I dived in and licked her clean, drinking her sweet nectar. Here I continued to eat her up, while she began yelling various profanities.

"OH SHIT that's the spot. keep going daddy. urghhhhhh FUCK YEAH!!" I stuck a finger in her mouth and she lapped it, gently biting on it and sucking it, tasting her own juices. That seemed to get her more turned on, evident as she continued cumming in my face. I was loving it.

After a while, I surfaced and gave her one long, sloppy kiss. "DAMN, where did you learn that?! Are you SURE that's the first time you've eaten out a girl?!!" "Yeah, honest!" I chuckled "Well, I'm telling you that was brilliant.

Maybe it's all the porn videos you watched." "Haha, yeah that might be it!" Then she got up from under me, and motioned for me with her hand to follow her.


"Come, let's continue this in the bedroom, this couch is too small! Nevermind the 'mess', I'll clean it up later" she grinned. Eager to continue this, I got up and took her hand, where she lead me upstairs for more dirty deeds.

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