Young whore drinking piss in a bowl

Young whore drinking piss in a bowl
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I meet your plane as it lands, the airport is hot and crowded you walk up to me as without a word of hello you say get me out of here!!

as we walk away I tell you the bad news my car has broken down and when you look at me I can see the disappointment, you love it when I stop the car and we make love in the back you sucking and me teasing your clit before entering your hot wet swollen pussy. the train back is packed we're forced to stand, you close to me I can smell the musk of your pussy, I know you're not wearing any panties you like to have me tease you when we're in the car, slipping your skirt up and stroking your mound.

as the train rocks I move my hand between us, your skirt has buttons down the front and I slip my finger in the seam.


as the train rocks again my finger slips inside your pussy and you stiffen!! you hadn't realized what I was doing until just then and you can't move without the other people on the train seeing.

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with each rock of the train my finger moves deeper finding your clit and I push gently against it so I rub it more and more. half way through the journey I can see your trying to control your breathing so you don't start panting.

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my hand is soaking by now and there's still nothing you can do. as we reach our stop I feel you cum hard over my hand and sag against me shaking.

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the walk from the station to the hotel is long and slow. once we get into the lift you turn to me and kiss me deeply and hard, then you look in my eyes and say ' you bastard, you planned that all along.Thank you'.

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I knew it was one of your fantasizes to be made to cum on a packed train. in the room you throw the bags down and before I've shut the door your taking my shirt off me. I grab your hands and tell you no I'm in charge. still holding your hands, I lead you to the bed and make you sit down. kneeling in front of you I kiss you gently, slipping my tongue in your mouth I slowly undo you blouse and slip it off you.

then I start kissing you down your neck and round onto your shoulders where I gentle bite you with one hand I caress your hair and the other I stroke across your stomach and under your bare breasts. I feel you go tense as my thumb touches the bottom of your breast and I move my hand away. you lean your head back and I hear you gasp as I bite again this time harder, I start to kiss round your neck and down between your breasts again I hear you gasp I know your very sensitive between them and love to have me touch and tease there as I reach the middle I stop and move my hands to each of your breasts and gently pull on your nipples.

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leaning back, I see your looking at me and in your eyes is a sheer look of lust and longing. leaning down so you can still see I hold one breast in my hand and take the nipple between my teeth and start to pull it as I bite, your legs are straight out and you can feel a hardness starting between mine. suddenly I bite hard and I hear you gasp! as I pull away.

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then I tell you to stand up and I undo the buttons on your skirt so it falls to the floor, I feel faint with excitement and the smell of your pussy juices so close to my face, leaning forward I push my face into your still soaking pussy and force my tongue into you lapping at your juices. you start to shake again and I know you're going to cum again, you try to sit down but I stop you and make you stand so I can finish eating your pussy, I hear you groaning and as you start to cum your hands grab the back of my head forcing my face deeper into your jerking pussy.

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you cry out 'oh god Tom please.' as I keep licking making your orgasm last longer and longer, I feel your legs shaking harder and harder and you're now using your hands to support your shaking body on my shoulders. as I finally stop licking I let you go and you fall on to the bed gasping and shaking with the waves of passion still ripping through your body. as you lay the you look up at me and see that my cock is standing stiff and hard straight up and before you can stop yourself a groan of longing escapes your lips.

I step towards the bed and you start to spread your legs, but I ignore your wanton invitation and kneel by your head. I see your eyes widen as you realise what I want from you and you want it to, licking your lips your role on to your hands and knees and move your welcoming mouth towards my throbbing cock. as you reach out for it with your hand I stop you and tell you the you can't touch it with anything but your lips and tongue, then I let you move closer again. you brush your lips against the tip and kiss down the hard shaft running your tongue round it every now and then, kissing and licking down to my ball where you kiss each one in turn and gently suck them into your mouth.

you look up at me and I see a pleading in your eyes, and I know you want to hold my cock with your hand while you take it deep into your mouth.

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I can see the disappointment at first when I tell you not to touching with your hands again but the look quickly changes when I say you can tease my balls while you suck me. you move back up the shaft kissing licking and gently biting, almost hungrily you take the head in your mouth and its then you get your first taste of my pre cum.


now you start to suck and run your tongue round the head of my cock slipping your wanting searching tongue under my foreskin, greedily like all the pre cum you can find. I see your body shudder slightly with delight as you take it on to your tongue.

now you start moving your mouth further and further down my cock taking more in with each movement and running your tongue round and round it, you take it deep into your mouth and then slowly you slip back up my shaft til only then tip is in your mouth. you can see now I'm panting and my eyes are closed a quiet almost inaudible moan escapes my lips spurring you on to do it again this time as you move down my hard hot cock I feel you close your teeth round the shaft with each lick you gently drag your teeth back across it.

further and further down my cock until your mouth is all the way down and you can feel my hard cock throbbing against the back of your throat, you hold it there for a little while and suck, running your tongue round and round, then move back up to the tip again to lick and suck it each time your mouth moves over my cock your hear me groan louder and harder, you start sucking harder and move faster up and down my cock but always to the tip and all the way in.

you can feel me shaking now as I build to orgasm, as you suck and move up and down I start to thrust taking the back of your head in my hands and guiding you allowing you to move faster if you wish but holding your gorgeous, wet, wanting mouth over my cock. suddenly you feel my balls start to tighten and hear me gasp 'oh god Jen I cumming' just as you feel my cock twitch in your mouth and feel my hot creamy, thick cum hit the back of your throat, on and on I keep cumming and you keep swallowing tasting me and feeling your own orgasm building with desire.

at last my cock stops twitching and you feel my cum stop, slowly so you don't loose any of it you slip your mouth back up my shaft and lick it clean as you do, stopping and paying special attention to the head and under my foreskin. when you have finished you lean back and realise that your pussy is soaking and your juices are running down your legs. looking up at me you hold out your arms and we fall to the bed kissing and stroking each other's bodies.

waiting for them to recover and our love making to begin anew.