Delhi Mai Foji se gand marwate huye hotel mai

Delhi Mai Foji se gand marwate huye hotel mai
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After pulling on a deep blue lace thong and a pair of silk thigh highs. I set the food on the four people setting table and set down beside him. Pecan waffles and honey and smoke bacon, with hot coffee.

I sat down beside master and began to eat and think through what the day might hold for us. Today was saturday. So it would sure to be something interesting.

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"There's a sale at Sears for panties and bra's. Plus we need a new bed spread after last weeks games." He took a bite of his waffle and a strip of bacon. And continued to plan. Master reached around the paper and I couldn't help but wonder what he was planning and I started to get wet agian. I heard a you sniff and can practically see the smile spread across his face through the paper. "Well well. You havent had enough yet I see. " The smile all to obviouse now that he's speaking.

We manage to finish our breakfast in quite with me squearming and getting even wetter. After finishing I stand to put the dishe's in the washer so that everything can be washed and the plates are pulled from my hands and put back on the table. Master pulls me over his lap, my head touching the floor. I hear the flick of his pocket knife and I feel my pussy clench in reaction. I want to know what Master's going to do. He run the smooth side over my bare ass and then under the string of my G-String.

I feel the knife being removed then hear it being put on the table. Master's hands are on my ass now and I feel your finger enter my pussy.

I'm shakeing with excitement and pleasure knowing I cant cum without permission I try desperately to calm down. I hear him laugh as I try to control it, knowing what will happen if I do. He starts to rub my clit finger fucking me furiousely. I hold off knwing whats cumming and I'm sakeing with the need to cum, the need to squeez around masters hand. "Please" I beg "Please master ,Please may I cum.

I want it so bad please please!" My words frantic and glazed with the need of my orgasm. I hear him laugh, "No." He say's it simply. Like the world wont come to a stop like I know it will if I cant. I wine wondering what I have done to earn punishment.


He pulls his hands away and my body is viberateing with the need to finish what he started ,but knowing I can not. Then slideing into me agian I feel him start the egg and turn it on high.

I feel my controle slipping as the egg hits my G-spot and then it shuts off. I shake violetly with the need to cum, but finally feel my body calm down. Finally I'm starting to stop shakeing. Master running his hand over my ass smoothly.


Then just as I start to get comfertabul I feel SMACK!!I squeal in surpise and feel my pussy clench in pleasure. Master picks me up and sets me on the floor. He smiles at my shock, then chuckles as my lower lip sticks out in a pout. I want more. Master knows this and will tease me till I will give him anything just to get it. "Come now, it's time to get you dressed to go shopping. I stand and follow Master till were in the bedroom. He lays me down and spreads my legs. Closely teasingly he touches my lips.

I arch wanting more. Needing him again. He pulls out the nipple and clit clams and my eyes go wide. He knows I cant keep from cumming if their turned on no matter what the rule. Is he testing me again, I wondered. He used to all the time when we fiirst got together. But he'd stopped doiing it so much when we were together for over a year.

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Every now and then he still did and that's kinda what it felt like now. He licked my inside folds stopping befor he made it to my clit and starting again. It was driveing me crazy. The he just stopped all together. My brain wouldn't focuse right so I couldn't think to ask why. I heard someone rummaging in the closet and turned to see master looking at my things. He pulled out a white beach sundress with buttons down the front. I urually didn't wear it unless we were going to the beach cause it was vertually seethrough.

He also pulled out a par of my electric boyshorts that had a small cock on the inside. Kind of like a butterfly but put into a couple pairs of my panties. Always a size to small to keep a snug fit. With that came the nipple clamp push up bra and the remote to controle them both.

Opening another door he walked into a room with tuns of high heels, clit peircings and other jewlery or what not that he wanted me to wear. He grabbed a pair of yellow platform shoes and a yellow and white stripped clit percing.

that viberated if closed all the way. About that time he came out with the last of my wardrobe and layed it on the bed my head was starting to clear enough I could enjoy wat happed next. Master pulled out the egg and wipped it off and set it asside for cleaning. Then leaning forward ,he stuck his tounge into my pussy and started to move his tounge around.

I moaned pushing up against his face and writhing in pure joy. I wanted it. I wanted to cum. And nothing would do except his tounge at the moment. "PLEASE MASTER" My body shakeing under him in pleasure.

He held onto my hips so I couldnt move. "Mmmhm'' was all he said befor I exploded, melting in pure bliss of exticy. He got up then and removed the regular stud that was on my hood. Pulling out the otherone he put it on just to the viberater triger but not quite over. Getting up he went over to the closet and pulled out cloths of his own saying "Get dressed my Pet" Befor startting to get dressed himself.


I got up still week at the knees and slowly dressed. Aranging everthing so it was on just at the right angle. Knowing master would test me befor we even left. Sure enough as he helped me with the buckle on my shoes I felt the buz of the little dildo inside me and jumped as it buzzed around my pussy and on my clit. Then came the nipple clamps and My arms lost balance, me falling back onto the bed shakeing.

Then it was over. My shoes were on and the vibrations were off. I walked carefully into the bathroom and applyed my makeup useing waterproofmascara and a nutral lip gloss. After finishing I took the time to curl my hair makeing sure I pulled all the hair from my face. I walked out and master rewarded me by turning the clit stemulator and dildo on low. I moaned and a glaed look ran over my face. Master smiled and sqeezed my ass.

Knowing I'd be soaked in moments. He lead me out the door to the car were he buckled me in and ajusted me to how he wanted me. Legs spread wideleft hand on the console right on the door arm rest. Master ran around the other side and got in.

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Soon after the viberations on both my nipples and my clit went up a knotch. I whined in pleaure leaning my head back. We seemed to make it to the Sears garadge in no time flat. The vibrations cut down again and once again I could think. Master opened the passenger side door, his cock out and raging hard. "Make me cum pet or you'll wear it through the store." I eagerly turned swallowing his cock to the hilt.

I wanted this. I wanted to please him. To make him cum and grant me the gift of his seed spilling down my throat. It made my pussy clench all on it's own just to think about it. I consentraited on this cock befor me.

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His cock trobbed touching the back of my throat. I moaned sucking harderjacking desperatly and was rewarded a few seconds later with hot thick ropes of Masters cum. Pulling my head forward he moaned deeply pushing his cock as far down my throat as it would go without hurting me. I moaned and sucked the last of it clean then looked up at master. He smiled down at me. Rubbing one of my cheecks as he did so. We walked through the store and got a new down comfeter and then headed to the wemans underwear section.

There were all sorts of lace and silk to choose from. But Master knew what he wanted and grabed about thirty different peices then headed for the dressingroom. We walked in and he handed me a teady that I thought was super cute. I put it on takeing everything else off. We did this for three outfits and it was then I noticed masters buldge in his pants again.

"Oh Master" I wispered looking at his cock as though I could see it though his Kakie pants. I hit my knees and started to suck, lick ,and bob for my master.

After a few momentst he told me "Down" and I got into the possition eagerly. "Not a sound." was all he said befor pushing into my wet pussy so hard I thought I was going to cum right then and their.I grabed panties and shoved the cock into my mouth as a make shift muffle. Master desided he liked the idea and curlled my hair around his fist and then the panties over that.

He tweeked my nipple hard with the other hand and increased his speed I could hear the muffled moans and the slerp-slap noise that we were makeing and couldn't help but moan a little louder. Pulling me up he wispered "Cum" in my ear and trying desperately to be quite I started to shake for him. A tear slid down my face and onto his hand and he let go of the gag, misunderstanding it's meaning.

He pulled me up, still inside when I wispered "I'm fine master. It's a tear of joy not pain." He kissed my shoulder and neck. holding me up by a grip on my breast and around my neck and contiued pumping. After a few more seconds felt him tense and knew he was about to cum.

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I turned manageing to get most of it in my mouth. I greedily swallowed and milked him dry for every drop. Patting my head he helped me up and gestured for me to get dressed. Takeng out a santized wipe from my puse he wiped the cum from my cheeck loveingly then allowed me to clean him thuroghly after I was dressed. He organized what we were going to get and what he didn't like and lead the way to a cashier.

She took his card and we walked out of the stor with what we needed. He smiled just about the whole way home and I couldn't help but wonder if it was the cloths me or the dressingroom insident. I sat back injoying the ride and thinking.

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taco salad might be nice for lunch.