Papi tiene una enorme polla

Papi tiene una enorme polla
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I have been waiting for this moment for months. Ever since I first met her at a mate's party. The trouble was, I was always too shy to make the first move on a girl. And Jen wasn't just any girl; she was the most gorgeous creature I had ever seen.

She wasn't very tall, less the 5 foot, but she had eyes that could make a man melt, and a figure to drive them nuts. And finally, I had worked up the courage to see if things could go further between us. I was heading over to her house to play a few games of pool. We were actually going to have some time to ourselves; her parents had gone out with her brother and sister so it would just be us in the house for a few hours.

Being only 17 it is rare for either of us to get a moment alone. Perfect for me, it meant that if I struck out no-one would be around to see. Even so, as I rung her doorbell, I started to have second thoughts.

I mean, she hadn't shown much interest in me before, what if she wasn't interested at all? I started to change my mind, however, when she opened the door. Now, I feel I need to mention something here. Jen was very conservative. She only ever wore jeans and loose fitting clothes. When I say she had a stunning figure, well the only time anybody got to see it was when she put on a bikini, which, much to my disappointment, wasn't very often.

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That was why I got such a shock when she opened the door. She was wearing a tiny miniskirt, one that showed off her flawless legs, and would have to show just a tiny bit of her ass, it was that small.

The top she wore was just as revealing. The plunging neckline showed off plenty of her C cup breasts and left little to the imagination. I was sure if she leant forward enough I would be able to see clearly down her top.

As my eyes drank in all the detail, she smiled at me. 'Hey, took you long enough to get here' 'Sorry, I my mum forgot she had to drop me off. 'I gave her another appraising look, and decided to play it cool to start with.

I was starting to think I had a chance with her after all. 'You look different. have you done something different with your hair?' 'Yeah, I did actually; I didn't think you would notice' With that, she led the way inside.

We chatted for a bit, had a bite to eat before we went into the games room to play pool. That was when the day really got interesting. It seemed to me that Jen deliberately was taking difficult shots, having to lean across the table. And every time she did, I would get a nice view down her top, where her top was just loose enough to let me see that her nipples were rock hard. Trust me, by this time, so was I. All I wanted to do was reach across the table and fondle those gorgeous melons.

I decided it was time to take the plunge. 'God Jen, you have no idea how sexy you look right now do you?' She just looked at me and gave a coy smile. Slowly, she moved around to my side of the table and leant over the table to take another shot.

As she leant forward, he skirt rode up a little, and for the first time I realised that she wasn't wearing any underwear! I stood there gobsmacked staring as her ass was slowly revealed to me.

I was starting to think that she was trying to seduce me. 'Ben, can help me with this shot?' I was still too dumbfounded to say anything. Instead, I moved up behind her, and circled my arms around her while she was still bent over the table.

As soon as my rock hard cock pushed against her naked ass, she let out a moan, and I no longer held back. I reached up and started massaging her breasts, while she started grinding her ass into my crotch.

I couldn't believe it, but feeling that gorgeous ass rubbing against me, I starter to get even harder. She dropped the cue, and I dragged her away from the table. I was going wild, running my hands all over her body. Her hands found their way inside my pants. She began to fondle my cock.

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I let out a moan. 'Oh god Jen, I want you so bad' 'I need you Ben. I wanted you for so long!' We both stopped as we heard the front door open. Without a word, Jen grabbed my hand and dragged me into her bedroom. I closed the door behind me, and as I turned around, I was driven back into the door. Jen charged at me, her lips mashing with mine. I could feel her tongue exploring my mouth.


The passion started to get too much for me, and I ripped her shirt off of her, and let it in shreds on the floor. She pulled away slightly, and I got my first unimpeded view of her breasts. They rose and fell rapidly with her breathing. Her nipples were rock hard and erect.

While I stood transfixed, she backed away again slightly.

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She gave me a seductive smile, and dropped her skirt to the floor. She stood before me, completely naked. My eyes took in the view. I let my gaze wander from her perk boobs, and travel down her flat stomach, and came to rest on her pussy.

She was clean shaven, and clearly dripping wet. By now my dick was straining to get out, begging to be free. Jen's eyes were fixed on my crotch. 'Well, you going to let it out of what?' I clawed at my clothes, just about tearing them in an effort to get them off. As soon as my manhood sprang free, Jen came at me again. I expected her to kissing my again, but she surprised me again and dropped to her knees in front of me, and took me into her mouth.

I groaned, in pure ecstasy. It seemed like all my Christmas's had come at once. She kissed and licked up and down my shaft, never losing contact. She massaged my balls with her hand, caressing them.

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I looked down at her, and she stared back up at me, looking past my dick. Jen started licking my tip, teasing me. Slowly, she began to take some of me in her mouth. Slowly she inched my dick further into her mouth. She let her teeth graze lightly on my cock. She stopped after taking about 2 inches of me, apparently all she could handle.

All of a sudden, she got more intense with her actions. Sucking like a mad woman, she began moving up and down on my dick, using her hand to stimulate what she couldn't get in her mouth. It didn't take long before I started to feel the urge to cum. I didn't want this to be over just yet, so I pulled her away from me. Without saying a word, I picked her up and carried her over to the bed. Gently laying her down, I got down before, and began returning the favour.

I kissed up her leg, working my way towards her pussy. Her breathing got heavier. As I reached her crotch, she let out a load moan and starting thrusting her hips up to meet me, encouraging me to keep going. As if I was going to stop. I ran my tongue around her pussy lips, deliberately avoiding her clit.

Beneath me, her movements were getting more urgent as I stuck my tongue in her pussy. 'Fuck Ben, suck my clit. Please. For the love of God, please!' I licked my tongue up towards he clit, but at the last moment, pulled away slightly.

Then I latched on, simultaneously sucking and licking her nub. When I stuck a finger in her as well, it didn't take long for her to reach her orgasm, and she came all over my hand and face.

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While Jen floated on her post orgasmic high, I cleaned up her juices a bit, enjoying the sweet taste of her on my tongue. I moved up the bed and kissed her. I could still taste my dick in her mouth, and I found the taste strangely erotic. By this time my cock was begging for relief. 'I want to fuck you' I said to her. She said nothing, only nodded. I got on top of her, and lined the head of my penis up with her pussy.

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And I thrusted. Hard. And I kept going.


She moaned, loudly. It was a mix of pain and pleasure. I fucked her without abandon. It wasn't long before Jen started screaming again.

'FUCK ME BEN! Cum inside me! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. I'm CUMMIN!!' Feeling her contracting around my dick took me to the edge, and I exploded inside her. Collapsing to the side of her, we kissed and caressed each other for a while, and fell asleep in each other's arms.

A little while later, I woke up to Jen fondling my dick. She smiled at me, 'So, you ready for round two?'

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