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Big butt show on instagram
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Sex Life of Tyron and Kari The Beginning So, while I was at the office, I couldn't help thinking about how good a lover my girlfriend Kari was, and had trouble concentrating on work!

She was everything a man would want, as she liked sex so much, and always asked for more. But that said, there were a couple of things I couldn't help fantasizing about: One was that when we'd watch a good xxx movie, she could never get past about 5 minutes, and we'd be right in the heat of battle, making it happen in real life!


What a hot pussy! That got me thinking about whether she would let me bring in another cock for her to enjoy along with us. She was really a one man woman, but even though she had been married before, had 3 kids, I knew she hadn't had much of a lover until me, so I figured she must have some fantasies of her own, or at least some curiosity about what being with other men might be like or what may at least be different.

I would occasionally ask her if she would like to be sucking on a cock while we were making love, and she would break her trance enough to say no, or shake her head. But still, it always seemed to be in the back of my mind as too hot a fantasy to enjoy having her go ballistic while she got fucked by someone else.

Maybe that's strange, but somehow it made her even more hot to me! The other thing was her daughter: She was 16 very hot, yet very modest, and I couldn't stop thinking about whether she would be as hot as her mother once she got a little cock, and started to let herself enjoy it! So one day after hearing about Brad, the contractor who had come over to inspect some flaws left in the construction process, I heard Kari say he was a real hunk, and that when they toured the master bedroom, she told him not many men got that far!!

That put my feeble brain in motion, and I started to wonder if she could ever act on it, or if she would respond if given the chance or opportunity.


Well, I decided that if it were going to happen that I was going to have to set this up, as certainly she wouldn't do anything, nor would Brad as he probably had no clue. So I asked her if it would be OK to invite him to dinner on a Friday night, when her kids were at their Dad's, and maybe open some champagne and see where it would go!

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She was very reluctant at first, but I assured her that he wouldn't have any idea what was up, and that if nothing developed there was nothing ventured nothing gained. She said OK, and was visibly nervous, but that was all the permission I needed.

I didn't tell her, but I called Brad, and asked him if we could talk a minute. When he said he was in the neighborhood and could come by, I said that would be a good time to discuss what I had on my mind. After a little small talk, I asked Brad if he thought Kari was hot, and when he said hell yea, I told him what she said about it not being easy to get into her bedroom!

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He laughed, and I told him if he wanted a shot at her I would help him set something in motion. He was rubbing his hands together and said he was all over it! I told him that she wouldn't know anything was planned, but that if he came by at 6 or so on Friday, we'd be home from work, and he should plan on having dinner with us, and to bring some champagne.

I told him to pick up an x rated movie, and I take care of the rest. It was a long week for me as I had my heart up a few beats awaiting the outcome of this little rendezvous, and Friday couldn't come fast enough.

Kari was also looking forward to it I think, but of course she didn't have any idea what I had in mind nor that Brad was dialed in to see if we could get him laid!

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Friday was finally over, and while I started to prepare some dinner, Susan came in, and I told her to go get changed and decompress a little.

She was still upstairs when the doorbell rang and I stepped into the foyer to get the door and let our guest in.

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Sure enough Brad had a bag with the champagne and a movie, so I showed him the DVD player, and told him to get it set up ready to go. When he came back into the kitchen I told him to open the champagne and about that time Kari appeared, greeted Brad with a handshake, and made some small talk to make him feel comfortable, and poured some champagne for all of us.

She winked at me because secretly she could flirt, but since she had no idea Brad was going to be a little more than innocent tonight, she didn't have any idea what was about to happen and she was pleased with what she thought she knew!

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We enjoyed dinner, and finished one bottle, and then I told her that Brad had also brought a bottle and that she should open it and we could take the glasses into the living room. Well, she has this thing for champagne, and after about two glasses, she starts to get amorous thoughts, and I knew that very well, though Brad didn't!

When she sat down across from the sofa, I told her to come sit between us so she could see the screen, as Brad had brought a movie with him. So we started the film, and it didn't take but a few seconds to see it was xxx rated, and she let out a loud laugh and called us naughty boys! But it set the stage, and as we settled in to watch the action, it was only a few minutes before she commented on the woman being lucky as she had two men, and after setting her glass done reaching over Brad to get it on the table she let her hand rest on his thigh.

She already had her other hand on my thigh, and moved it up to feel my serious boner!

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I put an arm around her, pulled her to me and kissed her hard, grabbing one of her boobs and tweaking her very sensitive nipples to get her warmed up. She was indeed very warm already, and I told Brad he should give me a hand with the other boob as it needed attention too! She looked a little shocked, but when I pulled the straps off her shoulders, to give her beautiful tits some air, she didn't stop me. She turned toward Brad and I saw her hand slide higher, and she said she shouldn't be the only one with no top on.

She proceeded to pull his shirt up out of his jeans to get it over his head.

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She marveled at his chest and squealed with delight as she ran her hand over it, once again telling us we were bad boys!

She moved her hand to his cock and after rubbing it slowly a few strokes, started to un buckle his belt to give it some room.