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Gorgeous Asian Tranny Pat Masturbates
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A Day at the Spa By Rossclan Jessica swung her long shapely legs out of the car, sighed and got out of the car. My stress level is so high right now, she thought to herself as she closed the car door, I don't even want to do this. How crazy is that? "This" was a day at the spa, courtesy of her husband.

She had been working so hard lately on a big project and had gotten so stressed out over it long hours, late nights, bad meetings, bad food, and too much bad coffee he knew that a day of pampering would be just the ticket.


"Go. Enjoy yourself," he insisted that morning. "You deserve it. … Especially at this spa." Especially at this spa. It was the way he said it that intrigued Jessica the most. She had gotten frustrated with him earlier because he wouldn't elaborate; he just grinned and pushed her out the door. It was a spa. How bad could it be? She looked at the gift certificate again as she walked toward the glass doors of The Essential Day Spa. "Good for one all-natural massage session." All-natural.

Herbs, probably a mud bath or fruit paste. Eh, why not. Jessica pushed open the door to some lovely tinkling door chimes and an amazing aroma that simply invaded her senses. "Welcome," said an attractive blonde woman from behind a counter.

"My name is Jill. I see you have one of our certificates. You must be Jessica." "Why, yes." Wow, she thought. Friendly and they are expecting me. I like it so far. "What is that aroma I am smelling?" "Night-blooming jasmine," Jill said. "I know, I know.

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It's not night, but we have some growing in our green room and we've tricked them into thinking it is nighttime. Our central air system pumps that scent throughout the building. It sets the mood for everything we do here." "So I can see," Jessica said.

"I feel better already." "Good," Jill said with a sincere smile. "That is why we are here. Your husband said you have had a rough week. I can promise you that you will leave here feeling like a new woman." Jill winked at her new customer. "Now, let's begin. If you will, follow me." She winked at me, Jessica thought. That was kind of weird. Jessica got the same feeling she had that morning when her husband gave her the smile and evasive answer.

What is going on? Her mind started jumping to conclusions, and she got nervous her pulse quickened and her breathing started getting jittery.

Stop it, she told herself. It's a spa. This lady is just being nice. Relax. "We will help you relax, Jessica," said Jill, almost reading Jessica's mind. "But you have to trust that we can help you relax. Does that make sense?" Again, the sincere smile and assuring tone.

"Umm, sure," "I know," said Jill, taking Jessica's hand, "it is a bit awkward. I assume you've never been to a spa before?" "Well, massages, yes, but not a day spa." "Well, we do massages, too, as part of our services, but we specialize in holistic therapy the aroma you noticed as you walked in, for instance, is designed to set you at ease. We cater to all your senses, too. Listen.

Do you hear the gentle beating in the background?" "Uhhh, no." Jessica then closed her eyes and concentrated. "Wait … that bum-bum, bum-bum?" "Yes," said Jill with an enthusiastic grin. "That is the sound of a mother's heartbeat as heard from inside the womb.

Studies show that it is the most primal relaxation noise common to all of us." "And it works?" said Jessica, a little incredulously. "Look where you are." Jill gestured around her. Jessica looked and noticed she was in a medium-sized room, lit only by aromatic candles. She was also seated on a padded chair and Jill's hands were gently rubbing her neck and shoulders. "How …" Jessica's mouth fell open as she looked up into Jill's face. "You are relaxing and beginning to trust that we can help you," Jill said as she leaned down and whispered into Jessica's ear.

"The aromas, the heartbeat, the gentle tone of my voice, they are all designed to relax your mind and body and make you more open to experience the full effect of our therapy sessions." "Mmmm.

The 'full' effect?" "Yes," purred Jill in Jessica's ear. "To get that full effect I would like for you to get more comfortable. If I may, I will remove your clothes, then we can get started." "Do I get a robe or a towel?" "If you would like, but I can assure you that it will be warm enough in here for you to be comfortable. Also, to get that full effect …" Jill winked …"you will need all your clothes removed.

Your husband gave you our full-body, all-natural massage session. It is one of our most requested services and our specialty. The all-natural refers to the body rubs we use a secret that we reveal to each of our customers but ask that it be kept secret." "Mmmm," Jessica felt her mind swimming in a sea of wonderful smells, sounds, and sensations as Jill's hands continued rubbing her neck and shoulders.

"I'm good at keeping secrets." "Good," Jill said. "Now, I will help you remove your clothes. Is that all right?" "Mmm hmm." Jill's hands never left her neck, but Jessica felt another pair of hands unbuttoning her blouse. She looked down and saw a large pair of hands man hands pulling open her blouse.

As Jill took the blouse and removed it, the man hands rubbed over her breasts. Someone Jill? unclasped her bra and slid it down her shoulders as the man hands explored her small breasts and sensitive nipples.

She gasped and then relaxed into it. What is happening to me? She tried to focus on the man's face, but she felt too good to concentrate that hard.

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Who cares. It feels too good. The man hands continued massaging her breasts, and Jill's hands continued working on her neck and shoulders, but Jessica felt another pair of hands woman's hands this time grab hers and pull her up. She then felt hands on her lower back, unzipping her skirt. The woman's hands ran down her ass as they lowered the skirt.

Then the hands glided down her long legs as the skirt fell to the ground. Instinctively, Jessica stepped out of the skirt. The woman's hands glided back up her legs and grabbed the waistband of her panties and lowered them in the same manner hands exploring her ass cheeks, then her outer and inner thighs, then her calves, then her ankles. Jessica sat back down on the stoop and felt the panties being taken off her feet.

Jessica's entire body was melting under the ministrations of these three pairs of hands. "Jessica," Jill whispered in her ear was that the flick of her tongue on my ear? come over here to the massage table and lie down on your back." Jessica felt the hands leave her legs, grab her hands again, and lead her to the low table. The strong, man hands picked her up and laid her gently on the table, then resumed their massaging of her breasts, now gently pinching and pulling on the nipples.

Moans were escaping from Jessica's mouth. "You like that, Jessica?" Jill's seductive voice was filling Jessica's head.

She opened her eyes and saw Jill standing over her … nude. Jill was massaging her own body one hand on her round, ample breasts while the other hand explored her shaved pussy. As Jill's hand explored her glistening pussy, Jessica felt the other woman's hands rubbing her pussy in the same manner. Jessica was getting so wet.

As Jill slid a finger into her own twat, the woman slid one in Jessica's. Jessica was mesmerized by Jill's masturbation.

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Jill slid another finger in and moaned deeply. Another finger slid into Jessica. Jill removed her fingers, now glistening, and lowered them to Jessica. "Enhale deeply, Jessica," Jill said. "Smell the passion the human body creates." Jessica did as she was told, the aroma filling her nose, exciting her. "Taste?" It was the only word Jessica could get out. Jill smiled and moved her two fingers down to Jessica's lips, rubbing her juices on upper lip, while the other woman rubbed Jessica's own juices on her lower lip.

Jessica licked her lips and moaned.


The sensations on Jessica's breasts changed at that moment. The man's hands were no longer there, but something hot and hard had replaced them.

She looked down and saw the most magnificent cock she had ever seen. It was eight inches long and thick and sliding over her breasts. The man was straddling her and rubbing his cock on her nipples. Jessica's vision was torn between watching Jill's continual probing of her pussy and breasts and this man's own masturbation. The man's hands grabbed her breasts, pushing them together as he slid his engorged cock between them.

Another new sensation! The woman who had been exploring Jessica's pussy was also straddling Jessica's body and was rubbing her pussy on Jessica's legs, moving lower and lower until Jessica felt wet warmth on her toes. The woman was masturbating on Jessica's toes! The thought and feeling of what was happening to her excited Jessica.

She looked back up Jill and saw that she was no longer playing with herself another man was rubbing her breasts, pulling on the nipples, while one of her hands tugged on his cock another beautiful hard cock.

She looked down at the cock that was between her breasts and there was a slim, white hand on it now. Jessica looked to her right and saw another naked woman rubbing her breasts on the man's arm as she stroked his cock.

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Five people were masturbating over her and on her! The woman on Jessica's toes was sinking herself deeper on moving back and forth more quickly. Jessica could feel her big toe rubbing against something hard on each stroke, assuming that it was the woman's clit.

The woman was increasing her pace, and Jessica was helping by wiggling her big toe. Jessica heard moans and whimpers were they her own? and then screaming as the woman grabbed Jessica's ankles. Jessica then felt a warm liquid spray on her shins. She felt the woman get up and the spraying continued up Jessica's thighs.

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"Yes, Jessica," Jill panted in her ear. "April just squirted her pussy juices on your legs.

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Now you know our secret formula for our all-natural massages. " April's hands were now on Jessica's legs, rubbing her juices into Jessica's legs. She heard a grunt and felt a warm plop on her chest. She focused on the man who had been tit-fucking her, and the white hand was jerking out streams of white cum on her chest. One drop splashed on her chin.

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The white hand immediately went to her chin, wiped up the cum and rubbed it down her neck, mixing it with the cum pooling on her chest. The woman's hands worked the thick cum into her breasts and nipples, causing Jessica to moan louder. "Eric always did have a large contribution to the massages," Jill gasped. Jessica looked up and saw Jill's ass as it moved over her face and down to her stomach.

Her man had moved around in front of her and sucking on her nipples while one of Jill's hands was rubbing across her clit and the other hand was tugging faster on her man's cock. "David, on the other hand, makes it his specialty to cum when I do, so we can mix our fluids together. Right oh god David?" David's only answer was to pull his mouth away from Jill's tit and let out a low moan.

He took over the jerking from Jill, and Jill plunged three fingers into her dripping hole as they both gasped and came on Jessica's stomach. Jill squirted juice on David's cock, and David shot cum on Jill's bald pussy. The mix splattered down on Jessica's stomach where it was immediately rubbed in by the white hand of the woman who had jerked Eric off.

After rubbing the cum into Jessica's stomach, the woman leaned over and took David's cock in her mouth, cleaning it off. She then turned and licked Jill's pussy clean.

"Monica loves to clean up and finish up for us, don't you dear?" Monica stood up, grinned, then leaned over and gave Jill a kiss. Monica then moved to Jessica's legs, straddled them and turned around.

She leaned back, and Eric and David held her suspended just over Jessica's legs. April and Jill positioned themselves on either side of Monica and began to kiss, lick and probe the suspended woman's body.

It was all Eric and David could do to hold her as Monica writhed in passion. It didn't take the two women long to bring Monica to a shrieking climax that sent her juices splashing all over Jessica's pussy, thighs, and legs. April and Jill massaged the liquid into Jessica's legs and pussy.

A wave of heat rolled over Jessica. She didn't realize that she was cumming until she heard her own screams and her own body bucking in pleasure as the two ladies' hands rubbed over her pussy and clit. Darkness. Jessica awoke in the medium-sized room, sitting on the padded stool, fully dressed with someone's hands gently rubbing her neck and shoulders.

Words began to drift through the fog in her head. "…holistic relaxation techniques." "Huh? What?" Jessica looked around. Jill was smiling at her. "Are you all right, Jessica? I think you fell asleep?" Was it a dream?

Jessica asked herself. She licked her lips and tasted … what was it? She looked up at Jill who smiled sincerely … and winked.

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The End