Twin gay blowjob porn A mischievous training day finishes with

Twin gay blowjob porn A mischievous training day finishes with
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So it's Saturday morning and Ben woke me up with the most awesome blowjob ever, he then told me that Luke was gay.

I was shocked by what Ben said but also unbelievably happy as I had also wanted to fuck Luke in primary school but he's had many girlfriends so I gave up, i then Said "I thought he was straight, he's had a lot of girlfriends, what do you mean?" "I found out last week when I had a sleepover at his house, I ended up fucking him in the ass and getting penetrated as well.

He just has a girlfriend so people don't think he is gay." I then had an idea "How about you invite Luke over here and we have a threesome tonight?" Ben looked excited and said "Sure, I'll ring him now" Ben then called Luke and told him to come over for the night and that he had a surprise for him.

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He was gonna come over in about 3 hours, until then it was just the two of us. "So, Ben, do you want me to repay the favour from this morning" "What do you have in mind" he said in a sexy voice.


I chuckled and said "Well I'm still a virgin. So why don't you take that from me before Luke gets here" he looked ecstatic and said "That's a yes from me".

We were still naked, so I reached over to my bag and pulled out the lube and said "I told you I came prepared" he laughed and said "Well look who's eager now." I then got on all fours and waved my ass at him and he couldn't resist.

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He got up and I gave him the lube and he rubbed it down his shaft and then he took me by surprise when he lubed my ass. I jumped and then got back into the position and he started rimming me, and oh my god that was the best feeling I had ever felt and let out a low soft moan, he swirled his tongue around my asshole and poked in and out of my virgin asshole.

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He then got a finger and rubbed it down my crack with rising pressure until it popped in side and he started finger fucking me, then he slipped in a second, then a third all the while arousing me even more, moaning every time his fingers touched my prostate, he then pulled all his fingers out and I felt so empty but soon I felt full again when I felt his cock head pushing at my hole, he then slipped his head in with a loud "Ouch" from me.

He asked me if I was OK and I said I was but to go slowly, he slowly pushed his whole cock in all the way and waited for a minute as I waited for the pain to subside and once I did I said "Go for it Baby" he laughed and then took his whole length out then back in and repeated, gradually speeding up until he was going at it like a rabid dog.

I came first, without even touching my dick, with a powerful orgasm and shot my load all over the mattress, and me orgasming must have made him cum as he said "I'm gonna cum" and I said "Cum inside me Ben" he then must have had the most powerful orgasm of his life because he was puffing hard after I felt the cum filling up the spare space in my hole and he laid on top of me with his softening cock still inside me.


We fell asleep with him laying on top of me, then we woke up to the Sound of Luke knocking on the door, we both had a huge grin on our face and we both ran to the door naked and at the same time said "We're ready for you Luke" he just stood there with a huge smile on his face and jumped on us both.

He then started to kiss us both on the neck and then moved to the mouth and kissed Ben and said "I missed you" then looked over to me and kissed me lustfully and said "Looks like I got some new meat, and he looks cute too". We all raced upstairs and jump up on the mattress and Ben stroked me, I stroked Luke and Luke stroked Ben, we then proceeded to Sucking each other in a triangle of mouths and cocks and all three of us came together in each others mouths and then we all sat up with the cum still in each others mouths and went for a three way kiss, that didn't work too well as a lot of the cum dripped down between us and onto the mattress but was still an awesome experience.

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We then broke the kiss and Luke said "You guys just wait for tonight" we all started laughing and laid together just relishing this moment. For the next few hours, we just watched TV, talked dirty to each other, laughed, the occasional kiss or feel, then at about 6:00 we realised we hadn't eaten anything all day and decided we should have dinner, so we decided on pizza and got it delivered, 20 minutes later the pizza guy arrived, we all went to the front door and it wasn't just any pizza guy, it was Blair, who was a year above us but we still knew each other really well as we live in a small town, he is the openly bi, so when he got to the door, I think we all had the same idea.

We told him that if he wanted to come over tomorrow he could and stay for the whole day.

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He declined as he had to go to Dubbo for the day to get some clothes. (Don't worry, we encounter him later). We all went back upstairs and ate the pizza (if you need to know, we had Meat Lovers, Cheese, Hawaiian.) Anyway after that we were all energised and ready for the night ahead of us.

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