Pissing fetish babes pee over each other in high def

Pissing fetish babes pee over each other in high def
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Hi my name is Jo Ann, I am 42 years old and have been married to my high school sweetheart for twenty four years. He is the only man I had ever been with.

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We have two children and a great life. My husband is 6'4, 250, a mans man and has that great Mexican skin tone that I love so much.

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I am 5'7, 120, brown hair with bright green eyes. I have had big boobs since high school. I am a natural 40ee, with a 24 waist and a 32 hip. A true Texan woman if you know what I mean. My husband and I were having a great night out at our favorite bar.

I was wearing my favorite black and white dress because it showed off my great figure well. I kept my body hard by working out four days a week so I liked showing it off.

I also had on four inch stilettos, a strapless bra and no panties because I did not like the lines showing in this dress. We were getting pretty drunk when my husband decided it was time for us to go home.

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He called uber and it was there in minutes. As we are going home in the uber, my husband decides, he wants to play but we have to be quiet as not to let the uber driver know. My husband pulls up my dress and I am totally exposed if the driver looks back.

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He then starts rubbing my clit and as I am getting worked up he reminds me to be quiet. Right then he puts two fingers inside and is rubbing my g spot, while his palm is flat on my clit as everything is being hit at the same time. Before I could catch my breath the build up starts happening and my husband knows me well. He starts going a little faster and then it happened.

I squirted all over the uber seat and back floor. The uber driver never knew. As I was recovering we arrived home and I pulled my dress back down.

When we were getting out of the uber, my son and his friend were walking up to the house. I knew I was clumsy so I asked my son to help me since I was in stilettos. However as we looked over his dad was leaning against the tree and needed help also.

My son even though he is only 16 is as big as his father. He needed to go help him so his friend JJ offered to help me in and I gladly excepted. As we are walking up the steps to the front door. I start to stumble and JJ catches me but ends up wrapping me and his hand ends up on my boob. My son is a football player like his father and I was the popular woman every where I went.

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I had no clue why my son like this guy JJ. He was only 5'4, maybe 130, shit hair and shit eyes. He had three huge zits and a that barely grown in mustache that made him look like a creepy porn star from the 80's. I had no clue why my popular football son liked this creepy kid. As I recover and he lets go of my boob, we all work our way into the house.

My son tells me his dad is to heavy to get up the stairs so he is going to take him to the couch.

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My husband says he will be right up as soon as he can walk better. JJ helps me up the stairs and to my bed. As he is helping me get my second heel off, he stops. I look at him to see why. I looked at his eyes and follow them. As I look down, my dress in all the movement had come up and he was looking at my freshly wet vagina. The creepo kid would not take his eyes off of it. Just then we heard my son so he threw the cover over me. My son gave me a kiss good night and left the room with his majorly creepy friend.

I bet I had given that creepy kid the best night of his life so far. As I laid there with one heel on and my dress up to my tits almost. I could not believe what had just happened. I heard my son and his friend go into his room. I waited for my husband to come to bed but fell asleep before he got there.

I do not know what time it was but when I woke up, I was almost in heaven already. I was laying on my stomach, I felt my husbands thumb on my clit, his finger inside on my g spot and he was licking my ass so hard there was no way I was going to be able to hold on long. I still had my heel and dress on but now my dress was pulled down to so it was bunched up around my stomach.

My climax was coming hard and fast. I let out a moan so loud I thought I would wake the boys up. Just then I squirted and came for what felt like two minutes. It was so intense. I heard my husband undoing his jeans and I knew what he wanted because he kept me held down with a hand in my back as not to move.

As he spread my legs and starts to mount me, that is when I noticed a problem. This guy is to light to be my husband. As I looked back to see who it was, the creepo's face came into view and before I could say a word he slammed the biggest cock ever inside of me. I was soaking wet and could not even offer resistance.

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The size of his cock set off a wave of reactions that I could not control and in that instance I squirted all over again and moaned out of pure ecstasy. I could not believe it, here I laid with my dress barely on, one heel and a 16 years olds huge cock buried in me all the way to my cervix.

My husbands cock is seven inches and thick. However this cock was not even all the way in and he was hitting my cervix. Not only that but he was twice as thick as my husband, the only guy i had ever been with. As he is pulling it out slowly he leans to my ear and says, I knew you were a squitter from the wetness I saw on your leg earlier and I knew I was going to have you tonight.

Right then he slams it all into me again. He starts to pull out slowly and this time says, I gave your husband two sleeping pills that I told him were Tylenol and mixed two into your sons coke. So for the next six hours, this pussy is mine. Then he slammed it back onto me again. I let out another huge moan.


I was drunk and horny. Even though this kid was creepy, he was fucking me very good and he knew it. This huge cock was going to do what it wanted and there was nothing I could do but to accept it. He then moved my legs between his so I was laying flat on my stomach with my legs closed. He pinned them closed with his legs and made me cross my feet.

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He then laid on my back, reached one hand to grab my boob and put the other one under my neck. This forced me to put my back in an arch and if I tried to lower myself his for arm would choke me. That's when I failed myself and my marriage.

He started fucking me so hard and so fast I could not control it anymore. I was cumming and squirting so much I could feel the pool below my stomach and legs. This was the best sex I had ever had and it was by this creepy kid. He just hammered and hammered away, his young stamina was amazing. All I could do was moan and scream.

At this point I did not care anymore. He then whispered in my ear and told me that I was his and that from now on I am to call him daddy. If I did not I would regret it. I do not know why I gave in but here I was a 42 year old woman calling a 16 year old boy daddy. "you like daddies big dick ramming you, don't you" "yes daddy" "Do you want daddy to make you come again?" "yes daddy, make me squirt all over that big dick again" He then shoved it in so hard I felt a pop that hurt a little.

Then his pelvis hit my butt and I knew he was all the way in. I could feel him in my stomach. The last three or four inches had went in and felt like a tree trunk. It was the hardest part of his cock and it stretched me so far that it was right against my g spot. This non stop attack on my g spit caused me to become a faucet.

About every two or three minutes I was cumming or squirting. He fucked me for about another twenty minutes and kept the same pace. He was talking nasty and I was talking gibberish. I could not even make out my sentences. Then came the biggest problem of the night. "daddy I am about to cum again omg" "don't cum bitch or I will cum too, I am close" My eyes flashed opened and I realized.

My husband had a vasectomy and I am not on birth control, no need for it. That's when I realized I am also in my fertile stage but before I could say no pull out, my body betrayed me and I came again and then I felt it. His penis started pulsing hard and he shot off at least six streams of semen in my unprotected womb.

It was so much it was leaking out of my pussy because his dick took up all the space. Here i was a 42 year old whore to a 16 year old creeper, who did whatever he wanted to me. Hopefully he did not get me pregnant but i guess I will find that out in a couple of weeks. As he is pulling out, my pussy makes a popping sound and feels empty. That is also when I realized how much I loved it and that this was the beginning of my night. As I try to get up and go away, he grabs my hair and ask where I am going.

I told him to the restroom to wash up. That's when he says what for, we just started. Then he pulls me back down by hair and tells me to suck his dick until he gets hard again. For the first time I get to see his dick. It is easy eleven inches and as thick as a soda can. I could not believe it. Even soft it was hard to get my mouth around it.


I had never tasted myself because my husband never made me do that. Now i was about to taste all the juices mixed together. Part two coming soon. Please give me your feed back