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Webcam Cutie Plays With Her Tits
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CARD TRICK The alarm wouldn't stop ringing. In my waking stupor I though it was the alarm. Well maybe not. I reached over and swatted the snooze button on the clock, but the noise didn't stop. Oh hell. The sun was out and it was way too friggin' bright in my bedroom for this crap to be happening. My headache was with me full force as I rolled to the other side of my bed and fumbled for the cordless phone. And of course, it fell on the floor. Almost comically as I reached to the floor for the damn noise maker, I fell out of bed and landed atop my stiletto heels.

At least I hadn't been stabbed to death, I thought as I groaned and cursed aloud. I was pissed now and on a mission. That better fucking be publishers clearing house calling me, I thought, as I finally grabbed the cordless electronic demon of slumber. Finally pressing the talk button, I realized how amusing this whole affair had become.

"Hello." I mumbled. Surprised at how much my own voice made my hangover rear its ugly head. "Michele? Michele? Hello?" "Yes, this is me who's this?" I asked, still in a dense fog. "Michele darling this is Ashley. I hope I didn't wake you up." The voice said. "No Ashley, I was up already." I lied.

"Are you alright darling you sound funny?" "Yes, I mean no. I'm fine." I said using the night stand to prop myself against the bed. "Well, I haven't heard from you in days and I was wondering if we were still on for tonight." Now I remember, I thought to myself, moving the stiletto heel from under my knee.

I don't have to be nice to Ashley. Not at all. Wasn't that what she was paying me for? "Yes Ashley, you skuzzy old whore, we are on for tonight. What time is it now?" I demanded. Rubbing my aching knee. Fuck it hurt! "It's three-thirty in the afternoon Michele dear." She stammered. "Three thirty! You woke me up at three-thirty you silly cow?" I spewed. "And it's Mistress Star bitch." I sneered in my evilest voice.

"I'm not going to tell you again." "Yes of course Mistress Star, please forgive me. When may I send the cab over for you Miss?" "Wow, she wants me to make decisions right now?" I said to myself a little too loud. "What was that Miss?" Asked Ashley rich bitch. I strained through the bright sun light to look at my alarm clock that I'd beat to death a minute ago, but still couldn't focus.

I made a hazy mental note to get heavy drapes in my bedroom as soon as I could. Okay, this had gone on long enough. "Eight thirty." I hissed in an angry tone and clicked the phone off. I tossed the phone on the bed and managed to stand up. I took two steps and tripped over my other high heel, but managed to catch the wall before I could do a face plant.

Goddamn heels! I know, I'll stick them in Ashley's ass or press them into her nipples. She will pay for my clumsiness! I sat on the toilet after starting the shower in my tiny bathroom. From this vantage point I could see my entire studio apartment. What a mess! Clothes all over the floor. The sink full of dirty dishes. The coffee table covered in pizza boxes and empty wine bottles.

The small dining room table in the kitchen area serves as my office and believe it or not, I try to keep it clean. Especially, my small card file box where I keep my Trick Cards. I'm not a slob mind you. Well, maybe a little. But between junior college four days a week and "entertaining," I'm hardly ever home. I guess I should count my blessings. At twenty one I have it pretty good. I don't have to work per-se and my mom pays most of my bills.

Okay ya; I'm a rich bitch's kid. So what? That's the deal. Mommy pays for my all my bills and I receive way too small an allowance that won't even pay for my booze needs. The only proviso is that I stay in college and maintain passing grades.

Hopping into the shower, I let the refreshing warm water run over my body. Soon I started to feel a little more human from last nights drinking binge. Plugging the shower drain I let the tub fill a few inches as I dried myself off and wrapped a towel around my naturally blonde hair. It was down to my shoulders now the way I like it. Sitting on the edge of the tub I slathered orange shaving gel on my pussy and shaved it carefully.

That's all I needed was to cut myself. I made sure to get those annoying stray hairs that are invariably around ones asshole. I still have a couple of hours before the cab comes to take me to Ashley's house. So let me go over to the small fridge and pour a glass of wine and I'll tell you what's what.

Oh good, there's still a half a bottle of Mondalvi Chardonnay. I poured all of it into my large glass goblet. I took a big swig with four aspirin and a multi vitamin and pulled my card file box to me. There's not much in it, just four or five trick cards. I'm sorry, my head still hurts. Let me start from the beginning. I'll try my best to make sense of it all. I moved out from my parent's house a year ago to attend college.

My mom and dad separated about two years ago. Mom doesn't work. She doesn't have to. She's never had to. My father is a senior analyst for a big oil company. He easily rakes in the high six figures besides owning a couple of apartment buildings.

Well, after years of fighting with mom, he'd had enough of her shit and moved in with his twenty three year old girl friend. The funny part is we went to the same high school together and I know her. What the hell, pops could use a hot little college slut to wreck his life and spend his money. What forty nine year old man wouldn't? Anyway, mom has her four or five best friends over at least once a week to play bridge, get schnockered and bitch and moan about the piece of shit men that have made their well to do lives so shitty.

Ya right. Nice big houses and loads of money. And no husbands to nag at. At least, they all had the sense to go elsewhere. Mom's friends, at least her closest ones, were all of similar situations and social standing. After they got half potted, the talk invariably turned to sex. Or more specifically the lack there of.

I know for a fact Mom is bisexual. More than once on my way out I saw them watching lesbian porn videos and giggling amorously. I always tried to avoid the main living room when they were there, half way expecting to find one big wet middle age lesbian orgy going on, but it never happened.

Then again who knows? Maybe. I knew they all got together in each others houses on other days of the week. I used to think they were having lesbian sex somewhere on the sly, but I highly doubted it. Why you ask? Because if they did, they'd be bragging about it. That's all they ever did was drink and brag about everything and anything. Getting out of there and into my apartment was the greatest thing since the vibrator. I know you're wondering about me after all this talk of girl love.

And yes, I must admit to being bisexual too. I mean, that's the facts. I've only been with men less than a half a dozen times altogether before I realized that they are all pigs.

Always out for their nut. My latest sexual encounters were with Dawn, a girl I'd met in college. A member of the swim team I'm on. She's just like me. Both spoiled rich kids with little interest in school other than partying and sex. I just drool watching them getting in and out of their one piece swim suits two times a week. Admiring and lusting over their young voluptuous bodies.Well, I'm getting off topic. Sorry. The wine is starting to fix my hangover.

Where was I? Oh yes mom's friends. Well, one day while packing to move into my new apartment I overheard Ashley, one of Moms dearest friends, telling the other ladies in her slurred voice how horny she was. They laughed and joked. "Well Ash, why don't you slut up and hit the clubs?"Asked Hayley. "Ya right Hayley, I have enough problems with the worthless men in my life as it is."Said Ashley disgustedly.

"All they ever want is to blow their load and go back to their beer and television." Funny, but I agreed and listened on. Like I just said, men are pigs. Only women can love women like they need it. They all giggled and hooted in agreement. That's when Nikki spoke up. "Well Ash, why don't you hit the gay bars, there are several nice ones around here." This drew even louder oh's and ah's.

"And how would you know that Nikki? Have you turned lesbian on us sweetie?" Asked Kimberly. (My mom) Mom and her friends were by no means undesirable. Far from it. Anyone of them could easily have any man they set their sights on. Nikki didn't answer how she knew of the bars, but they were rather well known. Even to me. Finally, Ashley asked aloud, "I do wonder about those escort services.

They have men and women. And from what I read some will tailor your experience specifically to suit your needs." "Well, I for one am through with men altogether." Said Hayley. This brought out even louder hoots of agreement. Then Ashley said it. I remember her exact words. "I'd pay a small fortune for a young sexy woman to fuck me silly with no strings attached and then fade into the night."This brought out quieter expressions of agreement all around.

Well folks, that simple phrase, uttered among five very sexy, drunken cougars form the basis of this tale. Over the next few months I settled into college and the routine. I liked my new digs, but I was bored. I mean mom paid all my bills ya, but I needed play money! And the measly $200 a month for expenses. well I went through that the first weekend.

When I hit mom up for a bit of cash she just handed me a bag of groceries and told me I was a big girl now and needed to learn to be more responsible. All I could think of was Ashley's words. "I'd pay a small fortune for a young sexy woman to fuck me silly with no strings attached and then fade into the night." when I closed my eyes to go to sleep those words echoed in my head. Then it hit me!

I've always had a kinky streak. Maybe, just maybe, it'd be worth a try. I started to make a plan. First I'd need her address and phone number. I'd been to Ashley's house as a kid but didn't know for sure where she lived. This was the easy part. I could get that info from mom's phone book; I knew where she kept it.

Making my initial approach was going to be the hard part. I just couldn't walk up to her door and say "Hi Ashley, nice to see you again and by the way I'll fuck you silly and fade into the night." Now could I? I had classes the next two days. Friday I'd go pay dear old mom a visit. Meanwhile, my plan developed piece by piece.

I decided I'd dress a bit slutty, but wear a coat. Ashley did live in an upscale neighborhood and I sure didn't want to step out of my car dressed like a hooker. That would be a bad idea. If I were to have a shot at this at all, discretion was a must.

I needed to make an excuse, well a cover story, to get in and then somehow broach the subject. I was extremely nervous. This could easily blow up in my face.

I woke up Friday at a decent hour, around noon and drove my ratty Honda Civic up into the Hollywood hills. The windy drive brought me to the end of a cul-de-sac that overlooked the Hollywood sign.

I parked in the driveway next to moms Mercedes. I waved to Simone, mom's grounds keeper, as I walked up to the huge house. I didn't need to ring the bell obviously and used my key to enter the house. "Mom, I'm home." I shouted. Damn, she could be anywhere. Not in the kitchen. Not in her study, which was where she kept her phone book by the way. I didn't dare touch it until I knew where she was. I just had to get Ashley's info. I finally found mom out on the rear patio. She was sitting in a chaise lounge reading one of her romance novels.

I noted with amusement that she was reading one with a red cover. Those were the real steamy ones. "Hi Mom. What cha doin'?" I said. Hugging her tightly. "Oh hi 'Chele." Chimed mom as she put her book face down on the small table by her chair and turned to face me. "How are you darling? How's school?" "I'm fine mom." I said sitting down on another of the comfy chairs.

"School's good too." "Well that's good darling, I was just relaxing with my book and enjoying the warm weather. It's finally nice enough now that all the rain's stopped."She said. "Yes it is nice out today. Mom listen, I need to raid your fridge if that's okay with you. And maybe a bottle of wine or two." I cooed in my needy voice. "Now 'Chele, aren't you drinking a lot these days?" "Oh mom, knock it off." I laughed. "I've only had one bottle all week.

How many have you had mommy dear?" We both chuckled at that. "Alright, alright kiddo, I'll go down to the wine cellar and get you two bottles." "Two bottles." I whined, "Come on mom be cool. That ain't gonna cut it." "I said two Michele, take it or leave it. You need to start becoming more responsible now that you're out on your own." I sighed heavily.

I hated that spiel "Yes mom, so you've told me." "Alright darling, now go get stared on your raid and I'll get the wine." "Thanks mom. I love you." "I love you too sweetie." She said as she stared toward the wine cellar.

It was on the other side of the house and down in the converted basement. I knew it would take her at least five minutes. Now was my chance! Once mom started for the wine cellar I dashed to her study. It was near the front door and always unlocked. When I got in the study I stood and stared. She used to have a rather large black ledger type address book. I was in horror at not seeing it.

My plans were foiled before they could begin! No! This can't be happening. I looked in the top drawer and was horrified when it squeaked on its sliders. Not here either. Fuck me! I sat in her executive style leather chair and stared into space.

My time was almost up. This was terrible. It was then I realized with a chuckle that I was staring at a Rolodex. Must be new. And I saw through its clear plastic side that it contained dozens of cards. This had to be it! It just had to. I pulled off the top sheet of her green sticky pad and grabbed a pen from the desk.

I had already thought not to just write on her notepad for fear of her seeing the imprint from the top page. I put the page on my thigh and turned the Rolodex to face me. Being careful to remember its exact location. I turned the knob until the A's were in front: Annie, Art Mart, Ashley. My heart leapt as I saw it. Ashley Thornton 2351 3rd St. 555-734-0021. Yes I've got it!!

My heart raced. I had wanted to get a few more of mom's friend's addresses who I felt might be receptive to my plan, but I was too scared now. I crammed the page in my pocket and started for the door.

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I stopped in my tracks. Oh my god! The Rolodex. I ran back in and spun the knob and placed it where it was before my mission began. Fuck that was close. I almost blew it. I ran to the kitchen smacking my side into the corner of the counter.

Owies that hurt. I was holding my side and cursing as mom walked in carrying three bottles of wine. "Michele, what are you doing? Are you okay? I thought you were raiding groceries? "I'm okay mom, I just ran into the corner of the counter. Here let me help you with those." Oh thanks darling, I got you three bottles but make them last okay?" "Yes, mother dear." "Good.

Now go out on the side of the house and get a card board box and we'll set you up with some groceries." I did as she said and bid her farewell after a wholesome hug and a thank you. I hopped in my car and headed home. I was on top of the world. I still had a lot of thinking to do. When I got home I could barely contain my enthusiasm. The money I might make suddenly meant nothing.

It was the thrill of the hunt. Looking back I think it was because on some level being a Dominatrix and having women under my spell had a very strong allure to it. And I'll tell you dear readers, it still does! I cracked one of the bottles of wine, changed into my fuzzy jammies and Garfield shirt and sipped on a full goblet of the wine, all the while staring at Ashley's address and phone number.

I was puzzled as to how to proceed. This could very well end in disaster. Could I simply call her? "Hi Ashley, this is Michele. Kimberly's daughter?

I hear you wanna pay a hot young girl to fuck you real good? Wha'd ya say?" Ya like that would work. I might as well tell her councilman husband too! No, it would have to be done in person. Perhaps an anonymous friend that was a domme? I sipped some more wine and a vague plan started to form. Oh this was going to be good! Still I was nervous as hell over the whole affair. More wine! I decided to talk to Ashley like I needed advise on my sexual fantasies and what I should do about them.

Yes. Just maybe I could pull this off. On my second bottle of wine I came up with an idea. Why not tailor make my clients sexual experiences especially for them. Wasn't that what mom's friends had said? I hear that's what the Dominions do! Yes, I needed to make a form of some sort. I hadn't even tried this once and was already making a business of it? Hell yes!! Cheers. By the end of my second bottle I had the rough outline on my laptop of what I called a "Trick Card."At this point it was a fill in the blanks list containing their "play name." The second section was for their "Detailed Fantasy." At the bottom of the page was my little blurb; "You have chosen to enlist the services of Mistress Star for your personalized adventure drama.

You agree to provide the location and all the props and round trip transportation. As well as reasonable remuneration." The last part I would have to figure out. I mean what was reasonable? I hadn't a clue. At the bottom of the form it went on; "Mistress Star agrees to preserve your privacy and ensure your satisfaction to the fullest. Please fill out your trick card in detail and email to [email protected]***.com." It sounded corny and needed refinement but it would do until I could make a better one.

I printed a couple out and folded them up and put them in my purse. Tomorrow was Sunday and I intended to go see Ashley in person. I pulled out the small powerful vibrator from my purse and masturbated before going to bed.

I pretended the vibe was Ashley's mouth. Sweet dreams! When I woke it was ten in the morning and amazingly I didn't have a hangover. There was still one bottle of wine left and I downed a coffee cup full before hitting the shower.

I'd decided to slut up a bit for my visit to Ashley's. I spent a half an hour painting my nails and putting on my makeup. "Not too much now 'Chelle." I said to myself. "Musn't look like a whore!" I spritzed on a bit on Chanel #5 and stepped into my leather mini skirt and zipped it up. No panties were the dress code of the day. I did have five inch open toe spiked stiletto heels.

They were hard as hell to walk in but it made me feel more slutty. My black form fitting knit top with low cut neckline finished my ensemble. Ok it was show time! I downed another cup of wine and brushed my teeth and popped a mint.

I got in my car and headed out. I knew where Ashley's street was, but hadn't been to her house in years. I slowed as I passed the mansions. Damn, there were million dollar houses here. There it is! 2351. I was here. I drove around the nearby corner to hide my car a bit and put on my mirrored shades. As I walked to the huge house I was nervous as hell. I was also extremely excited. I couldn't believe I was doing this. Walking up to the front double door my hand was trembling as I pressed the door bell.

I waited a couple of minutes but no one came. I pressed the button again. I was just about to give up and had started to turn around when the door opened. It was her. "Hi Ashley, remember me?" I asked. My voice shaking.

She was wearing a solid red one piece swim suit that showed her amble breasts and long tanned legs. I couldn't help but stare. "Michele. Oh my god. Of course I remember you sweetie. Please, come in. I haven't seen you in ages is everything ok?"Ashley said looking quite puzzled.

"Yes Ashley, Everything's fine. I'm sorry to bother you; I guess I should have called first, but." "Nonsense darling, please come in." Said Ashley, as she hugged me tightly. I let the hug linger as long as I could and lightly kissed her on the cheek. "You're always welcome here Michele. It's so nice to see you again.

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We never do seem to meet when I visit your mom's." I followed her in to the living room where she motioned to the couch. "Can I get you a drink 'Chele?"She asked as I at down on the edge of the couch. "Oh that would be nice Ashley, thank you. A spritzer would be terrific." I said. "Coming up darling back in a sec. Make yourself at home." I felt like running to my car I was so nervous. But I was committed to this now. Better go with it. I can do this! When Ashley came back she was carrying two drinks and stood before me and handed me mine.

I was staring at her tits and not looking at her face. I'm sure she noticed, but didn't say anything. So far so good. She sat beside me on the couch facing me. Our knees almost touching, she looked worried. "So Ashley, how have you been sweetie?" I asked demurely. Setting her drink down on the coffee table, and put her hand on my knee. "Michele, what's wrong? Is it your mother? What's happened? Is she in the hospital?

I." I put my hand atop of hers and smiled. "Oh heavens no Ashley, nothing like that. Mom is fine. I'm fine too." "I don't understand then dear." I cut her off and finished her sentence for her. ".why I came here?" "I didn't mean it like that 'Chele." She said, moving her hand from my knee to retrieve her drink. "You're always welcome here darling. Do you need help of some sort?" I started to fidget. "Well Ashley. "Please 'Chele, call me Ash okay?" She said smiling and sipping her drink.

"Thank you Ash. Well I need your advice. That's why I came here." "Well I don't know how much help I could possibly be to a beautiful young college woman." I saw her gaze drift to my breasts. I know I did. And she said "beautiful young lady" too! "Ash, this isn't something I can talk to mom about. It's really embarrassing and I. Well." I sipped my drink and put on my best innocent look. Ash put her hand back on my knee but this time slightly higher up, which made me tingle, you know where. "Oh come on 'Chele, now don't be embarrassed, just say it sweetie?" I scooted closer to her so our bare thighs were touching and held the hand that was on my knee.

"Ash, this has to stay just between us. If mom found out." "Michele, you have my word darling. Now just say what you have to say." She said a bit impatiently.

I took a long swig of my drink and took a deep breath. I released her hand and put mine in my lap. Ok here goes.wish me luck folks "Well Ash, as you probably know I'm bisexual, and. "I didn't know you were bi 'Chele, there's certainly nothing wrong with that, I'm bi too." Ashley said blushing noticeably.

This is working so far I thought as I went on. "Well you see Ash; I have a friend that's a budding dominatrix. And well, she wants to start tailoring her friend's sexual fantasies to make them come true."Mrs. Jones, our psychology professor says it's healthy to pursue our fantasies." "Well I certainly agree with that 'Chele." Ashley looked over the top of her reading glasses at me, ya know, the way older women do?

She asked me in a more serious tone; "Michelle, do I know this friend of yours?" I ignored her question and gave a small giggle and Ashley looked at me puzzled. "Here Ash, let me show you something." I said reaching into my purse for the envelope containing the trick cards.

I handed it to her and she opened it up and started to read the page. I sipped my drink as she scanned the page. When she finished she looked up at me. "Mistress Star? Kinda corny isn't it?" Said Ashley with a giggle. And making a funny face. "Corny?" I said a little too loudly. "Well shit, it was the coolest name I could think of." I knew I fucked up before I finished the sentence.

No fucking way! Great move Michelle. You idiot! Ashley sat bolt upright and looked me right in the eye. I was suddenly extremely self conscious. "The coolest name YOU could think of? Michele, what do you think you're up to?" I was dumbfounded. I just froze. My perfect plan was over and I was exposed! I started to cry. All I could think of was to get out of there. And that's what I did. I ran out the door and across the street and got into my car, almost falling a couple of times.

I heard Ashley yelling my name but didn't turn around.

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I drove straight home, guzzled my last half bottle of wine, and laid on my bed and cried myself to sleep. When I woke up I was a mess. What had I done? It was 5PM Sunday and I didn't have much to do for school Monday. I decided to spend my last $20 on a bottle of rum. A good buzz always made life a bit less gloomy. I was pretty sure Ashley wouldn't rat me out to mom.

At least I hoped not. To the store! Returning with my rum I poured a healthy bit into a large glass with some Coke and ice, and sat down on my ratty couch and fired up my lap top. I still had a bit of homework to do for tomorrow. Sigh. Better get to it. I finished my drink as I completed my dull homework and decided to click on my email.

Nothing but spam. As an after thought I logged on to my mstar account. I knew there wouldn't be anything there. Mainly I wanted to see if I remembered the password. When I logged on I stared in a daze. I was frozen. I had an email. Or rather MSTAR did. And it was from Ashley!! Oh no. No no no. "I'm screwed now." I said to myself as I went into my tiny fridge to make another drink. I sat in front of the laptop and hesitated. Might as well get it over with.

All the sooner for damage control when she tells mom. My mouth fell open as I clicked on the message.

At the bottom was my Trick Card all filled out with a message topping the page. "Dear Mistress Star: So nice to make your acquaintance. I am VERY interested in having my own personalized adventure drama with you. I have filled out the trick card as you instructed and agree to all your terms.

The props I shall purchase during the coming week. I'd like to do this on the up coming weekend. At night would be preferable. Please let me know which evening would be best for you so I can arrange for transportation. Will $500 be enough? Again please let me know. Looking forward to seeing you again." $500?!

Oh my god. Ashley was serious. I could hardly believe it. I was thinking $200 tops. But this was mind boggling. For less that you could have people killed. What the hell would I have to do for that much money? It didn't seem possible. I leaned back and sipped my drink. I read on: "My fantasy is pretty simple Mistress Star.

I just want to be treated like a cheap whore: Ordered to strip for you. My face slapped if I act up, and I'm sure I will. Make me masturbate for you while you call me names. I want to be forced to suck your big strap on cock, making it nice and wet, while you berate me, slap me some more, and tell me what a whore I am.

"Then I request that you to fuck me silly and as hard as you can. I shall also provide a riding crop for your use. Please forgive me if this is not suitable as I am new to this. I humbly await your reply. PS. Thank you for ensuring my privacy. I shall of course do the same. Thank you Mistress Star.Your slave Wanda." I'll be damned! This was just too easy. $500 for that? She didn't even want to do me? I'd thought through many scenarios that a Domme might do to a willing slave for months now.

I even played as an online Mistress for a while. I bet I could do any fucking thing I wanted to her. But for all that money I'd do exactly as she requested and nothing more. After all this was my first gig and I sure didn't want to blow it. I didn't want to seem too eager either. I'd wait a day or two before replying. Besides, I had classes tomorrow and a stressful week to boot. I finished my drink and went to bed. I was only asleep maybe two hours when I woke up from a dream.

I don't remember what it was, but all I could think of was the message from Ashley. There was just no way I could wait, even 'till the morning to reply. So I got up and booted up my lap top. "Dearest Wanda. Message received. I will see my whore this Friday at 7PM. Please arrange transportation. I added my address and hit send and went back to bed. The week passes rather quickly. Doing my homework was the biggest bore. I hated it. On Thursday I had swim class and I invited Dawn over for drinks.

I didn't dare tell her of my up coming rendezvous with Ashley. As much as I wanted to, I thought it a bad idea. No one must know. Not even her. We pretty much just get drunk and have vanilla sex. Ya know? Just some oral sex and making each other cum a few times then passing out in my bed and holding each other.

I didn't consider our relationship to be one of love. It was mostly just a good release. I'm pretty sure Dawn felt the same way. But still, it was nice to have someone to cuddle with. All week I had been masturbating to lesbian S&M videos. I really liked the ones that had gorgeous Dominatrix's making some hot girl beg and squeal. The English Dominatrix Chanta was my hero and role model. It was all I ever thought about now.

When I tried to spank Dawn, she just got mad and said she wasn't into that. I wanted so much to explore. I didn't know for sure what was going to happen with Ashley tomorrow night, but I was terribly excited. Friday at last! We awoke around noon and Dawn and I said our goodbyes. She kissed me at the door and went her separate way. I showered and began getting my self mentally prepared for later. After I showered I checked my email.

Sure enough there was one there from Ashley. "Dear Mistress Star, would it be possible to meet earlier than we discussed. I'm so excited to get with you. Will $700 make up for this change of plan? Please let me know. Your whore Wanda " I just laughed aloud. Yes Wanda, I giggled, that will get me there earlier. Looking at the clock it was now 2:30pm.

I quickly replied. "Wanda: Yes my slave that will be perfect. Please have the cab out front at 4PM. Have the driver honk twice then once and have him call me Rhonda." I clicked "send" and logged off.

Fuck, I better get it together. I had absolutely nothing to wear. All the online Mistresses had beautiful leather or latex outfits. I'd have to get something suitable later. For now let's see what I can do. My leather mini skirt was all I really had that was provocative. This time I would wear lacy sheer black panties. I thought of wearing a thong or a G string, but I had a plan for the panties. I wished I had a push up bra. Oh well. I'd just go topless and wear my tattered knee length overcoat.

It was raining anyway so the coat would be perfect. Just wait until she helped me take it off and saw my bare back and my panty clad ass! That should make the horny old bitch drool on herself! It occurred to me I'd never been out of the house without a bra or bikini top.

Wow! Slutting up in the world. It felt so sexy being bad. I got my funky big floppy hat and put it on. As an after though I donned my mirrored shades. I giggled aloud as I though how no one would recognize me now. Damn I'm sly! As if on cue I heard the two honks then a single honk. Oh shit the cab's here! I dashed out front and there it was. The checkered cab.

Opening the rear door, the old man turned and looked at me. "Rhonda?" "Yep, that's me pal." I said nervously. I hopped in and we started off my first trick. It was about a fifteen minute drive. I wasn't sure I had enough for the fare and grew alarmed as the meter clicked higher and higher. When we pulled up in front of Ashley's house, I leaned over the front seat, and looked at the meter and gave a little gasp.

"Don't worry miss the fare has been covered. Have a nice day." "Oh ok good.


Thanks pal". I said handing the driver a five dollar bill. Getting out and starting up the walkway, I had never been so nervous in my life. I wanted to run and run fast. What the fuck was I doing?

I reached the front door and rang the bell. It took maybe thirty seconds for Ashley, I mean Wanda, to open the door. She looked like she was bursting with anticipation. It was then her look turned to one of puzzlement.

I guess she expected me to dress more the part of her new Mistress. Boy was she in for a surprise! She stepped aside as I walked past her and turned to face her. "Well Michelle, so nice to see you again." She said with a smile. I wish you could have seen the look on her face when I slapped her across the face. I mean she was stunned. I wasted no time in chiding her. "It's Mistress Star Wanda.

Or you may simply call me Miss. Got it slut?" She blushed beet red. "Yes Mistress Star, of course. Please forgive me Miss." Good we were over that part. I thought she'd be mad. I had to take the lead on this and had a loosely made plan. "Well bitch," I said in my sluttiest voice. "Aren't you going to take my coat?" I said.

I turned my back to her and she began to remove my coat. Of course the first thing she saw was my bare back. And just as I guessed she would, she hesitated. I stifled a giggle. When she had the coat all the way off, I heard a faint gasp. Once again I knew, she was checking out my tight ass. It was my best feature.

Poor Ashley. This time I giggled. I saw the pile of hundred dollar bills on the table near the door but let them be, and started down the hall. No one had ever looked at my body like she did when she saw me standing there clad only in sheer black panties and fuck me heels. She reminded me of a hungry cougar. "Oh Mistress Star you're so beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous." "Thank you slave." I said.

"Now, I believe you have a riding crop for me?" "Yes Mistress Star it's in the bed room, shall I go get it Miss?" "We will both go slave." I said, truly enjoying my new role. I followed her into her bedroom. On the way I noted she was wearing short pants and a sweat shirt.

I made a mental note to make her slut up for me next time. If there was a next time that is. On her huge plush bed sat a fine leather riding crop and a gray dildo on a leather harness. The rubber cock was huge and looked like the real thing. Ashley picked up the crop and handed it to me handle first. I took it and threw it back on the bed. Much to her surprise. "No whore, use your mouth." I said sternly. And she did just that. As she stood before me I took the crop from her and slapped her face again, lighter this time.

"That's a good whore now strip for your Mistress." She hesitated so I swatted her ass pretty hard with my new crop. "I said strip whore. Now!" "Yes Mistress." She said in a small voice, I'm pretty sure no one had ever ordered her to strip. Especially a twenty one year old girl. She started by pulling her sweat shirt over her head and handing it to me. "Just drop it on the floor cunt." I said. She was wearing a heavy white bra. She was very well endowed.

I could hardly wait to see those big titties! She dutifully unzipped her pants and stepped out of them. Much to my surprise she was wearing a lime green thong! I couldn't help but giggle. I quickly put back on my game face. This was shaping up to be a cougar hunt!

I was game for that. And she was the prey! "Very pretty slave. I see you dressed a bit slutty for your Mistress. Now the bra cunt." I said tapping her upper thigh with my new crop. She was fumbling with the hooks and glanced up at me twice. I took the cue and stepped closer to Ashley. My bare breasts pressed to her side. I gently but quickly pulled her head back by the hair and slapped her face again a bit harder than before. Holding her head back I looked into her scared eyes.

"Is there a problem whore? Get the fucking bra off now!" I said, slapping her again. She moaned loudly and I saw her shudder. When I released her hair she pulled the bra over her head faster than I thought possible. I couldn't help but stare. Not only were her boobs at least 38DD but they were pierced with barbells!

Oh my god! "Oh my Wanda, you are a horny cougar aren't you? Very nice piercings my darling." She blushed brightly. I stepped forward and gripped each nipple and gave them a small pinch and a twist.

I could fee her shudder and I knew she was horny as all hell. I was definitely getting there myself. She spoke up. "Mistress Star, may I please kiss your nipples?" "Well slave, you haven't really earned them yet, but yes you may.

Just as soon as you toss your panties on the bed for me." She bent over to remove them as I sat on the foot of her bed. Right next to me was the strap on dildo and harness. I could hardly wait to fuck her with it! Ashley tossed her panties on the bed and stood between my legs uncertain how to proceed.

"On your knees slave." I orders. She touched my thighs and let herself drop to her knees. When she reached forward to touch my breast I slapped her face hard. "Did I tell you to touch me slut?" "No Mistress, I'm sorry you didn't.

Please forgive me." "Its okay this time whore. You may kiss my nipples now." I said. She proceeded to suck and lick and kiss my nipples until I was about to cum. I was moaning and squirming under her expert attention.

I was loosing control of the scene. Despite how wonderful it felt I pushed her away. I didn't come here to make love to Ashley. As much as I wanted too at the moment. I came here to fuck Wanda and fuck her hard.

I stood up, my head swooning. I put the tip of the crop under her chin and ordered her to stand which she did. "Whore go into the kitchen and bring back a bar stool for Mistress." I swatted her ass with the crop for emphasis as she turned to leave. When she returned with the tall bar stool I set it against the foot of the bed and turned to face her. "Now slave, I want you to put the harness on me and make sure it's nice and tight." She was blushing badly as she reached for it and silently put it on me.

I'm glad she knew how, I sure as hell didn't. Once it was on I had a nice big ten inch thick grey cock jutting out from me. I stroked it a few time while smiling at her. Ashley stared at it hungrily, fingering her shaved pussy. Once again I slapped her face and pushed her down on the bed.

God, how I wanted to dive in and eat her yummy pussy! Ashley was sitting on the edge of the bed and rubbing her titties. I better knock off the slapping thing for a bit. "Now Wanda I want you to lay on your back for me. I'm thinking about letting you cum." "Oh yes, Mistress Star, please let me cum. I'm so horny. Please!" I sat on the high bar stool facing and looking down at my horny slave I got an idea. I sat both my heels on the bed. "Scoot down a bit for me whore." I said She did and I gently pressed the tip of my shoe into her gleaming pussy.

It went in almost three full inches. "Now whore you may fuck my foot but you may not use your hands. You may play with your nipples too my slave. Get to it." And oh my god, within one minute, if that, my toes were soaked. My slave Wanda had already squirted once already. She trembles slightly, but didn't even slow her gyrations on my foot.

It was time. I pulled my foot away and she looked at me like I just killed her teddy bear. "But Miss. Please." she whined. I stood and set the stool aside and pressed my knees to the foot of the bed and spread my legs wide. "Wanda my love, I think you have earned my cock darling. Would my slave like that?" I asked in my slutty voice. Much to my relief the love light returned to her eyes. "Yes Miss."She panted. "I'd like that very much." Ashley rolled over and crawled over to me on all fours.

But I held my hand up to stop her. "Now whore, I don't think I heard you thank me for allowing you to cum?" "You're right Mistress Star.

I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you very much for allowing me to cum." "You're welcome slave, now I want you to beg for my cock, and tell me how much you want me to fuck you." I was pushing it again. But then again maybe not. "Please fuck my pussy with your fat cock Mistress Star.

Please I beg of you." "Well slave." I cooed. "I do feel you have earned it, but there's just one more thing you need to do." "Please Mistress Star anything you want.

What more must I do?" I reached down and none to gently grabbed her hair and snarled. "You need to suck it you fucking whore and make it nice and wet."I swatted her ass with my crop twice for emphasis.

You should have seen her suck it. Holy shit. She slobbered on it and deep throated it like a real pro. Hell, she probably was a cock sucking expert. Especially in her upper forties. If it weren't made of plastic it would have cum for sure. I pulled the dripping cock from her mouth and once again got the dead teddy bear look.

I swatted her ass real hard this time and ordered her to turn around and face the head board. I kneeled on the bed between her legs and pushed them farther apart. "Now get that ass up in the air cunt. I'm gonna fuck you twelve ways to Sunday." Before she could take another panting breath I slid the thick cock deep into her tight pussy.

She squirted all over me as it bottomed out in her. Her yummy warm girl goo running down my thighs. I guess this was the first time in forever she was getting cock and it was going to be a wet affair! I started off slow. Pulling the cock almost all the way out, then slowly sliding it back in as I wiggled my hips. All the way out. All the way in. Continually picking up speed. She had already cum a third time and was moaning loudly. I was pounding Ashley's pussy furiously at this point and had worked up a good sweat.

She was thrashing wildly and telling me over and over, "Fuck me Miss Star. Please fuck me!" I was really giving it to her. She kept slipping forward. I suspect she was exhausted by now and maybe starting to pass out. I didn't care. I reached down and gripped her wrists in my hands, pulling her back into me, redoubling my efforts. I was slamming her pussy as hard and fast as humanly possible. My thighs slapping onto her wet ass cheeks. I put my knees on the outside of her and pushed her trembling legs together.

This gave me more balance and I could put even more inertia into my thrusting attack. Finally she let out a series of howls and her bladder let loose.

I stopped and fell to her side. We were both totally exhausted. I was panting and totally soaked in sweat and Ashley's juices.

I held her tightly from behind as she repeated over and over again. "I love you Mistress Star." She was still trembling badly as I held her and whispered in her ear. "I love you too Wanda darling." When I had finally caught my breath, Ashley was sound asleep.

I silently released her and got off the bed. I removed the strapon and set it on the dresser. I realized that I was still wearing my panties and that they were soaking wet. I removed them and stuffed them into her quivering pussy. Kinda mean I admit, but I just couldn't resist.

Just a little something to remember me by. I would so love to see the look on her face when she discovers them! I covered her carefully with a blanket and turned off the light. "Goodnight my slave." I whispered.

I made the call to the cab company and they said ten minutes. It took me about that long to find my coat, pocket the money and wrap my crop up for the trip home. I made sure to lock the door on my way out.

The cab arrived right on cue and took me home. I slept real well that night. When I woke I was ecstatic and on top of the world. I lay in bed and ran the crisp seven, one hundred bills all over my body and even threw them up in the air. It went pretty well I thought. And Ashley definitely had a good time.

The poor old slut probably hadn't been fucked that good in ages. I was sure of it. Well what do you think dear reader? I may not be an accomplished Domme. But I sure rocked her world. Not too shabby for my first trick! My slapping Ashley and swatting her with the crop had its tense moments for me. I mean you smack someone once too many times and they get pissed right? At least, that's the way it is with me. Next time I probably should establish a safe word. If there was a next time that is.

I was pretty sure I had my first established client. I better check my email before I go shopping I guess. Ya never know. There was indeed one from Ashley. I must confess to being a bit nervous. I hoped there wasn't anything wrong. And there wasn't. I smiled as I read. "Dear Mistress Star: Thank you so very much for last night. (I'm playing with my pussy as I type this.) You have no idea how pleased and proud I am to have made your acquaintance.

No one has EVER fucked me so good! I hope I was at least satisfactory as a slave. I hope we may do it again very soon. Love Wanda, your slave. PS, Would it be okay if I sent a trick card to my friend Hayley?

I know you know her. If not it's quite ok. Please call her Candice. As previously agreed your anonymity is safe. Thanks again Mistress Star." I'll be dammed. Not only is Ashley happy and wants to do it again, but Hayley wants to play too! Hayley reminds me of my lover from school. Dawn.

Only Hayley was far more voluptuous. And rumor has it she's kinky as the day is long. This was simply delicious. I quickly replied to Ashley's email. "Dearest Slave Wanda. Thank you also for last night my darling. You were indeed wonderful! And yes my love, we will indeed meet again very soon. Let me check my schedule. I will get back to you very soon. Oh yes, you may have Candice submit her trick card for my review. PS, As you know I left my panties with you slave. I want you to smell them as you masturbate from now on." I knew she would too.

Rubbing our mixed love juices all over her needy body. Well I needed to get off my ass. It was Saturday and I was going shopping. Oh boy was I! It was a short drive to West Hollywood, and the several fetish boutiques just off of Santa Monica Boulevard. Finding a parking spot was a real pain, especially on a Saturday afternoon.

Walking into one, I finally got a sales girl with orange hair to help me, and after a bit of chit chat, and given my limited funds, we decided my best bet were zip up vinyl thigh highs.

I chose whore house red. I had to pull my jeans off to try them on. She leered at me lustily through the whole process. It was kinda fun actually.

"You'll knock 'em dead with those honey." She said. "Oh no darling. Whipped and bruised maybe but not dead." I giggled.


"Is there anything else you need Hun?" Asked the orange haired girl named Tracie. "As a matter of fact there is. I need a corset that matches the boots. And I need." When all was said and done I walked out of there over $500 poorer. But I had everything from fur lined cuffs and nipple clamps, to a big fat butt plug. I was now pretty confident I had all I needed to do almost any scene.

What I didn't have, I'd make sure my slaves provided. On my way home with my new toys, I stopped at Bevmo and spent like $100 on wine and rum. Getting home I spread my new playthings on the bed and poured a rum and coke.

Oh yes! I better check my email. As expected there was another email from Ashley, telling me again hot much fun she had and when we could do it again. I laughed heartily, but didn't reply. I would have to set a date soon. The second email was from Hayley. Again my nervousness kicked in. As with Ashley, it was a trick card, scanned and filled out. Oh shit. It was three pages long! Can you believe it?

"Hello Mistress Star. My name is Candice. My good friend Wanda referred me to you as I'm sure you know. I agree to your terms, and am wondering if $1000 is enough for your services for an evening. My needs are, shall I say, a bit unusual. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you for your time Mistress. Signed Candice." I printed out the attached pages and poured a goblet of wine and started reading.

Wow, she really was kinky! I vibed myself silly as I read it through a second time. This time I wasn't as amazed by the amount that Hayley offered. I was more concerned about WHAT she wanted. She mentioned smothering and breathe play.

I would have to spend some time online and research that, and perhaps read some BDSM stories on those topics. Other than that, she pretty much just wanted to lick my pussy and asshole, and "Worship your young hot body like the Goddess you are." Wow, I could live with that just fine. Perhaps tonight? Hell I thought, why not tonight? It's only 4PM Lets try it. "Dear Candice. I know its short notice, but how would tonight at ten be?

If it's okay with you that is. Your requests and terms are agreeable. Signed M.Star." I would have to wing it then on the breathe play, although her description was very detailed. Still, it made me nervous. I sloshed down my rum and coke and took a shower.

When I toweled off I checked my email again, totally expecting nothing from Candice. But there it was in black and white. "Mistress Star: 10PM is perfect for me. I shall send your conveyance at 9:30. See you soon, and thank you Mistress Star. Signed Candice." This was going to be quite a production. Candice is way more of a pervert than Wanda is. She's even worse than me, but what the hell I giggled, I'm paid well.

Hard to believe she used to baby sit me, I laughed, as I swallowed my drink. I'd take a nap for a few hours. It would be a busy night. I woke at 8:45 and placed the toys of my new trade into my gym bag. I was getting quite a collection. I slurped down the last of my Bacardi and Coke. Oh shit, I better check my email before I go. Ya never know. There was one from Ashley again. She still wanted another date.

I hurriedly told her this Thursday night at ten, and to send me another trick card before then. They were paying so they got to choose their trick. Trick or Treat! I laughed aloud. Heidi Fleiss eat your heart out.

I danced and sang a silly chant I made up a few times as I started to dress. "Trick or treat, lick my feet. Give me something wet to eat." I put on my too cool red thigh highs and my matching corset. My tits spilling deliciously over the top. I stared at myself in the full length mirror with my hands on my hips. Oh yes. Who could resist? I laughed. Even if they did, I had handcuffs and a whip!

Admit it dear reader. If you've read this far, I bet you'd love to have your tongue deep in my ass. I threw on my shabby old coat and right on cue the familiar honks of the cab sent me scurrying out the door.

It was a different driver, and we soon arrived at Hayley's house. It wasn't nearly as huge as Ashley's, but it was still a million dollar home. I tipped the driver $20 and headed for the house with my bag of tricks. Hayley, I mean Candice's trick called for me to "sneak" into her house and rape her at knife point, but I was to toy with her first.

It seemed kind of silly to me, but who was I to complain. For $1000, well, you know. I tried the door and it was locked. Oh yes, under the mat. I looked and there it was. After two tries I finally got the key in the right way and opened the door. She had given me a layout of the house and I knew where her bed room was.

This sneaking about made me quite uneasy. I set the key on the table and locked the door. Let's see. A right at the kitchen, down the hall. second door on the right. I peaked in and saw Candice under the covers and turned away from the door. She should be "pretending" to be asleep. I didn't like this a bit. What if she really was sleeping? She might shoot my dumb ass! I set my bag down and as quietly as I could, brought out the hand cuffs and two three foot long pieces of rope, Oh yes, and the rubber knife.

I slipped one side of the cuffs in my right boot top and the rope in my old lady coat. The rubber knife in my right hand. I pushed the door all the way open and approached her silently. I kneeled at the side of the bed and remained silent for a moment. She was breathing normally, her long pretty auburn hair covering the pillow. In one movement I grabbed a handful of hair and pressed the knife to her throat.

I felt her body go stiff, but she didn't move or scream. "Okay bitch don't cry out or do anything stupid or I'll cut your throat understand?" She nodded slightly and whispered a simple "Yes." "Good girl.

Now don't move bitch." I whispered in my best menacing tone, throwing off the blankets. My little Candice was stark naked. She was slightly smaller than I was, but had deliciously full breasts with large chewy nipples.


Her pussy was shaved and there was a small tattoo of a Heart on her left inner thigh. "Now bitch." I whispered. "I want you to slide off of the bed, and we are going to walk to the chair by the vanity, and you're going to sit your pretty ass down. Understand?"I saw the special vibrating dildo she purchased for this trick on the vanity. I stifled a giggle. She whispered, "I understand. Please don't hurt me." I yanked her hair a little too hard and told her to shut the fuck up.

When she stood I released her hair. Still holding the knife to her throat I told her to put her hands behind her back. Which she did. Then I cuffed her up and led her over to the chair. "Now spread your legs my pretty." I hissed.

She did as told but started to whine. I pressed the knife to her neck. "Please Miss, I don't understand any of this, if you want to rob me there's a $1000 on the dresser there. Just take it and go." I just laughed as I picked up the odd dildo sitting on the vanity. It was long and thick and veined, but had a smaller dildo a bit bigger and longer than a thumb, that was covered in small rubber bristles. The thing looked like a cactus. The smaller projection was a powerful vibrator.

I knew from her trick card that it was remote controlled and the larger part also writhed like a snake. Damn rich people! "Open your mouth slut. I said. Placing the knife to her throat and dildo to her lips. Now make it nice and wet for me bitch. I hear you suck pretty good cock so get with it." For emphasis I twisted one of her nice thick nipples. She winced but opened her mouth and took the dick deep into her sexy mouth.

I felt funny as I held the dildo while she deep throated it. I'd never fucked someone's mouth with a dildo. "Wow slut you suck cock like a pro." I said. "But let's put this where it will do more good.

Spread your legs whore." I ordered. With that I worked it into her pussy. It took quite a bit of effort as her pussy was very tight, even though already soaking wet.

I reached up and wiped her pussy juices on her left cheek and lips, slapping her face while I was at it. I made sure the smaller lobe of the cactus was right up against her clit. It was form fitted to do exactly that. I'm pretty sure she came when I pressed it in. That's one! "Now sit the hell down bitch." I said still sneering. Once seated, I took the two lengths of rope from my boot, and quickly tied her ankles together, and again above the knees.

I used the long ends of her ankle ropes, pulled them under the chair and over the top of her cuffs. I cinched them tight and tied two knots in them. There, she was tied. Candice now had a good look at herself as she faced the floor to ceiling mirror.

I picked up the dildo remote and retrieved my bag of tricks. Fuck Felix the cat. He had nothing on MSTAR! This was so much fun. Maybe I should take an acting class.

I walked behind Candice and spilled the contents of my bag on the bed. You should have seen how wide she opened her pretty green eyes when she saw the propane torch fall onto the bed! Oh my god it was so funny!

She was horror struck. I just put it in there for laughs. "Please Miss I don't." I slapped her face hard and pressed a finger to my lips. "Shhh." She quieted down. Standing in front of her I pressed the ball gag into her mouth and buckled the three straps nice and tight.

The ball was made of a hard rubber and there holes all over it like a practice golf ball. This, of course would cause her to drool on herself. I loved it! So far so good. I pulled up the only other chair in the room and sat it across from my now bound Candice. I was standing right in front of her, and picked up the remote for her trick dildo.

She was struggling a bit. Testing the bonds I suppose, when I pulled open my overcoat and gave her an eye full. You should have seen her eyes widen as she took in my body. She took her time studying my boots, lingering on my panty clad crotch. She also stared at my bare bulging tits.

When Candice lifted her eyes to look at my face I pressed the "on " button. The effect was immediate. She became rigid and moaned even through the rubber gag. I just laughed as I studied the small remote. "Let' see." I said aloud. "This makes it go higher." She tensed even more, spewing drool from the ball gag, glistening in the light as it dripped down her chest. "This is off." I teased, fingering the remote. She relaxed a bit. I turned it to hi and she started to wail.

Girlfriend Sends A Video Of Her Pussy

I could see her shudder and knew she had another orgasm. My these cougars were needy! Oh, I'm sorry folks. I forgot to mention that Candice's toy also had a built in Tens Unit. That is, it has thin metal strips on its sides that release a small electric current.

I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about so I won't elaborate. So the higher the vibe setting the more her pussy received a shock. Very effective. Anyway, I sat in the chair opposite her and showed her two shiny steel nipple clamps. They were small but had evil serrated jaws.

Earlier I tried one on myself, and I'm here to tell ya they fucking hurt. I held one in front of her face and let it snap shut. She jumped as expected. "You know where these are going don't you slut?" She shook her head no. I pressed hi on the remote again and she jumped. I left it on for a bit and sat back. God how she squirmed!

Hitting stop, I scooted closer to her. I slapped her face again, even harder than before, and raised my voice. "Bitch, do you think I broke in here just to make you orgasm?" She just stared. I put the powerful clamps on each nipple.

Now she was squirming and squealing wildly. I hit high again for a full minute. Poor baby she was so needy. I saw several drops of girl juice fall off the front of the chair. I swiped it with my finger and rubbed it on her lips. "Well slut, you like this don't you? My my. Bitch, you do realize that I can't leave you here when I go?

I know a rich bitch like you would call the cops on me in a second. I really hate to do this but I must. No hard feelings huh?" I got up and pressed my tit to her face, holding the back of her head so she couldn't breathe, I felt her struggle and released her.

I reached over to the pile of toys on the bed and produced a foot square piece of plastic wrap. Her eyes widened when she saw it. I walked behind her and reached over her head. I held the plastic wrap in front of her face. Moving my chest behind her head, I pulled the wrap tight across her nose and mouth. She struggled heavily. "Bye bye Candice." I whispered.

I waited three seconds and pulled it away, and returned to my chair and sat before her again. I reached over and twiddled the clamps on her nipples a bit as I spoke to her in a soothing voice. "Ya know Candice; I just can't bring myself to do away with you, without allowing you an orgasm or two.

That just wouldn't be right now would it?" She was shaking her head with terror in her eyes. I just smiled and told her, "Yes my darling, I know." This was the scary part. I showed her the remote with my finger hovering on full, and pressed the button throwing it over my shoulder. Her eyes were in tears now as she struggled against her bonds. Her ass squirming on the dripping wet chair. I ignored her thrashings and again took position behind her.

I held the plastic wrap tightly to her face again. It was smeared with her lipstick, making it harder for me to see her face in the mirror. She struggled furiously. I let go after just a couple of seconds. I did it again, this time a bit longer. All the while, the wicked dildo bringing orgasm after orgasm. I know what you're thinking.

I could easily kill her doing this shit. But this is what she wanted. I must be extremely careful. I needed to stop this and stop it soon. Her eyes were starting to unfocus. By now she had cum so many times there was girl juice dripping steadily to the carpet. I released the plastic and reached down and unclamped her nipples. She howled even thru the gag as the blood filled her nipples again.

I pressed the plastic to her face one last time. I saw her face in the mirror. Oh fuck! Her eyes were rolling back in her head and her lips had turned blue!!

I dropped the plastic and turned off the dildo. She was slumped over in the chair. I was filled with panic. Oh my god, what had I done? Candice was still breathing and had a pulse. I was scared shitless as I removed the gag. I furiously untied her, and had just unlocked her cuffs when she came to. I fell to my knees crying hysterically and held her tight.

I was crying my eyes out, my head on her shoulder. It was then I realized she was holding me as well. She was trembling as badly as I was."It's alright Michele, I'm fine sweetie please stop crying." Said Hayley, her voice shaking. I pulled away from her and smiled weekly.

"It's Mistress Star."I said wiping my eyes on my arm. "Did I hurt you Hayley?" I asked with a sniffle. "It's Candice. Mistress Star." Said Hayley. We both just looked at each other and laughed heartily. "And no Mistress you didn't hurt me. Those were the most intense orgasms I've ever had. You've made my dream come true. I've fantasized about this for ages.

But now, I know how dangerous it is. I'm very sorry I put you through that."She said tenderly, kissing my tears away. I was loosing control again. Or maybe I just remembered the rest of Candice's trick card.

The latter I think. I got off my knees and slapped her hard across the face. She looked absolutely stunned. I slapped her again. "Sorry? You're sorry huh?" I asked pinching one of her nipples. "Yes Mistress Star I didn't." "That's right bitch, you didn't." I said climbing up on the bed, pushing stuff out of my way and onto the floor.

I turned over and leaned against the pile of pillows. I had both kneels up and my legs spread and began fingering my pussy as Candice watched. I pointed to my pussy and started to finish my sentence, but I didn't need to. Candice had already climbed up and started to eat my pussy. She was good at it. Very good at it. When she started to lick my asshole, she shoved her cactus dildo in my pussy. I squealed wildly and squirted in her face. She licked and fingered and sucked on me for quite a long time.

I remember cumming and cumming. When I awoke Hayley and I were holding each other and the sun was out. I sat up in her plush bed and looked around. What a mess. The sheets were soaking wet. We had slept in our own juices. Candice was starting to stir when she sat bold upright and gasped. I heard it too. Someone was in the house! It was a man's voice. "Hayley are you home?" I couldn't believe it. We looked at each other in horror as her ex-husband flung open the bedroom door.

He looked right at me and then to Hayley. "What the fuck is going on here? Who the fuck is this?" He said pointing at me.

"Aren't you Kim's kid? Oh this is just great Hayley, you're fucking children now." I didn't realize fully what had just happened, but Hayley and I we're both stark naked and holding each other in her obviously wet bed. With bondage toys and ropes all over the floor.

It was Hayley that broke the frozen atmosphere. "She's just a friend Roger. Now shut the fuck up and get out of my house. You don't live here anymore remember?" "The divorce isn't final yet. You know that." Said the irate man. "I just came over to get some papers anyway. So, you're a fucking dyke now, banging slut's right out of high school?" Hayley was on her feet now, still naked, and they had moved into the hallway to continue their argument.

I gathered up most of my stuff and scooped up the money meant for me. I threw on my coat and headed out of the house, they were still yelling. God, what a scene! I hoped their fight didn't turn violent, but I couldn't hang around and find out. I was sure Hayley could handle herself just fine. I would call her later just to make sure. I had pressing problems of my own. I was totally nude under my old coat and needed to figure out how to get a ride home.

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I walked barefooted for a couple of blocks until I came across a bus stop bench. Rummaging thru my bag of tricks I pulled my cell phone from an inner zippered pocket. Fortunately, I had the number for checkered cab and called it. I had to look at the street signs to give them my location. I pulled my boots out of my bag and put them on. Ya, that looked real cool. Especially, to the two teen age boys who rode by on their bikes and pointed at me and laughed.

I know they saw my naked lower body. At least no cops saw me. It took forever for the cab to arrive. Some old bitch walking her little mutt stopped and shook her head at me. I wondered if I looked like a prostitute. The boots were a dead give away. And my exaggerated make up probably cinched it. Damn it. There was a lesson to be learned somewhere in all this. I wasn't exactly sure what it was at this point, but it sure was nice to get home. And I was a $1000 richer!

I spent the rest of the day drinking rum and coke and watching TV. On my third drink I made a decision to lay low for a bit. I did call Hayley and asked if she was alright. She said she was and apologized profusely. She begged me to let her make it up to me and offered me $2000! This time, we could go to a nice hotel for our play. I agreed, but didn't set a date.

I told her, I'd email her. So much for laying low. When I woke up it was late Sunday afternoon. I had to scramble to do my friggin' homework but finally finished it near midnight. I didn't bother to check my email but went straight to bed. School was becoming the only time I could relax. During the slow week Candice was begging me for another session and both she and Wanda had each sent me new trick cards. I set Candice's date for 10PM Friday. Wanda was already on my calendar for Thursday.

Candice also asked me if a friend of hers could send me her trick card too. This was becoming a full time job! When I came home from school Thursday, there was a piece of paper stapled to my door.

"Three day notice to pay or quit." What the fuck? I snatched it off the wall and went to speak to the apartment manager. I'm sure it was a mistake. "No Michele, I'm sorry, there's no mistake. The rent was due Monday.

I thought your mom paid the rent."Said the kindly old manager lady. That was weird. Maybe mom's check got lost in the mail. I went up to my apartment.

The power had been shut off too! I pulled out my cell phone and called mom. "Mom, something weird's going on, my rent didn't get paid and." "Yes Michelle, I know. I stopped paying it and everything else for that matter." "Mom, what the hell's going on here?

Why did you do that?" I screamed. There was no answer. She had hung up the phone! I locked my door, hurried to my car and drove over to mom's place. A sickening feeling suddenly came over me.

I had a pretty good idea why too. The front door was unlocked and I walked right in. "Mom." I hollered."Mom, where are you?" "In the living room 'Chele." Wow, now I knew something was very wrong. She didn't sound mad like she had on the phone. When I walked in the living room she was sitting on the couch. "Mom, what the hell's going on here? Why didn't you pay my rent? The power is off too!" She patted the couch next to her and still showed no sign of anger.

I sat on the couch and faced her. In a calmer voice I asked her why she was doing this to me. "Well,'Chele, or should I call you Mistress Star?" My mouth dropped open and I was utterly speechless. "And besides, you make good money now. Don't you?" She said with a faint smile. She pulled a pile of papers off of the coffee table and handed them to me. I gasped. They were printouts of Hayley's emails to me.

All of them! Including Candice's trick card. I was stunned beyond description. "Mom." I stammered. "Where did you get these?" "From Rodger. Hayley's ex-husband." "Mom, let me explain." I said hysterically. "Oh don't bother 'Chele, that won't be necessary. I'll pay the rent and the late fees, and have your power turned back on. And I'll keep paying all your other bills too. There's just one thing I want to know." She said, picking up a single sheet of paper from the table and holding it with both hands.

"What's that Mom?" I asked still distraught. "Step Mom." She said. Handing over the printed sheet with a strange smile.

"Did, I fill out my trick card correctly Miss Star?" THE END