Killer body and cute summer day hardcore and outdoor

Killer body and cute summer day hardcore and outdoor
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The trip home Friday after work was a lot more pleasant than Thursday was and we're home on time and Loretta is skeptical but when she sees me and that I'm alright and talking with Mr. Delauter. We settle in for dinner and I'm feeling out of place still as I'm in a suit while I'm at the dinner table.

Conversation is light and friendly save for Lilly who is still bummed about being punished for forgetting her friend aka me in the basement. We finish eating and again I'm being followed by Lilly who is desperate for me to let her off restriction.

She hasn't said it but something is bothering her and it's a little more than just her not being able to initiate sex with Jun. "Okay girl, spill it," I say once we're in her and Jun's room. "I don't think Jun loves me anymore," She says sadly as I close the door behind us," He doesn't want to have sex with me and it's been two days.

We've never waited this long." "So you think that he's not in love with you because he doesn't want to have sex with you," I ask getting a sad nod," but he sleeps with you and kisses you.

But because of no sex you just think that he doesn't love you?" "It's the ultimate expression of love," She blurts out desperate," I can't express myself and he doesn't want me anymore." "So I should just let you do what you want so you can burn out your boyfriend till he's hiding from you," I say getting a horrified look from Lilly," You're insatiable sometimes Lilly, and here you have free reign to do a lot more than you ever were allowed at home.

But there is no balance, sex and more sex but what do you do to show your love outside the bedroom. Let's go have sex in public?" "But I thought Jun liked sex with me," Lilly says horrified. "He does, but if that's all your relationship is then maybe by not having sex with you all the time is his way of trying to preserve it," my words have an impact as I'm calm and sitting next to her on the bed," Try something for me, tonight I want you to hold him.

Nothing fancy just hold him while you're trying to fall asleep." "But Jun doesn't like being held," Lilly says sadly. "Just ask him nicely and don't try to fool around," I say getting a soft nod," Tomorrow it'll feel different but better. Also go out with him on a date or something, just the two of you." I see her nod quietly again and I leave the room only to pass Jun in the hall. "Hey man, thanks for putting the control of sex in my hands for a change," Jun says smiling.

"Go into your room and make out with her, just that much and nothing else," I say as he gives me a confused look. "What are you talking about," he says bewildered.

"Dude, she needs you but you need to help her learn to take her time dammit," I say getting frustrated," Do I have to tell you people everything?" "I get it man, thanks," Jun says patting me on the arm before heading to his room. I get back down stairs and I sit with my girls in the TV room and try to relax after my day and get myself into the asshole mindset that I need to be in for Kelsea tomorrow.

We're there for about an hour when Kori gets up and leaves for the bathroom. We're still sitting when every one of our phones goes off with a message, mine says 'come up to the room to talk' and I look at Rachael's which says 'I need to be with Guy alone'.

I get up and Imelda hands me the suit jacket and I put it on as I head up to our room. The door is closed and I pause before opening and knock lightly, I hear a 'come in' from inside. I get the door open to see Kori in a blue one piece dress like you'd see a woman wear on an old TV show complete with pleated skirt and a pearl necklace.

"Welcome home from work honey," Kori says with a pleasant smile," Did you have a good day?" "I did not, I had to deal with a very harsh individual and I will have to do more tomorrow than I care to with them," I say as Kori leads me over to the couch to sit down.

"You are my love; you are strong enough to take care of anything they put in front of you. And you're doing this for your family are you not," Kori says kneeling in front of me and taking off my shoes. "I am but sometimes it just seems like everyone comes to me to fix their problems," I say as my girl finishes removing my shoes and stands up. "You are someone who does, you don't care about the how and you fight with everything you have to fix anything.

Heather abused your love and you made us girls your love," Kori says reaching behind her and I hear a zipper being pulled down before her dress loosens and I watch as it falls. I'm never not amazed when one of my girl's strips in front of me and this time is no exception. It's nothing fancy, just a plain off white bra and panties but Kori is standing in front of me quietly and I'm a little speechless.

Thankfully the rest of my body is up to par as I stand up and move over to Kori and gently touch her waist. She exhales slightly at my touch before taking my hands and placing them on her shoulders. I am a little confused until she starts undoing my tie, and then unbuttons my shirt getting them both off. Finally my belt and my pants before she slowly reaches behind herself again and undoes her bra letting her soft ample breasts free, I step away for a moment and dim the lights only to see Kori has moved and turned on a single bedside lamp.

I get back over to her but watch as she backs up the bed a little away from me. I smirk a little and pull down my underwear and crawl up the bed a little. Kori doesn't keep backing up and I gather her purpose was to get me on the bed.

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I start to kiss Kori's feet as she lies down with her legs together and her arms crossed under her breasts. Then I trail up her legs taking my time till I get to her hips, it takes no effort to reach under Kori's hips and help slide her panties off.

I get her legs back down to the mattress but they're spread as I continue the trail of kisses up her body. I focus on her breasts a little bit, they're soft and big what can I say. Kori's hands are on my back almost guiding me up her body as she arches her back as I kiss her neck.

The whole feel is soft and save for how unbelievable firm I am as I can feel myself reach her gates. I'm patient and so is Kori as I finally get to her lips and we kiss. It's soft and timid which for some reason is so different that I can't help as our bodies connect and as I enter her we both gasp breaking out kiss. Every time with Kori it's like velvet and this time is no different and a little of the familiar is wonderful as I start to move in slow patient strokes. I'm taking my time and I see Kori's eyes are closed and she's biting her lip as I keep my pace.

I feel like I could be doing more when it occurs to me she's not. Usually she's wanting some foreplay or even moving her hips to meet mine but now all I have is her holding me and her body accepting me as I continue to bring us both closer to a wonderful ending. "I'm not worried about you anymore, or about us," Kori says as I continue my work," I'm really feeling secure in what we're doing again. And you look so handsome in a suit I just can't help but want you in more." "In more suits or you," I ask smiling.

I see her smirk a little and pull me in for another deep kiss, I twitch inside her it's that big of a kiss and while she's using none of her tricks to make me feel good it's really not needed right now as things are feeling connected between us. I always seem to connect with my girls a little more than with any other female, it's not worse with others but there's a reason they're my girlfriends.

I start to speed up but Kori's hands get to my hips and slow me down as she finally breaks the kiss. "If it meant our relationship would you get me pregnant right now," Kori asks putting me in an odd moment for a second. I don't answer, I want to but my orgasm takes over and I bury myself in her warm folds before releasing my seed into her. I am moaning lightly as I cum and I can feel Kori is tensed up and clinging to me as I assume her orgasm hit as my seed hit her womb.

We lie there and finally she helps me roll off of her and onto my back where she is quick to follow resting her head on my chest. I feel bad about not answering her. "Kori I'm sorry that I&hellip.," is as far as I get when she looks at me with her steely grey eyes softly.

"Baby you told me everything I needed to her and I know it's the truth," she says leaning up and giving me a kiss," But no baby this time, you have to wait on that one Mr. Donnelly." We lie in bed and cuddle relishing in the glow as I explain quietly what is going on with Mr.

Delauter. Kori's temper gets the best of her for a moment before I explain that there is a plan and then go down the list of what I did to get it there. We debate about it and she sees me being set up by Kelsea and I agree with her as being the logical step. It's only been an hour when the rest of my girls come in and start to change into bed clothes when Kori overrules it and demands naked women for the man in the family.

My girl and Natsuko all smile and comply and I get a nice soft kiss from all of them as Natsuko sits and feels awkward for a moment. "Are you okay," Rachael asks Natty who shakes her head no before hopping off the bed and grabbing a robe. We all sit and wonder what happened as Natsuko leaves the room and comes back a moment later with a warm damp wash cloth and a towel.

She removes her robe after closing the door and crawls on the bed again letting Kori clean up first before slowly taking my flaccid member in her mouth and patiently cleaning me with her tongue. It's a nice feeling but a brief one as it becomes apparent that is all she is doing before using the warm rag and finishing the job with the towel. We lie in bed and talk casually and quietly as the evening rolls on and I get an idea, granted it's morbid and will confuse anyone I ask but it's worth a shot anyway.

I get up from the bed and get on underwear and shorts before digging through my bag for gear till I find my hand tape and thick sparring gloves. I head out of my room and downstairs to find Loretta drinking a cup of warm tea and reading a news paper in the TV room.

"Hey Mom, I need you to get your first aid kit. I'm going to get hurt," I say quickly before rushing back up stairs. "Wait you're what," Loretta asks calling after me surprised. I get up the stairs and start knocking on all bedrooms and getting everyone out including Mr. Delauter from his office as I'm back in the TV room moving furniture. Mark Jr. and Devin start helping me but it's my Loretta who is confused and worried as people gather in including my girls who are in their pajamas.

"I have a big task tomorrow, a few of you know what it is and most of you don't. I don't like secrets but a plan is in motion and I need help with it," I tell everyone getting a few concerned looks," Now I need either Devin or Mark to hold me for this." Devin volunteers and I show him how to lock my arms behind my back exposing my ribs and leaving me defenseless.

Everyone is getting more confused and Loretta has the first aid kit but is seriously concerned. "Now comes the difficult part, Katy I need you to pick a few volunteers and you're one of them," I tell her as she takes Mark Jr., Rachael, and Ben," Now Ben I want you to go first, put on one of the gloves or both if you need to." Everyone is glaring a hole through Ben and he's more nervous right now than anyone as he puts on my sparring gloves.

I take a deep breath and steel myself for what I'm about to say. "Ben use your fingers and find my ribs," I say as he follows and checks where they start and end," Now hit me where I have no ribs." My words have everyone confused and Kori is about to say something when Mr. Delauter stops her. I watch as Ben cautiously takes a fighting stance and delivers a hard shot to my stomach. The air isn't knocked out of me but it hurts and I nod my head for him to go again and he does this time on the left side by my ribcage.

I allow him to continue for a little bit giving him six or seven, I lost count, shots before shaking my head and he stops. Everyone in the room is horrified as Ben steps back and takes of the gloves.

I am staring at Katy who is nervous but determined as I explain her part. "Orbital socket on the left side, try to hit me above the temple," I tell her as she pulls on the pads," and my cheek bone on the other side of my face." Katy has been training with me and Dad for over a year now and the first shot is right on the money as my head rocks to one side.

I get my head righted long enough to see the shot from the other side coming, Katy knocks me around with about three or four shots when she just stops and starts crying. I shake my haze off and look at her. "Katy its okay, this isn't for fun this is for family," I tell her getting a sad but accepting nod," Rachael?" If you have ever seen terror in someone's face then Rachael coming up to me as I've had my crap knocked around.

She is almost shaking as it's her turn. "Baby it's a big thing but I need you to slap me in the nose hard like you were trying to hit my cheek and missed," I say as my chest and ribs start to ache.

"I can't, I don't like this," Rachael says scared. "Honey its okay but I need you to&hellip.," is as far as I get as I can feel her palm slam my nostril closed. Sure enough a bit hazy later and I'm feeling a little bit of blood trickle down out of my nose. Rachael is petrified as my vision clears up. "That was perfect honey, first shot and everything," I say praising her before turning my attention," Devin I need you to hold me up and Mark I need you to get my back, and go for a bruise and not a break." I've been hit by Mark Jr.

before and it's the waiting in between shots as he works on the same spot a couple times and drives the wind out of me before stopping that is the worst of it. Finally Devin tells him to stop for me and I mutter chair and have one magically deposited under my ass.

I stare at my family as I'm hazy with pain, Loretta is starting to stop the blood but I ask her to ice the bruising last. "What would you do for your family?

Would you agree to help if it cost you everything outside of them? Would you take the beatings from everyone just to keep a secret that would tear them apart? It's something that not many of you understand and while I don't like doing this what I do tomorrow depends on it," I explain as my nose gets stopped and my eye is iced.

"Guy I will never understand you," Ben says shaking his head. I watch as the family starts to clear out and I nod to Kori to explain to the rest of the girls privately as everyone gives the room to Mr.

Delauter, Loretta and I. She is quiet and upset as she works on my bruising. "This was completely uncalled for," Loretta says with a little anger. "Mom look at me please," I ask as she makes eye contact shows me some fire," I promise you that tomorrow I will explain why I had this done and it will be worth it." "You taking a beating will never be worth it. No plan where my son has to be hurt is never worth it," Loretta says getting angry as I take her hands in mine.

"Mom I am asking you to trust me, please. Trust me even though you don't understand," I ask as she's trying to be angry with me. I get an accepting nod and she leaves the room and I follow Mr. Delauter to his office. He's stoically quiet as we get inside and he shuts the door behind us. We sit down at his resting chairs like we did the night I had my fallout with the girls and I go into what I came up with to do and why. He takes it all in and when I explain in detail where I'm coming from he agrees and understands.

We only talk for about twenty minutes before I stagger my sore body up stairs and once inside my room am fawned over by my girls. Apparently Kori told them about my day and its Katy and Imelda who figured out the why for my beating and I'm being cared for and tended to as I doze off to sleep. Saturday morning I'm woken by Mr. Delauter and while I'm a little surprised at the change in person the task remains the same and getting on the third suit is a bit difficult with my light yet very evident bruising.

I put on a pair of sunglasses and head my step dad's work. I'm in a black suit with a red tie which is kind of humorous to me as we ride in his car silently and again up to the elevator. We get through the door and I see almost nobody in the office save for Kelsea and a few aides.

She starts to give Mr. Delauter a progress as she sees me moving a little slower than normal and my face bruising has her shocked as we get into his office. "Kelsea, I want you to take this 'associate' of mine and make sure he can keep himself out of trouble today," Mr. Delauter says with a little venom before turning to me," and if you pull any of that nonsense again you'll get more of what you took yesterday." We both leave and Kelsea is on her toes with me as we get to the elevator and start to head down to the filing offices again and we start doing more collating for cases and I'm moving some boxes which strains my torso and I 'drop' the box before I painfully drop down to pick it up.

Kelsea moves in to help me but I elbow her out of the way lightly and finish picking up after myself. I can hear the questions burning in her brain as I'm about to pick up a larger box. "What happened to you," She asks trying to get me to face her. "Don't. Don't even think for one second that this bullshit game will work with me," I say starting to lift the box then stopping as my 'pain' is a bit much. "I don't know what you're talking about," Kelsea says confused and backing off.

"Whatever you say lady," I say before picking up the box and moving it to a different table. "No, you do not do this with me. I don't know what I'm being set up for and you need to tell me what happened," Kelsea says whispering as an aide comes down to our area for a few files.

"Right, you 'don't remember' calling my boss and telling him that he should keep his dog on a shorter leash. Or that I needed to learn some manners when I'm out in public," I growl in a low tone. "I never said anything to him, what are you talking about," Kelsea says frantic as the aide leaves the room.

I pull off my sunglasses and Kelsea's face turns to horror as she sees my eyes, the one Katy worked on looks like a nice yellow/brown bruise and the white of my eye is red. Add to that now she is seeing the dried blood in my nose, I had to get it to rebleed this morning a little but it worked, and the bruise on the other side of my face and the picture is becoming clearer to her. "You think I told him about you," She says shocked.

"I don't think, I remember standing there when you called. He said your name and then asked if you were sure before hanging up and calling up some security. I got my ass handed to me by three guys as he sat on the edge of his desk and watched. Then he told me 'Next time you try to get in with one of my people you'd better pick the right one to turn'," I say growling out the 'events'. "I didn't call him yesterday, I haven't spoken with him between the time I left office yesterday to this morning," She tells me as I start to walk away.

"Whatever you want to believe bitch, I'm done with you and any of your bullshit lies," I say heading into the bathroom. One thing I never understood was unisex bathrooms in work environment with equal amount of males and females. It's a confusion that I put to the side and clean up my nose a little bit before checking my eye. Katy did a good job but I'm waiting for Kelsea to come in and when she doesn't I decide to go looking for her. She's not in the filing offices and I get a funny feeling before heading back up the elevator and to Mr.

Delauter's office, I can hear voices and when I knock I'm told by my Step father to enter. I walk in quietly and pained as I see him sitting on the edge of his desk as Kelsea standing in front of him.

"Sir, in the year plus that I've worked for you I've never seen this side of you with any of your employees. You've always been fair and reasonable but what you did to him is too far for any boss to do to an employee," Kelsea says taking my defense to my shock. "Well then I guess it's good that he's not my employee," Mr. Delauter says getting a shocked look from Kelsea," Oh he didn't tell you, this is my son." "This is your son," She says with horror.

"Well technically this bastard is my step son, he's been coming around ever since he found out his mommy had money. Problem is he's doesn't know when he's not welcome so I've been making use of him, have him beat up boy's I don't approve of for my daughters, let my REAL son and his buddies haze him for their entertainment.

My wife doesn't say anything till it's over and even then she only babies him," my step father says turning into the best asshole on the planet. "Mr. Delauter what you are doing to him is horrible," She says trying to reach him. "Did you know he got his best friend shot by the cops, or that his exgirlfriend is currently in a mental care ward being treated for an obsession that he helped her acquire for him?

He's a dog now watch," Mr. Delauter says stepping towards me and 'backhanding' me to the ground with a smack. I sell it with the best of them as I hit the floor and groan in pain.

Kelsea is more horrified now than she was before and I am rolled onto my back by a foot, Mr. Delauter's foot. "Now Kelsea you need to understand that my family and my work are two different things, this little shit wants nothing more than to take from me until I'm dead," he says as we make eye contact and he winks at me," Now I'm going to head out to lunch, would you like to get something with your boss?" I watch as Kelsea declines as politely as she can with no words. Mr.

Delauter shrugs and steps out of the office saying he'll be back by two since he's going to go see his wife, my mother, across town. I can hear his footsteps getting farther away and Kelsea is still shocked into her spot as I pull myself from the floor with pained movements. I start to leave the room when she takes my arm and tries to pull me to his personal bathroom.

I shrug her off and I have a look of rage as she is honestly terrified. "You could have given me up and just saved yourself the beating, why take all of that," She says still trying to help me.

"Because he'd still beat me even if I gave it to him and you'd just keep telling him that I was a piece of shit anyway," I say turning away from her. I get about a step when I'm spun back around and Kelsea's lips are mashed into mine with a fierceness that I don't think she would have had yesterday. I start to pull away but her hands go to my face and hold me till I 'relent' to her advances and pull against me groaning a little in 'pain'.

Its a few moments before she breaks the kiss and leads me to a small section of wall that opens into a bedroom. I almost want to laugh about the secret door but my better sense keeps that in check as I'm led inside and Kelsea closes it behind us. She helps me undress and gets me to sit on the full sized bed which takes up most of the room. I watch as she hangs up my clothing to keep it nice I guess before facing me herself, Kelsea is wearing a loose blue button up blouse and another tight black skirt that stops above her knees and I watch as she slowly disrobes until I can her in her best.

It's actually very fancy green bra and panties combination with garters holding up her nylons. I start to lean back and she can see the bruises on my torso and cringes a bit. "I didn't call him, I didn't set you up," Kelsea says quietly.

"And this is to what? Convince me, you were going to do this today regardless so that we'd work together and you could get pregnant then leave me high and dry," I tell her with a pain yet disgusted look. "It's your mother you agreed to hurt," Kelsea retorts hotly.

"A mother who left me at age nine after a divorce, never saw her again till last year," I reply moving up the bed," I'm going to nap and try to recover in case a beating comes, put your clothes on and leave me be." I pull myself up into bed and lie there as the lights kick off and only a dull emergency light is one casting barely enough light in the room.

I'm making it a point to not look at her but I can already tell she's really confused, probably not used to rejection and I know more than a few that wouldn't play hard to get. I feel the bed shift with her weight on it and my arm get's pulled away from my side as I feel Kelsea's form press up against me. "Still looking at milking my stepfather for money," I ask quietly as she holds me.

"I never thought about what he could do if it didn't work. I figured he'd have someone pay me off, but now I'm actually scared of the man," Kelsea tells me pressing against me.

"So what's the plan now," I ask. "You rest and we wait for your step-father, then we see what happens," Kelsea says as we lie in the quiet. I don't know how long we've been lying in the bed but I'm pressed up against Kelsea and she's waking up from my movement as the door opens and we both get blinded bit as the lights come on.

My vision clears and I see Mr. Delauter looking at us impassively. "Good, you're both still here. Guy get dressed and have a seat at my desk with me while Kelsea gets ready for her personal review," He says before leaving.

I'm a little sore as I get up but not as much as I was playing at earlier and once dressed minus my coat I sit down as Mr. Delauter is at his desk with my mother standing behind him looking over his shoulder. I get a light smile from her which fades as Kelsea comes into the room and sees everyone looking at her.

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A big swallow of her fear and she steps forward to Mr. Delauter's desk. "So in the past couple days you've really made some interesting changes Kelsea. I was having a problem with you and received more than a few complaints about your interpersonal relations with other employees and had some reservations myself. Now I put you up against my family and instead of saving your own skin you show an interesting level of loyalty and a protective nature that I didn't think you had," Mr.

Delauter starts in looking at Kelsea impassively as her eyes widen," Don't be so surprised, you're a little obvious as to your designs and all my step son did was facilitate my knowledge gathering and execute your personal review." "My 'personal' review, you mean personnel review," Kelsea asks confused. "No actually, you signed a contract with this firm that states that your character and conduct would be above reproach and that if you were found unfit by a senior partner they were allowed to conduct a review of you for employment termination," Mr.

Delauter says keeping his calm. "He told you everything," Kelsea says shooting me a withering glance. "He didn't have to," Loretta says quietly," constantly coming over during the year for the smallest reasons, always hanging off of him at office functions.

I have eyes Ms. Thorne and while I didn't get why my son was needed before I know why now." "Regardless this was to see your character when you get presented with something you weren't completely prepared for, my 'ruthless' side. I love my family but you needed to understand what happens when you try to take from them. And while a bit over the top on Guy's part with bruises and abuse you needed the visual to fully understand," Mr.

Delauter explains to Kelsea's horror. "I'm being fired aren't I," Kelsea says quietly. "No, that's was Guy's provision in this," Mr. Delauter tells her as I get another look from Kelsea and one of shock from my mother," He said that if you were to 'change your stripes' as it were and show that you could be a better person than you have been given the right motivation. You looked outside your own personal schemes and saw someone's pain. Honestly I was certain you'd have sold him down the river to me and he'd be cleaning out your desk while security watched you." "So now what, I sit as your personal example that people can change," Kelsea says a little hot at the level of manipulation that she is on the receiving end of.

"No, now you become my third chair," Mr. Delauter tells her as I can see her face go from anger to shock once more. "Honey, are you certain about this," Loretta asks plainly but with a little skepticism. "Absolutely, I haven't had a third chair in a couple years and Kelsea is barely qualified for it in the legal sense but she needs practice. Also a female on my team who can manipulate the men in the jury with a wink and a smile and the women with a softer touch," He tells everyone as I think Kelsea is the one in the room with the most shock on her face," However this will put you in a position that you won't like Kelsea, you will be scrutinized like never before.

It won't just be myself but the other senior partners and every up and comer that we have on staff is going to be watching you and reporting to me if you decide to turn back to your poorly planned and honestly appalling retirement schemes." Mr. Delauter goes over the details with Kelsea as Loretta and I step out of the room and she checks my face. I let her dote over me like a mother would and finally she stops and we quietly talk about what I the level of manipulation that was needed.

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I'm on my phone shortly after and firing off messages as my new lightning bolt of an idea hits me and while I'm told it's going to take a bit I say they'll hurry. Mr. Delauter and Kelsea exit the office and she's looking a little happier but still in a state of shock as Mr. Delauter starts to leave with my mother but I stop them entirely.

"Turn back around and go wait in your office please, both of you," I say getting an inquisitive look from all parties. "Guy we're going to head out to lunch if you want to join us," Loretta says as I continue to put on the brakes for them.


"I need you two to go wait please, I have something important that needs to get handled today and you need to be here for it," I say ushering them back in the office. They follow my direction and I make sure they're comfortable as I wait outside the office with Kelsea who is starting to pack up her desk for the short move to her new office. I start to help her with her goods and get an odd look as we move a few boxes and nick nacks to a barren office.

Immediately she sets about dusting when I get a buzz on my phone and move up to Kelsea quickly after seeing my party has arrived. "Hey beautiful, keep at this and I'll be back soon," I tell her before kissing her quickly on the cheek and running to the elevator. A quick trip down the elevator and I'm in the lobby with Mrs. Ortega aka Imelda's Mom and telling the receptionist that Mr. Delauter is expecting her.

I get a confused look by the weekend worker but he lets us pass and as we ride the elevator up I can see she's in her office clothes from her other job. "I don't understand why I had to leave and come here on my lunch break," Mrs.

Ortega asks confused. "My turn to talk for you," I say taking her hand and squeezing it with a smile. We arrive at Mr. Delauter's office and I walk Mrs. Ortega in as Loretta and Mr. Delauter give me the best confused looks. I let Mrs. Ortega sit down and leave the door open as I turn my attention to Mr. Delauter. "Sir the woman in front of you is Mrs.

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Constance Ortega, and she's here for the position opening for your secretary," I tell him as he stops me for a second. "Wait I'm conducting an interview now," He says a little stunned.

"Guy this is okay I need to get back to work," Mrs. Ortega tells me trying to be polite. "Everyone let my son talk," Loretta says causing both Mr. Delauter and Mrs. Ortega to pause and look at her," Guy you have a good reason to bring her here so let's hear it." "First and foremost Mrs.

Ortega has been working as clerk at an accounting firm for almost a decade now, her job duties have consisted of all the things that you'd expect for someone handling financial documents to from organization for people above her to filing and all the basics.

What she doesn't get paid for is the secretarial work that she has to do when others are on lunch breaks. Mrs. Ortega when was the last time you had a promotion," I ask plainly. "I think seven years ago," She says a little shy. "You told me eight but that's not the point," I say placing my hand on her shoulder," What other jobs do you have?" "I part time at a night cleaning company for offices," She says plainly answering the question.

"And about how often do you get a day off," I ask keeping the ball rolling. "I haven't had a day off in almost a year with my rolling day's schedule," She says now feeling a little ashamed. "The last time you took sick leave what did your doctor tell you was the reasoning for your illness," I ask as Mr. Delauter is paying more attention now. "He told me that I was overworked and bordering on physical break down and needed two weeks of rest," She says with a little bit of shame.

"And what happened when you tried to take the time off," I ask getting a downcast expression from Mrs. Ortega who feels embarrassed," It's okay, you were told that if you didn't come in you'd be replaced." "Guy I'll take the case you can stop now," Mr.

Delauter says as I whip around on him. "No case to take here, you have an opening for a secretary. Mrs. Ortega is a hard worker, more so than you'd expect. She has office knowledge and would take little time to adapt and with Maude's help she'd be able to get acclimated faster. Now add to that she's not afraid to get her hands dirty and from what I can tell is my Mother's approval," I say causing him to look at Loretta's smiling face," I think we're pretty much at the point where you contact human resources and get this process started unless I missed something?" "Enough I concede," Mr.

Delauter says chuckling," Mrs. Ortega I'm assuming that due to your two jobs you are in a financial crisis of sorts at home so on Monday we're going to handle an advance on your salary and get the employment processing and paperwork started first thing. Now you will need to quit your other two jobs because I don't like MY people's attention divided. Will this be a problem?" A shake of Mrs. Ortega's head and some tears in her eyes as she shakes Mr. Delauter's hand, then Loretta's then nearly pops my back with a hug before I walk her out.

I get another hug before she exits the building and return to Mr. Delauter's office to see they are gathering their things but stop as I enter. "Just kind of came to you Guy," Loretta asks smiling. "Nature abhors a vacuum and now you have someone we know as the replacement for Kelsea's old position," I say getting a hug from Loretta. I let them leave this time and grab my suit jacket to find Kelsea staring at me with a confused look on her face. "You keep me from getting fired even though I was planning on ruining your mother's life, then you get a woman a job when her two jobs are killing her.

Who the hell are you," She asks with a bit of her temper showing. "I'm your best friend or your worst enemy," I say plainly," You got a promotion and a pay bump for showing some humanity, all I did was give you the opportunity to reveal it. And Mrs. Ortega is family; I take care of my family." "Only now you're bounding with so much good will that you forgot that you're Stepfather and Mother have left you behind and you don't have a ride," She says as I figure out she's right.

"True but I can figure something out, like these," I say tapping the bruises on my face. "Well do you have any plans," Kelsea asks as I shake my head," Good now you get to help me pick up a few things for my new office from home." I watch her grab her keys and lock her office door before following her down to the parking garage.

Her car is a mid level two door sedan in and it runs decently as she drives us to her apartment. It's a modest one bedroom with some of her possessions still in boxes and the furniture looks barely used save for her bed which is more of a clothing staging area. I clear her love seat and sit down as she brings me a glass of water and sits down.

"You played me you asshole," She says breaking the bubble on the happiness. "You were trying to play my family, I could have had you burned but I wanted you to have some sort of chance to redeem yourself," I tell her turning the conversation around.

"I don't care what your excuse is, you played me then made me feel cheap by turning me away like that," Kelsea tells me still upset. "I turned you away because I have never, in my now two years of being sexually active, needed to lie to woman to get sex. Not once, if I can't be honest about that then I shouldn't bother," I tell her as I watch her eyebrows go up in shock.

"Wait a minute, two years? How old are you," She asks with some surprise. "I'm eighteen, and I was a late bloomer by some people's standards," I say chuckling. "I got fucking played by a highschooler," Kelsea shouts angry," You fucking played me and I'm eight years older than you. Where the fuck do you come from, some secret breeding facility built to make genetic assholes?" "Not really but I guess this means I should be going," I tell her as I start to get up.

I don't make it to my feet as Kelsea pulls me back into my seat and pins me down by sitting on my lap and wrenches my head back kissing me hard. I grip her hips and our bodies get pressed together as we work our mouth together in an aggressive and passionate kiss. I lock my hands under her ass and stand up, without missing a beat she wraps her legs around me for balance as I waddle us towards her bed before she lowers her legs and we start to peel each other out of our clothes till I'm naked and she's got her nylons and garters only on as she drops to her knees in front of me and wastes no motion taking half of my semi hard cock in her mouth.

One of her free hands is working the base of me while the other is rubbing her naturally perfect breasts. As for how good she is it's better than I'm used to most days, she'd give Kori and Katy some pointers and they'd probably give her a few as I feel tongue circling my head while her head bobs back and forth in a steady pace. "High school girls don't do it like this do they," Kelsea asks stroking my full length. "Some do, my girlfriends all do it differently," I say stroking her cheek.

"Figures you'd be a cheater," She says as I grab her hair tightly and stand her up. "No I'm not, they knew I might have you today and like every other female that decides to jump down my pants they were alright with it if I was," I growl backing her up till she sits on her bed and we crawl up it together," now let me see if I was right." I can see puzzlement in her face but as soon as I start to line up my cock with her pussy she's all ready for me and as soon as I press inside I am greeted by a warm and rugged sensation of her inside.

Kelsea shifts her hips a bit allowing me to go deeper into her. It's not warm folds that I'm feeling it's a firm grip and I start to move taking my time to enjoy the sensation. Has her eyes closed and is making no noise as I keep a good steady pace.

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I'm enjoying myself but she's got a mild scowl on her face. "Am I doing something wrong," I ask pausing. "No it's just&hellip. I don't know&hellip. I thought you were a hard ass and figured sex would be hard and rough. Then you were this boy who I thought would be soft and gentle," Kelsea says finally looking at me," I don't know, you can keep going?" "Not if you're not enjoying yourself," I tell her getting a puzzled look.

I lean in and kiss her again, this time deep and soft. Immediately Kelsea softens to me and I feel her hands on my back pull me closer till our bodies pressed against and we're grinding against each other. I feel her legs wrap around mine and her calves press against my hamstrings keeping me against her. I don't even get to thrust as much as move my hips against hers in a death grip of sex.

I groan and strain but Kelsea is moaning too finally as we keep the kiss going. I'm not getting closer but I feel Kelsea bite my lip a little and I move my mouth to her neck, kissing gently.

"I'm not letting you get away just yet," Kelsea purrs in my ear. I pull my knees up letting her get a tighter grip around my legs but I can move a little more and start thrusting, punctuating each one with a jolt from me that rocks our bodies a little.

She's getting wetter as I press my advantage but she's trying to keep me from moving so much. I feel her hands ball into fists as she starts rhythmically hitting my back before she unclenches her body. I move a bit more now and get hands on my head pulling my attention to her face. "Can you do more," Kelsea asks panting. I smirk and move my arms under her legs bringing them up to my shoulders and bury myself as deep as her body will let me getting a groan of pleasure out of Kelsea.

I back up and slowly push back in groaning myself as the texture inside her giving me a more intense feel. I can't resist and start pounding her hard and deep, each thrust being punctuated by a shake of the bed and our bodies, a moan and gasp from either of us.

I'm going hard and Kelsea gets wide eyed again and her fists ball up before I feel her striking my shoulders and chest. I have never been with a girl who lashed out when she came and at one point Kelsea breaks my concentration with a high hit to my chest and lower throat, and I start cumming while burying myself deep in her. "Oh GOD&hellip.

YOU'RE CUMMING IN MEEEEEEE&hellip.," Kelsea lets out like a banshee filling the room as my cum fills her. I'm gasping for breath but she's stopped hitting me and starts thrashing around like a fish out of water when I let her legs loose and pin her down with my body before kissing her again deep and soft.

She unconsciously fights it for a second before taking my head in her hands and returning the kiss in earnest. I don't know how long we've been kissing but I've almost fallen from Kelsea and she's got a light smile on her face as I pull out all the way and lie on my back on her bed. "You came in me," She says with a little bit of grumpiness," I don't let guy's come in me." "You shouldn't have broken my concentration then, I was hoping to cum all over your breasts," I tell her smiling.

"How did I break your concentration," Kelsea asks rolling onto her stomach and moving next to me. "You kept hitting me as you came, and you came twice," I reply still smiling. "Well next time wear a condom," She says poking me. "No, if we get a next time I won't," I tell her pulling her into me," Next time I will cum in you again so that you can have an orgasm worth hitting me over." I see her devilish grin come across her face and we hold each other for a little while before cleaning up and getting dressed.

It's a small box that she wanted moved and I get it into her car before we head back to the office. We get in and Mr. Delauter is there with Loretta and the see me helping Kelsea and talking politely with her. Loretta pulls me aside again and makes sure everything is okay, it is and it's starting to look better now than it has been. That Saturday was almost two weeks ago and I'm happy to say that things are finally going well on every front I have except three. First one is Ben, I've tried to reach him and get him to be honest but he just doesn't want to accept that what I do and what he does is different.

It got to the point where he privately told me to back the fuck out of his personal life and his girlfriend's. I let it slide but told Liz to call him soon in a text, not sure if anything happened there. Second thing is Detective Escalante, I keep hearing that she needs my help and I've been ready to help her but for some reason every time I call she tells me that she's got nothing for me and will get back to me soon.

It's weird owing someone a favor but they're waiting to cash it in. And third problem is the Devil's Best, they are staying away from me and the Union which would be good but they're talking about an internal sit down and making the Old Man 'listen' to their terms.

I don't get any more than that from Vicki but it's enough to get me worried. That being the bad let me bring you up to speed on the major good, Imelda. My Latina girlfriend has gone from wrecked and worried about her mother to so in love with me that I was informed there would be some sort of a surprise as soon as she could figure out what to surprise me with.

The rest of my girls have been in love with the fact that I made the family stronger and I got a knock on the head from Rachael telling me that I was to, in her words, never get myself beat up for any reason unless she approved it.

I could have argued but after the fact of it happening there was no point and I let it slide. It's been two weeks and everyone has geared up for the meets out at the airfield.

Carlos and Abigail are there, Bethany and Ben decided to stay home along with Devin and Masha who are as she called it 'Honeymooning'. Not sure what that fully means but with Jun and Lilly there and my girls along with Natsuko I'm having a great time. I got out to the dance area a little bit with Kori and Rachael, I suck by they made me feel good about it. I get a couple words in with the old man and even talk Hector out of a 'friendly' fight tonight because I'm feeling too good to fight someone.

What I did do however was bring along a new friend, Teresa. She was the girl that I hit on a bit when Natsuko and I outed Steven for being a piece of shit.

She dressed up a bit too and while she wasn't fully interested in me I pointed her at Hector and as luck would have it I haven't seen their skinny asses since. All in all we got her around eight and have been here for a few hours when I watch a few of the Union perk up and then I hear it too, heavy bikes and a fucking lot of them. Smitty tells me to stay with the Old Man when I run up but the Old Man tells me to go with his son. I catch up and see Smitty telling Sid to fuck off when Sid see's me and starts to talk around Smitty.

"Just the little fucker I've been looking for, we got business here and I need to see the Old Man and you kid," Sid says ignoring Smitty. "And my father is not interested in seeing you Sid so turn around and leave," Smitty tells him backing Sid up. Sid's not a little man, maybe a bit wider than I am and about as tall but Smitty is a tattooed wall in comparison and while there are more Devil's Best than Union right now I am pretty sure Devi's Best aren't ready to fight.

"Kid I need to speak with Jim on this," Sid says still talking around Smitty," Just let him know that I'm waiting to talk to him. "Okay, I'll tell him. Give me five minutes and call me on my phone, number is 382-5633," I tell him smirking before turning and walking away. I head back to the Old Man and tell him that it's Sid wanting to talk and that I gave him a number to call. After five minutes I know my phone isn't going to ring but the Old Man is still confused and in front of Vicki and Jackie I tell him the number.

It takes both girls a second before they start cracking up laughing to the confusion of their Grandpa. "382-5633, Grandpa it spells fuck off," Vicki says still trying to regain some composure.

The Old Man does find it funny but still gets up from his spot and I walk with him over to where we left Sid who isn't too far away but still close enough that when he sees us he approaches and extends his hand to the Old Man who just looks at him like he's got some sort of disease. "I'm here Sid, make it fucking quick because you're in my area and I'm tired of warning you," the Old Man says with about as much enthusiasm as a funeral. "Fine then, I'm here to buy rights to the transport," Sid says plainly," and I'll even cut the kid in on the payout right now." "Guy's not involved in that, he helped a few things but his hands are clean and maybe you forgot that you nearly blew him the fuck up.

I fucked with him once, just once and we were able to come to terms with each other like men. Now unless you're here to own your shit and eat some fucking humble pie we have nothing to discuss," the Old Man says almost growling. "Okay kid so talk to me," Sid says turning his attention to me. "Honestly I'm tired of being called 'kid' first and foremost, my name is Guy," I say getting a puzzled look from Sid.

"Really, it's actually Guy. I thought people were fucking with me," Sid tells me," So Guy, talk to me." "Honestly you don't have shit that I need and I am not sure I care for anything that you have," I tell him before offering to help the Old Man back to his seat.

"Wait a minute Guy," the Old Man says to me before turning his attention to Sid," a Horse." "You're fucking kidding me, a horse to him," Sid says a little put off.

"I happen to know for a fact you have one or two to spare and are in good condition, especially the one that was going to go to your boy until the ex took him and left country.

You give him the horse and I'll square it all up right now," the Old Man says plainly," oh and he's affiliated and friendly as of tonight." "Jesus fucking Christ Jim why don't you just have me bring a fucking chorus of women around to fuck him every day for a year," Sid says frustrated. I'm confused about what's being said and I get the impression that I'm being made whatever the version of Pariah is for Devil's Best but I'm not sure what they're talking about as I walk with the Old Man back to his spot.

I don't get away for an hour as he's keeping me close and I get pulled away again but this time it's a few members of the Union taking me out to a part of the air field away from the party and races where I see Sid and more than a few Devil's Best waiting and I see Sid directing his people as they unload a large bike from the back of a truck.

I say large bike because I compare it to my baby, Black Sunshine. Sid is pacing and keeps looking my way hard. "You fucking think something is amusing," Sid asks visibly pissed off. "Honestly I'm not sure what is going on, all I know is I'm here for an apology and restitution," I say as the bike is wheeled up to Sid.

"This was meant for my boy, I don't even know where the fuck he is anymore and I swear to god if this isn't square with you and me then it's fucking Armageddon," Sid says still pissed off.

"Can we have a minute alone, you and I," I ask getting a perplexed look. Sid sends everyone to the meet and I text the Old Man saying things are okay. I'm not actually sure if they are but I've got that weird feeling about Sid right now and I'm not sure how to approach him.

Yeah he nearly blew me up but this was for his kid and not being able to be there as a father has to suck hard. "I don't know if I can take this, it isn't for me it's for your boy," I tell him getting an odd and put off look," I don't mean any disrespect but it just doesn't feel right." "Yeah well I figure it's either this or my ride.

And my son's never going to see it, bitch of an ex fled the country when she figured out I wasn't going to jail. That makes it yours now," Sid tells me calming down a little.

"But this is you overpaying for an offense. I can't take what this means away from you in any sort of good conscience," I reply being honest and a little heartfelt. "Guy, it's yours now. It's been sitting around doing nothing with me and all it does is remind me why I hate the legal system," Sid says as he starts to take my coat. I watch as he takes a bit of time with my coat and when he hands it back there is a patch with a pitchfork under my pariah patch. He hands it back and then gives me a pair of sunglasses before showing me my new bike.

He says it's an 06 Harley Low Rider, to my mind it's a beautiful piece of black and chrome that has a decent second seat on it which means that taking a girl for a ride will be less of a balancing act.

I can see Sid is becoming more okay with this and I start to look for a helmet when he starts laughing at me. "No helmet for a man's bike boy," Sid says mounting up on his own. I've been riding a light weight speed bike for little over a year now so when I turn this beast on I'm greeted by a rumble that reminds me what an angry god would sound like. I must be smiling as I take it easy getting a feel for the new toy and pull up around behind Carlos and Hector's cars before moving up in between them and seeing nobody around I stay mounted up and wait.

It takes a few minutes and while I don't see Imelda's bike all the girls come back and start talking happily, I guess she won. "Hey baby you should have seen it Imelda just pulled off a sick race where she HOLY SHIT where did you get that," Katy says going from happy to completely stunned in a matter of seconds.

"It's mine now, might need an expert to take a look at it sometime and maybe get some decal on it just for posterities sake," I reply as my girls take a look. I do explain where it came from and Imelda notes the patch on my chest. I explain that everything is cool and things are going to be more normal now which gets me a couple good hugs as I hop off my new ride and start making rounds again as we're having a good old time.

Hours go by and people start packing up, Sid and the Old Man part ways a lot better than they greeted each other as the night started and Hector was found with Teresa off having fun on their own for long enough to come back a couple. I get pegged by my girls as a match maker and hand the keys to Black Sunshine over to Katy who stares at me confused.

"I can't drive them both home," I tell her as she gets a wicked grin on her face. I put Kori on my new bike and Katy rides solo as our happy band of merry maker's heads back to the house.

Once home we say goodbye to Carlos and the boys as we head inside the house and everyone starts to wind down. My girls are out like babes all over the bed in various states of dress and undress and I'm about to join them when a buzzing catches my ear. I look around for a bit and notice it's coming from Imelda's coat and see Spanish on the screen that I don't recognize save for the word 'Family' in Spanish. I pick up the phone and immediately I'm barraged with a high pitched voice sounding frantic.

"Excuse me but who is this," I ask stepping out of the room and closing the door. "Who is on Imelda's phone? Wait&hellip. Guy," I hear the voice say going from franticly terrified to near petrified in fear. "Yes who the hell is this," I ask again but I'm getting a chill and it's not cold inside.

"Please just put Imelda on the phone Guy," the voice asks again almost whimpering. "Marta&hellip.," I say and the sound over the other end is one of sobbing. "Please Guy I need a ride home and I'm alone and scared," Marta says pleading. "I'd wake her if that was possible but she's out and I plan to be as well in a few minutes, call Carlos or Hector or anyone of the three dozen people they hang out with.

But don't call my family after what you tried to pull off," I say keeping my voice serious but quiet.

"I can't, they'd just chew me out and I'm already in trouble with my mom. Please just get Imelda," Marta begs crying. "Tell me where you are and I'll wake her up to come get you," I reply shaking my head and going back into our room. I try waking Imelda and get told something in Spanish that for all I know is 'But I don't want to go to school today mom'. I see the call has dropped with Marta and when I try to ring her back but the call goes straight to voicemail.

I grab my keys for the my new bike and my coat before heading down the stairs as quietly as I can and I'm on my bike and down the road before I wake anyone at home. Its one thirty in the fucking morning as I'm driving up and down a series of back roads to and fro looking at ranch houses and seeing not a speck of life. I'm looking at heading home when I see tight jeans and heels with a black blouse walking away from the headlights on my bike.

As I get closer I see Marta duck into behind a couple mailboxes to hide. I pull past them and kill the engine on my beast, got to think of a name for him, before starting to walk up to the frightened girl.

"Why the fuck aren't you answering your phone," I ask pissed off. "It's dead, where's Imelda," Marta asks looking around confused. "She asleep like I should be," I tell her before pointing to my bike," Now hop on I'm taking you home." "I can't go home, Mom thinks I'm at a friend's and Carlos would never let me hear the end of it," Marta says panicked.

"Well you should have thought of that before you went to a party in the middle of nowhere with nobody to help you," I tell her getting more pissed as I look at her. I can see her hair is messed up a bit and her clothing isn't doing poorly but she's scared and I remember her making me scared which has me more pissed than anything else.

Here I am doing shit for people who fucking cross me, and it's a girl in distress. I should leave her ass on the side of the road like I did Heather months ago but for some reason I'm not just hopping on my bike. "Okay Marta, explain to me where I should take you since I can't take you home," I ask folding my arms. "Can you take me to Imelda," She asks quietly.

"Imelda isn't at your Aunt's house she's at MY parent's house. You want to go there," I ask getting a slow nod," You do realize that it's suicide right?" "But Imelda's there and she'll keep me safe," Marta says without thinking. "Imelda from a little over a month ago would have kept you safe, Imelda now?

That I'm not so sure about and even if she doesn't try to take your head off I know of four other girl's of mine that will in no way, shape or form treat you like a prisoner of war. They will fuck your world up," I tell her as the reality sets in. "Can we just stay up then you take me home," Marta asks quietly. "It's your house or I take you to mine," I tell her almost regretting giving her the choice. "We can go to your house," Marta says as I lead her to my bike.

I get her situated and then start up my bike for the trek home. It's a quiet trip and we get in just after two thirty which makes me the most tired man on the planet by my reckoning.

I slowly walk in and lead Marta inside when Loretta comes out of the kitchen. "Guy what have you been doing," She asks but pauses when she sees Marta," Hello Marta." "Hi Mrs. Delauter," Marta says sheepishly. "Marta I don't know why my son brought you here but I'll get you a blanket and you can sleep on the couch in the TV room," Mom says leaving the foyer and coming back with a spare blanket and a pillow. I take Marta to the TV room and let her get situated on the couch before sitting down in a chair facing the door and wait.

Marta is staring at me confused but I know what's coming and this will be the better way to stop things before they start. I doze off staring at an empty doorway. Waking up tells me two things, one I didn't get enough sleep and two Rachael is way too happy in the morning.

Honestly it's like a Disney princess minus the birds and small animals. She sees me and starts to come running but I halt her with a hand and put my finger to my lips before getting up sorely from the chair and meeting her at the doorway. "Who else is awake right now," I ask her quietly. "Just me and your Mom, Loretta… you know who I mean silly," Rachael says playfully.

"Okay I need you to wait for the rest of the girls to get up, when they do you come and very quietly get me," I tell her very serious," You do not let anyone come into this room without my permission." "Guy what happened," Rachael asks confused. "It's not what has happened so much as what could happen very soon," I tell my little red head before giving her a kiss and returning to my seat.

I fall back asleep but not for long as I can hear my girls upstairs, this time in force. Rachael is coming fast and I'm up faster than I'd like to be with this little sleep to stop everyone at the door and close it behind me. "Where did you go last night," Katy asks confused in her pajamas which basically is a tank top and shorts. "Honey we woke up and you weren't there," Kori says rubbing sleep out of her eyes wearing a robe.

"Okay I have had too little sleep and am really not in a mood for the inquisition right now," I say with a little more anger than I want to use," Alright Imelda I need to speak with you alone first, nobody else." I watch as the rest of my girls head back up stairs and I pull Imelda into the TV room closing the door behind us, she sees the covered person on the couch and I explain what happened last night after everyone else was asleep.

She takes it all in stride considering she can see I'm starting to wake up and not in the best of moods. "So what do we do now, just have me bike her home so Katy doesn't see her," Imelda says quietly.

"Katy is controllable, Kori isn't. She'll make what happened with Heather seem like a friendly sit down," I tell her as she nods in agreement," You wait here, lock the door and only open it for me. Do not let her leave, not even to pee." I leave the TV room and hear the door lock behind me before going into the kitchen and sit down at the serving counter. Rosa is there with Loretta and I'm just tired and beat when I get someone talking to me in my haze.

"Senor Guy, you did a good thing. You helping people is good, more people need to help others," Rosa tells me with a smile. "Good for who, not me. I am tired and really waiting for the asskicking to begin on me," I say resting my head on my arms.

"Who's kicking your ass," Kori asks stepping into the kitchen dressed. "You are," I say getting a surprised look. "Honey I'm not going to kick your ass," She tells me as she rests her hand on my shoulder. I see the remaining girls and some of my crew files in but it's Rachael who looks like she's about to burst. I give her the go ahead and cover my head with my hands as she tells everyone that I slept downstairs and that someone is sleeping in the TV room on the couch. All eyes are on me now, I can't see them but I can feel them and it's unnerving.

I push my head up and address my family. "It's Marta," I say with happy sarcasm," She got herself into some shit last night and called Imelda for help. And I, like a fucking dumbass, answered the phone. When I couldn't wake Imelda and then couldn't call Marta back because her phone died I left to get her.

She freaked out on me when I told her I would take her home and I'm not taking her to a motel and having my girls find out that we were there together so I brought her here. It was her choice now please just kill me quickly." "Baby we're not going to kill you," Kori says pulling me from my stool for a hug. "Guy you were doing right by Imelda and we get that," Matty says changing in as partner for my next hug.

"Okay so now we just need to get her home and then make up some shit to her family," I say as I see Kori glaring at the door. "I'll just tell them it was an accident," Kori say marching over to the TV room door," Imelda open the door." "She won't unless I tell her to," I say causing Kori to turn and march over to me. "Then you tell her to open the door," Kori says as we all hear the door unlock and Kori marches back to it only to find Imelda standing in her way.

"Kori no," Imelda says as the door locks behind her. "No Imelda, you don't stand in the way of this. She deserves an ass kicking and we all agreed one of us would do it and it was voted to be me," Kori says seething with rage.

"I said no, we were all pissed but she's my family. I can't let you do that even though part of me wants to, if this means we aren't sisters anymore then that's what it has to be but I won't stand aside," Imelda says ready to walk out right now. Everyone is tense and even Ben is quiet for once as my girls standoff.

I want to get in between them and try to figure out how to get them to back down but Matty keeps me back as Rachael steps in. "Either both of you calm down or I will personally rip a chunk of hair out of both your heads," Rachael says getting both Kori and Imelda's attention," Now we are sisters. Both of you told me that we do not just give it up because we get bored or mad, we work this out or we're all done with Guy." "She's my family Kori, I have been looking out for her for years," Imelda says starting to tear up.

Kori doesn't do anything at first but it only takes a second for the girl I fell in love with to hug Imelda tight and get a hug back in return. It makes me feel better that I don't have to start screaming for once but as Kori breaks the hug I can see her mood change from loving to defensive.

"I will give her one, just one chance. I want to speak with her now, I won't hurt her but she will understand me," Kori says to Imelda who nods. It takes a minute for the door to unlock again at Imelda's prompting but I can see Marta in the back of the room scared shitless and behind me Natsuko is breaking everyone to go to breakfast save for my girls who are slowly filing into the room.

I'm the last one in and I see the girls are spread out but not so much moving in for the kill as waiting to see what Kori has to say. "Listen Kori I just need a ride home from Imelda and&hellip.," Marta says getting cut off. "You do not talk right now. You speak again before I say my piece and I will make sure that you get home safely and it will be the last time you see anyone in this family ever again do I make myself clear," Kori says referencing me and my girls as she approaches Marta.

"I understand, I'm sorry," Marta says quietly scared. "Good, now we need some understanding between us. Imelda is my sister and I love her like a sister, just like every other girl in this room.


We are Guy's women and he is OUR man, you tried to take that or violate your way into something that you have to be accepted into by Guy and then by all of us. Now I can understand being afraid of us after what happened, and I am really trying to understand why you did what you did and find some level of forgiveness for you.

It's not easy but we are trying. Also understand that you're important to Imelda which makes you important to all of us girls," Kori says before taking Marta's face in her hand and placing the other on the back of her head like a vice as her voice turns cold," But if you even think about attempting anything like that ever again with Guy, if you so much as look at him funny I will personally rip your clit off with my teeth.

Okay?" "I'm sorry," Marta says before Kori lets her head go. "Alright I think I have something to fit you up in our room, girls let's see what we can do to fix her up so she doesn't die as soon as Imelda drops her off," Kori says leading all the girls past me and up the stairs. I follow them up and see Kori going over clothing while the girls start to change Marta into something a little more presentable than her dirty and lightly torn party fare.

I don't waste any time as I enter the room and strip down to my underwear getting a paused look from everyone except Marta who is staring at her feet and doesn't dare look in my direction. I crawl my ass in bed and pull the covers up and feel my sleep come fast.

Being woken by kisses as I'm lying on my back is nice, especially when the kisses are on my stomach and I can't see who is down under the covers. I start to pull them down when they tighten around my chest and I hear a giggle. "So I don't get to see or kiss the girl who woke me," I ask and pause for second thinking," This isn't Ben is it?" I feel my cock get squeezed between some smaller sized breasts than Katy or Kori and the giggle is a girl but none of my girls or Natsuko hides like this.

It's a fun little game of me trying pulling the covers and seeing who is laughing when I feel my head go past a pair of lips, it's a good feeling and I'm trying to figure out who is doing it as I relax and enjoy the mystery head. Whoever it is it's not one of my girls, usually they are big on seeing my face and taking me deep.

Whoever she is down under the blankets is more taking her sweet time and using a lot of tongue flicking and casual sucking. I hear the door open and see Matty and Katy come in and watch as both pause as they see the human lump in between my legs and under the blanket.

Both smirk and I press my finger to my lips as they quietly strip down to their panties giving me an added incentive to get hard. Katy moves to one side of the bed and Mathilda to the opposite trapping the mystery guest in between them as she plays around with giving me a blowjob. "Get her," I say smiling and I feel the mystery guest freeze. Both sides of the blanket come flying up as my girls lift it fast and lunge underneath before I feel struggles and exclamations of panic as the 'attack' commences.

I finally pull the blanket off and see Katy and Matty have wrestled Bethany, my cheerleader step sister, down to the bed and are holding her tightly. "Well I was wondering when we'd find you sneaking around here," Katy says as they let her up from the bed. "I was just having some fun," Bethany says as I see she's wearing only some plain blue panties.

"We noticed, but did you ask," Mathilda says winking at me. "What? When did I have to ask if Guy wanted to have some fun," Bethany says confused. "She was forcing herself on me, I didn't know who it was or what was happening," I say with mock sadness before turning my tone serious and funny," I think someone needs to be punished." Bethany's eyes go wide before both my girls take hold of her again and while she tries to resist I have three physically intimidating girlfriends and two of them have her wrestled down as Matty pins Bethany's arms to the bed and looks down at her.

"No kicking, no biting and no hitting. Do that and we'll do it back," Matty says with a smirk. I watch Katy roll off the bed and take something out of her pants pocket, it's a folding knife and once the blade is out I watch Bethany start to struggle. Katy crawls back over Beth and keeping the blade away from her for safety calms her down with a deep kiss. Beth is startled at first then slowly she starts kissing back, Katy breaks the kiss and backs down Beth's body and grabs her panties tightly in one hand and cuts them three times before pulling them off and throwing the blade and destroyed article to the floor.

"Who was the last person to eat you," Katy asks from between Beth's legs. "Ben, he did it a little but was more interested in fucking," Bethany answers quietly. "Most guys, guys not in this room think that they don't have to do it too much. What they fail to realize is that we can cum a lot, and the more we cum the more we like you," Katy says kissing Bethany's thighs. I watch as Katy slowly starts to kiss Beth's pussy, taking her time to lick from hole to slit and back again.

Bethany is moaning lightly and Matty lets her hands go before stripping off her own panties. Matty moves herself over Beth's body and starts to kiss her neck before taking her breast in mouth and sucking on it slowly while groping the other with her hand.

I am getting harder and Beth is moaning lightly as I see Katy settle in to the mattress and goes to work sucking on her clit and shaking her head for added stimulation. Not a single woman is looking at me as I watch a small orgasm take over Bethany; she gasps and bucks her hips lightly before settling down and smiling. "That was nice," Beth says with a dopey grin. "That was one, Matty your turn," Katy says moving out from between Beth's legs. Bethany is confused and I watch the girls switch positions but my Amazon isn't in an oral mood as I watch her hike one of my stepsister's legs up and start working two fingers in and out of her pussy.

Bethany is moaning a little louder and Katy puts a stop to it by moving one of her breasts to Bethany's mouth. "Just suck on it nicely, they do get sensitive you know," Katy tells her chuckling. I watch Bethany hesitate for a moment then moan and latch her mouth onto Katy's D cup breast at the nipple.

Katy is mildly blissing as Bethany sucks on her first breast to my knowledge. Matty on the other hand is working Beth's pussy over with two fingers at a speed that is meant for a harder orgasm than the first. I see Beth shift a little and Katy takes her breast out and points her new toy's face at her pussy and Mathilda's hand. Beth is open mouthed and Matty uses her free hand to squeeze a breast on Beth.

Beth is shifting her body more now and both my girls are holding her down save for the one hand bringing her to orgasm. I watch Beth's body tense up and her hands grip Katy's as a second, more powerful orgasm takes her over. "That was… wow… don't know…," Beth says as they start to let her relax a little.

"Well that was two, should we go for the big one or keep the little ones coming," Katy asks Matty. "I think we need a turn," Matty says rolling onto her back. I watch as Katy instructs Bethany, guiding her head in between Matty's well muscled legs. Beth is confused for a moment but slowly takes her hand and spreads Matty's lips before gently taking a lick of my Amazon's pussy.

Long tentative licks and Matty is moaning a little when I see Katy raise Beth's hips off the bed and proceed to finger her again with two fingers while using her free hand to rub Beth's clit. Beth starts to moan a little at the invasion but Matty takes her head and puts it right back onto her pussy. "Keep using your tongue cheerleader, I wanna cum on that face," my Amazon growls.

Matty is holding Beth's head fast as she grinds her hips and pussy into her face, Katy is going steady at fingering and rubbing Beth's clit which gives me the sound of muffled moans. Katy notices that when Beth moans that Matty feels it and starts going harder causing both of them to moan. I'm watching Matty's face as she starts up her own orgasm and Bethany, bless her effort, is doing her damndest to stay on task.

I watch as she starts to do the same head shake on Matty's clit that Katy did for her. "Fuck she's learning quick," Matty says before rolling her head back and moaning loudly.

I watch as my Amazon hits her orgasm and keeps Beth's face planted in her pussy, grinding against her mouth. It sounds like Beth is crying into Matty and watch as her own body tenses up hard before Katy slows down and smirks at her dripping fingers.

My cock is pointing right at me but I'm starting to get bored as my girls put Bethany on her back and as Matty puts her face in between Beth's legs but its Katy who pins her head to the bed and puts her pussy right in Beth's face. "My turn now, start licking and I'll give you a reward," Katy tells Bethany sweetly.

I can see Matty is working fingers into Beth and not wasting any time, Beth herself has her arms positioned so that she can grip Katy's hips and I see her going all out. They aren't wasting anytime now and while Beth's head is shaking and Katy is rubbing her clit and grinding her pussy down onto Beth, Matty is making sure that the sloshing sound of fingers in pussy is heard by everyone.

"Matty when she cums it's like vibrations in your pussy isn't it," Katy says moaning. "It is, she's very vocal. I can see why you wanted to play with her," Matty replies smiling and continuing her work.

I start to move to do something but both Matty and Katy shake me off and I get pointed to my spot at the head of the bed. I can honestly feel myself losing an erection due to just watching and I'm not going to do this myself.

I start to get up to leave and Katy grabs my hand. "Don't leave, we're having fun," Katy says as I can see her orgasm starting. "I'm not," I reply plainly. "Not yet. Please," She says with a pleading look on her face.

I move back to my spot at the head of the bed continue being the audience. Katy is close and with all the nice little orgasms that Beth has had she's starting to grunt deeply into Katy. I watch as Matty pulls Beth's legs up so that her pussy and ass are pointed at the ceiling, Matty only waits a moment before finger fucking Beth with three fast and with a new sense of vigor.

I can hear Beth grunting in orgasm under Katy while she herself bites her lower lip and stops rubbing her clit allowing Beth to finish the job herself. Suddenly Katy gets off of Beth's face like it was on fire and we all watch as Matty stops and pulls her hands back in time to see Beth squirt a little onto her own chest. They let her legs fall back down to the bed and I can see all three are happy and content. Beth looks worn down but after a quick clean up with a towel they help Beth to her knees on a towel on the bed and I see Katy fumbling around for something out of my view while Matty helps her.

"Have you ever had a mind altering orgasm," Matty asks as Beth is faced to me. "I think I just did," Beth replies still coming down. "No I don't think so, when you have one the only thing you can think of is please let the other person get off so I can relax and try to comprehend what happened to me," Katy says quietly with a smile.

Both of my girls are on either side of Bethany and she's lazily looking at me when they put her hands behind her back and each one holds an arm there. Matty and Katy nod to each other as Matty starts to rub Beth's clit slowly and I see her face become contorted in pleasure.

She's starting to grind forward in anticipation of the orgasm when I watch her eyes go wide and mouth turn into a silent scream. I'm a little stunned now and see Katy nibbling on Beth's ear.

Matty is still going nice and slow but whatever else is happening it making Beth start to shake a little. "Tell him what's happening," Katy says to Beth who shakes her head and blushes more than she has been," Tell him why you are cumming so hard." "If you don't tell him you can't play with him ever again, he's been neglected and you owe it to him," Matty says purring at Beth.

"Her finger is in… in my… my ass OH FUCK," Beth says as the admission alone starts to set her off. Both my girls keep her upright as it Beth starts to shake and moan. Katy has her cumming from her ass for what could be the first time ever and with Matty it's a worth it sight as she shakes and moans.

I am mesmerized at the sight and have gotten hard again despite the boredom that I'd been started to feel minutes earlier. As Beth's orgasm has peaked and she's coming down my girls let her relax and quietly calm her down. "I'm so sore and tired, I can't do anymore," Beth says quietly as the aftershocks are still hitting her. "But what about Guy," Katy says and I watch as Bethany's eyes widen in shock," You got him all hard and now you're not going to give him a good fucking like you wanted to?" "I can't I can't cum anymore," Beth says starting to try to get away," Please I'm sorry but I can't." "Well then looks like Ben is about as good as you should ever have," Mathilda says a little coldly," I mean, what was it?

Two of your friends over and he doesn't even bother to fuck you first, just picks the one with the bigger boobs and has her get him off?" "Then I heard he actually let the one he didn't fuck sleep in his room while you and the first girl slept in your room," Katy says egging her on," And here's Guy waiting for you to fuck him and you're just not woman enough to even get up and fuck him." "Its fine girl's really, Bethany isn't used to real sex like you are.

I mean I barely played with her last summer and got her off easily, if she was really interested in sex with me she'd be ass first on me right now," I say still sitting up with my back against the headboard. Bethany is struggling to get up to me, she's really out of it and shaky as I watch her turn around and crawl backwards onto my hips.

I start to line myself up with Beth's pussy; I can see her cringe a little and move it up playfully to her ass. It's unyielding and I see Katy come around with a hand and strokes me hard for and I feel a warm tingle, she covered me with lube the little devil girl.

I put the head of my cock against Bethany's asshole again and slowly she starts backing into it gritting her teeth as the head slowly pops inside. I hear a low groan and I don't force her but I marvel as Beth slowly backs up pushing more of my cock in her ass. "God you're so tight," I tell Bethany as she gets six inches in. I watch her arms start to shake from holding her body up; she's been through a lot in the past twenty minutes.

I tap her sides a little and start to pull her backwards till she's upright and I'm supporting her. I help her move a little in short bouncing thrusts downward and Beth is whimpering the whole time. I start to move my hips against the bouncing I'm having her do and she's taking it as well as can be expected as I hear her.

"I can't go any more, please hurry," Bethany moans lightly pained. "Hurry and what," I ask toying with her. "And finish," Bethany groans as I slow down. "Finish what, like a project? Or a sentence," I say continuing my game.

"Please fucking cum," Bethany groans loudly. I pull my knees under me and set Beth down on her own for balance, I takes me a second to lock my arms under her elbows keeping her upper body off the bed.

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I push my hips forward and bury myself to the hilt in Beth's ass. I take a few short thrusts getting myself good and ready. "Where am I gonna cum," I ask playfully. "Please stop playing with me and hurry, I can't cum anymore," Bethany moans causing me to smirk.

I am done with games and start to hammer half my cock into Beth's ass. It's tight and if it wasn't for warm lube I'd be stuck at the gates but now I'm taking cheerleader ass in rapid form and after all my waiting I'm finally starting to have some fun. Bethany is thrashing her head around and grunting hard as I pound her tight ass. I can feel my orgasm start to build and look up to see Matty and Katy with a towel and washcloth ready.

Moist night full of craving

I'm cumming fast and wrap my arms all the way around Bethany's body keeping her from falling away. My orgasms hits and I'm grunting as my seed works its way out of me and into her.

Beth almost sounds like she's crying out in pain but I keep hold of her till my orgasm subsides. Katy and Matty take Beth from me and start cleaning her up and helping her relax. "You did so good, I told you it would feel like nothing else," Katy says to Beth cuddling with her. Beth is somewhat coherent but calming down as Matty moves up and we cuddle each other.

The rest of my day is good, Imelda and her family are grateful that I was nice enough to be around Marta and not kill her. Imelda kept the truth to herself but I'm in Latina love mode for the rest of the night as apparently she's laid claim. The next few days the girls and I have finished the tattoos and I love the look on each of them.

Katy's Tigers are a belt all the way around her hips in a circle and she's been showing it off with hip hugging pants. Mathilda's on the other hand is done with the tiger's going two by two up her back; I make a note to be gentle with the hugs. Kori however decided to go all out in my opinion; her tigers are split up with three on one side and three on the other at her ribs with the purple and the orange right next to each breast.

Rachael is still upset about not getting a tattoo and the girls are still making her feel at better by showing her where she is on their own tattoos. It's a Wednesday afternoon and I'm riding Black Sunshine just taking the time out for me and relaxation. I need to settle up with Marta soon, it's nagging at me that I'm such a good wonderful guy but she decides to fuck my life up and now I'm a saint according to her and Imelda's mothers. A buzzing on my phone has me tap my Bluetooth; Loretta got me one so I can keep in contact while I'm out.

"You've called me," I greet whoever is on my line. "Guy its Escalante, Detective Escalante," I hear my cop friend say. "Hi Detective, let me guess it's time for me to help you out. I can do laundry and windows but I won't babysit," I tell her making a joke. "Very funny, come by the diner and we'll get some food," She tells me before hanging up. Getting there is easy enough and I get directed to her booth in the back, she's in a blue pantsuit with a cream top.

I smile and sit down pulling my hood back and picking up my menu. "Okay so here's what I need," Detective Escalante says taking out a few pictures. "We only just ordered, I have to see this now," I ask being playful. "Yes, this is Carlton Mallard. Dumb drug addict and part time dealer, likes speed a lot.

Carlton got himself in trouble holding and said that he had information about a murder. Now I can't discuss who he implicated, it's nobody you'd know, but shortly after giving up the basics he went into hiding and found a lawyer," She tells me explaining her situation. "Okay so you need me to find him, look how long it took me to find Jackie and you had to help," I say not really enjoying the favor at this point.

"No we have him but again he has a lawyer and anything he says now is inadmissible. He couldn't find a lawyer to save his ass from a parking ticket and now he's got one that is keeping him out of police protection," the Detective explains leading me. "So you want me to do something about a lawyer? I'm not sure what you need me to do," I say putting the pictures down and addressing my Detective friend plainly.

"What I need is for Mr. Mallard to become very afraid of the outside world. I need someone to scare him right up to my desk and have him beg me for every bit of protection he thinks he needs. You're good at scaring people now I am hoping you can do it for the right reasons," Detective Escalante tells me as I keep one of the pictures. "You seem to think that I scare people for the wrong reasons, how's Dickey by the way," I ask changing the subject. "Just got out of traffic and he's my new first officer on the scene.

Big with the sucking up and even bigger actually treating me like a cop and not a piece of meat," She says with a smile. "Well I'll be looking into Carl soon, just promise me that you'll actually back off this time and let me help? None of this tracking my movements spy craft," I ask her remembering last year.

"I promise, this is between you and I. Once he's delivered I won't see you till he's locked up but after that I'm thinking about seeing if you're still as good as I remember," Nancy Escalante says with a smirk. "Nancy, you know I'm not good.

I'm a very bad person who does bad things to bad people so that good people can sleep at night," reply smiling as our meals arrive. Scare a grown man and drug addict into police custody. I have not a fucking clue how I'm going to pull this shit off but something tells me it's going to be a full court press and team effort on my part just bringing it in. New game to play for my crew and I.