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Big juggs and expert mouth
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I'm sure it all sits in the back of our minds, I know it sits in mine as I write these stories.What if someone I knew found this account? What if they told everyone that Cory loved writing about his forbidden fantasies? Out of all people though, I never thought about my sister finding it. And of course with my luck, she did. ____________________________________________ "You better have the dog fed and the trash taken out by the time I get back" My mom said as she grabbed her black and white purse off the kitchen island.

"Okay" I replied, putting my red beats on as I laid on our living room leather couch, the air conditioner blowing freezing air on me as I swiped through my instagram feed. My girlfriend had posted another slutty picture, 90% cleavage, 10% face, of fucking course. I didn't care anymore, I should have listened when everyone told me she was a slut.

By now my mom had already left, leaving me alone in the house with my younger sister Carol. She was still sleeping since it was the weekend and she probably stayed up to ungodly hours.

It was saturday morning and I didn't have anything to do today until about seven when I was supposed to go see the new horror movie Lights Out with my girlfriend, Sarah. I doubt that was going to happen though, her posting that picture pissed me off, we just had a fight about this last night.

I finally got up after two or three songs had gone by on my Pandora. My volume was so high all I could hear was the music, the living room TV was still on but I couldn't hear it.I walked into the second living room where the door to the back porch was and took my phone out of my pocket to change stations from Drake Radio to G Eazy Radio, since I had already ran out of skips for the hour and the song Pandora was playing was terrible. My routine for feeding the dog was always the same, grab his water dish, take it to the bathroom, wash it out, refill with fresh water.

As I carried his bowl to the bathroom, which was right next to Carol's room, I noticed she had left her door cracked open and as I walked by I noticed she was in nothing but her panties, fun night I guess. I didn't look for long, maybe a few seconds before continuing into the bathroom and filling the bowl.

Once he was taken care of I walked back into the kitchen and grabbed a plum from the fridge. As I bit into it I noticed these were a lot harder than the last ones we had bought, still tasted amazing though. Once I finished I threw the core into the trash and pulled the back out of the can, tying it and grabbing the milk jug that was sat next to the trash can.

It was leaking so I rushed through the living room, through both doors between the laundry room and from porch, and sat it down there while I closed the door behind me, our dog Tammy loved running out the door as someone was going out of it.

She was a little chihuahua and dachshund mix, despite being two years old she was still really small. My neighbor Abby was out on her porch sunbathing, Our neighborhood was mostly made up of mexicans and she was no exception, but unlike the rest of the latin girls in the neighborhood she didn't have a huge butt or a big bouncy chest. She was short, or at least shorter than me, but compared to other girls I guess you could say she is a little tall.

She has this long black straight hair that compliments her face gorgeously. When she smiles her cheeks almost make it impossible for her to keep her eyes open, and I love making her smile just so I can see that.

She's a year older than me and since she's my neighbor she was the first person I talked to when I hit High School. We'd always been close, ever since we were really young and she really hasn't changed that much. When we were younger she would always come over and we would do everything you'd expect seven year olds to do. But there was a few times things got a little, well not sexual, but we did kiss, yes my best friend was my first kiss.

There has seemed to always be a little sexual tension between us, but I figure it's because of how much time we spend together and how close we are. One time when we were around eleven we were on the trampoline and she tackled me and ended up straddling me, she had my arms pinned on the trampoline fabric above my head while her ass was sat firmly on my crotch, that was probably the first time I ever looked at her as more than a friend.

She was so gorgeous, even if she didn't have huge, Victoria Secret model looking breast or an ass like Nicki Minaj, she was the most gorgeous girl I had ever met. I don't even think it was because of her looks either. She's an extremely caring person.

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She's the only person I ever talk to when I have an issue. This year alone I've lost three family members to sickness and old age and she has always been there, even attended two of the funerals for me. If I didn't have a girlfriend, she would take that position. But right now, her sunbathing in a sports bra and denim short shorts, got me instantly hard.

She was looking at her phone and didn't notice me outside. I just walked to the dark green trash can and put both the bag and jug in and closed the lid, I absolutely HATED the smell of the trash can. I had to get inside quick because I was wearing basketball shorts and my hard on was getting more and more noticeable by the second.

I rushed up the porch ramp and into the house. I quickly sat on the red leather two-seater and swung open my laptop that was sitting closed next to me charging.

I typed sexstories as quick as I could and pulled up the first story that showed up. It was a story about a girl losing her virginity to her teacher and all I could think about was Abby telling the story, and me as the teacher. He drove me crazy, he was new to the school and all the girls were talking about him.

He was really young to be a teacher and you could notice the women teachers flirting with him, even some of the married ones! Usually teacher's clothes were really boring but he made them extremely sexy.

He wore a white long sleeved button up shirt with the sleves rolled up, topped by a blue pinstripe tie that went really well with his eyes and curly blonde hair. He had this deep voice that made me soak myself as he taught lessons.The only reason I was even passing that class was because I paid attention, fantasizing that instead of teaching the class he had me bent of his brown desk filled with student's papers and homework assignments punishing me for not turning in my homework.

One time I even asked to go to the bathroom to handle myself because it got so bad. I raised my hand as I bit my lip, my pink long fake nails scratching against my palm as I waited for him to answer me. Once he finally did I stuttered at first and once I gained control of my words asked "Can I be excused to go to the restroom?" and he replied "Of course, Anna".

I rushed out of my seat and on the way almost tripped over the girl infront of me's bag and a few people giggled.

I rushed out of the class, my cheeks red with embarrassment. As soon as I got into the bathroom I made sure no one was in the room with me and took the stall farthest from the door. I pulled my leggings down to my knees and sat down on the toilet, my legs spread far apart, spanning almost the entire width of the stall, as my fingers quickly assaulted my folds and clit as I bite on my scarf to keep myself quiet.

I came right there. I imagined it was Abby touching herself to me and I completely lost it. I came so hard I ended up with some on my grey t-shirt and had to get up quickly to clean it off before my sister saw it.

I sat my laptop down and rushed to my room. I closed and locked my door, turning to my closet and looking through my shirts for my Breaking Bad Heisenberg t-shirt, which was my favorite. I finally found it next to my high school sweater and threw it on as quick as I could, stuffing the other t-shirt into my laundry basket. I casually walked out of my room only to find my sister sitting on the couch browsing through my laptop.

"Fuck" I whispered to myself.

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I had left Sex Stories open, with my account logged in. "Um, Cory." Carol said as she continued to look through the website, she was on my fucking profile. I was a statue, I didn't know what to say or do, and was hoping to god she didn't see my story about her sleepover.

"Sisters Sleepover Part One" She read out the title of my story slowy. I was now frozen in fear as I just stared at my laptop. She got up slowly, she was dressed now, in a white sundress with her hair in a ponytail. She didn't have any make up on, so I'm guessing she had just woken up because she ALWAYS had make up on.

"Want to explain something to me?" She asked me, standing about two feet away from me, my laptop behind her on the couch. I wanted to rush past her and close it, lock myself in my room and never come out.

But I couldn't she was blocking my way. "I.I" I stuttered, not even knowing what I was going to say anyway. She walked out of the living room back into her room and closed her door. I just sat on the couch, motionless for a few minutes before opening my laptop and logging back into it.

She hadn't read the story, just seen the title. Thank god. I deleted my browsing history and tried to think of what to say to her if she asked anymore questions. We had both just turned eighteen so it wasn't like it wasn't completely twisted, but it was still incest.

But something about incest drove me crazy, and my sister was so beautiful. Unlike Abby my twin sister had developed nicely. With an ass that looked amazing in tights and jeans, and a chest that produced gorgeous cleavage in almost all the shirts she wore.

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My sister didn't come out of her room like I had expected her to with more questions. My mom came home about two hours later and asked me to go get the groceries out the back of the van.

I walked back outside onto the porch in the August, end of summer heat and walked down the ramp as I thought about what would happen if my sister told my parents about what she saw. Abby was gone now, so I just opened the back of the van and grabbed the two plastic bags and 12 pack of Dr.Pepper and headed back inside.

My mom was sitting at the kitchen island scrolling through facebook on her tablet and my sister was no where in sight still. "What's for dinner?" I asked, trying to create some form of conversation to save myself from the silence.

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"We're ordering pizza, I don't feel like cooking." My mom said, not taking her eyes off her tablet. My sister walked into the kitchen and didn't even glance at me, she had changed out of her sun dress into some tight white shorts and an equally tight tank top, no bra. "Did you get my lotion?" Carol asked my mom as she scanned the bags, guessing she found what she was looking for because she grabbed one of the plastic bags and took out a pink bottle of lotion, heading back to her room in the back of the house.


Images began running through my head again, but not of Abby, this time it was Carol. I imagined her stirpping naked and laying spread out across her bed. Rubbing the pink lotion into her gorgeous breast, the lotion making her beatiful skin smoother than it already was and it drove me crazy.

I had to get out of there before another tent developed in my shorts. "Do you need anything else, I have a headache so I'm probably going to take a nap" I told my mom. "Not anything right now." She said, and I thanked god. I walked back to my room, my cock now almost throbbing as I still though about my sister rubbing lotion all of over her gorgeous body. I locked my door behind me and pulled my shorts off.

Laying down on my bed I tried to think about her while I took care of myself but I couldn't, the idea of her seeing the story I wrote about her earlier loomed in my mind. I ended up falling asleep. I woke up, not exactly how much later but it was really late. I checked my phone which ended up under my pillow somehow. 2:05 AM The house was silent. I crept out of my door, slowly opening the door and holding it tight because it creaked really bad, especially at night for whatever reason.

I was going to the kitchen to see if there was any pizza left but as I slowly crept past my sisters room I heard a soft moan come from her room. I couldn't help myself, I tried to walk closer to her door to see if I could hear her better when I stepped on a part of the floor that creaked.

It made a loud noise that anyone awake would definitely hear and I hurried back to my room. I quickly got in my bed and pretended to be asleep. A few minutes later I heard my door open. A shadow was cast across my room by the hall light and I could see it was Carol who was at my door. She crept into my room and I did my best to seem asleep so she wouldn't be anymore creeped out than she already was. "I know you're awake." She whispered.

I turned over and was shocked at the sight that was standing over my bed. She wasn't wearing any panties, just the tank top she was in earlier. "I read your story." She whispered, her face getting closer to me. "I liked it." I had no idea what to say.

She climbed onto my bed slowly, sliding under my blanket. She was laying face to face with me, and I had no idea what to do. My twin sister was laying half naked inches from me with a body most guys would kill for. She turned over, facing the other way but moved closing to me. Her ass was pushed against my crotch now. "I want it." She whispered. "Like the story." I hesitated, slowly pulling down my shorts.

She reached back and gripping my throbbing cock in her hand. "I said like the story, Cory" Carol said, running the head of my cock against her entrance. "Now do it, or I'll tell mom about your little stories.". i didn't need anymore motivation, I thrust into her exactly how I described in the story.


Pulling out, only leaving the head of my cock inside of her, and then mercilessly thrusting back into her as I gripped her hips. She bit on one of my white pillows to silence her moans. She began pushing against my thrust, and her moans began to get too loud for the pillow.


I couldn't take it anymore, it was so unexpected and she turned me on way too much. I pulled out of her right before I came, my strokes of hot seed hitting her round ass where just hours before I had imagined her applying lotion to. I fell asleep short afterwards. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When I awoke it was eight in the morning and Carol was no where to be seen.

My purple basketball shorts were still down at my knees and I pulled them up as I got up off my bed. I sprayed on some axe to mask the smell of sex and walked out of my room.

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My mom was the only one who was awake and she was cooking breakfast in the kitchen, I could smell the bacon in the air. I walked into the kitchen rubbing my eyes and yawning.

"Good morning." I said as I yawned. "How'd you sleep babe?" Mom said as I grabbed my plate and sat in the living room, the air conditioner was already on and I got cold really quick as I turned on the TV to watch the Olympics. "Good, my headache is gone." I replied, taking a bite of my eggs that I had mixed with my grits. "I'm heading out again today, grandma needs help around the house." Mom said as she went to her room to get dressed. I continued to eat as I watched the Olympic Swimming events on the TV, my mom walking out of her bedroom a few minutes later dressed for her day.

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She was out the door pretty quick, telling me to do my chores before she gets home like she always does. I don't know why she had to remind me like that every single day it's not like I don't do it. My sister ran out of her room in baby blue panties and a black t-shirt that was, mine, and jumped on me as I sat on the catch.

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Straddling my lap and kissing me on the lips playfully, giggling and bouncing lightly as I looked up into her gorgeous blue eyes. "Woah what are you doing Carol?" I asked, surprised. "I loved last night, and we're home alone." She said, kissing me again, this time with more passion as she tried to pull my shirt off. I finally helped her and threw my shirt across the room. Hooking my thumb under her shirt and ripping it off, throwing it in the same direction I had thrown mine.

She didn't have a bra on, again and I took the opportunity to take one of her breast into my mouth, my tongue twirling around her smell pink nipple as I squeezed her breast light, resulting in a quiet moan escaping her lips. I wrapped my arms around her waist and picked her up, kissing her as she giggled, her breast bouncing as I carried her to the master bathroom.

"I need to take a shower, and you're coming with me." I said, biting my lip. "Mmm, of course." She said as she stripped her blue panties, exposing her smooth shaven mound. I pinned her against the bathroom sink forcefully, we kissed passionately as my hand slid down her side. My finger trips trailing down her hips, meeting her thigh and finally meeting her gorgeous mound. I slid a finger between her folds, penetrating her entrance as my thumb massaged her puffy, pink clit.

She tilted her head back and closed her eyes as she groaned, one hand balancing herself against the sink, the other gripping her breast. I grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her to the shower. The warm water splashed against our skin as I bent her over against the shower wall. Grabbing the Dove body wash and pouring a trail down her back, my hands rubbing it into her skin and spreading it across her sides and around her ass.

Her body looked so gorgeous covered in soap suds. I slapped my throbbing cock again her ass, soap suds covering my cock as I pushed back inside my twin sister. A moan escaping her lips as I grabbed her pony tail and pull her head back as I began thrusting into her, my thrust forcing her face against the shower wall.

She turned around and jumped onto my, wrapping her legs around my waist. "Pound me against the wall like a little slut" She said as her soaked her covered part of her face, and I was happy to oblige.

She wrapped her arms around my neck as she kissed me passionately. I slid back into her, meeting her passion in the kiss as my cock began fucking my sisters tight cunt, as it became too much for me to handle she began to tremble in my arms and I could feel her walls hugging my cock tighter.

She came as I did, her body shaking before going limp. I carried her out of the shower and laid her on my parents bed, grabbing a towel and drying off. She must have been tired out because she was asleep by the time I returned with a towel for her.

I left her to rest, hoping she would be awake before my mom returned home from my grandparents house. I sat back on the living room couch and caught up on my phone. I had a ton of texts from my girlfriend and didn't even bother to open them. I knew a fight would be waiting for me on the other side of them and I was in a good mood and was not about to let me slut of a girlfriend ruin it for me.

She can go back to whoring on instagram. I decided to watch netflix to pass the time and turned my PS4 on while continuing to go through my phone.

Abby had also texted me. I had pretty much watched everything there is to watch on Netflix and they hadn't added anything new, or at least anything new that I liked. My mom walked in the door at about 6:00 PM, no order to go get groceries from the van this time which I was grateful for but then I realized Carol hadn't woken up yet and was still laying in my parents bed completely naked and soaked.

My mom had realized that too and came back into the living room. "What have you two been up to?" My mom asked with a curious look on her face.