Frau genießt Mann u0026 bbc in dreier

Frau genießt Mann u0026 bbc in dreier
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It all happened because of an E-mail that Ellen received. Everybody's heard of people that send porno pictures in e-mails to everybody they can think of? When Ellen, a 28 year old private teacher who had been divorced (no kids, fortunately) two years ago, read and saw that one special picture, it changed her whole life.

It contained a grainy photo of a woman being mounted by a large German shepherd. Ellen had never even heard of bestiality, but what she saw was more than intriguing. Within days Ellen was hooked to bestiality on the web. She subscribed to every zoophile site she could find, nearly maxing out her credit cards purchasing bestiality videos (soon having to cancel them after someone got her Visa number off the Internet). Although she viewed all manners of animals to copulate with, she was most intrigued by women having sex with dogs.

Ellen always loved dogs. She always wanted one as a pet, but never had the chance to own one. An amateur artist as well as a teacher, Ellen spent all of her days (a substantial settlement from her husband all but eliminated financial concerns for her) drawing sketches of women with dogs, and she resorted to peeling all the labels off her animal videos so she could never know what she was watching. Despite all her fantasies, Ellen had never had the chance to make love to a dog until her neighbor, who had to leave town for a family reunion came with something of a dilemma.

"I just completely forgot about it," Michelle Smith explained with some embarrassment. "I set up the appointment to have Mikey fixed the two days before I get back, and I don't trust the kennels not to get things mixed up. I don't know how you feel about dogs, but it would be such a relief if you could watch him far a week." "Are you kidding? I love dogs," Ellen agreed, hoping her excitement didn't show.

Her next session of classes would start for two more weeks, giving her ample time to try what she had been wanting all of her life, it seemed. Mikey was a six-year old, golden-brown husky, and quite big at nearly 130 pounds.

Like all huskies, he was, Michelle assured her, very friendly, house trained and very smart. Ellen was horribly nervous when he was brought over. Would he be at all willing? Would he like her? What if her neighbors found out if she did succeed? All her fears and doubts were put at ease, fortunately, when they met. He immediately hopped up and started licking her face as though they were good friends. Michelle gave her instructions, feed him twice a day, make sure he walks at least two miles every day.

Ellen had also brought over a supply of his food, dog shampoo, brush and his favorite chew toys. And finally Ellen was alone in her house with a big beautiful dog that she wanted to fuck, and suddenly she realized she had no idea where to begin.

She tried to think. How did all her videos start out? They were all staged, she knew, a model or actress brought into a studio with a dog who had been picked out ahead of time, and had probably been "fluffed" before filming started. Most of the stories she read were about women being raped by dogs, or discovering a canine lover by accident (Ellen's favorites were where very young girls had their first sexual experience with a dog).

"Well, " she said, half to herself and half to Mikey. "Let me find out how it's done." Ellen got undressed (the best way to view online porn is in the nude) and logged on to one of her favorite sex guides and began reading. While she sat at her computer, Mikey sat down next to her, his tail thumping against the floor. He was looking up at her, Ellen saw, almost as if he had something to say or ask.

"I'm trying to find out how to have sex with a dog. Got any ideas?" she asked rhetorically. Everything there only told her how to get down to business, but didn't say anything about how to get started. Ellen's hand felt wet, and she realized she had actually started masturbating! She licked her juices off her fingers, and then an idea hit her. Didn't a lot of those stories say that a dog would get aroused at the smell of a woman's sex?

Ellen thought that one over. Dogs have a very keen sense of smell, and the scent of a woman aroused couldn't be that different from a bitch in heat, could it? "OK. Let's find out," Ellen said. She logged off the computer, opened her legs and started to masturbate. With one hand she squeezed her nipples, dipping two fingers of her other deep into her moist vagina to moisten her labia.

Looking down at Mikey as she pleasured herself, she could see him still sitting as before, but seemed to be showing some definite interest in what she was doing. When Ellen decided she was wet enough, she moistened her fingers in her own juices and brought them to his face to gauge his reaction.

Immediately he licked greedily at her fingers, and several times she returned her hand to her pussy for more. "I can see you like the taste of my pussy." And with that, Ellen knew, her wildest fantasy was under way.

She pivoted her chair so her now very wet pussy was only inches from his face. Sure enough Mikey stood on all fours, sniffed briefly at her crotch. And Ellen was suddenly in heaven as his long, rough tongue slurped deep within her. The tip actually brushing at her cervix and caressing her g-spot, clit and labia as it withdrew, only to plunge in again and again and "OH GOD!" Ellen climaxed in the most intense orgasm of her life as her whole body tensed in spasms of pure ecstasy.

One wave of pleasure after another washed over her, then another and another. It was nearly a minute before Ellen dimly realized she was having her first multiple orgasm, and nearly two minutes later, finally, regretfully it subsided. She fell gracelessly from her chair as a final shudder ran through her, and for several minutes she lay there on the floor, panting.

When she finally came to her senses, she sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck. "That was wonderful, Mikey!' she whispered. "Thank you so much." Mikey even was hugging her back, pushing his chest gently but firmly against her.

Ellen let go of her new lover, but he was still pushing up against her. "Hmm. Do you want some too?" She looked between his hind legs and just as she hoped, his erection was fully out of its sheath. Ellen stood up-somewhat unsteady- deciding she wanted to continue in her bedroom. With his erection, Mikey had difficulty walking straight, but Ellen's bedroom wasn't that far away, and the nude woman backing away in front of Mikey was more than enough incentive.

She led the dog into her room and made him hop up on the bed next to her. "All right, honey," she whispered as she began to scratch near his hind quarters. "Let's see what you got." One hand rubbed against his belly, starting from his chest toward his hind legs, until she tentatively touched what she wanted.

Mikey's penis was a dark red, almost purple, nine inches long and just over an inch thick. The knot at the base was slightly smaller than her fist, almost to her disappointment. Ellen bent her head down, grasping the penis in her hand and tentatively touched her tongue to it. It was wet and salty with pre-cum, not unlike a man's sperm. She took the pointed head in her mouth, sucking inch by inch until her lips met the swelling of his knot, her head bobbing up and down until he started trying to hump her mouth.

"Do you want to fuck me?" Ellen turned around on all fours, facing away. Mikey needed no encouragement. On his hind legs, forelegs wrapped around her waist, and with a gentleness remarkable in a dog his size, slowly began to push himself into the woman's vagina.

And with a moan of anguished pleasure, Ellen slowly pushed her hips back against him, until her labia met his rounded knot. Mikey pulled out almost completely and entered again. He paused a moment, his legs shifting his weight, and began to fuck his new bitch in earnest. Mikey was a heavy dog, and each rapid hump jarred Ellen's body, her teeth clicking together with the impact.

It was all she could do to maintain her balance on all fours while he serviced her. The pointed tip of his prick pushed into her cervix. Soon Ellen felt her second climax begin to grow, and she came so hard she thought she might have fainted and he was still going at at when a sudden stretching in her slit caught her attention. His knot had entered her, and by the sensation, it was actually growing larger. It did hurt a little but it felt so wonderful Ellen began to come again.

This time, Mikey joined her. For a moment his frantic motions stopped, and with a whine, he released his seed into the woman's womb, each squirt of warm semen coinciding with Ellen's orgasmic spasms. With a final tired whine, Mikey went limp, Ellen's arms and legs collapsing from both his weight and sheer fatigue of fulfilling her fantasy.

For a time they rested together, Ellen basking in her post-orgasm glow and the intimate, furry pressure of his weight on top of her. Finally his knot shrank enough to pull out, and the two lovers curled up together and fell asleep.

They awoke a few hours later and made love again in the darkness. They spent the bulk of the nest two weeks exploring each other, making love constantly, until, with great sadness, Ellen took Mikey to the vet. "Are you all right miss?" the receptionist asked. "You look a little green." "I'm okay," Ellen replied, then ran for the bathroom and threw up. "Something I ate?" But her nausea continued for days after Michelle took Mikey home accompanied by a tearful good-bye from Ellen.

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Finally she bought a home pregnancy test. The result was positive. "I'm going to have Mikey's baby." It came with both shock and joy. She had loved Mikey more than her ex-husband, and as the surprise wore off, it became the most wonderful thing in her life.

After a week, the nausea stopped, and Ellen could not stop eating. She took a leave of absence from the school and started buying new maternity clothes and had to pee constantly.

Her breasts were soon heavy with milk. Six months later Ellen was starting the exercises she'd found to keep in shape when the fetus kicked her. That was nothing new by now- Ellen loved stroking her belly while she felt the baby move inside of her- but the kick was followed by a painful rumbling in her vagina. A few minutes later, another followed.

"I'm going into labor!" It was both a statement and a question. She had only been pregnant six months; while humans were supposed to carry for nine. and Ellen didn't know how long dogs were.

By the time the third contraction hit, she knew that she was committed. She quickly undressed and lay down in the bathtub, fighting the urge to push for an hour until she was sure her cervix was fully dilated.

Finally she began to push. It was painful, but not nearly as much as she'd feared, because canine infants are much smaller than human. Twenty minutes later, Ellen held a single newborn male puppy in her arms, wrapped in a warm towel while she fed it her own natural milk.

Over the next two years, Ellen raised Sugar as her own. At his full-grown size, he weighed nearly 160 pounds, with the same light brown fur and dark, expressive eyes of his father. He was very smart, also, having inherited it genetically from both parents (if proper tests were ever taken Sugar would have been measured roughly as intelligent as a six-year old human).

When the time came, Ellen decided she didn't have the heart to have her son fixed, deciding to accept the consequences of his sexual maturity. She was not surprised, soon after to find Sugar having difficulty walking straight, and rubbing himself against whatever household object came near.

"Sugar, stop!" She ordered as he began to assert himself on her leg. How could her own son feel sexually attracted to her, but as he stood obediently in place, she could see he was in such discomfort from his erection and Ellen couldn't stand to see him in pain. "Sugar, go to my room!" And he immediately bounded off as fast as he could.

Ellen undressed herself and joined him on the bed. " I want you to lick me, Sugar," she said, her voice trembling as she laid back and guided his nose between her legs. His tongue lapped at her juices and almost immediately Ellen was in heaven. She had forgotten what it meant to be licked down there by a dog, and it felt so wonderful as she climaxed violently, writhing on the bed under her son's attention.

"I don't care if you are my son," she thought aloud as she sat up to attend to him. Then she nearly fainted.

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Although Ellen didn't know it, the men in her family were well hung, and her son inherited those genes as well. Sugar's penis was just under thirteen inches long and two inches wide where it swelled into a knot the size of a softball. "All right, honey, just come to mama." Ellen decided to stay on her back with him on top of her so she could have better control.

With one hand she guided the tip of Sugar's penis into her slit, rubbing it up and down her wet, puffy lips she they could get a feel for each other.

Slowly she arched up against his cock, letting him slip in an inch at a time until he learned what to do and began to hump his mother on his own.

Within a few moments, Ellen actually had his entire length impaling her, using one hand to hold the knot outside her pussy while the other hand alternated between stroking her breasts, and reaching up to stroke and encourage her son.

Soon her orgasm began to build within her, spurred on by the largest cock she had even taken within her. Her orgasm hit like a brick wall, her body thrashing and writhing wildly, no longer in control of itself.

As one orgasmic spasm after another ran through, the hand holding the knot away lost its grip. She was only dimly aware of her cunt lips being stretched as it slipped inside, but Ellen was beyond caring.

Her legs wrapped around Sugar's hind quarters, holding mother and son together, and Ellen's last lucid thought was when her orgasm would end. Then she woke up to her son's high-pitched whining as he emptied his seed into his mother's womb, and finally collapsed on top of her. "I love you, Sugar." Ellen whispered into his ear as she sobbed in a joy she had never felt before.

He rubbed his cheek against hers as if to say, "I love you too, mom." Then mother and son kissed, having no other way to share and express their love at that moment. Passionately, gently sucking and chewing each other's tongue while they're lips met. Together, Ellen and her two-year-old husky son made love for hours into the night.

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They finally collapsed together at dawn, in the same missionary position as their first time together, content with each other's loving touch and warmth Before finally falling asleep, Ellen wondered if Sugar might want a little brother or sister. In the future, maybe? But for now Ellen was happy with her new family. "Two years ago I had sex with my neighbor's dog and I got pregnant and I now have sex with my son who's a dog!" At least, that was what Ellen wanted to tell her class.

And it was true. Two years ago, she had finally fulfilled her fantasy of having sex with a dog, and Mikey, her neighbor's handsome brown huskie, had gotten her pregnant! Now Sugar, her two-year old canine son was the best thing in her life. A 160 pound huskie, he looked just like his father, only bigger.

and more hung! He was also extremely smart for a dog. Her son was also the best lover, and closest friend and companion she had ever had. Ellen's class had no idea why their teacher was so cheerful as the semester was starting. Ellen threw herself into teaching with a zest she had never known before, and it rubbed off on her students, as was reflected in their grades.

First thing every morning, and as soon as Ellen got home from class, she and Sugar would make love. For the last six months, she and her son made love no less than four times a day. Ellen had always had a pretty decent figure, but from all the. exercise. she had actually shed a few extra pounds and toned up nicely. Ellen had been hoping she might have her son's baby. But she still wouldn't get pregnant, which, she decided eventually, might have been for the better.

Ellen didn't know what she would do with a daughter, or another lover. A month before the semester began, Ellen had started writing erotica- she wouldn't call them pornography- about women with dogs, and posting them online. She received a great deal of praise for her stories, when she finally finished them.

Writing was harder then she thought! She would just be getting into the best parts when she would become so horny she had to get herself off, and after only ten or fifteen minutes more of writing, she would have to repeat the whole process all over again. Finally, Ellen bought herself a vibrator and took to holding it inside herself, with the motor turned on low, so she could work herself to a slow orgasm while she wrote. She was working on her latest story, about a woman lost in the woods getting raped by a wolf, when she discovered something interesting about herself.

After all the. er, exercise. her vagina had been given, her muscles had become conditioned and flexible. With a little practice, she learned how to move the little buzzer back and forth inside her, and even spit it out entirely hands-free.

Soon she put her newfound talent to good use with Sugar, squeezing him at just the right moments to urge him on and heighten his climax. She even once managed to work herself to a minor orgasm using just her muscles.

During the lunch period the first Friday of the new semester, Ellen was looking over a few posts, alone in the classroom, when she came across a short story from a woman who tried anal sex with her dog, and even managed to tie herself to him. Ellen was both surprised and intrigued.

She had never tried anal sex before, but now that she read about it.she slipped one hand down the back of her panties and pushed her middle finger against her anus.

It was very tight, maybe even too tight for her son to penetrate without some discomfort for her. Ellen had never even masturbated anally, and she did like the way it felt.

She could even feel the vibration from the toy inside her other opening.

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She turned it up, and the buzzing felt in her ass increased as well. That gave her a wonderful idea. Ellen thought about pumping her finger in and out a little, but decided to hold off for her son. She pulled her finger out and finished herself off to a quick climax. The rest of the afternoon passed slowly. Her class seemed to notice she felt so excited about getting out, and Ellen almost blushed as she thought about telling them why.

But finally, the end of the last period drew near, and her students were dismissed as early as possible. Ellen practically raced home. Immediately Sugar jumped at her, front paws on her shoulders as they exchanged a kiss. "Sugar, down." She knelt in front of him and looked him in the eyes. "Sugar," she told him. "We're going to try something new today, and I want you to be very gentle.

And if you do it right, I'll give you a special treat. But if you hurt me if I tell you to stop, no sex for a week, you understand?" she added. The one and only time he had misbehaved, she had abstained from him for a very long week. He never misbehaved after that. Sugar bobbed his head in a nod. Although he might not have understood the individual words, he could easily understand their meaning. Ellen undressed quickly and got on all fours.

"Lick me here, Sugar," she ordered firmly as she spread her buttocks apart. His rough, wet tongue obediently began on her hole, but soon he wandered off towards her pussy.

Several times, she urged him back, but each time he deviated. "Maybe my ass doesn't taste as good." Ellen made him wait while she got a jar of honey, his favorite treat, form the kitchen. She also grabbed a bottle of olive oil, remembering that it always made a good lubricant. More than once Sugar had licked Honey off her fingers, then off other parts of her body. With the sticky treat spread over her ass, Sugar paid much more attention where she wanted him to, although she had to replenish what was there more than once.

But it was having the desired effect, her anal muscles were relaxing and there was a demanding heat coming from there. When she was satisfied, Ellen turned her attention to her son, pouring some olive oil on her hands and covering his ample penis with it. That was new for him and he began to move back and forth in her hand. "Ah-ah, Sugar. Not yet." When she was satisfied she had gotten him slippery enough, his cock a slippery mix of olive oil and his own precum, Ellen turned around and applied some oil to herself.

"Now, do it, Honey, but remember, be gentle." Sugar gave a double yip that sounded amazingly like "Uh-huh." With one hand, she guided the tip of her son's penis against her ass. He pushed forward slowly. It was amazing! His prick felt so huge and warm inside her virgin rear end. The stretching and slippery friction did hurt a little, but she urged him to continue.

"Oooooohhhh. Sugar.that feels so goooooood." she urged him on. He kept filling her and Ellen began to wonder just how much she would be able to take in when she suddenly felt the bulge of his knot against her buttocks. "Wow." was all Ellen could say. Looking back over her shoulder, she could only see the huge knot between her cheeks.

She took him all in! "That's wonderful, Sugar! Now you can start fuuuhhhhhhh." she lost what she was going to say as he pulled out slowly, withdrawing almost completely and plunging back in again. "Why you naughty boy! Just for that." And with that, Ellen reached inside herself and turned on the vibrator, turning it all the way up.

Sugar gave a startled yelp at the unexpected new sensation.


There was an unfamiliar buzzing around his penis, but he liked it! He pulled back and lurched forward against his mother. Ellen cried out at a sudden, painful stretching of her anus. But it was quickly over, and by the sudden feeling of fullness in her rectum, Ellen knew his giant knot had fit inside her. She was now at her son's mercy as he began to take over. He still weighed some 25 pounds more than his mother, and Ellen was simply overpowered by his grip about her waist and the rapid, jarring pace he was now setting.

As was the case when he set the pace, it was all Ellen could do to keep her balance, let alone try and keep up. Her first orgasm hit like a tidal wave. She had no idea how long it last. One violent climax after another hit her until finally Sugar came in his mother's ass for the first time. His hot semen filled her bowels, and Ellen's arms and legs gave out. They collapsed together and rested for a time.

This was Ellen's second favorite part, her son's warm, furry weight on top of her as they rested. They stayed tied together for twenty minutes. When his knot subsided, Sugar pulled slowly out of his mother, knowing his knot would hurt her if he pulled out too fast.

"Sugar, wait! Don't lick yourself off!" He usually cleaned himself off after they were done, but after where he had been. Ellen didn't see anything nasty on his penis, but she soaked a towel in hot water and gently wiped him clean anyway.

He seemed to enjoy that, squirming and whining under the towel, and soon he was hard again. Immediately he jumped up and pushed his mother into place. Ellen just managed to squirt the vibrator out of her pussy when it was replaced by her son's cock.

Sugar got to work immediately, and Ellen was nearing her next orgasm when someone knocked on the door. 'Ellen, are you there?" It was Michelle, her neighbor who had loaned her Mikey, Sugar's sire over two years ago. "Ellen, are you home?" she repeated. By the sound of her voice, she seemed upset about something. "Uhhhhhh.just a second!" Ellen hoped her voice sounded normal with her approaching orgasm.

She and Sugar were tied together now, and there was no way they could stop what they were doing. Ellen started to moan as the first pre-orgasmic shudder ran through her. Surely Michelle would hear! she thought, and tried to cut it off.

She only managed to make it a strangled groan. "Ellen," Michelle called through the door after a pause. "Are you all right?" "I'm fine!" she squeaked as she climaxed. And she kept squealing as she came! Michelle, she remembered dimly under her violent orgasm, still had a key to her apartment, and if she decided to let herself in to see what was wrong.

Ellen tried to ask her to wait a minute, but it came out completely unintelligible. If Michelle, came in, she would definitely see the resemblance between Sugar and Mikey.

As she thought that, Ellen suddenly realized she was excited by the idea of being caught with her son. Sugar was squirting into her now, which always sent her to another orgasm. She started to cry out uncontrollably. And with a click, Michelle opened the door just as Sugar finished his climax.

For several moments, she stood, stunned at the sight of her neighbor being mounted by a large huskie who looked so much like poor Mikey. "Uh, Ellen?" she asked finally, her voice trembling.

She smiled weakly. "I'd ask what you're doing, but it seems sort of obvious." A rush of warmth came to Ellen's face, and Sugar even looked somewhat embarrassed. "Michelle, what's wrong?" The other woman had been crying, that much was obvious by the redness in her eyes and the streaks on her face. She didn't answer. "How long is he going to.?" Apparently, Michelle knew about dog anatomy. "It usually takes him twenty minutes to pull out of me." She didn't mention that they had before stayed locked together for almost 45 minutes.

Fortunately, this wasn't one of those times. Sugar pulled out fifteen minutes later and sat down to lick himself off. Ellen wanted to stand up, but knew that his seed would start running out if she did. Michelle went and got her a robe to cover her.

Actually, Ellen didn't really mind being seen naked, especially not by another woman. Especially not by the woman who had unknowingly given her so much. Ellen decided she had to tell her the truth. "Michelle, please, tell me what's wrong." The other woman nodded, gulping back a sob.


"Mikey was hit by a car this morning. I took him to the vet, but there was nothing they could do, and they had to put him to sleep." She started crying again, and Ellen went to comfort her. Sugar joined her, pushing his nose into the other woman's hand. "He looks a lot like Mikey." Michelle said after she collected herself.

She asked what his name was and Ellen told her. "Hi, Sugar," she said as she scratched him. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say Mikey was his father, they look so much alike." "Mikey is his father." It was out before she realized she even said it.

In a rush, she told Michelle how, two years ago, Mikey had gotten her pregnant. Michelle was surprised but not shocked, and maybe even a little excited. "I didn't think that was possible," she said after a minute.

"Neither did I, but I'm glad it was! It looks like he likes you." In fact, he was licking warmly at Michelle's face and neck. He was licking her a lot, actually. "I hope you don't mind me asking this, but are you wet right now?" "He can smell me?" Michelle asked.

She looked down between her legs. "How long have the two of know." "A little over eight months now.

It all started when he got his first erection. It looked so much like he was in pain that I had to help him!" "I still can't believe you let your, that!" "Let him?

I love doing it!" Ellen said somewhat defensively. "He's a lot better in bed than any man I've ever slept with!" Michelle hesitated.

"How was Mikey?" she asked finally. "Oh, Mikey was great too, but Sugar is a lot bigger than he was." Then an idea hit her. "Would you like too try him out?" "You mean me with Sugar?" Michelle didn't know whether to be surprised, flattered, insulted, shocked or frightened.

She settled on nervously excited. "Do you think he'd like me?" "He seems to prefer humans to other dogs, so I don't see why not. Besides, I don't think I mind him sleeping around a little." She turned to her son. "What do you think, hon?" As if in answer, Sugar began licking and nuzzling at Michelle's breasts.

"Are you a breast man, Sugar?" she asked, and began to undress. As soon as her breasts were exposed he went after her nipples. Michelle gasped.

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His tongue was soft and wet, yet rough and felt wonderful. He grabbed her nipple in his teeth and bit down gently, sucking at the new woman's breasts. Michelle kicked off her shoes and began to wriggle out of the rest of her clothes. "I'm sorry, Michelle," Ellen said suddenly. "Do you want me to leave the two of you alone?" "Ahhh. no." Michelle gasped. "I want you to stay, maybe you can. ahhhhhhhh.

help me." She didn't add that having another woman watching made it even more exciting. Ellen said "Okay," and took off her robe, then helped Michelle out of the rest of her clothes. Michelle took in the woman's figure. "Wow, you look great, Ellen. What's your secret?" "Sugar gives really good exercise," she said with a smirk. "Ohhhh god." Sugar had zeroed on her pussy, and Michelle was suddenly delirious with pleasure, writhing as he lapped hungrily at her.

This new woman tasted different from his mother, but no less delicious. Michelle climaxed within moments, the looked to see how aroused Sugar was. "Gawd, he's big! I don't think I can take so much dick!" "Don't worry," Ellen assured her.

"He can be very gentle if you want him to." She was glad she had stayed. She had seen dozens of videos of women with dogs, but to be so near when it was happening was so exciting, and almost as good as doing it yourself. She had even started masturbating and didn't realize it! "Does he always do it doggy style?" "No, he likes the missionary position the best." She giggled. "That's the first position we ever tried." Michelle wanted to try it that way. Ellen fit a pillow under her lower back for an easier angle for Sugar.


He positioned himself between her spread legs and slowly began to enter her. Ellen held his knot, not sure whether or not the other woman wanted to be tied yet. "Mmmmm, he's so big!" She was moaning as he pushed in slowly. He kept his penetration gentle, as if sensing this was her first time with a dog.

"I want his knot in me too!" "Are you sure? If he gets it in, you'll be stuck together." Her answer was a resounding yes, and she let go of her son's penis. "It's so huge!" Michelle gasped as Sugar wiggled his hips, slowly but surely squeezing his knot inside her. She cried out, it did hurt for a second, but when it was over, there was a wonderful sensation of fullness and pressure she had never known before in her.

Michelle said "Fuck me, Sugar!" and he needed no more instruction. She did weigh a few pounds more than his mother, but she was soon quivering and jerking under his assault. Michelle was glad she chose the missionary position. She wasn't nearly as toned as Ellen, and didn't think she could have kept her balance on her hands and knees.

That was the thought that started her on her second orgasm. Lying next to them Ellen was fingering herself desperately. She had already come once by the time Sugar got his knot inside, and started to come again as she heard Michelle's climax.

She looked at the face of the woman being mounted by her son, a mask of pure orgasmic joy. Her eyes were closed, cheeks flushed and mouth open in a silent scream as one spasm after another flooded her.

There is nothing sexier than a woman's face during orgasm, she thought as she came a third time. Within moments Sugar joined them, and Michelle gasped as his hot semen filled her. Finally he collapsed on her, and all three of them rested for a time. "Thank you, Sugar," Michelle said finally. He licked her face in reply. There were tears of joy on her face that he licked off.

"I think he wants to kiss you," Ellen said softly. Her own eyes were wet, too. She demonstrated for her, drawing her son's tongue into her mouth as their lips met. "Let me try!" Sugar, Michelle decided, was also quite a good kisser. His tongue filled her entire mouth without forcing itself inside.

It was like being kissed from the inside out. After the three had recovered, they went into the bedroom, where Michelle decided to try it doggy style, with the bedframe to support her. Then Sugar made love to his mother while Michelle watched. They finally stopped around midnight, Sugar too tired to continue. The women, likewise spent, slipped into bed with Sugar curled between them. They fell asleep in a mutual embrace Michelle practically moved in with them and became one of the family. Nearly a month of daily love making passed when Michelle came home to her newly extended family one afternoon with a sudden glow on her face.

Ellen asked what she was so happy about, then saw the + on her home pregnancy test. "I've been feeling a little sick in the mornings," she explained with a grin. "Does this mean I'm going to be a grandmother?" Ellen asked in mock dismay. "If it does, I hope your grandson takes after his old man!" They laughed and called Sugar over to share the news.

Judging by his erection, he was only too happy to help them celebrate. All credits to Sweet T-original writer.Prince Leon.