Busty teen toying in kitchen

Busty teen toying in kitchen
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It would be better if you read the series from the start, but I do try to write my stories so that they are stand alone.

Hope you enjoy Joe wakes up and stretches out, he notices that he is alone in bed, he feels next to him and find Maryse's side cold. He gets up and slips into his boxers, he goes to the bathroom, brushes his teeth, rinse his face and use the water to tame his hair a bit. Slipping his t-shirt on he walks out of the room and heads for Andy's room, he can remember that Maryse said that she and her parents is going out later on to go do some shopping.

Joe opens the door and walks inside, Andy is sitting in front of his computer playing a game.

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Joe sits down in one of the chairs, Andy barely looks at him, Joe looks at him for a while "Andy we got to talk" "I know, but I don't really have any answers for you" Joe frowns "What do you mean?" Andy turns to face him "I know that you want to talk about what I did last night" "Well yeah, I would like to know what the hell happened, sure it was interesting, but damn Andy she's your sister and my girlfriend" Andy sighs "Well I didn't plan it OK?

I just knew that you were busy having sex so I got an idea, I never saw Maryse naked and I thought it would be a good time for it. So I took the video and when I watched it I just got the idea" "And it didn't occur to you that it might be wrong?" "It did, but…I don't know man, it just kinda seemed so right at that moment" "Andy I know you, blackmailing would never seem right to you" "I wasn't thinking very clearly at that moment OK?

It was one of the most erotic sights I have ever seen" "And your dick took over?" Andy sighs again "Yes" Joe sits back in the chair "And why was she so cowed when you said that you'll show the video to your parents?" "Well they have a standing order that we are not to have sex in the house, they also don't know that you and Maryse is having sex, so I think that she would probably get send to one of those all girl colleges overseas and that you will not be allowed near the house or her again" Joe shakes his head "You are evil you know that?" Andy smiles slightly "I really couldn't help it Joe, I'm very sorry about doing that to you two" Joe gets up and stretches out "You will have to apologise to Maryse as well you know" Andy pulls a face and Joe chuckles at him "I love you like a brother but you dug yourself into this hole Ant Man" Joe opens the door and goes back to Maryse's room, taking a shower and gets dressed, checking on his cellphone he see a message from his mom 'Let us know if you're OK' Joe replies that he at Andy's, after he is finished and read his mother's OK, he makes up the bed with fresh sheets, dumping the old ones in the washing machine along with some of Andy's clothing he sees laying around.

When he is finished he walks towards the den, but meets Jon on his way to the television room "Ah there is my future son-in-law" Joe feels a blush creeping over his face "Dad stop teasing him" Jon grins at Maryse and continues on his way to the television room, Maryse comes walking over to him, slipping her arms around him, he leans down and they share a gentle kiss.

"So did you rest well sleepy head?" He chuckles at her "I did yes hun" She smiles up at him and he can't believe that he is lucky enough to have her as his girlfriend.

"So I guess you're on your way?" "Well I'm already packed, but I don't trust myself with you in a room" She giggles and slips her arms around his waist "So you think I still have energy left?" He smiles "I would think that you still have left, but I don't, that is why I'm running away" She laughs and hugs him tightly "Oh get a room you two" Andy comes sauntering past on his way to the kitchen and Maryse lashes out, catching him with a fist on his shoulder "Ow!" "I told you I'll get you back buster, I didn't say it's going to be in one go" Joe chuckles "Oh hush Andy, I'm sure you take harder hits in practise" Andy pulls a face at them and goes on walking to the kitchen, Maryse looks back up at Joe "So are you ready for next week?" Joe grins "I just hope you have gotten yourself steel tipped shoes, I am not known for being light on my feet" Maryse chuckles and gives him a quick hug "I'm sure I can teach you a thing or two" "Oh I think you already did" Maryse looks up at him, catches his meaning and starts to blush "Oh hush" Joe gives her a hug and together they walk to get his book pack, at the door he kisses her goodnight and walks home, thinking about what happened today.

Joe comes into the bedroom from the bathroom, running his hand through his damp hair he notices that Maryse is not in the room, he heads out into the house to look for her. They have arrived yesterday and spent the day unpacking, the house overlooks the ocean and Joe have thought about going jogging along the beach, but when he woke up he decided to just lay back and do absolutely nothing. He finds her standing outside on the patio looking out at the ocean, he walks closer and slips his arms around her, she jumps and looks over her shoulder at him.

"Good morning Reese" She smiles at him "Hey huni" He kisses her softly and hugs her tighter to him "Did you sleep well?" He nods and looks down at her "And you didn't" She guiltily looks away "What is bothering you hun" "Nothing babes" "Come on Reese, I've known you for a long time now, I can see when something is bothering you.

How about I venture a guess and ask if it's about the Andy situation?" She sighs "Yes it is" "Why do you keep beating yourself up about that?" "Well I just feel like I failed you, like I failed us" "No hun, why would you feel that way?" "Well you were there, you saw how easily I gave in, I didn't even try that hard to stop Andy" "Reese I spoke to Andy, I know what the repercussions would have been if he did show that video to your parents" "But I didn't even try to stop him, I know that he wasn't thinking clearly at that moment and then again neither was I, I just feel so bad about it" "Reese you were pushed into a corner on a very inappropriate time, I doubt that I would have been able to think of any other way out of it at that time" "I enjoyed it Joe, it's wrong!

I mean how can I enjoy something like that?" Joe sighs wearily "I must admit that even though it was very weird, I also got my kicks out of it" She looks around at him "Seriously?" He smiles at her "Would I lie to you baby?" "I almost can't believe it, I thought it was just me" He squeezes her a bit harder and kisses her neck "As strange as it sounds I also had my own weird sort of pleasure" "But…what if I get into a situation like that again?

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How do I know that I'm not going to give in to it again?" "Well you are going away and I think the best thing we can do is that the moment something comes up that could endanger us, we can just talk to the other one and walk away from that situation" She sighs and rest the back of her head against his shoulder "Do you forgive me?" He kisses her forehead "You already are love" "What would I do without you?" He looks out at the ocean "Be belittled and used by people who doesn't care for you" "I still think I must kidnap you and run away" He chuckles and kisses her temple "Come on, let me go make you my speciality" "And what may that be?" He chuckles "A sandwich that you will not believe" He releases his hold on her and takes her hand as they both walk back into the house, a few minutes later he is busy making sandwiches while she pours them some juice.

She sits down and watches him working, sipping on her juice "So you can make a sandwich?" Joe smiles up at her and sucks the mayonnaise from the tip of his thumb "And I can cook as well, you really didn't know this?" She shakes her head "I know a lot about you, but I didn't know that you know your way around the kitchen" He chuckles "I may not be able to cook up a storm like you, but I can make something to survive on" She smiles and continues to drink her juice as she watches him.

A few minutes later he places a plate in front of her, she smiles up at him and waits for him to sit down next to her with his own plate, they eat in silence, just enjoying each other's company.

After eating and cleaning Maryse heads for the bedroom, when Joe follows her he finds the door closed. He goes back to the living room and sits down on the couch, stretching out and leaning against the arm rest, yawning he closes his eyes.

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He wakes up when he feels a pressure on his waist, he opens up his eyes and finds Maryse sitting on top of him, dressed in a pitch black bikini, he blinks and she starts giggling "Hey there sleepy head" Joe smiles up at her as he takes in her firm, toned body and lovely breasts barely held in check by the bikini top. "Hey there babes" She leans forward and rests her arms across his chest, smiling down at him "I'm glad that you like my bikini" He can feel her pressing against his growing erection and he grins "Well I think you can even make a baggy tracksuit look hot" Her smile broadens "Awwww you are so cute when you flatter me" Joe laughs softly and folds his arms around her, hugging her to him, she kisses him and smiles at him "Get dressed, I want to go down to the beach today, I think I'm starting to grow a bit pale" He pulls a face and she laughs at him "Get up lazy or I'll tell coach just how much you are slacking" As answer he cups her ass in his hands and grins up at her "Oh you will do no such thing my dear" She smiles down at him, narrowing her eyes in pleasure as he starts to rub and squeeze her ass.

"You are such a naughty boy" "You want me to walk around with a pitched tent on the beach?" She slowly nibbles her lower lip as she pushes herself down against his cock "Mmmmm it may just be fun, then all the girls can see what I'm getting" Joe chuckles "And what if they want to kidnap me and use me hmmm?" She smiles at him, slipping her arms from his chest and lies down on top of him, kissing him deeply, he returns the kiss, giving her ass a light slap.


She bites his lower lip, letting out her breath in a sigh and pulls back with his lip between her teeth. Reaching back she undoes her bikini top and pulls it off, she sit back up and take his hands to cup her breasts. He slowly run his hands over her soft skin, rubbing his thumbs across her nipples, feeling them stiffen under his touch, she is breathing deeply as she grinds her pelvis against him. Joe watches her hands slip inside his boxers, drawing his cock free from the cloth, she grins down at him and undoes the knots on the sides of her bottoms and slips it off.

Joe gently massages her breasts, squeezing firmly as he lightly pinches her hard nipples, she breathes deeper and he can feel the heat from her pussy on his throbbing shaft. Without saying a word she slides his head between her hot, slick lips, he takes a deep breath as her tight pussy slides down his shaft, gripping at him like a hand in a wet, velvet glove.

Maryse leans forward, resting her hands on his chest, her nails digging lightly into his skin as she starts to move on top of him, her pussy sliding over his cock, lubricating him with her juices, she moans as her muscles contract around him, closing her eyes in pleasure.

Joe lets go of her breasts, letting them move freely with her movements, he slips a hand between her legs, his fingers finding her hard clit.

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She moans deeply as his fingers rubs over her sensitive nub, he grabs her ass with his other hand and squeeze the firm flesh eliciting a groan from her. She dig her nails deeper into his skin as she starts to move faster, her muscles gripping his shaft each time she moves up his cock, the tightness making him groan softly.

Her breath washes hotly over his neck as her thrusts increases in tempo, her juices dripping from his balls as he continues to rub and then pinches her clit, she gasps for breath as she impale herself repeatedly on his shaft, the tight warmth is enough to drive Joe close to the edge, but he holds back on his approaching orgasm, giving her ass cheek a slap, her muscles contracts around his shaft, on the spur of the moment he slips a finger into her tight ass hole. It feels like she gets electrocuted as a violent shudder runs through her body, she screams loudly and sink down on his cock, the muscles milking his cock makes him loose control and he grabs her ass as his cum explodes deep inside of her.

They both pant for breath as their orgasms wash over them, Joe glances down to see her nails drawing blood from his skin as she digs them in deeper. She collapses on top of him, breathing deeply, Joe wraps his arms around her waist and holds her tight, gasping for air, Maryse groans softly "Damn, you are turning into quite the adventurer" Joe laughs under his breath "Well I have a great place to explore I'd say" She kisses his jaw and slowly gets up off of him, gathering up her bikini "I think I solved your little exhibitionist problem for now, so get dressed, I already have our towels, water and sunscreen ready" Joe chuckles as he gets up "You sound so hot when you get all command-like" She grins at him as she start to pull her bikini on again, he gives her a kiss on the forehead and walks to the room.

After slipping into his swimming trunks, pulling on a t-shirt and stepping into his favourite sandals he comes back out to find her waiting for him wearing a black sun hat, a white sarong around her waist and a beach bag over one shoulder.

He grins and as he passes her he gives one breasts a firm squeeze, she gives a surprised squeak and slap his shoulder "Naughty boy" He laughs at her and gives her a peck on the cheek "What do I carry?" "I think there is a sun umbrella over there, you can bring that and of course I want something to lie on, I'm not going to use my new towel" Joe grins at her "At once your highness" "Ah now you are learning your place, took me a while, but I'm getting there" For a moment they look at each other and burst out laughing, he goes to fetch the umbrella and a folded canvas that lies on the ground next to the umbrella.

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Locking the door he follows Maryse outside, she hooks in with him as they walk across the road and parking lot and onto the beach. Joe blinks his eyes and feels Maryse nudge him, holding out his sunglasses when he looks at her. Joe smiles at her and puts on his sunglasses, they survey the beach, the kids running around after kites, balls and Frisbees.

Maryse picks out a more quiet spot and Joe sets up the umbrella and canvas, kicking off her sandals she sits down on the canvas and wiggle her eyebrows over her sunglasses at Joe, he grins and kick off his own sandals before sitting down next to her.

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"Is it just me or is a few girls' tongues hanging out?" Joe chuckles "I think it's either the heat or they are wondering how you fit into that bikini" She giggles and nudges him with her shoulder "I said girls not guys" "Oh them, they are just admiring your smoking hot body" He is glad to see her blushing at the compliment, she pulls out his towel along with hers and hands it to him, he sets it down and lies down with his head on his rolled up towel.

Maryse slaps him playfully on his tummy and when he doesn't react she uses her towel, Joe groans and turns on his side "Give an old man a break, you will be the end of me" She laughs and kisses him on the lips "OK rest a bit huni, but I want you to rub some sunscreen on me a bit later" Joe smiles "Oh you are really going out of your way to make all the guys jealous" She giggles as she lies down next to them "And you have a problem with that?" "Not really, still got to get used to the fact that I have what every guy and some women desire" "Awww you are so kind with your flattering words" Joe smiles and roll onto his back again, slowly drifting off.

"Wake up babes" Joe opens his eyes to find that there is even more people on the beach, Maryse have dropped her sarong and is sitting on her knees next to him. She is smiling warmly down at him, and playing with the hair next to his ear, he stifles a yawn. "How long was I out?" "Oh about two hours" She playfully pokes his ribs and he bats her hand away and sits up, catching a few glances towards them.

Maryse lies down on her tummy and undoes her bikini top's strings "To work Edward" Joe laughs at her English accent and grabs the lotion bottle, pouring a copious amount into his hand, he spread it between his two hands and starts to rub her back, taking the time to knead at some of her tensed muscles, she practically purrs "Oh I knew I brought you along for a reason" Joe chuckles as he works the lotion into her skin, leaving it just as silky smooth as when he began "Ah you got the new kind, no residue" "Mhmm, don't want sand sticking to me, that is just gross" Joe applies more lotion and rubs it into her sides and lower back, she reaches back and undoes her bottoms as well, Joe watches as she pulls the material away.

"Are you sure about that?" She shrugs "I'll just rape you later, finish up lover boy, the day isn't getting any younger" Joe grins as he pours more lotion into his hands and starts to apply lotion to her calves, working on her muscles on his way up her legs. She reaches back and ties her top again, then rests her head on her arms "And here I thought I'm going to give you a full body rub" She giggles at him "Why do you think I was so long in the room?

I sorted out my front before we came" She bites her lip to prevent a loud moan from escaping as Joe's hands squeeze her ass, and then starts to rub the lotion into her skin, with each firm squeeze a small whimper escapes her lips, but she stays remarkably calm under his ministrations, when he is done, he ties her bottoms securely and she gets up.

Due to the black material of her bikini it's hard to see, but Joe notices her quite prominent nipple stand, making him grin. She gives him a baleful stare and places her hands on her hips "Oh you think it's funny?" Joe chuckles "Not my fault that the results of my handiwork is on one of my most favourite parts of you" She pulls a face at him and he smiles "I can see where Andy learned that one from" She bends down, picking up the bottle of lotion, opens it and pours some into her hand "Turn around" Joe obediently turns around and she starts to rub the lotion into his back and shoulders, applying more lotion to her hands she works the lotion into his sides and his front.

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When she is finished she rests her hands on his shoulders, and smiles at him "Now we go for a walk, hand over all possessions" Joe takes his cellphone, wallet and the house keys out of his pockets and hand them over, Maryse picks up the bag and heads over to a little stall close to the parking area. Joe watches as she hands over their things, it gets placed in a sealable holder and she gets a clip with a number on it and comes back to him, he holds out his hand, she takes it and they slip on their sandals, before heading down the beach, chatting away as they walk.

"Well if that isn't Joe, I'm a walrus" They both look in the direction of the voice and a big, solidly built man comes walking over to them with a huge grin on his face "Whoa no way! John, what on earth are you doing here?" John and Joe shake hands and John turns to Maryse "You his girl?" Maryse nods and John gives her a huge hug then turns back to Joe "We are on season break man, decided to come check out the old town again" Joe looks at Maryse "Andy never told you about John?

We used to play football out in the park" John looks at Maryse "Now don't tell me you are Andy's sister" "Yes I am" John grins "Dang gal you grew, last time I saw you, you were still riding that red bike" They all share a chuckle "Well Joe, it's been good to see you again, hey me and the guys may throw the pig skin around a bit later, you are welcome to come join us" Joe nods "I'll think about that, maybe I'll see you around again, we're here for the week" "Sure thing, OK guys have a nice one" John turns and walks away towards a group lounging under two umbrellas "Red bike?

Why was he looking at my breasts when he said that?" Joe chuckles "When you first got that bike it had training wheels right?" "Yeeees???" "Well when he last saw you I'll bet a dollar that you were still wearing a training bra" She grows a light shade of pink and Joe starts chuckling, he takes her hand and they start walking down the beach.

They come across a volleyball game on the beach, they stop to watch, Maryse resting her arm around his waist. "I like that brunette over there" Joe looks over at one of the players, she has a firm tanned body, her bikini is modest, but cut to accentuate her curves. "So what do you think lover boy?" "She spends too much time in the sun" Maryse giggles and nudge him with her shoulder "You are such a funny guy" "I do try hun I do try" They continue to watch the game, suddenly Maryse grabs his hand and starts walking back down the beach.

Joe glances at her, but can't read much from her face, but the set of her mouth makes him wonder if something is wrong. "Is something wrong?" "No, we're just going home…for a while" Joe frowns but allows himself to get swept up in her hurry to get back home, he barely have the door open, when she rips the umbrella and canvas gets ripped from his hands.

Within moments her tongue is rubbing against his and her hand undoing the string ties of his swimming trunks and pulling it down his legs, breaking the kiss as she moves down lower.

Joe has no idea what has gotten into Maryse, but as her lips wrap around his growing cock he can't think of any reason to complain. He rests his hands on her head, his fingers entangled in her hair as her tongue and lips works on his half erect cock, making it swell inside her mouth, her soft fingers envelopes his balls and gently massage them.

Joe leans back his head, his eyes closed and his mouth half open as he savour the feeling of Maryse sucking his cock deep into her mouth, her other hand slips around the base of his cock and she start to move her hand and mouth over his cock, Joe groans softly in pleasure as she rub her tongue over his head, before moving her mouth down his shaft again.

Suddenly she pulls away, getting up and walk to the bedroom, Joe blinks at the sudden interruption and sees her walking to the bedroom, taking a deep breath he slips the safety chain onto the door and follows Maryse to the bedroom.

As he enters he sees her sarong, top and bottoms lying on the floor, creating a clear direction to the adjoining bathroom, kicking off his shoes and pulling off his t-shirt he follows the trail left behind by her. Entering the bathroom he sees her standing under the shower, she is looking over her shoulder at him with a naughty little smile on her lips. Joe gets into the shower with her, slipping his hand between her legs he rubs over her smooth lips sending a shiver up her spine, he glide a hand up her firm body, cupping her soft breast in his hand, feeling her hard nipple poking his palm.

He kisses her neck and whispers in her ear "What got you so excited love?" She pushes her hips backwards, rubbing her ass against his cock "My imagination" Joe feels her hand closing on his shaft and guide him towards her entrance, moving his fingers so that they rests on and around her clit, she pushes his cock head into her pussy, Joe groans and pushes hard against her, sinking his cock deep into her.

Maryse moans out loudly in pleasure, trying to claw at the tiles on the wall, Joe can feel the water running down her body drip from his balls. He squeezes her breast as he starts to thrust inside her, feeling her muscles contract around him each time he pulls back.

He starts to rub her clit and she moans loudly as he thrusts deep into her, slowly picking up the pace, driving deep and hard into her, his groin slamming into her ass with each deep thrust. Maryse grabs her free breast with one hand and pinches her nipple, making her gasp, he follows suit and pinch her clit as well, a long loud moan from her. Thrusting harder he pinches her nipple a bit harder, her wet ass making a slapping motion as his groin smacks continuously against her. Arching her back she lets out a scream and he can feel her muscles contract around his cock, he almost can't believe that she can orgasm so quickly, but he knows her body by now and he know that it is a real orgasm.

A though comes to his mind and he grins to himself, slipping out of her still contracting pussy, grabbing the soap he lathers up his cock and press the tip against the opening of her asshole.


Placing the soap back and gripping his shaft at the base, he pushes forward, feeling his lubricated head slowly opening her sphincter. Slipping his hand from her breast, he rests it on her lower belly and pulls her towards him, his cock head slips inside of her and she lets out a moan. He slips his hand from his cock and wrap both hands on her tummy and gently push against her, the tightness only easing up slightly, he slips his one hand to her clit and starts rubbing over it in slow circular movements.

She pushes her hips out towards him, allowing his shaft to slide a few inches deeper into her, making her moan in pleasured pain, gripping her hip with his hand he pushes deeper into her, the lubrication of the soap helping him to slide past her tight sphincter and deeper into her tight ass. She breathes hard and loud as the shower's water streams down her arched back and over her ass, Joe pulls back and thrusts back into her, inching deeper, she grunts and lean further forward, resting her elbows against the wall.

Joe slips his hand from her clit and to her hip, pulling her backwards as he thrust into her again, the tightness making him moan in pleasure, she swivels her hips as he continues to thrust deeper into her, each thrust going easier as her muscles relax more to his intrusion. Finally Joe's groin slam against her ass cheeks, he stops for a moment and looks down at his shaft disappearing into her ass, taking a firm hold of her hips he starts to thrust slow and hard into her, making her grunt each time he bottoms out and moan as he pulls back.

She slips one hand between her legs and Joe can feel her fingers fondle his balls as he keeps thrusting into her tight ass, he can feel that slight tingling building up in his balls just as her fingers moves from his balls and start to firmly rub her clit. Joe keeps up his pace, wanting to prolong the moment, he closes his eyes and listens to Maryse moaning and panting for breath, all too soon he can feel his orgasm starting to build up at the base of his cock, but judging from Maryse's breathing and the shudders running through her legs, she isn't too far off as well.

Joe starts to thrust faster, building up a quick rhythm that sends Maryse over the edge, her scream echoes through the bathroom and Joe grips her hips tightly as he explodes deep inside of her ass, moaning in pleasure. They stay locked together until Maryse straightens up, his cock slipping out of her, she turns around to face him and grins.

"Well, well you are quite a naughty boy yourself" Joe smiles at her "Well I noticed you have quite the sensitive ass, so I thought it would be interesting" She wraps her arms around his neck "We are SO not going to the beach now" "Oh? And why is that my dear?" "Well you just stuck a rather big cock up my virgin asshole, you think I'll be able to walk properly?" Joe blinks "What?" She smiles sweetly at him "Yes hun, you are the first guy I allowed to do just that" He wraps his arms around her waist "I'm still curious as to what made you so worked up" "Well we were watching the girls play right?" Joe nods "Well that girl caught my attention and I started imagining what it would be like to watch you fuck her right there on the spot" She blushes slightly "I imagined how it would feel to be her and I just had to feel you inside me again" Joe chuckles softly "Well I'm not complaining about it" She gets a thoughtful look on her face "You know what Joe?

I think we should invite her over some time" Joe can feel his jaw drops open and she laughs at him and kisses him deeply "Just say yes and I'll worry about the rest" "Wait…you're serious?" She nods "Come on Joe she's pretty, sexy and I'm sure she'll adore your cock just as much as I do" Joe blinks at her "Uhm…" She giggles "Come on Joe, spread your wings a bit, if you don't like it we don't have to" Joe smiles "You know, usually it's the guy who asks for this sort of stuff…well if it will make you happy I'm sure we can try it" Maryse gives him a gentle kiss and smiles broadly at him "Let's get dried off, I have a lot of plans to make" She reaches behind her to turn off the shower and they both get out of the shower, she catches his arm and giggle "Oh my, this will take some getting used to" Joe gets their towels from the hangers and hand her one, she wraps it around herself and unsteadily walks out of the bathroom, Joe dries himself and looks at his reflection in the mirror.

"Damn" Running his hand through his hair he walks out of the bathroom.