Orgasmo rico y dice me estoy casi viniendoooo

Orgasmo rico y dice me estoy casi viniendoooo
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Sorry to have taken so long coming out with this one, guys. A lot of things have come up. I have two parts for you today. It may be a few more days before I get out the last two parts, but I'm working on it. If you are not into gay or b/b, please don't bother reading this.

I can promise that you'll be disappointed. *** I woke an hour later, spooned behind Tyler with an arm over his waist the way a kid sleeps with a teddy bear.

He was sleeping back against me like a very content teddy bear.

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Love between adolescent boys is often rooted in friendship and companionship, and I had never had a good friend other than Jason. Now Tyler was more than just a friend. Sex at that age is a huge adventure, one we were on together.

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His body was a wonder to me, and mine seemed to be to him. The two of us, alone and away from the condemnation of peers and society, had found that instant, honest intimacy boys are capable of when they discover that connecting their bodies can connect their hearts.

My heart, as I lay spooned behind Tyler, felt as rich and warm as Tyler's body felt against my belly and legs. I lifted my head to look him over one more time. He was beautiful, from the pale cream color of his fleshy butt to the gentle curve of his narrow hips to the ruddy pink of the cock and balls which looked so big on his slender body. His tan had a golden hue which made the smoothness of his skin look warm.

His lean lines and his boyish scent, and his coloring made me think, "golden boy." I laid my head back down and nuzzled happily into the back of his hair, enjoying the smell of it. Tyler stirred. "You horny again?" he asked sleepily. "No," I said, rubbing my lap into his butt so that he would feel that I was only semi-hard.

"I like lying naked together," I told him. I brushed my lips behind his ear. "You've got a perfect body." "We had this discussion," he murmured sleepily.

"We agreed that you were the one with the perfect body," he said. "Bullshit!" I murmured into the back of his neck. He took the forearm I had over his waist and tucked my hand between his legs. I cupped his balls and felt his flaccid dick against my wrist." Feeling his dick against the sensitive skin inside my wrist did start my dick swelling. It slid up on Tyler's butt. He hummed pleasantly at my fondling and rolled onto his back inside my arms, lifting and dropping his legs over my hips.

He opened his knees wider and rubbed my hand between his legs using both of his. "I love your hand," he said with a sleepy grin. "My hand loves you," I said, nuzzling in to his cheek. His dick thickened under my wrist. "What do you want to do today?" he asked. "It's already three in the afternoon," I said. I pulled my head back from him.

"Don't you mean, what do we want to do with what's left of the day?" "We could go to the mall," he suggested. "We can hang out together and everybody would know we're friends. Hey!" his eyes lit up. "We could go see a movie and make out in the back of the theater." "Yeah, right." "Seriously," he said. "I wanna do that sometime." "Yeah, in a movie that no one else is going to see," I said.

"I have another idea. We could borrow Jason's Cobra and the two of us could head over to the motocross track." His eyes lit up. "Or, I could turn off my dad's outside security cameras and we could go skinny dipping," I added as an alternative. His mouth dropped. "In broad daylight?" I shrugged. "No one else is here and no one can see into our yard. We'll just wear our swimsuits down to the pool and take them off in the water.

That way they'll be handy if anybody shows up. Jase and I and some of his buddies used to do that all the time." "Really?" "Why not? It's our pool." "Did you guys spring boners?" "All the time. You know the filter outlets, where the water shoots back into the pool? That feels real good on a boner. We used to each get in front of one and let the jets to blow on our boners till we came, you know, dry cum -- That was before we could shoot sperm, so it's been a while since we did that." "Did you ever, you know, masturbate each other?" "Nah.

We never touched each other." I poked his ribs. "I will touch you, though." Tyler's brow furrowed. "What about Jason? What if he comes back home?" I propped my head up on my elbow and slid my fondling hand up Tyler's nearly erect cock. I shrugged. "He's going to have to get used to seeing us together," I said. "I don't know," Tyler said doubtfully.

"He's pissed right now. And what if he brings other guys here. I don't want EVERYBODY to know about us." "We'd hear or see them in time, if we're careful. And as for Jason being pissed," I said, frowning, "He's going to have to get over it." "But we don't have to piss him off, Brock," Tyler said "Jason is my friend, or he was.

We're on the same swim team and we have the same friends." "Yeah, I know." I sighed and rolled to my back. "But now that he knows, I just want him to accept it. I don't want him to hate me because I'm gay, and I'm not giving you up." Tyler rolled over to face me.

"He looks up to you, dude. He told me about you the first day we met on swim team. He told me about how cool you were and bragged about how tight you two are.


Don't you think he'll come around?" Tyler saw my expression sadden, and he laid his hand on my stomach. "You're worried aren't you?" I shrugged. "Yeah." Tyler rubbed my belly and cocked his leg over mine. "Sorry," he said. I wrapped an arm behind his back and pulled him closer.

His naked body soothed my anxiety. "I'm not sorry -- not about you and me," I told him. "Just about Jason." I drew my fingers up his spine.

"It's easy to forget about everything else when I'm with you." I smiled. "Especially when we're having sex." "I'll call my mom," he said. "You wanted me to sleepover, and you need me with you tonight." "Yeah." He grinned and kissed me, then twisted back off me to pick up the phone which I kept beside my bed.

While he dialed to call his mom, he was arched back from me and his boner pointed up his stretched stomach. "Hi, Mom," he said. I grabbed his cock and gave it a firm squeeze, and Tyler gasped.

"Oh, nothing, Mom. I stubbed my toe," he said, trying to pull his hips back, but I didn't let go. Tyler stiffled a giggle and tried grabbing my wrist with his free hand. "Mom," he said, struggling to keep his voice calm, "I'm gonna sleep over at Jason and Brock's again tonight, okay?

We're going to have a big pool tournament." He flashed me a grin, then frowned as I started stroking him. He tried to get my hand away, and then grabbed my wrist firmly to stop me. "Mom," he said.

"Don't worry. It's just us guys. I can borrow a change of clothes if I need to. Jason's should fit. Or I could borrow Brock's. He's got a big butt, so his shorts would be loose on me." He grinned. I raised my eyebrows and fast stroked him. Tyler hummed high and almost silently. "Thanks, Mom," he said in a strained voice. "See you tomorrow." He hung up the phone and with a yell, tried to push me onto my back.

We wrestled back and forth, rolling off the bed onto the floor with a thud. Tyler jumped up. "Last one to the pool gets fucked!" he yelled, heading naked for the door with his boner wagging. "Wait!" I hollered, scrambling to my feet. "Let me turn off the outside security cameras first and grab my swimsuit, just in case someone shows up." Tyler paused, barely. "I'll grab mine from Jason's room," he said, and took off.

Damn, he looked good running naked. I pulled my swimsuit off a towel bar in my bathroom and ran for the security closet on the first floor. As I opened the door to lean in, Jason passed me coming off the stairs. I powered off the system, slammed the door, and headed for the back doors. Jason paused there, but didn't let me catch up. He flung the doors open and ran out with me on his heals. "Last one in the pool gets fucked!" he repeated. "First one in the pool gets fucked!" I hollered back.

That didn't slow him down. He tossed his swim briefs onto a chair and dove into the pool on the run. I was only a few feet behind him. I tossed my suit with his, dove in, and caught him by the foot.

We grappled. At first, it was the normal kind of wrestling guys do. When I tossed Tyler back over my shoulder and into the water he scrambled onto my back, wrapping his legs around my waist and his arms over my shoulders.

I dove under, and reaching back, I tried dislodging him, but he clung tightly. I managed to muscle him around to my front. Our legs tangled. We rolled. We were still under water, and I was running out of breath. Struggling to free myself, I got to my feet only long enough to catch a breath before Tyler wrestled me down again. We went on that way for several minutes, starting to get boners when our bodies tangled, starting to lose them when struggling hardest. We wound up mid-pool when Tyler backed me against the wall and covered my mouth with his.

As his tongue probed into my mouth, I grabbed under his butt, pulling our floating packages together. I extended my legs out from the wall and Tyler's legs fell outside mine so that underwater, he straddled my lap. Resting his hands on my shoulders, he leaned back and smiled. I kept my hold on his hips to keep us together.

"Who's your favorite singer?" he asked. I told him, and we launched into one of those discussions new friends have about favorite songs and artists and movies and so on. It struck me as almost funny that we were talking about things like that after becoming lovers because that kind of discussion usually comes before. I don't know how long we talked like that with Tyler comfortably astride my lap, but eventually, I started to chill from inactivity, so holding Tyler to me by his butt, I walked us around in the water.

He kept hold of the tops of my shoulders and we talked, growing enthusiastic when we agreed, laughing and teasing when we did not. Conversations like that are always best when your balls and dicks are resting together. I backed him against the wall at a depth were one of the filtration jets would goose him. Tyler's eyes flew open and he smirked.

"Oh, those jets?" he asked. "Yep." I let go of his hips, stood him up, and turned him around to face the wall. Cupping his balls to protect them with one hand, I used the other to maneuver his dick in the sharp flow of water, and I pushed his hips forward with my own so that I could get his dick well into it. He grasped my forearms and looked down to watch me work his dick. He grew hard. Tyler moaned and laid his head back on my shoulder.

I aimed his dickhead right into the flow, knowing how much that could stimulate. "Umph!" he backed his hips. "That'll make me come." He stepped to the side. "Here, you do it. Get yours hard, too." He pushed me in front of the jet and then reached around to grab my dick like I had done his. When he did, his erection pressed against my butt. I thought he might want to put it in, but once I was hard, he turned me around and disappeared under the water, where his mouth closed over my dick.

Holding me by the hips, he bobbed on my cock, then came up for air with a grin.

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"I wanted to try that," he said. "At swim team, coming up on the wall, if other guys are already there, their packages are floating and I've just wanted to swim my face into them." He took another breath and went back under. As he sucked this time, he grabbed my butt in his hands and lifted my feet off the bottom. Then with his arms wrapped under the small of my back, he lifted my hips to the surface and came off my dick as it broke the surface.

"Up periscope!" he called, pressing his chest between my legs. He slung back his wet hair. My dick, however, plopped up my belly as soon as he released it. So Tyler took it back into his mouth and backed us through the water to where the depth was at his chest level.

He held me afloat with his arms under the small of my back and he sucked. I relaxed and enjoyed. Tyler walked us back and forth. Beneath the surface, he rubbed a finger in my crack and finding my opening, he inserted it. I arched and Tyler bobbed on my dick while wiggling his finger inside me.

He moved us to the shallow end and backed me to the steps. I found support on my elbows on the second step. Tyler released my dick from his mouth and straightened up between my legs. He moved his hips forward and I felt his dickhead probe for my opening. So I reached down between my legs, grabbed his dick, and guided it to the spot.

Tyler pushed in and I lay back, a little less relaxed, perhaps, but mellow. Tyler thrust slowly, going deeper. When he really started to get into it, every time he pulled my hips against his thrust, I sloshed forward and back.

"Let me turn over," I said.


Tyler smiled slyly and pulled my bottom tightly to his lap. "Okay," he said, giving my hips a twist. "Turn over." Obviously, he wanted to stay inside me while I rotated on his cock. I thought, why not, and pulling my knees up, I cooperated as he turned me over by rotating my hips. I held onto the steps for support, and once he had me floating on my stomach, I extended my legs out to either side of Tyler's hips.

He pulled me tight and ground in, pulling me off the steps. For the next several minutes, he walked me around in waist deep water, either holding me up by my hips or with an arm under my waist. I sculled up with my hands to catch breaths, but otherwise, just relaxed and enjoyed the feel of his legs against the back of mine and his dick moving around inside me.

Guys like an element of the experimental in sex, something sports like, something fun. Maybe that's why guys are always sticking their dicks into so many new places.

Anyway, this was a new position, and Tyler seemed to like me hanging on his dick.

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Eventually he took me to the side of the pool where I could grab onto the wall to breathe, and where I could get leverage to push my butt back for him. I planted my feet on the bottom, and Tyler molded his body to my back.

He wrapped his arms under my belly and chest, and used his palms to feel my abs working as I bucked for him. He thrust. He sucked on the side of my neck. And somehow, Tyler managed to make it feel like he was climbing all over my back while all the time grinding his dick up my butt.

Abruptly, his arms tightened hard around my chest and belly. He drove as far up inside me as he could. His dick throbbed inside my sphincter. My own dick grew even harder, especially as I thought about it being my turn. As Tyler relaxed and slid off my back, I pulled him around in front of me, bent him over the pool wall, and guided my cock between his butt cheeks. I found his entrance, and drove in. It didn't take long for me to come as well. When I did, I remained inside him. Holding his butt to my lap, I pulled him off the wall slowly backed to the steps where I sat back with him leaning back against me.

I gently washed his belly with pool water and kissed the side of his neck. My dick slipped out from inside him.

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He rested back against me, and I held him. I felt content. "I don't get it," Jason said sharply. Tyler and I jumped. Tyler quickly pulled away from me. I had forgotten to watch the house, and to listen for others coming home. Jason stood over us frowning.

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"You just don't care who sees you, do you?" he demanded. "We were watching the house," I lied. "And I was listening for cars." I looked around him. "Anyone else with you?" "Lucky for you, no," Jason said. I forced a smile.

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"Care to swim with us?" "No," he said sharply. He turned and started back toward the house, stopped, and came back the few steps he had taken. "I noticed the security cameras were off when I got home. I turned them back on." My mouth dropped. "Don't worry," he said. "I've got the tape." He started to turn again, but stopped one more time.

"I'm going to Kaitlin's house," he announced, and then he did leave.