Hengst besteigt stute

Hengst besteigt stute
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This is just a short story about revenge and rape, so if you don't like rape, please don't read it. But if you do, congrats, I promise graphic details. :) 'Smack!' Wan Ling hit the wall and slid to the ground. Around her, classmates formed a wall around her, most of them folding their arms and shaking their heads. Mei Lin, the class monitress stepped up. "Chen Wan Ling, we have found you guilty of theft from no less than 5 classmates, with possessions totaling to hundreds of dollars.

For your misdeeds, you shall be punished." Wan Ling looked upwards at the other girl in fear. Mei Lin stepped back, dispersing the class a little. "What punishment, you many ask? We could hurt you or humiliate you. After all, your thefts have gotten many into trouble with their parents and thus it's only fair we return the favour." She signaled and the class started towards her curled form.

Wan Ling held out her hand. "Please! Don't hurt me! Please!" Mei Lin looked at the poor girl's face. "Well, you should have thought of that before stealing." She faced the class, "Go on." And they attacked her. Kicking and punching furiously. Wan Ling could only curl up and cry. But just five seconds into the beatings, a voice said.

"Stop!" The beatings stopped. Mei Lin spoke with a smile, "Chen Rui here has a better idea." Despite being relieved, something in about that smile sent a shiver down Wan Ling's spine. ************************** She now stood in a circle, her legs awkwardly angled.

"If I take off my clothes, you promise you won't hit me?" she asked. The monitress smiled vindictively, "No we will not. Come on, strip!" And the class started jeering at her. "Yea c'mon strip!" "Bare it all!" She wanted to cry but couldn't. Slowly, she undid the buttons on her blouse, letting it fall slowly apart. Wolf whistles were heard as her undergarment began to peek out from the gap in her garments. Wan Ling pulled her blouse over her shoulders. Her skirt came off next, falling to her ankles.

The sight of her slim frame in underwear caused more cat calls and jeering. She heard lewd comments being passed in the crowd and looked pleadingly at Mei Lin. "Continue!" came the cold reply. The girl then undid her bra and pulled it off her chest. Now sharp intakes off breath were heard.

"Oh my, call those breasts?" cried someone, inciting laughter from the crowd. Wan Ling cried then. "Oh come on stop crying!

Show us your slit!" came another jeer. Her fingers went to the band around her panties, but she couldn't bear to pull it down. She just froze there, aware that her nudity was being cruelly criticized. Then suddenly, a strong pair of hands grasped hers from behind and tugged her last piece of clothing off her hips. With her panties removed, her lady parts were now revealed for all to see. Wan Ling looked around the circle to see every face laughing, grinning or eyeing her body indiscriminately.

She looked over to the pretty monitress and saw her give her nude body a disdainful look before walking away. ************ It was the second evening after school since Wan Ling's public humiliation and Mei Lin was still smiling, savouring the scene in her mind while she admired herself in the mirror.

She deserved it anyway, the monitress thought to herself. Thieving bitch. 'Bad deeds must be repaid in kind', her father used to say. Smiling to her reflection, she turned to leave the toilet, only to be pushed back in my a masked man. She struggled and tried to scream but the man covered her mouth with his hand.

"Be quiet or we'll kill you." She fell silent and saw to masked men enter the toilet as well, similarly dressed in black. The one grabbing her said, "Hello pretty, you're going to show us a good time. Close the door and lock it." He said to another of his men. Mei Lin was no idiot, she knew she was about to be raped and started struggling.

Her assailant pinched her and said again, "Don't move, you'll enjoy yourself more that way." He then forced her to the floor facedown. "Gag her." came the order. Before Mei Lin could respond, a piece of fabric was jammed into her mouth and her crying became muffled. She then felt someone lift her skirt and pull of her panties. She tried struggling but the two other men just pinned her down and whipped her cheek with their cocks. She then heard the water flowing and the next thing she felt was a wet penis slip between her legs, searching for a gap to slip in.

Mei Lin mustered all her strength then but was unable to break free of the two man pinning her. She could only struggle in vain as she felt the other man slide atop her, arranging his shaft between her legs. She felt the slippery member slip through her vulva and into her and she shuddered. Suddenly, the man thrust violently into her, ripping her virginal hymen in a second and gaining entrance into her body where no man every ventured before. The pain caused her to scream into the gag, but after a minute, she ran out of breath and just lay there crying as the man moved in and out of her body, violating her every sensor in her body.

Her rapist breaths started to become laboured and he began to moan in pleasure. He began to increase his speed and penetrated the girl faster. He lifted her blouse and felt his hands around her smooth breaths, stroking and massaging her nipples as he violated her.

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Then he began to climax. Mei Lin's body instinctively cringed as she felt warm liquid flood her insides as the man moaned and continued to pound her until the flow of liquid stopped.


The man got off her and she felt the fluid spew from between her legs and cool in a puddle around her naval. The man fingered a bit of the goo and smeared it on her face. He then went over and let his friend have his turn. The new guy smiled at her and stood up to flip her on her butt. He then proceeded to pull her half removed panties of one leg, again, Mei Lin tried to fight him but failed. She tried to clamp her legs shut but with a little brute force, the second rapist opened a gap and manage to squeeze himself in between.

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He then stroked his penis a few times and played with vagina, tweezing the flaps and tickling it, making her squirm in discomfort. His cock now hard, he leant forward and pressed himself into her slowly, stretching open once again her until recently virgin vagina. As he did so he let out a slow moan. Using his hands, he removed her blouse and pulled up her bra so as to be able to slowly fondle them during their intercourse.

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Just as she thought this bout were over, she was hoisted upright and made to sit back down on his dick. The rapist then bounced her body up and down, her each humiliated moan inciting greater pleasure in her attacker. After a minute of this, Mei Lin's womb was once again defiled by another torrent of seed from the man. Her legs sticky with semen and vagina sore from overuse, Mei Lin whimpered as the third rapist mounted her from behind. And he did her hard. Maybe it was because she was sore but her third attacker felt bigger and more painful as she felt herself feeling more pain then the initial rape.


She began to cry and gasp for air as her body began to collapse from exhaustion. Then, just when she thought her vagina was going to be split open, the third man withdrew his shaft and promptly inserted it into her anus.

No mercy. If it weren't for the gag, Mei Lin's scream would have been carried throughout the school. If she thought her vagina was too tight to accommodate too many men, her anus was tighter. And the third rapist was using all his strength to rape her and gaining more strength from her suffering. And then he stopped. Mei Lin let out a sigh of relief.

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Then she saw the offending cock staring her in the face. Its owner said, "Suck it dry." Mei Lin tear streaked face looked at him in horror. That thing had been in two parts of her body and was mixed with virginal blood and semen from all the men.

The men took out a knife.

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"Suck it, or I rearrange your face." Gingerly, she opened her mouth and before she knew it, it was stuffed with the penis.

A gag ensued as she tasted the salty and metallic tastes of her blood with semen. Her head was then grabbed and forced to take in the shaft.

To prevent herself from choking, Mei Lin struggled to gasp for air, but was only assailed with the repeated slamming of the man's crotch in her face. After repeated thrusting, Mei Lin's mind just resigned her to the abuse. But then she panicked as she felt the penis expand and pulsate in her mouth. She tried to pulled out her head but the man kept her in place as he continued to use her mouth as a receptacle.

Suddenly, a jet a hot fluid burst from the shaft into her mouth, filling up the space in her throat in globs and restricting her airflow. Mei Lin gagged and coughed onto the penis, semen overflowing her mouth as she tried to breathe.

But he wouldn't let her go. He just continued thrusting his penis deep down her throat, discharging all his fluids into her. Then, after what seemed like eternity, it stopped and her head was released and she collapsed to the floor, her naked chest heaving as she choked on the disgusting blockage in her throat. The men then got up and pulled on their shirts, getting ready to leave when they decided to bestow upon the cowering girl one more bout of embarrassment by pissing on her naked body.

As the last trickle of urine fell on her, the men stood up and said, "Next time, when you fuck someone up, you'd better watch your own pussy." Do leave comments on how I should improve on my story in the future so that I can provide better stuff next time :) Thanks for reading, hoped you like it!