Dominated teen hardfucked while blindfolded

Dominated teen hardfucked while blindfolded
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PENANCE By: vapidvector pen-ance (pen' ens) n. [see penitent} voluntary self-punishment to show repentance for wrong- doing, sins, transgressions, etc. Her husband could hear the car door slam in the driveway as his dearly beloved exited her new Lexus. Peering through the large window overlooking their front lawn he could easily see her standing beside the automobile, trying to collect herself before coming inside.

Surely she knew he would be watching, so any attempt at false modesty was futile and irrelevant. After all, his old motto, "It's not the size of the storm that matters, it's the amount of debris left behind", most certainly applied to this situation because the amount of "debris" his wife would be able to show him would determine whether or not she had properly paid her penance.

If she had, in his opinion, done so she would be allowed to continue on in their relationship much as before. If not, then she would be send back to try again but with even more harsh criteria to meet that time. But he had faith in Carla, his vibrant, oversexed wife of ten years.

If nothing else, she certainly could take direction and orders in matters pertaining to her pussy and its' required performance no matter the degree of difficulty. He took great pleasure in watching his sexy woman walk toward the house to make her report and presentation. "Why, the little tramp is drunk!" Mr Park thought when she stumbled and almost fell as she headed down the walkway.

After barely catching herself before toppling over, Carla shakily resumed the trek to the front door. "My word! It looks as if she has been really put through the wringer!" Mr. Park thought when he noticed the disarray of her clothing. He rubbed his hands together and smiled at the thought of what she must have been made to do for penance that evening and night. His thick, deeply circumsized cock pulsed in his trousers as it swelled and lengthened from his perverse enjoyment.

"Her clothes are a mess, probably ruined! And I paid a fortune for that slutty little outfit! Ah, well. Small price to pay for the fun I am about to have!" Mr. Park watched Carla sway and stagger the rest of the way across the floodlight lit yard, taking her condition in and remembering the way she looked when she had walked out the door earlier that same day and the circumstances leading up to this sexually charged moment.

Mrs. Park was the owner of the largest and busiest hair salon in their town. She only did hair these days as a favor or when one of her twenty-two employees was out sick or some other emergency.

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Carla tended to the running of the business and did very well financially. Since she was easily the most attractive woman in the salon she recieved more than the lion's share of come ons, flirtatious advances, and sexual innuendo. She was used to it from a lifetime of the same sort of banter and didn't feel threatened or put upon by any of it. Actually, Carla took it as a compliment whenever one of her customers had softly cupped her shapely ass for a quick feel or did more than enough to snuggle their head back into her mountainous breasts when she stood behind them, shampooing their hair.

It had been the topic of many conversations between her husband and herself and her retelling of all the men's (and sometimes even women) efforts to seduce her had a profound effect on her husband and always led to intense, hard driven sex for them.

Mr. Park, Gary to his close friends and associates, even encouraged Carla to partake of the offered sexual services should she be so inclined. Theirs was a full and open relationship and Gary was not threatened by the idea of his wife recieving pleasure from another individual. Quite the contrary.

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He recieved a perverse thrill at the prospect of his sexy, huge breasted bride climaxing on the probing tongue of an admirer or being penetrated by a young customer's thick, magnificently long cock and riden to orgasmic delight. He had confided this fact to Carla numerous times in hopes of coercing her to give in to the thoughts of sampling the taboo wares so frequently cast her way.

Obviously these attempts to conquor her virtuous persona intrigued and excited her because during the sex sessions fueled by her tales of attempted seduction she became a wildcat. A cock crazed hellion that tossed all inhibition out the window and fucked like there was no tomorrow.

Gary knew it was just a matter of time. Time and the right person with the right line of trash. Then the stage would be set for the fulfillment of another fantasy he felt confident they both shared. It was a long time coming, but that day and that person did finally arrive. "You should have heard the customer I did for Missy today," Carla started the conversation over dinner that fateful evening.

"She had a funeral to attend so I did her two o'clock for her, poor girl. A younger guy, about twenty-five or so, and really handsome to!

He just moved down from Maine and has the sweetest accent. Anyway, most everybody was still to lunch and we were practically alone in there. Jack and Barbara were in back doing inventory and Suzy was shampooing her next cut but noone was within earshot of us and that little yankee booger talked to me like a sailor!" Gary had stopped eating and gave Carla his undivided attention.

"What did her say? Did he ask if he could shiver your timbers or swab down your poop deck?" "Smart ass! No! Well, not in those words, he didn't. But basically the same meaning! Now what was it he first said.oh, yes, I remember. He said, 'You country girls fill out realla' well down hea', don't ya?' Bet you're a fine breeder, what with those big tits an' all!' A breeder!

He called me a breeder! Do you believe that? Ha! Gary, DO I look like a breeder? Really?" Without missing a beat or cracking a smile Gary put a bread stick in his mouth, crunched half of it off, and replied around the mouthfull of bread, "Sure you do, my dear! That's exactly the reason I married you instead of that skinny sister of yours. I like that big, squeezable ass of yours! You would carry a child with no problems what so ever. Most likely several in succession. Shall we get started with that scenario after dinner?" Carla picked up a half eaten bread stick of her own and tossed it at him playfully.

"You shit! Big ass my ass!" then laughed at the language gaff. "I knew he wasn't trying to be a comedian when he said what he did next though. I was almost finished with his cut. Just brushing him off and stuff when he asked me how much he owed.

I told him Missy charged thirty-five for what I had just done and since I was doing this for her, that price would be fine. He, Adam is his name by the way, handed me three twenties and when I turned to make change he came up behind me and put his hands-both of them, mind you!- on my ass! I was scared and just froze, standing there with this stranger fondling my butt! 'Keep the change, sexy breeder. And if ya' ever decide to show me some a' ya' technique, hea's my card.

Even breeders need a day off an' I can really eat pussy when I care ta'. I bet yours would taste nice! Call me. Or I'll call you instead.' Then he just left. I was so flustered I don't know where I put Missy's money! He really shook me up!" "Shook you up or got you wet?" Gary asked his wide eyed wife. "I know how those sort of things get to you and getting scared isn't your normal response.

Come on my little "breeder". Tell me the truth. Your little monkey got all gooey, didn't it?" "Stop that! No! No it didn't," Carla pouted, knowing full well Gary had her dead to rights on that subject. "Well, maybe just a little. I WAS scared though! He could be a rapist or something and come back for me sometime! But he was pretty good looking and I did notice a big, fat bulge growing in his pants while I shampooed his hair.

And.and.and YES! Yes, I did get a little turned on by him. And what he said. I'm no spring chicken anymore, Gary. I'll be thirty-six my next birthday and a woman likes to know men still find them attractive when they are no longer a stupid little teenager!" "I'm sure your new friend did find you attractive my dear.

Very attractive indeed considering the young man took a chance of going to jail by expressing his appreciation of your, your attributes, however crude they may have been.

In my opinion such bravado should be rewarded. Perhaps by a visit to- Adam is his name,eh?- Adam's house. If for nothing else than a lesson in etiquette. Should you determine something more may be in order, then." Carla understood Gary's meaning completely. And for the first time she found herself giving the notion serious consideration. Momentarily her mind shuffled the possibilities. "Well, he did say something about a day off and I take that to mean if I did go over there or met him someplace I wouldn't have to do anything myself.

He implied he would, would, you know? Do all the work. Like, you know." Carla fumbled for words that wouldn't embarass her but could find none. So she just whispered them across the table. "You know, eat my pussy!

If I didn't do anything but let him, you know, let him go down on me, that wouldn't be so bad of me. Would it?" Carla stared at Garywide eyed as a child asking permission to do something sneaky. "The only thing bad about it is the fact you didn't follow the young lad home right them and allow him to service your perfectly delicious pussy that very moment.

I've told you for years that you should start permitting those that wish to give you pleasure the opportunity to do so. If you do not want to reciprocate that should be understood beforehand but should not preclude your admirer's desire to service you. And if you feel more is in order, by all means, do as your voluptuous vulva tells you to do." "You would get mad.

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I know you would. Wouldn't you? Wouldn't you be jealous of that?" Carla asked. Gary responded with his pat answer to that question as he had so many times before. "You know my feelings on that subject, Carla, so don't play coy!

Over and over I have told you that I find it exciting that these men desire you and want to have you. I would NOT be mad or jealous of you engaging in these little trysts because they would be little games Sex games for us to share and enjoy. As always though, I require that I be fully involved in the preparation and aftermath. Told in excrutiating detail every tiny bit of information concerning the "wet work" between you and your admirers.

That is all I ask. All." Carla broke her reverie and said with a sigh, " Ah, well, Gary. You know I won't do anything like that. I would be too shy. Besides, it's just fantasy. Something to excite our libido. It will never happen." Gary resumed dinner, his mind wondering, "Is this the time? Is Adam the one?" Mr. Park's attention was slowly refocused on the present as he appraised the sorry state his wife seemed to be in. Her brand new and once red hot "see me, feel me, fuck me!" outfit was damaged beyond hope and Carla's body seemed a bit abused also, but the full extent of the trauma to her clothing and flesh was not evident until she came into the house.

Mr. Park had sat down in his favorite high backed chair as she fumbled to open the door. The lighting had been arranged to his liking earlier that night by himself. He sat in shadows and could not be easily seen, while a small floodlight shone brightly upon the carpet four or five feet in front of his chair. This is where he intended for his misbehaving wife to stand and present herself for inspection.

Carla entered the house and made her way to the den. Standing in the doorway, she swayed drunkenly slightly and awaited her instructions. Mr. Park took his own sweet time looking her over. Mr. Park started at the top of Carla's mussed and tussled hair. Definitely out of shape and sweaty in a couple of spots on her forehead.

There were also dried splotches in her hair as well, obviously sperm. Quite a lot of it, actually. Her eye shadow and eye liner as well as her other make-up was runny, as if tears had came from her eyes sometime in the preceeding hours.

Gary smiled at that. And Carla's full, pouty lips that had been coated with flaming red lipstick and lip gloss were now merely tinted red. Some lipstick had caked in the corners of her lips and more had ran down toward her chin. Mr. Park supressed another grin as he wondered silently what had cause that meltdown. One of Carla's earrings was missing but her ear lobe was not torn so it had not been ripped out. Her expensive necklace had popped its' hasp and half hung from her neck and the other half rested on one magnificent breast.

It seemed that all of Carla's other jewelry had survived the ordeal, best Gary could tell. But the new, bright yellow, latex, micro miniskirt she had purchased especially for this occasion was ruined. The top was so extremely low cut to begin with it barely held Carla's surgically perfected 38dd's in check as they heaved and rolled in the one-quarter French cups of the gut crushing corset she wore as foundation wear.

The entire tanned tops, the deep, dark cleavage, and most of the bulging sides of her spectacular titties were on display when she strutted out the door earlier that day. It was so ridicuously low that the top half of her silver dollar sized aureole showed above the latex fabric.

But now it could not contain their weight and size because of an eight inch tear right down the middle and the resultant stretching of the surrounding latex. Her left breast spilled out of and over the corset's tiny cup and hung proudly out the ripped front. Her right boob was out of its' small supporting cup also but the remaining latex held it undercover as it pressed hard up against its' mate, trying to burst free.

There were dozens of purple bruises resulting from sucker bites, hickeys, and gnawing teeth all over her tanned tittie flesh and down into the dark recess of her deep cleavage. Both nipples were chewed and sucked raw and red, seemingly very painful. Dried splotches on her titties and the glistening latex indicated man juice had been spilled there in copious quantities also. The hem of Carla's ultra short micro miniskirt barely covered the very bottoms of her ass cheeks when the dress was brand new.

The harsh treatment bestowed upon it caused it to shrink upward so far that it now completely exposed Carla's dark, reinforced stocking tops and the extremely short garter straps of her corset that held them high on her thighs, almost into her crotch. The expensive stockings were snagged and ran, even bagging slightly at the knees.

"Spent a lot of time kneeling tonight, eh, little Carla?" Gary asked sarcastically. "Yes.yes, I did," Carla answered. Shyly she added, "They made me.". "They? Well, indeed, tell me!

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How many were there to assist you in paying your penance?" "Three. Three men and.and.Adam's aunt. She was there to." "Yes! Elizabeth, isn't it? The one you fired last fall? I'll bet she certainly was happy to see you drop on her doorstep!" Carla frowned, then pouted.

"Well, I wasn't happy to see her, the bitch! She was so fucking mean to me! She actually." "Be quiet!" Gary shouted. "You will get your turn to speak! I must inspect you now, so, hush!" Carla hung her head and waited. Mr. Park's eyes slid on down Carla's shapely, very fit legs to her feet and their high heeled stilettos. They were scuffed and dinged in places, surely never to be worn anywhere except to bed for fucking from now on. The red lacquer on her sexy little toenails was flaked on both big toes and one stuck through the stocking toe.

And the nylon encasing her prescious little "shrimp" was dingy and cloudy, made so by globs of cum that had dripped, drooled, or sprayed over it.

The white gold toe rings could just barely be seen through the fabric. Mr. Park ran his eyes slowly back up his wife's sexy calves and thighs, finally coming to rest on her crotch. The yellow crotchless panties she had worn over to Adam's had been torn away and the dangling inner lips of Carla's abused pussy were visible as they hung out of her once pretty and proud vulva.

The heady aroma of her musky cunt stench was detectable as soon as she entered the den. But now, standing within arm's reach of Mr. Park, the unmistakeable odor of a thoroughly fucked cunt was thick enough to taste. Gary couldn't help but to smile as he thought of what Carla retained deep inside her, waiting patiently for the right time for it to be presented, Gary spoke to his disheveled spouse. "The aroma of your well fucked cunt is overpowering, Carla.

I have never smelled you this, this, pungently bloated before. I assume you did as I asked and brought home the proof, the cock pumpage?" "Yes. Yes, I have it," she answered softly. "I'm carrying it up in me just the way you taught me, Gary. I think there must be a lot of it. I can feel it.feel it.sloshing around up inside me," she whispered, her voice trailing off.

"Before you show me what you saved and brought home to me, I want you to bend over and let me examine your breasts. There seems to be substantial damage to them, do you realize that?" Gary asked. "Yes, I know. Everyone got so turned on when they came out they just went, well, crazy. Even that bitch Liz had to get her mouth on them! I tried to stop her but Adam said to let her. The bitch even went down on me before it was all over. Disgusting!" "Did you climax while she was eating your prissy little pussy, Carla?

Did you squirt for "that bitch"? "No! No, I did not! It felt good but I wouldn't do it for her! Bitch!" "If you lie to me one more time this night I promise you that before day break you will be getting gang fucked by every scumbag on Thirteenth Street until you are ruined completely! Lying is what brought us to this point.

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Do you want to restate your reply?" Carla winced, knowing he would do it, and said, "Yes. Yes, then, I DID cum in her mouth. Twice. And I enjoyed it. So much so that I returned the favor in spades by eating her pussy and asshole.

She's still a bitch, but she does taste good!" With that said, Carla leaned over and hauled both titties out completely. They hung beautifully in Gary's face, swaying slightly from her legs constantly flexing as she tried to maintain her balance. The heavy abuse heaped upon them was clear to see in the intense light of the flood. Fifteen to twenty big, purple sucker bites all over the tan meat and raw nipples throbbing painfully still. Dried blood caked one erect nipple and aureola where her lovers had gotten out of hand.

Atop her left breast, four inches back from the nipple, an oblong shape of imprented teeth marks stood out, a deep violet from hard bruising. Mr. Park grasped them both in his hands, hefting their sensuous weight and admiring the damage done.

Carla meweled and whimpered pitifully in response to the fresh pain this caused but knew not to speak out in complaint. Mr. Park took first one aching nipple into his mouth to suck and lightly chew on, then the other. Savoring Carla's groans of distress as he mouthed them hard. Finally he released them. He told her to stand up straight. "How many times were you tittie fucked tonight, Carla? I taste their salty sperm on you. How many times did they mount you and spray their scum all over these beautiful titties I paid so much for?

Tell me, Carla?" She thought quickly and responded, "Three. Or four. Four. They complimented me on them. They said they had looked forward to getting their hands on "the Breeder's jugs" for awhile." "As they should. Their perfection cost fifteen thousand dollars!

And to be mauled and fucked by the likes of your friends this evening is revolting! But just as well. Perfect penance, Carla, perfect. Now, turn around!" When she was positioned facing away from where her husband sat she recieved further orders as to how she should present herself. "Step your feet apart more.

That's it. Now lift your dress up to the small of your back. Higher. Higher! I want to see all of your hot ass! Bend over for me. More. Deeper. Deep enough so your ass lifts and the cheeks open up.

There. That is enough. Stop. Now, while I look you over, I want to hear exactly what happened the moment you walked in the door.

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Tell me EVERYTHING! Just like you were supposed to do the OTHER times!" Carla felt her husband's hands begin to move over the sore and abused flesh of her thighs, cunt, and ass cheeks. His breath was hot as he drew close to inspect every crevice, every scratch, every bruise.

He dug, probed, and prodded at his leisure. Sometimes the pain came fresh and intense from his attention. But she knew that this was a major part of her penance and she was glad to pay it. Carla realized she had wronged Gary and wished to atone for her indiscretions in any manner required of her. Enduring the continuous discomfort of her sore and aching vulva and rectum, Carla began her tale of a kinky evening spent with strangers, paying penance, as her talented fingers busied themselves at her clit and slit.

"As soon as I rang the doorbell the door flew open and Adam stood there wearing nothing but a black swim thong and a smile. I could see right away he was hard and, Jesus, was he hung! He said that his "Breeder" was finally here and grabbed my wrist and pulled me inside.

His neighbor was outside and watched me walk up the path to the door and I know I looked like a whore because he kept staring at me. Before I rang the bell I bent over and let him see my ass and pussy through my crotchless panties. He loved that! He knew I was up to no good, out looking to fuck or get fucked. God, I felt so cheap!

But that was what this was all about, right, Gary? Right. O.K. Well, Adam pulled me inside and slammed the door, oooohhhh! oooowwwww!

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I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Gary! Slammed the door and there they all were. I thought just Adam and maybe his brother were going to be there but there were two more. I know I was hot in this outfit and they just stared with their eyes all bugged out, you know.

Elizabeth, that bitch, especially her eyes bugged on me! She was jealous I know because she tried to laugh at me but Adam shut her up when he said she wished she could look that good.

Next thing I know I'm pushed over the back of the sofa and Adam has his mouth all over my ass, sucking and licking all over my cheeks. No build up. No nothing. Just BAM! Let me suck your asshole, Baby! I was embarrassed with all those wet slurping noises and loud sucking coming from back there, but, God, Gary, it felt so good!

So delisciously dirty! Liz, Tony, and Paul were up close watching us and that was hot to! I started getting into it. I remembered why you had sent me and wanted to do good. And then, and then Adam pulled my cheeks w-a-y apart so he could get his tongue up my ass deep and started eating me out in both holes! Fuck it was wonderful! I had never been watched like that before! Not like an audience all up close and shit! It was hot! Liz laughed at me when I started to cum and Tony told her she was just jealous and made her come over to me and play with my tits to help get me off!

That was sweet, that Bitch! Just a minute or so later my pussy gushed Adam a mouthfull and I came so freaking hard!

It was, you know.OOOOOWWWWWW! THAT HURTS! OOOWWWOOO!" Gary took a moment to tell his rambling woman, in no uncertain terms, that her vocabulary being used to describe her evening left everything to be resired. "God damn it, Carla! You just spent the last ten hours getting the living shit fucked out of you by people you hardly know and you are telling me about it just like I suspect Mary Poppins would do!

God damn it! Make me feel like I was there watching you!" Carla hesitated, standing there in her bent over position, ass in the air. "OK. OK. I can do that. I can," she said. Then she relaxed all inhibitions and let her dirtiest mouth take over the story telling. She used the absolute filthiest language she could dream up in describing the nonstop cocking her pussy and ass recieved during her visit to Adam's home.

Knowing how much her husband enjoyed listening to her verbally degrade herself while they were fucking, Carla even brought up her indiscretions that had brought her and Gary to this spot. "Liz the Bitch watched me strain trying to take both of their big dicks up my ass and pussy at the same time and said, 'I hear the reason you are here tonight letting them fuck your prissy ass is because your husband caught you fucking Adam and decided you needed brought down a peg or two so he made you come and take anything they want to dish out!' Stupid Bitch!

She could see it was all I could do to catch my breath, I was getting fucked so damn hard, and she wanted a conversation! But I couldn't let that slip by! 'Yeah, that.uuh, uuh, uuh.that's right, Bitch! Ooh, ooh, ooh! Damn those cocks are fucking huge!

Oh, God! He found out I was letting Adam eat my pussy twice a .a.oooohhhh! Fuck! I feel your cocks rubbing against each other in there!

It's so good! Twice a week, Bitch. That's two times more than he has eaten yours lately! He told me a long time ago I could do.oooohhh!

Oooohhhh! That's it! Fuck me! Fuck me full of cock! Oooohhhh.things, things like that if I told him about it but I didn't and now I gotta pay. He wants me toto, to.I can't tell! It's secret! God damn I want your cum! Pump me full of it! Let me have it!' They had me begging like a bitch! I told them all point blank that I would do anything you asked to pay my penance and show how sorry I am for having not included you in my little cum games.

I should have trusted you but I was afraid. Well, that shut her up for awhile and I watched her squirm as her pussy heated up from all the fucking my cunt was recieving. It gauled her ass to see two of her old boyfriends pumping me full of their cum and leaving her empty!" Carla told Gary of being repeatedly forced to deep throat thick cocks while having her ass or cunt eaten simultaneously, mounted without mercy over and over again in every conceieveable position and brutally pumped deep until she squealed and bled, of eating Bitch pussy while double penetrated, guts stretched so far and stuffed so full she felt as if she would puke, spankings, and, above all else, many, many, many massive cum loads dumped, pumped, sprayed, and squirted in her asshole and pussy that she successfully fought to retain inside to bring back home for proof.

She had endured substantial punishment and abuse at the hands of her young, voracious studs and her body showed the results, but it was not enough for Mr. Park. He demanded a special sort of proof. "The bruises, the scratches, raw places, and teeth marks are all signs that you did indeed perform your penance much as I instructed you.

But now comes the real test. Now is the time to show me and prove to me that you truly did regret your transgression in not permitting me to be a part of your little trysts with your yankee boyfriend and his talented tongue. If you fail this, I may send you back to try again. But I will most likely dream up a much worse, a much more humiliating task for you to perform to get back in my good graces.

It is time, Carla. You know what is expected of you and from you. Failure is not an option. Begin! Carla had ran all of this through her mind many times.


She had even practiced the maneuver, the act, a couple of times using various fluids of varying viscosity. Carla had thought the impossible had been asked of her, but after the practice she thought she might actually be able to do this crazy thing, this totally perverted thing her husband demanded she accomplish before her act of penance was complete. But she knew this time was different. She had never tried to fulfill Gary's kinky requirement with THIS kind of fluid!

Carla wasn't even certain she had been fucked enough times in the last half day to fill her up to acceptable levels. But the time was here and she had to try. Try with what she held inside her belly and what she thought she could do. The act itself was insane and seemed to her to prove nothing concerning her regret for meeting Adam those few times and letting him go down on her then neglecting to tell Gary all about it. But to Gary it must make some sort of bizarre sense, would make things right again.

So she took a deep breath, said a quick little prayer and immediately felt guilty about it, and began the disgustingly demented dance of penance. Carla knew not to remove her soiled and damaged clothing. But she also knew she looked horrible so she tried to straighten "things" out the best she could in a few seconds. Unnecessary dalliance would put her in dire straights also, so she hurried through her primping in fifteen seconds.

Carla slowly walked up to the small, two feet high table sitting in the spotlight in front of her husband. Mr. Park stood long enough to assist Carla in stepping up onto her "stage". He recieved but did not acknowledge Carla's "thank you" and returned to his cushioned seat. Carla carefully tip toed around to put her backside toward her husband.

Her high heels worked themselves into position just shy of the table's edge. This made her feet a couple of feet apart, spreading her legs perfectly.

With legs locked straight and stiff, Carla leaned forward as far as she could manage with all the aches and pains her body now suffered from being continuously fucked down earlier.

Her body was at a ninety degree angle now but Carla still needed her ass and pussy up higher. She arched her tightly corseted back deeply.


Spasms of pain shot through her but she held there, ass hiked, lifted, presented perfectly with her red raw and shaved bare vulva pooching out from the pressure being exerted upon it. A good eye would have noticed it trembling ever so slightly. Like a statue, Carla remained in that "broke down" position for quite awhile as she began to slowly, deliberately work every muscle in her vulva, rectum, lower bowel, belly, and stomach.

Pushing, then squeezing. Tensing, then relaxing. Pulsing them in tiny waves, then hard contractions that slammed all sphincter muscles in her abdomen shut tight. She was a very busy girl right then, trying to get a rhythm going between her cunt muscles and those controlling her bowels and ass sphincter. All movement was internal and someone not privy to what was going on would have thought her completely daft.

There were scant outward clues that a wave type action was being established in the two cavities where Adam and the other young studs had deposited their numerous and prodigious loads of thick, creamy ball slop.

All during their "fuck-a-thon" Carla had done everything in her seductive power to entice all three men into blasting her as full of as much sperm as they could produce in the many hours she was their pump bitch. And she had squeezed her flooded cunt or ass shut as soon as the last jet of cock pumpage was sprayed from pulsating fuck tools so as not to lose any of the prescious fluid she had been ordered to collect.

She stopped counting after about fifteen, but knew that their young, virile cocks had emptied mightily into her many times after that. To Carla, as she stood there feeling the massive collection of sperm splashing back and forth in her, it felt thick, like fuck sludge, and obscenely warm as if it was alive, a living organism basking in the warmth of her abused womb and bowels. As Carla picked up the pace, working the muscles harder, the two globs of cock dumpage sloshed and washed back and forth faster, bouncing off her clamped shut cunt lips, back up to her womb / uterus, then washing back down to her closed cunt slit, over and over and over.

The contracting muscles made ripples run back and forth on her belly and stomach and her rib cage flexed, pushing the mixed cum loads backward again and again. When first told she must do this bizarre thing as penance Carla was certain it could never be done. But now, after practicing and having her marriage on the line, she used muscles that lay almost dormant all her life to achieve her goal. Her cunt was pumping heavily, primed and ready.

Carla felt the flexing power of her rectum and colon slopping the fuck juice in waves and she was ready to complete her penance. From his vantage point, Mr. Park watched his wife's asshole bulge and suck, bulge and suck as her tight sphincter flexed. The lips of her shaved pussy were distended, opening her vulva to his lustful gaze, but the inner muscles were locked tight. Then, as he watched in awe and his hard cock throbbed in his trousers, Carla's abused cunt relaxed and a flood of churned pussy milk and cock pumpage gushed forth from the pressure pushing downward from her straining belly!

Half a cup of the cum that had been fucked into her pussy spat out in a thick wad and splattered onto the table top between her stilettos with a loud, wet, "SPLOP" and ran into a huge pool! Her pussy gaped outward as she pushed and he could see three or four inches up into the raw, red tunnel! A thick flow cascaded from deep inside and ran from her slit, splashing noisily into the cum pool below! Carla's efforts to completely expell her fuck cargo that had been fermenting in her belly for hours was audible in the deep grunts coming from her throat.

Her eyes were closed and teeth gritted in a grimace of straining effort. The river of fuck slop ran freely for over a minute before it turned into a dwindling trickle, then finally stopped. Over a pint of cum had gushed and ran from her pussy. The lips of her now empty vulva were splattered and soaked with sperm spray and hung slack and exhausted from their ordeal.

Mr. Park was as excited as he had ever been in his life! Here his hot woman stood before him, bent, exposed, and used, and displaying the carnage visited upon her unfaithful cunt!

He unzipped his trousers and began stroking his aching shaft in anticipation of what he knew was coming next. With her pussy having dumped the enormous cum load it had carried, Carla now could concentrate on the final act of this degrading, perverted performance. She arched her back as deep as possible, jacking her ass higher, and with renewed effort gave her husband the final proof of her humiliating penance.

Quivering under a mighty strain for so long, her sphincter was finally relaxed and flared open. The cigar thick eruption from her asshole was thick, milky, and fulll of ropey knots.

A mixture of dick pumpage and ass sump gushed two feet out of her hard fucked bowels and landed at her husband's feet! Like the rooster tail behind a speed boat, her ass offering arched into the air as she worked her muscles to dump all of it in one mighty effort! The initial eruption was huge and heavy, but soon trickled down to a running mess that ran out her gaping asshole, down through the slack lips of her cunt, and into the enormous puddle of fuck scum between her twitching stilettos.

Another pint of juice from her ass had joined the one from her cunt to collect in spent offering to her husband. Mr. Park was estatic! He had never been this excited in his life! His obedient wife had performed her penance flawlessly and far above expectations! Unable to wait another moment, he stepped up behind his wife, his mouth right at cunt level, and began to hungrily lap the pungent excess from her pussy lips and bulging asshole while furiously jacking his thick cock to add to the scum pool between her feet.

When Carla was cleansed and Gary's balls were empty he sat back down and she came to sit in his lap. Carla put her arms around his neck and asked how she had done. Was he pleased? Mr. Park thought momentarily, then replied, "You did very well, indeed, my pet.

But I'm afraid not well enough! I think perhaps a return engagement at Adam's with three or four more cocks in attendance and an entire three day weekend stay is in order. I'll contact him this evening to make the arrangements, I'm sure he will be delighted!" Carla's overtaxed and abused pussy and asshole clenched down tightly in dread as she wailed, "NNNNNOOOOOOOO!" THE END