Must watch amateur cheating couple 61 tube porn

Must watch amateur cheating couple 61 tube porn
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Backwoods Girl By Blueheatt …When they put a big highway thru a very rural backwoods part of this area, the people there were not to happy.

Young boys shot BB guns at the cars, and threw rocks at them, to no avail. …I drove down the new highway looking for old vintage cars to buy cheap. I got off the main highway and I got lost in the maze of unmarked dirt roads. &hellip.I had stopped to ask directions. It was a rundown old farm house at the end of a road you couldn't drive any further on.

This slim girl watched me walk up the path to the front door. She came out on the porch and walked towards me. Long brown hair down past her ass, medium tits and nice hips and ass. She had a pretty face as she squinted in the bright sun. As she walked towards me I said: "Howdy, I'm kind of lost, .I&hellip." She walked past me and circled me, looking me up and down. No smile, just gawking at me all over.

Around and around she walked. She finally spoke as the walked…"Yer not from around here, are ya." She stopped and started feeling my shirt. "Nice shirt, what's yer name." "Barry", I said, "What's yours?" She started circling me again. "Darleen" she said. She started walking closer around me and then rubbing up against me as she circled.

"Do I make ya dizzy?". ."Well Darleen I need directions out of here." "Do you chase girls?" she asked." …I thought.she may be retarded or something, I better get the hell out of here…but on the other hand she was very sexy and that got my interest.

"I do chase girls but…" "What cha do you do when ya catch'm?" She stopped circling me and stood with her back to me. She stepped back and leaned on me. I was 6'2" and she was about 5'. She leaned her head back and looked at me upside down for a minute. She took my arms, and put them around her middle, and held them there. She took my hands and started moving them up on her bra-less tits. ."Do ya like ta feel'm up some?" "Darleen, I should be going." I could just picture her dad or someone pointing a shotgun at me saying: "Git yer hands off'in that girl, mister." …She bolted and ran for my car.

She reached in and got my keys. She smiled and held them up, dangling them to show me. Obviously she wanted me to chase her or something. She kept smiling big and lifted up her plain flowered little dress and put my keys in front of her white cotton panties. I didn't chase her. She put her hand on her hips and said: "You want some lemonade?" …and walked toward her door. I followed of course.

She started walking in circles again and giggling.

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I walked after her smiling myself. I broke into a run and she squealed and ran from me. She let me catch her as we both giggled now. I said: "I'll take that lemonade …and…my keys, Darleen." ."Well, come on in and git both." she said. She pushed her butt back into my crotch and wiggled it. Again…she grabbed my hands to feel her tits.

We walked lockstep in this position into the house. She stepped away and got the lemonade. &hellip.We sat on the old couch as she snuggled up to me. "Darleen&hellip.that's not very nice you putting my keys there." She smiled big and reached in and got them and handed them to me.

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She said pouting: "I didn't want ya ta leave." &hellip."Put them back Darleen, I want the fun of going and getting them." I said smiling. She smiled big and back they went. &hellip.We talked as she leaned her head on my shoulder. Her dad only came home once a month from the mines he worked in. She had completed the 8th grade as the county made her go.

'Pa' had her temporally fixed, so no baby's for now. &hellip.She then jumped up, pulled her dress up and straddled my lap.

I felt my keys rubbing against my dick. She was looking my face over and touching it.


Her sweet smile was so curious as she played with my face and hair. She said quietly&hellip.(".did ya wanna kiss me Barry?, it's ok if ya did.")…she put my hands on her nice tits again. …I said: ("…now close your eyes and wish for a kiss.") She smiled and closed her eyes.

I kissed her soft and gentle over and over again. She started loosing her breath as we slowly started leaning over with me on top of her. She whispered: ("I think ya better git your keys too, their stick'in me some.") I kissed my way down her neck and unbuttoned the top of her dress. I kissed her nice tits and teased her nipples with my tongue. She squirmed and moaned.

She moaned…"…oh Berry.that feel so dang good, keep that up." &hellip.I found out her sex experience was: A quickie from a boy named Tommy, Jacking off Tommy's dog Clyde once, her dad, when he was drunk once, And her uncle Zippy when he was drunk once.

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&hellip.She had never had a man make love to her and with full foreplay sex. She had never had her nipples or pussy licked. She talked during my advanced kissing and licking her body.

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&hellip.I continued down her body kissing her tummy. "Oh shit that tickles good Barry…hell yeah!"…"Your tongue is mak'in me heat up."…"Oh damn…OH damn!.keep do'in that Barry." . I inched down her panties and got my keys in my teeth.

She looked and giggled as I dropped them on the floor. I got to her tiny patch of 3 pubic hairs as she squirmed and moaned as I licked it. Her legs went wide open and she moaned: "Keep a go'in Berry…oh yeah!" I licked her clit. "Right there! She said loud. "Oh Barry&hellip.I'm keep'in you Barry&hellip.yer not leave' in." She held my head and gently started fucking my tongue with her pussy.

She was a moaner and didn't hold back anything&hellip."Barry&hellip.yes&'s feel'in so dang good…oh lordy be…I'm gonna go crazy honey.I." She began to shake and twitch and pushed up her pussy high.

She trembled and let out a long, long moan&hellip. Her first licked orgasm. "Oh god baby…oh baby…yer beautiful.oh my god yes…" she moaned. &hellip.I moved up on her and took out my full hard on. She grabbed it and felt it over and over. "Oh baby, put it in, put it in Barry…oh god yes!…Oooooo baby…oh.oh…yes…Yes baby…YES&hellip.YES!!!" Her pussy was tight and it felt wonderful. .The more we fucked the more she moaned and held me tight.

Her body went wild, digging her fingers into my skin and thrusting up her pussy. "Ohhhhh Berryyyyy" She screamed "YES!!!"as I shot a blast of my cum in her. She moaned with a natural sweetness. We both moaned and shook as she was making me dizzy with the good feelings I was having.

I had to force myself to breathe as she had her arms locked around me. My dick just kept shooting in her and she moaned loud with each shot. She started kissing all over my face as she gasp for breath. Our bodies had the jitters as we lay there in euphoria. We both moaned softly now and after a while just lay quietly with just a twitch now and then.

…I could feel her trying out the new feelings in her tight little pussy. My hardon was still in her as she worked her 'squeeze' muscles. Her hands just keep feeling me all over. She felt every inch of my face and smiled with her pretty eyes, deep in thought.

Darleen thought&hellip. &hellip.I guess this is what pa called 'love mak'in.' It sure is a mak'in me feel good all over. I'm might jes be in love with Barry caus I gotta keep him forever. I'll cook for him, wash him and take care of him real good. He ain't gonna wanna leave. He's sure is a 'keeper'… Barry&hellip. …It was so quiet and peaceful, I drifted to sleep with my hardon still in her. When I woke up, it was dark.

I was naked with a sheet over me. Then I felt Darleen scoot in next to me. Her sweet face smiled at me. She was naked. She said quietly: "I washed us up some, cuz I wanna do that love mak'in again. Feel my titties some more like ya do, I like that." I started in feeling her tits as she closed her eyes and kissed my face. I felt her hand feeling my returning hardon. ."Damn that feels sa good, I like feel'in you there Barry." she said.

Slowly she rolled me on my back and slid down under the sheet. She slowly stroked me. Soon I felt her give my hardon a kiss, then more kisses, then her tongue was all over it. Over the head went her lips went as she stroked me. No one had taught her to do this, she just did what came to her mind. She finished and kissed her way around my balls and then up my tummy she came, out of breath and hot. "I love do'in that, it's excit'in.

…I held her and said: "My turn." She smiled big and rolled on her back. She opened her legs wide as I scooted down to her pussy. She squirmed with excitement. "Do what ever ya want Barry, that last time was a real pleaser." she said panting.

Her legs twitched as she remembered her first orgasm was with me licking her clit. This time I stuck two fingers in her wet pussy and felt for her good spot. She bucked and moaned when I stroked it&hellip."Berry&hellip.that's a driving me crazy when ya to that…but keep it up." she moaned out of breath.

&hellip.I had her so hot she was shaking. I climbed on top of her as she reached down and put my hardon in her wet pussy. She started in fucking me like no woman ever has.

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Pulling my butt cheeks, kissing me with her wild tongue, gasping for breath and working her pussy for that good feeling she wanted so bad. She clamped herself on me and pushed her pussy up tight to me and let out a loud moan and just shook as her max climax hit her. I shot a huge load in her as this had me all shook up with pleasure I hadn't felt before. She finally managed to moan out…"…oh god Berry…Berry&hellip.Berry…yer beautiful& &hellip.beautiful…" &hellip.She was a joy to watch, so happy as she skipped around the house.

She washed me down again and cooked a wonderful meal. She even washed my clothes. She sat on the couch with me, holding my arm and her head on my shoulder. That night she led me into her bedroom and undressed me and her. Into bed we went.

She didn't know what 69 was and I introduced her.


She like that and now to teach her about&hellip. blow jobs. …I slowly explained how a guy gets his best feelings like she gets with my tongue on her pussy. That is when a girl jacks him until he cums with her mouth clear over his hardon.

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She was all excited and wanted to do that to me. We lay on our sides as I directed her on what to do. I licked her pussy as she followed her natural desires now.

She was good.


She practiced deep throating until she got my hardon in all the way in. He tongue felt wonder working with her mouth stroking my hardon. She started in moaning as I licked her clit and massaged her good spot&hellip.I couldn't hold back anymore.

I shot a big load in her mouth. She moaned but kept her mouth on it. I continued to shoot as I could feel her pussy squeeze tight on my fingers. She moaned long moans as she gulped down my cum. Her hips moved with each shot of cum as she fucked my fingers.

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She had these wonderful long moans as her body trembled. …It was the best blow job ever&hellip. …She licked and licked as she panted for air. Her pussy kept twitching until we both were completely spent. -------------------------------------- &hellip.When I got home, my wife was sitting up in bed reading a book.

She ask me if I found any good buys. I said: "Only one dear, a 1999 Darleen Special." &hellip. She never stopped reading and said "Oh, that's nice."………