Experienced thai slut gives a cook jerking and some oral job

Experienced thai slut gives a cook jerking and some oral job
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Part 33 The Power of Love The next morning, Janet rose early and went to the lap pool. Jennifer, Beth and Michael swam their laps. Janet waited. When they finished, she asked if she could talk to them. "Michael, I love Shosh. I love all of you. I know I'm a whore, but I'd like to stay," Janet poured her heart into every word. Alice had seen this coming. Janet was in the one place she felt loved and safe, but she didn't feel worthy. It was a breakthrough of sorts.

Michael hugged her close. "Jan, you're a part of us. Stay as long as you like." That night, Janet's breakthrough became her Purgatory. It was the word "whore" that unlocked her memories. She was fourteen and attending a school for disturbed children. She actually liked the school and was finally getting the care she desperately needed.

Her parents were on a cruise with the money from the rape settlement. She and her older brother Jack stayed in their house alone. Jack was four years older and about to graduate from high school. She'd just stepped out of the shower and was reaching for a towel when Jack opened the bathroom door.

She grabbed the towel and held it in front of her dripping body with both hands. "Wow, Sis, you're beautiful!" he said without apologizing. He came into the bathroom and closed the door. "Some of the guys were wondering if your drapes match your carpet. Now I know they do." Terror surged through her body. She began to tremble.

He reached out and took her in his arms as if to comfort her. His hand stroked her wet back. It went lower to cup her ass. "No, Jack, no!" He continued to hold her with one arm while his other hand explored her body. She tried to push him away, but he was far too strong.


He reached between her legs to her pussy. She'd just shaved and only a little landing strip remained. "Awwww, you shaved for me," he said, his words dripping with sarcasm, "You want to be my little whore, don't you?" "No, please let me go." "You know you don't mean that. You're no virgin.

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The guys say you give a great blowjob. I just want what you're giving away to the other guys." "Just a blowjob?" "Just a blowjob, but I want you naked so I can watch you play with yourself when you suck my cock." She dropped her towel and slid to her knees.

He undid his belt and dropped his pants and underwear. He'd worn them for two days. They carried the stains of a woman's juice and were stained brown.

Jack was not the cleanest of men. His cock stood straight out. It carried the scent of another woman. Janet took it in her mouth. It tasted of urine, another woman and unwashed sweat. She tried to forget this was her brother as her tongue swirled in practiced routes around the head, paying particular attention to the underside triangle where so many nerves lived. "Play with yourself, you little whore," he said, "I want to taste your juice." She started to caress her clit gently. "Put your fingers in that little pussy." She inserted one, then two fingers in her pussy.

"Now lick your juice off them." She licked them. "Now both hands on my dick." She used both her small hands, twisting them in counter rotating patterns as they slid up and down the shaft. He moaned and tried to thrust his shaft deeper. She sped up her hand movements and began to bob her head, her tongue now focused on the triangle. "I'm gonna cum!" he shouted. As he shot his semen into her mouth, the door burst open. Several of Jack's friends took pictures of them with their phones.

"Hey look," Jack said in mock surprise, "We have some friends to play with." He pulled Janet out the door and into the living room. Four boys sat in various places. All had their hard cocks out. Janet didn't try to resist. Instead, she surrendered, "One rule. Not my ass. If you try, I'll bite your dick off." Jack knew Janet. "She means it, leave her ass alone!" She got in the doggie position.

"One in my mouth; one in my pussy." She tried to get them to cum quickly. Unfortunately, they were young and recovered quickly. After nearly two hours she was exhausted and covered in cum.

They'd taken pictures throughout her ordeal. Within minutes of them finishing, the photos were on the Internet. Janet's life was forever changed. She woke, sweating and trembling, but in Shoshana's arms. Later, they cried together.

Alice asked Michael for some privacy to talk, never a good sign. "Michael, I want to ask something for Janet that I swore I never would. She's convinced she's a whore.


There's so much love in that girl. She offered to bear a child for Shoshana. She wants to join the harem, not out of love for you, but out of love for Shoshana. Is that enough, Love?" Michael thought for a moment, understanding that three people's happiness might hang on his decision. "What do the girls think?" "I haven't talked to them yet.

I think this is really your decision." "Tell them that I think it's a great idea, but when we have our night, I want Shoshana to be there.

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I want this to be like Beth and Kat," he paused, "You know Alice, I wish we had another child, Honey. Little Misha is so special, just like her mother." Alice seemed to float to the other women. She spoke with Shoshana first.

She'd never seen such joy. Strangely, Beth seemed to share that joy. Alice realized that anything that made Shoshana happy, made the harem happy. Beth might be the leader, but Shoshana was their heart and soul. That night the harem helped Shoshana and Janet prepare, the ritual familiar.

In an odd juxtaposition, the women were both very experienced, but trembled in anticipation.

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This night was not about pleasure or even sex. It was about love. Shoshana led Janet into the bedroom. Michael waited. Neither he nor Alice had any idea how this would play.

He opened his arms and Janet and Shoshana leapt into them. They were as nervous as he was. Janet looked up into his eyes. "Are you ready to fuck your whore?" she asked in her most sultry voice. "No," he said sadly, "but I'm ready to make love to the woman who will bear my children. Let go of the past. You're mine and ours, now and forever." He looked into Janet's eyes, "Are you sure, Honey?" "Michael, I've never been more sure," she thought he was asking about her feelings about sleeping with him.

"I'm not asking about having sex, Honey. Are you ready to commit to me and to Shoshana and her sisters? To let the whore go and to being my virgin woman, Jan?" He saw that he had finally reached her from her eyes. Shoshana saw it first. She ran to get Alice.

He watched her walls crumble. Michael held Janet tight.

She knew she was loved, but this was a journey she had to travel alone. She had to let go of the pain and horror. Alice came, but refused to intervene. Michael had everything in hand. She saw his stress, but knew he would survive. She had developed a belief in his tormented soul. Michael knew what had breached her walls. The instant he'd said "virgin", her eyes began to shatter.

While she sobbed, he explained. "Every woman has a moment that can only be given. It can't be taken. It doesn't depend on what's done to your body. We call it making love.

It's a time when you open your heart and soul to another human being. To make love, you've got to trust that human being to cherish and nurture you. You've never made love before, so you are truly a virgin.

I was asking you to give me that emotional virginity which is far more important than any physical virginity." Alice watched, not knowing his words, but seeing her man rescue another soul from hell. Janet's face seemed to come apart. She cried. She wailed. Michael and Shoshana held her through her pain. Hours later, a new Janet emerged. She seemed distant at first, not from indifference, but as though she viewed everything from a great distance. Her eyes began to sparkle as they once had nearly eight years ago.

"Can I take a rain check on making love? I just need the love!" she said softly to Michael and Shoshana. She slept between them. Sometimes moaning, sometimes trembling, she climbed out of her personal hell.

The morning dawned cloudy and filled with rain. Inside the compound, it was a beautiful day, filled with laughter, love and joy. Jan came to breakfast with Michael and Shoshana. The harem and the Burkett sisters were eating.

She asked everyone to leave Janet in the past and to call her "Jan" from now on. She turned to Michael and Shoshana, "It's raining outside. Can I have my rain check today?" Alice took Michael and Shoshana aside, "Make her focus on her own pleasure.

Don't let her fall back into just pleasing you. Her whole world was about her being worthless. If you can, make her see the value she has." They came together in early afternoon. Michael wanted to make the day and night spectacular for Jan. Michael had one of his ideas. He spoke with the chef and soon had everything they needed.

After he finished preparing, Shoshana came to him. She giggled when she realized what he had in mind. Shoshana and Michael were on the bed in a passionate kiss when they heard the gentle knock. Shoshana hopped off the bed and opened the door. Jan looked both radiant and fragile in the thick white robe. She chose it over the long black negligee she'd originally intended to wear.

She wanted to feel clean and fresh. Outside the wind and rain pelted the windows.

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Inside rhythmic music filled the room. Shoshana shrugged out of her robe. Her nipples stood erect in the cool air. She took Jan's face in her hands and gently placed her lips on Jan's.

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Electric excitement surged through both bodies as their lips met. Lips parted and tongues dueled in a dance of lust.

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Shoshana untied Jan's robe and slid it from her shoulders. Shoshana led Jan to Michael on the bed and then brought the bowl of warm chocolate and food brush. Jan looked at her quizzically. "We're going to eat you today, Honey, body and soul," Shoshana said softly.

Michael pulled Jan down on her back, lifting himself on an elbow to look into Jan's green eyes, "You mean so much to all of us, we want to give a little back." He kissed her gently. She responded with incredible passion, demanding love.

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When they broke, Shoshana pulled her into a fervent kiss. Michael checked the temperature of the chocolate, dipped the food brush and painted Jan's breast with chocolate. He saw her body shiver. Shoshana broke the kiss, looking into Jan's eyes, seeing wonder staring back.

Michael kissed her while Shoshana licked the drying chocolate from her breast. Shoshana took Jan's nipple in her mouth, caressing it with her pointy tongue. She painted Jan's other breast. Michael broke their kiss and licked the chocolate off Jan's breast, loving her nipple. Michael and Shoshana worked their way down Jan's body until they reached her sex. Shoshana took over.

Her tongue started at Jan's puckered starfish, caressing, titillating and finally penetrating the dark flesh. Jan's body trembled. She caressed the bottom of Jan's pussy, gently loving her Bartholin's gland. Jan's nerves began to fire in random sequence.

She was close to orgasm. Michael suckled from her breasts, caressing, sucking, biting and twisting her responsive nipples. Jan moaned as Shoshana spread her inner lips with her pointed tongue and deft fingers.

Her body began to vibrate.


One hand grabbed the back of Michael's head, mashing it to her breast. Her other hand grabbed Shoshana's, mashing her face to her inflamed labia. "I'M CUMMMMMMING!" She screamed. She bucked and thrashed with astonishing strength, still holding Michael and Shoshana in place. Shoshana and Michael continued to pleasure her. She continued to orgasm. Finally she pushed them away. Jan stayed in her well of pleasure for a long time. Michael and Shoshana continued to caress her in an almost non-sexual way; both noticing that Jan's skin was still sticky.

Shoshana's eyes lit. She ran to the bathroom and returned with a warm, wet towel and a fresh dry one. Together they lovingly cleaned her skin. Jan drank in the pleasure, but even more, the love. When they had finished, Jan turned to Michael.

"I want to give you my last virginity. I've never let a man in my ass.

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Never. I guess it was my way of leaving myself a way back to Jan. Now that I'm back, I want to give it to the man I love," she pulled Shoshana over to them, "and to the man and woman whose children will grow inside me." Shoshana wept. "But I still feel sticky, so how about I take a quick shower first?" Jan giggled.

While Jan was gone, Shoshana cuddled in Michael's arms. Both knew that it was a 50/50 chance, but God had been kind once before. Perhaps She would be again. "Michael, I think I may have found my life partner," Shoshana said dreamily, "like Beth found Kat and Rachael found Misha.

I'll always be your woman and wife, but I can't imagine my life without Jan." Jan stood in the bathroom doorway, stunned.

She'd heard every word. Something inside her tripped and she dove at Shoshana. "My God, I love you Shosh … I feel exactly the same." She looked into Michael's eyes pleading. "I think you two need some time alone," he said in a husky voice, near tears. He got up, put on his robe and left two very fragile and special women to learn about their love.

He started to go to the lap pool cabana, intent on swimming to burn off his sexual frustration. Beth and Kat intercepted him, his "frustration" glaringly apparent. They happily dragged him to their room. Once inside the door, clothing flew. Beth knelt, taking his shaft into her mouth, her eyes locked on his. Her tongue lovingly caressed the head and shaft.

Her small hands gently squeezed his balls. He heard Kat doing something, but the incredible pleasure of Beth's tongue and the sight of his daughter sucking him was too great a distraction.

"Bring him to me," Kat called out. She lay naked on the bed, a large wedge pillow under her ass. Michael understood immediately. Kat wanted a baby with her own DNA. Michael slid between her lewdly spread legs.

Beth guided him into her life partner. Kat's pussy dripped with her excitement and need. He supported himself with his arms. Michael moved slowly, allowing her tunnel to stretch. Though a child had traveled the same tunnel, Kat remained unusually tight. Jennifer's friend and OB/GYN had helped after the birth. Finally he felt his balls on her ass. "Fuck me, Michael.

Fuck me and give me a baby. Fuck me NOW." Michael took two long strokes to ensure his shaft was completely lubricated. He started hammering into her hard, feeling her warmth and need. Kat started to make incoherent sounds. Her nails bit into his shoulders. He pounded deeper, feeling her cervix. Her legs crossed behind his ass, pulling him deeper. "AIEEEEEEEEEEEEE," she screamed as her orgasm washed over her, triggering his.

He thrust deep inside her sheath, loosing his cum against her cervix. Two days of anticipation and abstinence flowed into Kat. A week later, they knew it had been enough. His arms gave out. He collapsed onto her, his head on her magnificent breasts. Shoshana held Jan tight. They spoke about dreams and the future. Though naked, there was nothing sexual in the embrace.

It was an embrace of love. The next morning, Jan and Shoshana walked to breakfast hand in hand. When they finished, they went looking for Michael. Oddly, they couldn't find him. Finally, they asked the guards. He was with Jennifer in the infirmary. Fearful, they ran. He was sitting opposite Jennifer when they burst through the door.

"Are you OK, Michael," Shoshana asked breathlessly. "Sure Honey. I just had some questions for our local tour guide." He rose and said to Jennifer, "Let me know what you find out. We on for tonight?" Jennifer nodded and smiled her sensual smile.

Michael found Alice and described an idea he'd had for some time. Alice cried in joy. Then she marched off to find Jennifer to start making it a reality, not knowing Michael had already talked to her.