Glamorous lesbian hotties get wam

Glamorous lesbian hotties get wam
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I was 16 at the time of this event, and I had just began smoking weed again. I went over to my male cousin's house who was 17 at the time. "You wanna smoke?" He asked me as soon as I opened the door. I shrugged and answered. "Sure why not." We went upstairs to his room, nobody else was home so we didn't bother shutting his door.

He took out a few joints and lit one, hit it then passed. Let me first just say that before smoking these joints, 3 to be exact.


I hadn't smoked in a year or so. After the second joint, I started having trouble moving, it was some really good weed.

We went ahead and smoke the third one as well. Now my cousin is a major stoner.

He smokes 4-5 good joints a day without problems, but since I hadn't smoked in a year I couldn't move after the third one. I fell from a sitting position to a laying position on his bed, my eyes open still able to breath, but not able to move.

I was laying on my back while he was sitting up. The weed had gotten him horny so he took off his shorts and boxers to reveal his cock. It was about 8 inches long at the time, and he was very hard. He knew I couldn't move, hell I couldn't even talk.


I could breathe, and that was about all, I was helpless. He pulled me into a sitting position and took my shirt off before letting my body fall back onto my back, in the laying position.

After that he pulled my jeans and boxers down, they hung off of me due to my slim waist, so they were no problem to pull off. My ass was slightly bubbly, but it was a nice ass as far as anyone who has seen it says. My cock was 9 inches when fully hard at the time, I know that's a little hard to believe but it's true. My cousin crawled up onto my chest then positioned imself so his knees were on both sides of my head.

He grinned down at me, his fully hard cock in front of me face. "You want me to roughly fuck your face?" He asked me, knowing I couldn't even move to shake my head.

"Hmm. You never said no!" With that he opened my mouth, holding it open with his hands and slid the head of his cock inside my mouth. After he positioned himself right he forced his full length into my throat. I gagged and choked, but couldn't move my arms to try and push him away, and couldn't move my head to try and turn away.

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He pulled himself up, pulling his cock out until only the head was inside my mouth. After that he slammed his full length back into my throat making me gag and choke more.

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He throat fucked me like that for about 2 minutes straight. My saliva was all over my face, his cock, his balls. Once he pulled his cock out when he was finished throat fucking me, he grabbed my body and flipped me onto my stomach. I knew what was coming next, and I dreaded it. He climbed ontop of my body, and pressed the head of his big cock against my tiny asshole. He rubbed the spit that was on his cock against my asshole, pushing against it slightly but not slipping in.

"You want me to roughly pound your ass like the bitch you are?" He asked me knowing full well I still couldn't move, or answer. "Ah, never said no.

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Guess you do! You stupid slut!

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I'm gonna rip your ass!" He screamed at me, knowing nobody else was there, so nobody would hear him. Immediately after he finished what he was saying he slammed his hips down into mine, forcing every inch of his cock inside my tiny tight asshole. If I could of screamed, I would of. The pain tore through my body as if someone had just stabbed me. He had fucked me before, but this was real rape.

He was actually raping me, and it hurt more than I had ever thought it would of. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders, to use them as leverage. He pulled his cock out all the way then slammed it back inside. He did it again, this time leaving the head inside my ass, before slamming back in.

After this he gripped my shoulders tightly and started roughly pounding my now violated ass, hard, fast, and deep. With every thrust I could feel him pulsing, until eventually he shot his load of warm sticky cum deep inside my bowels. I felt the warmth take my body over as I just layed there. He then pulled out his cock, fully and flipped me back onto my back.

After that he pulled his shorts and boxers on and left me up there. I had his semen dripping out of my asshole, for over an hour before I could finally move. That was the true part above, here is an added short fantasy that I wish would of happened afterwards. After awhile my aunt came upstairs. She had 36D breasts, a flat stomach, and a perfectly round ass. She noticed that I was laying on my back and went in their and sat by me on the bed to see if I was sleeping.

Apparently my cousin had left to go hang out with some friends, so now only me and her were alone. I was beginning to be able to move, but wasn't able to fully. She put her hand on my chest to see if I was awake.


When she noticed my chest was bare, she slid her hand down further. When she reached my cock she grabbed it and stroked it a few times before sliding her hand down further to my ass. She didn't even check if it was lubed, instead she just shoved her index finger fully inside my asshole. It had been about an hour since my cousin deposited his load inside me so it was already beginning to dry, but it was still good lube.

So when her finger went inside my raw ass, it didn't hurt as bad as it could of. She noticed there was some sticky fluid inside my ass, and pulled her finger out. She sucked the cum off of her finger. She knew what her son had done to me, and it was turning her on! "Bet he enjoyed that ass." She said before lifting my legs into the air, leaning down and sliding the tip of her tongue around my asshole, to lick up the cum that had seaped out. She reached up and began stroking my cock, while rimming my asshole.

I was already about to burst. I had never had my asshole rimmed before and the feeling was amazing! She pulled her tongue away and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. She began sucking me, only taking about 5 inches of my length into her mouth before gagging. I had regained muscle control so I grabbed the back of her head, yanked it downwards and thrusted my hips upwards. My big cock was forced all the way into her throat, very hard and very fast. She gagged and layed her hands against my thighs trying to push me away from her.

I pulled my length out of her a few inches before slamming it back into her throat roughly, not even giving her a chance to pull away. After about a minute of making her gag and choke on my cock, I quickly sat up letting go of her head. She pulled away from me, pulling her mouth off of my cock. She had to take a second to catch her breath, and I was going to take advantage of that.

I forced her onto her stomach, and pulled her sweat pants down to her knees along with her panties, so her tight round ass was exposed. I then quickly got ontop of her and slid my cock against her tight asshole, with as much saliva that was on my cock it quickly slid inside her. The second her tight asshole opened for the head to slide inside, I slammed my hips into hers making a loud smack, as my pelvis hit her ass cheeks.

This only worsened the process of my cock being forced into her.

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My cock was forced all the way inside her tight asshole much faster and much harder than my cousin had previously done to me. I immediately began pounding her tight asshole, fast and hard thrusts into her. Each thrust rougher than the last. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back towards me before spitting in her face.

"I'm enjoying this ass, you fucking slut!" Immediately after saying that I shot my laod of warm sticky jizz into her ass, releasing more cum than I ever had before.

I crawled off of her and smacked her right ass cheek as hard as I could making a loud "SMACK" Sound echo through the room. "I'll be having that ass again sometime bitch." And that ended that night.