Blonde masturbiert für ihre weiblichen Chef beim Gießen

Blonde masturbiert für ihre weiblichen Chef beim Gießen
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Chapter 1 Abduction of Anjali It was Rani's off day because of Meera's birthday. Meera had turned 18.

She was a beautiful girl with an hour-glass figure. She had curly black hair that reached below her shoulders.

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Rani was taking Meera and her best friend Anjali for a lunch and movie treat. Anjali and Meera were in the same college and were together almost all the time.

Like Meera, Anjali was also an orphan living with her grand-parents.


Both of them didn't yet have any boyfriends and were virgins, although they liked the male attention. Both addressed Rani as Maasi(Aunt) and admired her a lot. "Maasi you eat everything, still don't put on weight and are so hot. I wish I look half as good as you do when I am your age", said Meera. "I agree", said Anjali. Rani smiled. She worked out religiously every day. She knew she had a full figure and was proud of it. Her arms and legs were strong yet feminine.

They entered the movie hall. Rani was happy that no one would be able to disturb her for the next two hours. Two movies would be playing, one on the big screen and the other within Rani's mind and the ratings of these would differ vastly.

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Rahman has been produced in court and case is pending. He has not yet been released in bail and is still in the lock up. Rani enters the lock up. Rahman in lying on the floor, his clothes dirty. The corner reeks of his urine. Rani is wearing her uniform, the shirt is 2 sizes too small which is being stretched by her buxom boobs. Her hair is in a tight bun. Rahman sits up. Rani "Kya re Rahman. You are so fucked this time. There is a solid case against you.

You are gone this time, for at least 10 years". Rahman "You don't know me madam.

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I will be out soon." Rani "That toh we will see. I want to make a deal with you. Give us information, and in return of your co-operation, we will appeal to the judge to reduce your sentence." Rahman "And if I don't agree?" Rani "Then I will have to increase the stakes.

How would you like to fuck my brains out?" Rahman "What are you saying madam?" Rani "You bastard, don't think that I have not noticed. The moment I entered the cell, your cock has been erect. I have seen how you look at me, always undressing me with your eyes. I am sexy and hot and you have a large cock. So why not both of us have fun and gain something from it." Rahman was astounded and couldn't believe his ears.

He had been lusting for Rani since the night of his arrest. He didn't know that Rani was such a slut. Rani gave him a lewd smile and started opening the buttons of her shirt one by one. Rahman was wearing a vest and a pajama. His cock was erect and was leaking pre-cum. Rani could spot the wet patch on his pajama. That turned her on even more. Rahman couldn't control himself. It was almost a week he had been arrested and had not cum since then.

He was hard as a rock. Rani was taking a long time to open the buttons. Rahman pounced on her and tore off the shirt. Rani was wearing a demure white bra, encasing her 36C tits. Her nipples were erect. Rahman tore off her bra and put his mouth on her tits.

He started kissing her right tit then her left. Rani pulled him closer trying to insert as much of her tit flesh in his mouth. Her nipples were erect like 50p coins. Rahman flicked his tongue on them.

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Rani moaned. She was leaking like a geyser. Rahman took off her trousers. The celebrated cop was standing in from of a lowly criminal only in her panties.

Rahman took off his clothes. Rani was happy to see his muscular arms and chest and knew that she had made no mistake. His cock was erect. Rahman went back to her tits, licking her, sucking her, biting her. He pushed her against the wall of the cell. He proceeded towards her flat stomach and the sexy navel.

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He licked her stomach completely and started tongue-fucking her navel. Rani's navel was deep. Rahman inserted his tongue licking the sweat from her navel the taste drove him crazy.

He pulled down her panties and saw the sexiest cunt that he had ever seen. The hair was trimmed neatly. Juice was licking from it. He took a deep breath and dove in.


Rani locked her thighs trapping him. He started licking furiously and was rewarded with the sweet, salty taste. He licked and sucked as if his life depended on it.

He inserted his index finger in his cunt. It was tight. Apart from Bikram, Rani hadn't had sex with anyone else. He touched his clitoris. It was spongy and sensitive.


He reached in with his tongue, making both the tips meet. Rani tried to push his head further into her cunt. She couldn't control herself any further and came like a river. Rahman was surprised at the amount of her cum. He lapped it up enthusiastically. Rani pushed him away to catch her breath.

Rahman was having none of it. He had made her cum. Now it was her turn. Rahman stood up and kissed her. Rani could taste herself in his mouth. He inserted his tongue in her mouth. Rani embraced it with her own. They were almost eating each other out. Rahman wanted to see Rani with her sexy hair open. He took out the wooden pins from her bun and threw them across the cell. Her silky dark brown tresses cascaded down her back. Since he had seen her, Rahman had imagined Rani on her knees worshipping his hard cock.

He wanted to see how the haughty cop would look with his cock sticking in her sexy mouth. He pushed Rani to her knees and put his cock near her mouth. Rani was hit with a stench of urine from the cock. It was big and dirty, just how she liked them.

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She took hold of it with her hands and started licking it slowly. She caressed it lovingly and rubbed it all over her face, her cheeks, her lips, her eye-lids, her chin. Rahman's cock left a trail of pre-cum everywhere. She put it in her mouth and sucked hard. She removed the fore skin and licked the smegma that had accumulated over the past week. She loved the taste, loved the feeling of being a slut. Rahman took hold of her silky hair and tried to push his cock as far as possible.

Rani obliged trying to deep-throat him. Rahman hadn't come in a week and couldn't control himself any longer. He came and came and came, ejaculating in Rani's mouth. Rani loved the tangy taste of the cum and swallowed as much as she could.

Some dribbled down from her lips. Rani licked her lips trying to scoop up as much as possible. Seeing the cop like that in from of him, with his cum on her faceRahman was erect once again. He pulled Rani up and placed her against the lock-up door.

He lifted her legs and pushed his cock in. it was one of the tightest cunts that he had fucked. It gripped him in a vice. Excercising the vaginal muscles was included in Rani's work out. He started fucking her in hard strokes, she pulled him in as much as possible, her vaginal muscles a vice. Rahman had never fucked such an upclass lady before and wanted to savour the experience as it was turning into one of his best fucks.

He started licking the sweat off Rani's neck and throat, biting softly, giving her a hicky. Rani pulled him closer, with her nails leaving trail on his back. They were fucking closer to 3 hours. "Yes, yes … fuck me, fuck me hard, tear me apart, don't show me any mercy" Rani said Rahman's cock hardened hearing Rani's sexy voice.

He started pushing hard. He was about to cum. "Yes, yes, cum in me" Rani moaned. Rahman was stunned. This bitch wanted his cum in him. He came in gushes. Rani came again as well. He took his cock out. Rani attacked it ravenously licking and cleaning it. "Maasi, the movie is over. Did you sleep entirely through it?" Rani was back to reality at Meera's voice. "Yes my dear. You know I don't get to rest much", she said.

She said to herself," you guys saw your movie, I saw mine". They dropped Anjali at her grand-parents and went home. The next day when she came back from her duty, she found a frantic Meera in front of her door. She had received a number of calls from Meera but wasn't able to pick them due to work. "Maasi, Anjali is missing since last night", Meera sobbed. Rani wanted to know the details.

Her grand-parents were asleep. Anjali had left the house at some point of time and had not returned. There was no forced entry in the house. All her things were intact. Either she had left with someone in a hurry or someone had abducted her from outside the house.